Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 231 - Shocked and Inspired

Chapter 231 Shocked and Inspired

“Thanks for listening to my request, Mr. Skye. I’ve made this request because I’ve already learned the essentials of crafting while watching the master’s crafting process just now. That’s why I want to watch it again. After watching it, I would like to try crafting, and I hope master can correct me.” Xingxing looked indifferent. Aguile’s teacher should be a master of both weapons and accessories. However, leather is a completely different area. If he can understand just by looking at it, wouldn’t everyone in the Demon Realm be a master then?

However, Skye had some doubts. Although Skye didn’t believe that “Aguile” could grasp the essentials of crafting in a few glances, based on “Aguile’s” behavior in the past, he shouldn’t be a boastful person. The feeling in crafting was very important for a mechanic. Now that Skye’s magic had been restored, and the materials like hydra skin and others were complete, he wanted to take this opportunity to restore that old feeling. Therefore, he immediately accepted Chen Rui’s request. First, he explained some details about the previous leather armor. After that, he started crafting again.

This time it was a piece of women’s leather armor. This time, the method of enchanting was changed to inlaying. Materials with magic attributes were inlaid in the corresponding parts, then they were connected with a supplementary magic array to achieve the perfect effect of magic attribute fusion.

Xingxing took over the leather armor and showed an unconcealed admiration. Then, he took out a magnifying glass-like instrument to examine it for a while. He said the appraisal result: tenacity (increase magic and physical resistance – hydra skin’s attributes), increase damage of water magic by 27%; increase stamina by 28%.

The maximum enhancement for common equipment was 15%, and it had a maximum of two enchantments. Due to the problem with the mastery of materials, there might even be negative attributes, such as reducing the speed when improving defense; For excellent grade, the maximum enhancement was 30%, there’d be no negative attributes in general, and the enchantments could reach 2 to 3: the maximum enhancement of a legendary grade could reach 50% and the enchantments could reach 3 to 4.

As for epic grade equipment, it’s already an artifact. It cannot be simply measured by the requirements of these attributes.

Both of Skye’s enchanted attributes were over 25%, so it was considered excellent even among the works of the master.

The previous leather armor that improved speed and damage was very suitable for Roman’s characteristics; while this one with water magic bonus and stamina improvement could be given to Delia. As for Athena, she could use one of the superior equipment from the poison dragon’s treasure temporarily. In the future, Chen Rui wanted to make a full set of equipment for her. Certainly, they had to at least reach or exceed the excellent grade.

Now that there was a mechanical master with a leather specialty here, he could take the advantage to “show off” his skills to get advice.

Chen Rui asked Skye a few questions that made Skye slightly astonished. All these questions asked were on point. Even mechanics that had been immersed for many years might not be able to think of it. Yet, this rookie, a novice in armor crafting was actually able to point it out.

After obtaining Skye’s answer, Chen Rui’s understanding deepened. He chose the Demon King-level hydra skin. Since Skye had already completed the tanning, it saved a lot of trouble. Skye saw that “Aguile” wanted to use a precious material like hydra skin for the first attempt, so he wanted to advise him not to do it. Yet, after thinking about it, that material was “Aguile’s”, so he just let it be.

Subsequently, when Chen Rui officially started, Skye and Xingxing were both taken aback. Previously, the relatively unfamiliar technique was mastered at an amazing speed. Not only the technique but also the rapid progress in all aspects of understanding, as if a rookie was moving toward a formal mechanic! No! Not just a mechanic. There was a slight feeling of a master!

Specifically, in Skye’s eyes, every mechanic master had their own characteristics. Chen Rui’s details in the techniques and certain characteristics were unique to Skye as if Chen Rui was an apprentice who had studied for many years under him!

Every subsequent process was in place. Not only were there no errors, but it became more rigorous and sophisticated. As the leather armor was completed, Skye and Xingxing looked at each other and saw the shock in each other’s eyes.

A piece of leather armor can promote a rookie to a formal leather mastery mechanic, and it’s not even far from the level of common master! Such understanding and learning ability can only be described as genius… No, monster!

During the enchantment at the end, Chen Rui still made little mistake. As the understanding of the material couldn’t be fully grasped in a short time and his ignorance in magic despite his strong spirit (his earth magic originated from the earth elemental heart in the galaxy garden), so the effect of enchantment wasn’t very good. After the appraisal by the two masters, in addition to the “Tough” characteristics from the hydra skin, the attributes of the leather armor were: increase defense by 10% of base defense; increase attack by 8%.

Chen Rui said with a little embarrassment, “It’s my first time learning to make leather armor, there are still many things to be improved. I’m sorry for embarrassing myself in front of two masters.”

Xingxing was pointing at Chen Rui. He couldn’t speak for a moment out of anger: Although I specialize in accessories, I’m also proficient in appraisal. This leather armor is definitely a high grade equipment. It is equivalent to a high standard of a mechanic. This annoying guy, could he be an experienced mechanic that pretended as a rookie to deliberately shame us?!

