Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 233 - Visitors At Night Market and South Road

Chapter 233 Visitors At Night Market and South Road

As Chen Rui expected, when he went to Cloak Gang again to give them the moonlight stone and fountain of life, Master Xingxing no longer hesitated and immediately agreed to stay at Cloak Gang.

As for Skye, Chen Rui knew that this dark elf master had a secret and he couldn’t show up publicly. At present, the flower of mist hadn’t been found anyway, so Skye wouldn’t leave. However, after the previous event, both Xingxing and Skye seemed to have been inspired. Later, they were inspired again when Chen Rui took out several pieces of legendary grade equipment from the poison dragon’s treasure for them to sample. Especially Master Xingxing, his attitude toward Chen Rui was much better now.

With the intentional and unintentional teaching of the two masters, Chen Rui’s craftsmanship progressed rapidly.

Chen Rui went to Mountain Xilang again and brought the wyvern tribe to the black rainforest. The King Wyvern, Galen was very satisfied with the environment. To be safe, the poison pond was placed in the middle of the Dragon Inscription zone where the devil fruit was obtained. Relying on the “natural barrier” of Dragon Inscription, it can further cover and protect the wyverns. Certainly, to avoid accidentally hurting the wyverns, many inscriptions were cleared and transferred with the help of Paglio.

When this dragon came to the black rainforest with injuries, his strength was already very weak, so the inscription he set wasn’t particularly strong. After analyzing the form of the skeleton, Paglio said it should be a red dragon with the power of flame. As for the 3 items left by this dragon – a metal doll, a bead and a magic map were also puzzling. Even Paglio couldn’t tell the origin of that metal doll; the bead contained humongous water power, so it might be some kind of secret treasure; as for the map, it’s likely to be the location of the red dragon’s treasure. However, since it’s incomplete, the clues it could provide were limited. Although Paglio was very persistent with treasures, he couldn’t do anything with it.

Northwest Block, home of the Mellon Family.

In the room, the patriarch of the Mellon Family, Lombardo was frowning along with Ronald, an elder of the Mellon Family.

“Patriarch, our shops were smashed several times, and our guards were also killed and injured. From time to time, troublemakers came. Our business was greatly affected. Other shops that paid protection fees didn’t suffer any accidents, so those people must be sent by Cloak Gang! We must find a solution to this trouble as soon as possible! ”Lombardo looked somber, “The issue now is that even if we know they were sent by the Cloak Gang, we can’t do anything. The leader of Cloak Gang, Aguile, is clearly the new favorite force of Princess Royal. As long as they don’t go overboard, Princess Royal won’t care. Besides, we are on Joseph’s side, so we could only endure it. In fact, the money from the shops was trivial. However, since the Gorefiend Gang we support is destroyed, Dark Moon City is completely controlled by the forces of the Cloak Gang. Our main business to the south can’t be carried out normally.” Ronald thought about it and asked, “Can we use Joseph’s strength to deal with the Cloak Gang?”

“Humph! I’m afraid it’s impossible. Joseph said that this is a very critical time. He asked us to avoid confrontations with the Cloak Gang.” Lombardo looked skeptical, “I have a feeling that there’s some kind of tactful understanding between Joseph and Aguile. Perhaps Joseph wants to rely on the Cloak Gang to divide Princess Royal’s forces. It can be seen from Aguile’s public support for the human sheriff.”

“However, regardless of what Princess Royal and Joseph think, the interests of our Mellon family must be protected!” Ronald nodded in agreement. At that moment, a servant at the door reported, “Sir, we’ve received a magic message from the South Route.” “South Route?” Lombardo was refreshed, “Hurry up and let me have a look.”

The servant passed a note, bowed and left.

Lombardo opened the note and his eyes immediately lit up before he passed it to Ronald.

After reading the note, Ronald asked, “I know Lavat. He’s the deputy general of the Blue Lava Double-Headed Dragon Legion. Who are Cyprus and Dominique?”

“Remember Wick, the leader of Gorefiend Gang who was killed by Arux?” Lombardo sneered, “Now, the entire city and the routes to everywhere else are under the control of the Cloak Gang. The kidnapped demons can’t be trafficked to the south. So, Lavat specifically came here to the Dark Moon to solve it. Cyprus and Dominique are both elites of the Double-Headed Dragon Legion. Dominique is Wick’s sister who must have taken the initiative to come to personally avenge Wick.”

“As long as those from Double-Headed Dragon Legion take action, Aguile and Arux will definitely die. As Aguile supports Chen Rui, Old Ford from the Saiful Family is having a tense relationship with Aguile. The Saiful Family’s stores haven’t paid protection fees, and they have been harassed by the Cloak Gang many times. We can pretend to succumb and pay the protection fee to the Cloak Gang. In this way, after Aguile is killed, Princess Royal will put the focus of suspicion on Old Ford.” Ronald looked joyful and nodded, “Your decision is truly brilliant. When will Lavat and the others arrive?” Lombardo said, “From the time of the message, the trio were already on the way. They’ll probably arrive in 7 days. Immediately notice the shops to succumb to the Cloak Gang. Remember to be discreet and don’t expose any traces.”

Ronald bowed and turned away.

