Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 232 - Three Words

Chapter 232 Three Words

The next day, Chen Rui was summoned by Shea and came to the palace hall.

Shea didn’t speak, but she stared at him for a while. When Chen Rui was a little anxious, she asked, “You’ve returned for many days. Is the grand master’s inheritance test over?”

“It’s half done. As for the other half, it depends on luck. If I’m unlucky, Princess Royal can save the salary for the sheriff.”

Chen Rui was right. Although the problem about the poison dragon’s treasure was solved, he wasn’t far from the final and also the most terrifying Star Conversion stage. It’d be the biggest test ever. He wasn’t certain about his life and death.

Thinking of that, Chen Rui’s mood was a little bit heavy. Before that, I should make proper arrangements for these things first.

Shea sensitively noticed Chen Rui’s anomaly in his emotions. For some reason, she suddenly felt uncomfortable in her heart.

Chen Rui returned to normal within a moment and smiled, “I’ve met General George. Although I was almost killed by him, I managed to survive that eventually.”

“Really?” Shea’s discomfort was replaced by another strange, unpleasant feeling.

I’ve never had such a strange, unpleasant feeling. General George is Athena’s father; while Athena’s relationship with this man… is known to all of Dark Moon. Actually, when she met General George, she made a certain affirmation of Chen Rui’s talents and left a good initial impression in General George’s mind.

After all, Shea wasn’t an ordinary woman. She realized immediately: Why do I feel uncomfortable? Isn’t General George my greatest supporter?

I guess it’s because the thing about the capital is too stressful. Shea took a deep breath, “Have you heard about the sanction from the capital? The news was spread around the Dark Moon and the people’s hearts started to be anxious. At present, I can still control. When the food is really cut, it’s probably hard to handle. I don’t want to expose the food base unless it’s our last resort because this base is newly built and there aren’t many food reserves. In case there’s some action from the capitol, all our previous work will be wasted.”

Chen Rui nodded and said his idea of ​​covering the food base with the “strategy” in the west. Shea nodded and said, “This idea is similar to mine. This time, General George brought a person. He is very valuable in our development of the west route.”

“Who is it?” Chen Rui froze. Father-in-law didn’t seem to mention it. However, father-in-law spent more time dueling with Paglio. At most, he only asked me about art of war without mentioning this matter.

“This man is the heir of the Custer family, the largest business family in the Dark Shadow Empire. He was almost assassinated due to family struggles. He happened to meet General George who came to the Dark Moon. General George rescued him and brought him here.” Shea looked at Chen Rui, “As long as we can secretly support him to inherit the family business of the Custer family, the critical issues of trade or food purchase can be solved.”

Chen Rui understood that Shea’s so-called “support”, also meant controlling secretly. If this plan was successful, the benefits won’t be limited to solving the current crisis, but it also had an unpredictable huge effect on the future development of the Dark Moon.

“This is very important to the Dark Moon. We have to plan it well.”

Chen Rui smiled, “Princess Royal doesn’t have to worry about the sanctions. At least we already have the capability to handle it. What we need now is a plan to overcome this without a trace. As long as we can survive the sanctions safely, the public’s dependence on the Red Spirit and capital will be greatly weakened, which will be of great benefit for Princess Royal to obtain the loyalty from the people.”

Shea nodded slightly and Chen Rui added, “Even if the sanction is overcome without any trace, I’m afraid the capital will continue to press on, so we must distract the capital. The several proposals I mentioned can be prepared selectively now.”

Shea was surprised, “You meant…”

“The boldest plan has the highest requirements for candidates. However, this plan is equally risky. We’ll discuss it when I have time to think about it.” Chen Rui shifted the topic, “I went to Silent Night Wetland this time and brought an entire wyvern tribe back…”

“What?!” Shea couldn’t help but reveal her surprise. A tribe of wyverns! This means… a dragon knight legion!

One has to know that the entire Fallen Angel Empire only has 1 dragon knight legion! If Dark Moon also has one…

“They are temporarily settled at Mountain Xilang. Tim sent someone to take care of them.” Chen Rui vaguely stated, “The climate at Mountain Xilang isn’t suitable for the wyverns. The black rainforest area is remote and deserted, and the terrain and climate are very suitable for the wyverns. My idea is to set up a secret base within the black rainforest area to settle the wyverns first. Then, we’ll gradually select soldiers and train them as dragon knights. However, the selection of people must be cautious. The priority should be their loyalty because it has to do with Dark Moon’s most secretive military force. If it’s leaked, the capital might make a huge move or even launch an attack in advance.”

“I understand.” Shea nodded, suppressing the ecstasy in her heart. After calmly contemplating for a while, she said, “The candidate for dragon knight will be screened among the imperial guards for the time being. I’ll make Kaguron inspect various aspects to ensure the reliability of the candidate.”