“If it wasn’t for the unfamiliar way you started, I would think you’re experienced.” Skye smiled bitterly, “If the enchantment at the end was better, this leather armor could reach the level of a junior master. If this is spread, it’ll raise a commotion in the entire mechanic realm, but probably nobody will believe it.”

“I don’t believe it! It must be a trick!” Xingxing was still shaking his head in disbelief, and he suddenly thought of something.

“You… wait there!”

As he spoke, the dark goblin master took out a table from his space ring. Then, there were stool and things like magnifying glass, microscope, cutter and so on. Chen Rui’s eyes lit up as he had a rough idea of ​​what Xingxing was going to do already.

However, since the Evil Blue Tear was given to Roman, Chen Rui could only use up to twice a day, and now it had been used up. However, it was a really rare opportunity and he couldn’t miss it. He thought about it, then he used going to the bathroom as an excuse and left the Cloak Gang at his fastest speed. He rushed to the arena, asked for the Evil Blue Tear, and drank spirit recovering potion and springwater of vitality that could quickly restore his spirit on his way back.

Although his speed as a Demon King was already extremely fast, when Chen Rui appeared in Cloak Gang’s backyard, the long-awaited Master Xingxing still looked impatient. Chen Rui had Evil Blue Tear with him, so he was more confident. Then, he asked for the names and uses of each instrument on the table.

Although Xingxing was very impatient, he still answered one by one. Similar to how a metal-specialized master was familiar with the hammer in his or her hand, an accessories-specialized master must be familiar with every tool like the organs on their bodies.

Chen Rui listened attentively and memorized. Although Xingxing couldn’t see his face clearly, he could feel his serious attitude so his mood became much better again. After the explanation, Xingxing started making accessories.

The crafting of accessories was different from the crafting of leather armor. Due to the problems of size and material, it required more sophisticated skills and the uses of tools were more complicated. After Xingxing’s confident presentation, Chen Rui also asked some questions. About an hour later, when Chen Rui gave the magic ring he crafted to Xingxing for appraisal, Master Xingxing was speechless and stunned. Monster! Absolutely a monster!

Currently, Chen Rui not only possessed the crafting skills of metal weapons, but he also learned the crafting of leather armor and ring. Even if there was still some distance from becoming a real master, he could be regarded as the genius mechanic that was proficient in 3 fields.

Certainly, Chen Rui understood that although was amazing, it was only a passive understanding of imitation afterall. Besides, these techniques were only a tiny bit. Take accessories as an example. Other than the ring, there were headwear, earring, bracelet etc. Leather wasn’t only leather armor. Cloak, belt, helmet, boot, and wristband were within the leather’s scope. Now that there were 2 top masters here, he had to seize the opportunity. In the future, he must seek a lot of advies, and use and his own understanding to master these skills thoroughly. Although no one was certain about the future, having more skills was definitely a good idea.

“I have always been proud about my aptitude, but I’ve never thought there is still a genius like you!” Skye said movingly, “Your teacher must be an amazing top master far above me, and he is likely to be infinitely close to that peak.”

This time, the dark goblin master had no objection and nodded his head silently too.

Chen Rui didn’t expect that his exceptional performance would hurt their confidence so much. He wanted to foster a good relationship with the 2 masters, so he could continue learning. He thought about it for a while and said, “My teacher once told a story. I don’t know if it’d be of help for both of you.”

As soon as they heard it was a story by a prospective grand master, they immediately looked interested. The story told by Chen Rui under the guise of “teacher” was exactly “Chef Ding Slaughtering Cows” in [1].

When Chef Ding first started slaughtering cows, there were only cows in his eyes. 3 years later, what he saw wasn’t the entire cow anymore. Subsequently, he used his mind instead of eyes to feel and slaughter according to the cow’s anatomy. He had reached a state where he could sense the internal flesh and blood and slice with his mind.

For Chef Ding, who had reached the final state, slaughtering cows was a piece of cake. “Cow slaughtering” had become an art for him as the saying went, “the place where his hands touched, his arms leaned, his feet stepped, and his knee supported were making a melodious sound.”

If mechanics was regarded as a kind of “art”, then the three realms of Chef Ding, respected by scholars from another world, should be able to inspire the two masters. It was just like the three realms in the art of Zen: first, you see what you see; second, you don’t see what you see; third, you see what you see again. In a certain sense, “art” was connected and constant.

After listening to that story, Skye fell into contemplation and his face was switching between happiness and sorrow. Suddenly, he stood up and started to operate on the hydra skin. Although it was no longer possible to use , the previously analyzed data had been completely engraved in his brain. Chen Rui could see that Skye’s mind and appearance seemed to have some strange changes, but his technique was slowed down and appeared more serious.

An armor was rapidly forming, as if a piece of armor was originally on the hydra skin while Skye just simply “lifted” it out. It already had a natural sense in it.

However, when Skye was halfway done, he stopped again and began to fall into a deep thought.

The dark goblin master was busy at the table. He was just observing various materials and even operating instruments without any materials. He didn’t make anything, and he was even murmuring to himself all the time.

Chen Rui originally wanted to give them materials such as moonlight stone and blood line silver, but it wasn’t a good time after seeing how it was now. If his assumption was right, there might be one more master who would stay.

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