Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 234 - Dominic and Cyprus

Chapter 234 Dominic and Cyprus

Skye, a Great Demon King powerhouse also felt that killing intention, so he asked Chen Rui, “Would you like to…”

“No need.” Chen Rui shook his head and gestured with his lips at Alian and others. Skye understood what he meant that he just had to take care of the three girls and Master Xingxing.

“Arux! Come and have a look with me.” Chen Rui greeted Arux, walked over, patted him on his shoulder with a slightly greater strength.

It wasn’t Arux’s first day following Chen Rui, so he knew there was something wrong. He nodded and said, “Yes, boss.”

As soon as the word “boss” came out, Chen Rui immediately felt that the target was shifted to himself. He felt weird in his heart.

Seeing Chen Rui had something to do with Arux, Vasasha walked straight to the other side.

Arux followed Chen Rui all the way out of the night market and actually walked toward a remote place. They never rested on their way and arrived at the south gate of Dark Moon City. Although the city gates generally didn’t allow anyone to enter or leave freely, the guards at the gates recognized their instructor, Arux, so they didn’t dare to stop him.

The two walked across the southern suburbs, and Chen Rui’s footsteps didn’t stop until they reached a huge, deserted pit.

“Arux, you’re pretty close to Demon King now right?”

“Yes, I can already feel that limit. I can almost breakthrough in one step.”

Chen Rui nodded, “Then what do you think is the best way to breakthrough the bottleneck?”

“Fight!” Arux’s eyes lit up. Is master’s intention for bringing me here to guide me through the final line and advance to Demon King? Before this, he had requested to fight Athena several times in private. However, due to their huge difference in strength and Athena’s lack of skill in suppressing her strength to perfectly control herself at Higher Demon, so he was always defeated easily previously.

“That’s right and it must be a real fight. Do you already have the awareness of death?” Chen Rui asked in a serious manner.

Arux nodded positively with his eyes looked extremely determined. He didn’t have an adventure like Chen Rui. Other than the devil fruit, his strength was accumulated through countless actual battles. Since he had experienced multiple trials between life and death, obviously he understood the riskier the battle, the more it could stimulate the potential in his body to break through. As compared with an actual battle of life and death, fighting with Athena’s was only a practice duel.

“Then…” Chen Rui saw Arux’s determination. He suddenly raised his volume and shouted, “Both of you who are following. You can come out now!”

Arux was taken aback. I actually didn’t even realize someone was following!

“Hmph! I can’t believe we were discovered by an ant like you. However, even if you found out, you’ll still die anyway.” A cold voice came. Under the moonlight, the figures of a man and a woman gradually became clear.

When Chen Rui heard the word “ant”, he suddenly thought of Broc and his heart was filled with disgust. He asked, “Who are you and why do you want to kill me and Arux?”

In the night market, the previous target of that murderousness was Arux, but then it was redirected to him. It seemed that both of them were their target.

The plump woman sneered, “I’ll let you die without doubts. My name is Dominique and this is Cyprus.”

Chen Rui shook his head, “I don’t know you. Since you’ll let me die without doubt, at least tell me who’s instructing you.”

“You must be the leader of Cloak Gang, Aguile!” The woman’s eyes showed endless hatred, “Wick from the Gorefiend Gang is my brother!”

Chen Rui thought of Wick, who was killed by Arux and finally understood the root of the woman’s hatred. He never thought the Gorefiend Gang’s leader, who was supported by the Mellon Family actually had an early stage Demon King sister!

However, Wick was cruel and violent. Besides, he was an archrival of the Cloak Gang. They didn’t have to explain anything to kill him. However, this pair thought that he was just a peak Higher Demon under his state of . That was why they came out simply.

The man, Cyprus said, “We wanted to see what are the secrets you guys come here to discuss. We never thought you guys wanted to break through to Demon King by challenging us! Such overconfidence! Dominique, I’ll leave the murderer who killed Wick to you.”

“Certainly! After killing these two, let’s kill everyone in the Cloak Gang to avenge my brother!” Dominique stepped out. Her chilly murderousness had locked on Chen Rui and Arux.

“There is someone responsible for every grievance.” Chen Rui stepped back and pointed at Arux, “He is the one who killed brother. Go for him.”

Arux already understood Chen Rui’s intentions. He was spirited as he started gathering his strength. A two-headed scythe appeared in his hands. While he slowly walked towards Dominique, the flame on his body had already blazed.

“The leader of the Cloak Gang is actually such a coward!” Dominique said disdainfully. Looking at the fearless Arux, she nodded, “At least you have some courage. Yet, courage that can’t surpass strength can only be considered as stupidity!”

Arux didn’t talk. Instead, he swung his scythe, yelled, leaped high and struck toward Dominique. Dominique showed a disdainful smile. Without using transformation or amplification flame, she easily dodged that strike. At the same time, she punched Arux’s chest. Arux snorted and his entire body trembled. After taking 6 to 7 steps backward, he finally stood still, but his face seemed pale.