“Not only that, the garrison and Cloak Gang are also two important forces. The garrison eliminated more than half of the people under the training of Athena and Arux. Although the number of people has decreased, the quality has greatly improved. They are gradually going on the right track. Dark Moon has a large population, so we can consider replenishing the soldiers. Cloak Gang is a force in the dark, and it must not be ignored. I’ve already discussed it with Aguile. In the next step, Princess Royal can slowly see the effect. However, the Cloak Gang will be hostile to other forces under Princess Royal in an appropriate manner, such as the current Saiful Family to let outsiders see the “disharmony” of Dark Moon and further paralyze the capital’s control over the Dark Moon.”

Out of her trust in Chen Rui, Shea no longer questioned Aguile’s identity, “About Cloak Gang, do as you see best. I’ll support it unconditionally.”

The surprise brought by Chen Rui didn’t stop there, “It’s now certain that Master Xingxing’ll stay in the Dark Moon. The Cloak Gang will open a magic store where Master Xingxing will oversee. Also, I have mastered some junior master-level crafting skills through the inheritance of grand master. I want to build a secret armory to secretly assemble some craftsmen to make better equipment. Regardless of how the interference plan from the capital is carried out, strengthening ourselves is the most fundamental thing. However, the current inheritance isn’t complete yet. Thus, the construction of the armory can be prepared in advance, but the specific implementation has to wait for the next step.”

Master-level crafting skills! Even if it’s just junior master, it’s still very amazing!

Shea was overjoyed. She had another strange feeling in her heart. It seemed that she had just remembered there was such a thing where Chen Rui was inheriting a grand master’s skill. It was Shea’s initial intention when she recruited and appointed this human. Yet, as the human’s wisdom and talent showed, that “inheritance” was ignored instead.

Chen Rui then sorted out a lot of ideas and told Shea his plans and arrangements for various aspects. Shea felt that the future direction was becoming clearer and clearer. While applauding in her heart, she suddenly felt her heart throbbing as if Chen Rui wanted to tell all his thoughts. If he didn’t say everything this time, there wouldn’t be a chance in the future.

Shea secretly calmed her mind and shifted away from the topic, “You brought so many surprises. I’m a little bit distressed about how to reward you now.”

Chen Rui’s eyes lit up. As he was about to speak something, Shea stopped him in advance, “Other than dancing that “something”, you can ask for any reward.”

Princess Royal actually remembered the content of the last joke so clearly? Chen Rui shrugged his shoulders helplessly: Any reward? Then, should I ask for a kiss? It seems that we haven’t reached that stage yet. I don’t dare to challenge my royal sister boss’ limit.

By the way…

“Why don’t you promise me one thing.”

Chen Rui’s weird smile made Shea nervous. However, since she already said that, she couldn’t back up so she said coldly, “What is it?”

“3 words.” Chen Rui stared boldly at Shea’s purple eyes with his fiery eyes, “When I say these 3 words, you can’t kill me.”

3 words? Is it…

This annoying man! Does he think he can be presumptuous with that “bit of” contribution? Shea feels annoyed. Somehow, her heartbeat accelerated a bit, and an unprecedented blush showed on her face. She shouted, “You have the nerve!”

“It isn’t too bold to ask you to spare my life for just saying something right?” Chen Rui shook his head and sighed, “Besides I haven’t said what are the three words. Why did you give me such an evaluation? These three words may be “spare my life” or “how are you”… If Princess Royal must take back the reward given to me, as a poor subordinate, I have nothing to say.”

Shea was even more annoyed. She didn’t know if she was angry or in other moods. She clenched her teeth and said, “I, Shea Lucifer swear by my royal bloodline that when Chen Rui said those three words, I won’t kill him… but only for once!”

“Only once? Haih… okay.” Chen Rui scratched his head and smiled, “It’s not the right time looking at the situation. I’ll choose a suitable time to say the suitable 3 words. Princess Royal, please remember to spare my life.”

“Enough!” Shea had an urge to go against the royal etiquette and punch this guy with an impertinent smile. She said impolitely, “I’m a bit tired. You can leave now!”

Chen Rui initially wanted shamelessly request for special services like massage, but if he really did force the iceberg royal sister to the corner, perhaps those three words would really become “spare my life” and be wasted immediately. So, he immediately laughed, bowed and left.

This bastard! Why can’t he just insist on a waltz?

Initially I thought I could already forcefully accept that inappropriate request, but I didn’t expect this guy to make an even worse request!

Shea felt an inexplicable resentment. Thinking of the 3 unknown words, she began to feel a little flustered. However, the pressure brought by the capital’s sanctions and a series of things these days had disappeared into thin air.

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