Lombardo’s eyes narrowed: If it’s just to solve the problem of demon-trafficking, Lavat doesn’t have to come personally. Dominique always has a grudge with the Cloak Gang. If she kills Aguile and the others, it’ll be good once and for all. The arrival of Lavat is for something more important and secretive. Thus, I can’t reveal anything even to a trusted aide like Ronald.

The incident of the Mellon Family’s surrendering to the Cloak Gang was immediately spread across the Dark Moon. There were many observing shops that truthfully paid the protection fee to Cloak Gang after seeing one of two biggest families, the Mellon Family acted such. It was only Old Ford from the Saiful Family that was still stubborn to refuse to pay the protection fee with a few small families. However, these were individual exceptions. From an overall perspective, the Cloak Gang had basically held all the shops in Dark Moon in their hands.

Actually, in the eyes of those merchants who have paid protection fees, Cloak Gang wasn’t bad. Instead of bullying and exploiting money bit by bit like the previous forces, they acted according to their guarantee for collecting protection fees and fulfilled their protection duties. Those thugs who harassed the merchants never dared to act recklessly after the Cloak Gang killed a bunch of them as warning. There were even many of them who simply joined the Cloak Gang. Those who operate business had their own calculations. Compared to paying to both big and small forces previously, only paying a single one force now was much worthier.

For buyers, evil merchants like Silva would also be punished by the Cloak Gang. Surely, merchants prioritized profit. Thus, even if Demon Realm’s commerce was far less developed than the human world, there were inevitably many tiny tricks. As long as they didn’t go beyond boundaries, Cloak Gang obviously wouldn’t care.

Just the day after the Mellon Family succumbed, Cloak Gang launched their long-prepared night market.

The so-called night market was a market that mainly traded at night. The Cloak Gang gathered a group of street vendors and opened a night market called “Dark Moon’s Night” in the originally deserted southwest neighborhood.

The dark elements were most active during the night and those who liked to go out during the dark weren’t little as compared to during the day in the Demon Realm. It was just because nightlife was too monotonous and there wasn’t any concentrated market like this.

To attract customers, the price of the night market was 30% off. The original price of street vendors was already cheaper than that of shops. As a result, many people came after hearing the news. The most fascinating thing was a unique shop that Cloak Gang ran: hot pot restaurant.

The hot pot was very strange. The large pot had an adjustable fire-magic stove under it with hot meat inside. The scent was something so luring that no one ever tasted. They could also add a variety of vegetables to boil and eat.

At first, some people were just attracted by the scent. They just wanted to give it a try. Some were still even forced by the Cloak Gang. However, after they actually tasted it, they realized that it was amazing and the price wasn’t expensive. Gradually, the name, “hot pot” began to spread.

At night, the temperature of Demon Realm was very low. Therefore, eating hot pot while drinking the strongest wine was even more enjoyable than the Demon God.

At the beginning, many vendors were weirded out when the Cloak Gang renovated a huge house as a shop because the night market was still on a smaller scale. After a few days, the shop was actually full seats. What was even more tempting was that the hot pot restaurant didn’t open during the day, but it only opened at night. At once, a lot of people were going to the night market which made the businesses of the surrounding vendors better.

“It’s only been a few days, and it’s already really lively here.” Miss Sasa exclaimed while leading Alian and Eve to walk in the busy night market. She used to follow her father, Didi for many years and had operated business during the night more than once. However, she had never seen such a busy night market.

Chen Rui smiled. This is just the beginning. If this goes well, the future scale will be much larger.

“The talent of Mr. Aguile is really incredible.” Skye said movingly. Aguile’s current level of mechanics was already faintly equivalent to a junior master. It was even more incredible that he was proficient in everything including metal, leather, and accessories. His ability to learn could hardly be described with words. Not only that, Aguile had Demon King-level strength and such a flexible business mind.

“He’s just a freak.” The dark goblin master, Xingxing added with jealousy. His tone changed again, “If you have too much energy, you might as well put more on the mechanics!”

Although Xingxing’s tone wasn’t polite, it contained a sense of advice. In fact, the dark goblin master and dark elf master had been inspired by this “Aguile”. For masters who have reached some kind of peak bottleneck, these inspirations were especially valuable. Thus, Xingxing still had a good impression of this Cloak Gang’s leader who made him stay with a scheme. Also, the main thing was that his prospective father-in-law, Didi was Aguile’s loyal subordinate.

Chen Rui could tell the good intentions of the dark master goblin. Every skill had its specialization, and an ordinary person’s energy was always limited. Thus, to reach a higher level, one had to focus on one skill. The problem was that he wasn’t an “ordinary” person, and alchemy wasn’t the biggest objective he was pursuing too.

Strength; only strength could truly override destiny, and it can truly guard what one cherished.

Arux and Vasasha, who presided over the order of the night market, were walking toward their direction coincidentally. They saw Chen Rui, who acted as “Aguile” and bowed together. Since Royce was currently an undercover at Joseph’s side, it wasn’t appropriate for them to join Chen Rui in public.

At that time, two people, a man and a woman, appeared on the opposite side.

The man was strong and bulky while the woman was well-dressed and had a plump figure. There would usually be a very ordinary couple, but Chen Rui felt killing intention. In fact, a very strong killing intention toward Arux.

showed that the races of both the man and woman were “Great Demon (Mutated)”; comprehensive strength assessment was C- and C.

Early-stage Demon King and middle-stage Demon King!

Maybe Chen Rui just had to write some books to give inspiration to the others masters.

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