Dominique was a little surprised. From her perspective, although she didn’t use all her strength in that punch, Arux should still be blown out, fell to the ground and vomited blood. The gap between the realms was quite obvious, especially between Higher Demon and Demon King, which was equivalent to differences between the early, middle and later stage.

Chen Rui wasn’t surprised by that as the reason was simple – equipment.

Currently, Arux could be regarded as armed to his teeth. His scythe, armor, boots, wristbands, belt and ring were all “experimental products” from Chen Rui’s mechanics. Although some of them hadn’t reached excellent grade, and they were only approaching prospective-excellent grade, it was already extremely luxurious for a Higher Demon.

Arux felt his blood surged. Since he had the experience of fighting against Athena, he wasn’t afraid. He took a deep breath and rushed forward again under the acceleration of his shoes. His speed made Dominique slightly surprised. Arux’s characteristic was to replace defense with offense, so his flames blazed even higher. Within thunderous sound, the Dark Star Iron scythe in his hand turned into several arcs of light that struck toward Dominique.

Dominique’s figure flickered like a ghost, avoiding the arc of light one by one. However, Arux’s attack was very skillful. They weren’t all of the same speed but a combination of fast and slow, as if it was a trap that constantly changed and hard to avoid.

As Dominique was careless, her face was brushed by the light. The Dark Star Iron weapon with “Sharp”and “Bloodthirsty” characteristics instantly broke through Dominique’s defense on the surface and left a wound on her face. Dominique was furious. She never thought she’d be hurt by a Higher Demon. Besides, it was the face that she cared the most. After shouting furiously, she teleported behind Arux and transformed into her combat form instantly.

A Great Demon that had reached Demon King level no longer had the normal transformation form. Dominique had long bones spurring out on each elbow of her hands. They were as sharp as a blade, slicing toward Arux.

Arux felt the danger, but his opponent was too fast. It was too late to dodge, so he instantly teleported and evaded. When the angered Dominique was about to hunt Arux with all her strength, she suddenly felt that her action was slowed and her speed was greatly reduced. These are the signs of !

Dominique’s sight fell onto the nearby cloaked “Aguile”. She sneered and the buffing flame on her was blazing. The flames of a Great Demon could cancel negative status. However, no matter how she burned, the effect of couldn’t be eliminated. There could only be one possibility – her opponent’s magic power and spirit had far exceeded the power of the flame. Arux didn’t give Dominique a chance to catch her breath. His scythe turned into two poles, and he attacked again. Dominique’s bone spurs parried and blocked the scythe. Sparks were everywhere, but there was only one crack added that gradually recovered later. The “Sharp” characteristic of dark star iron actually couldn’t cut off the spurs. It seemed that it was Dominique’s bloodline mutation’s power.

Although Dominique had just been promoted to Demon King for less than a year, and she couldn’t manifest her speed under , despite Arux’s luxurious equipment and he was only a step away from Demon King, approaching Demon King’s strength and possessing Demon King’s strength were still different. The strength gap between them was still obvious. Within a few clashes, Arux was already in danger. If it weren’t for his equipment and rich combat experience that let him dodge at critical times, he would’ve died several times already.

Chen Rui didn’t do anything to help. Nothing in the world came without effort. Besides, based on Arux’s look just now, he wouldn’t let Chen Rui help again.

“Dominique, you’re too slow. You’re taking too long to deal with a Higher Demon.” Cyprus stepped into the field and his voice was a bit loud, “We don’t have time to stay here for too long. I’ll help you to kill that Aguile.”

“The on Dominique will last for about half an hour. Arux…” Chen Rui shrugged his shoulders, “I won’t help you again. Die or breakthrough, it’s up to you.”

“You should worry about yourself, ant.” Cyprus looked arrogant, “Even if your magic power is special, it has no effect on me. My mutated bloodline’s characteristics can weaken magic. However, I won’t kill you, I’ll only cut off your limbs. Your life, I’ll leave it to Dominique.”

“Ant, this term… I’ll give it back to you.”

When he said the word “ant”, Chen Rui had appeared in front of Cyprus. Cyprus was shocked. Before he could defend, there was already a sharp pain in his abdomen and his entire body was blown away. Chen Rui was extremely fast. He had caught up with Cyprus in mid-air. While Cyprus was out of balance in the air and unable to support himself, Chen Rui flung forcefully and turned the backward force into an upward direction. Cyprus was thrown into midair.

Chen Rui leaped and appeared above Cyprus. He clenched both his fists and struck downward. “Poom!” Cyprus was like being hit by a sledgehammer and fell heavily to the ground, causing a tremor.

These few flashy moves were completed in an instant. The phrase “back to you” was only out of his mouth now.

Dominique who was aside was shocked. She knew Cyprus’s strength clearly. Middle stage Demon King! He is actually beaten so badly by Aguile. Then Aguile’s strength… is at least on the same level as Cyprus! He really isn’t qualified to use the word “ant”, unless they both admit that they are ants.

Didn’t the information say that Aguile barely won Arux at the arena after having a bitter struggle a few months ago? Arux hasn’t even reached the Demon King level yet. Is it because the information is wrong or something special happened in these months…

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