Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 230 - Armor Crafting

Chapter 230 Armor Crafting

After sending off his father-in-law, Chen Rui comforted the sad Athena and temporarily settled the couple, Roman and Delia, Dodo and the poison dragon at the basement of the arena. Then, he mounted on the wyvern and flew toward Mountain Xilang.

Since Paglio’s had been removed, it was time to lift the curse on the taurens.

After receiving the shocking news that Chen Rui retrieved the Eye of Sauron, all taurens appeared in front of him under the leadership of Delong.

The moment Chen Rui took out the Eye of Sauron, the entire tauren tribe was cheering. Delong took the Eye of Sauron with excitement and began to activate the tauren’s secret method. He cut his fingers and dripped his blood on the Eye of Sauron. Then, the Eye of Sauron emitted a strong golden light, which was completely different when it was in Paglio’s hands. An exclusive secret treasure was indeed an exclusive secret treasure. In the poison dragon’s hands, the Eye of Sauron was just a spirit-enhancing device, just like how Chen Rui had always worn the Evil Blue Tear as a necklace.

Under the effect of a secret method, Delong actually inserted the Eye of Sauron into his forehead without any hindrance. Only a small part of it was exposed, and it looked like an eye was added, which seemed a little weird.

Chen Rui was stunned: Demon Realm version of Erlang Shen [1]? No, it’s Erlang Buffalo? Haih… if the fans of Erlang Shen know about this, they’ll definitely cross-over to kill this man… no, this buffalo.

The Delong’s third eye emitted a golden light that shone on his people. Black smoke rose from them and it was sucked into that eye. They had indeed successfully removed the curse. Due to the secret method, unless Delong died, the Eye of Sauron could no longer be removed.

This situation made Chen Rui secretly rejoice in his previous choice of holding back. If he came to the underground world first, Paglio’s couldn’t be lifted unless Delong was killed.

According to Chief Tauren, the wonder of the Eye of Sauron was more than that. In addition to greatly strengthening his defense, it could also use a skill called the , which had a chance to curse the enemy to death immediately.

This skill ias quite awesome! Chen Rui thought of a strong troop in a classic game. Could it be that the tauren’s ancestor was some sort of savage bull?

After lifting all the curses of the taurens, Delong led the entire tribe to pledge their loyalty toward Chen Rui in accordance with the previous promise. Within 10,000 years, this tribe would be a tributary tribe for Chen Rui and his descendants, and they would never betray.

Chen Rui accepted tauren’s allegiance and placed the mysterious silver box in tauren’s fountain of life of tauren. He instructed Delong to be guard carefully, and don’t allow anyone to touch. With the power and skill of taurens, they would definitely be useful in the future, but for the time being, it was better for them to stay in the underground world. Delong accepted Chen Rui’s task and took out the minerals collected these days with the help of earth elementals. There were moonlight stone, blood line silver, seven colour gold crystal, mystic sand, dark star iron etc…

Paglio’s treasure was also abundant, so after Chen Rui collected these minerals, there wasn’t much space left in the storage. After leaving Mountain Xilang, Chen Rui returned to the Dark Moon City. He didn’t rush to the laboratory or arena. Instead, he used his identity as Aguile and went straight to the ancient house on 4th Street which was also the headquarters of Cloak Gang.

Chen Rui didn’t see the dark goblin master in the backyard as usual. Recently, Master Xingxing and Miss Sasa had been very close. They hadn’t returned from shopping yet. Under Chen Rui’s unexpected “femme fatale” tactic, Master Xingxing gradually fell into the trap. Even if there wasn’t any temptation of the superior materials, he still had a vague intention to stay in the Cloak Gang. Certainly, it was provided that Miss Sasa was there.

In the backyard, as usual, the two dark elf girls were concentrating on the demon-fighting chess. The only difference was that the veil on their faces had been removed.

“Alian, if you do this, you’ll lose to Eve.”

Chen Rui’s words made Alian raise her head in surprise and she saw that familiar mask. She immediately stood up with joy, “Sir Aguile!”

Eve also stood up and bowed at Chen Rui. The scars on the faces of the two girls originally had disappeared while their innocent and beautiful facial features were restored. Their skin appeared smooth, and the rather dark skin gave people an alternative visual effect. They were two actual dark elf beauties.

Feeling Chen Rui’s gaze, Eve lowered her head shyly whereas Alian smiled excitedly, “Sir, is Alian much more beautiful now?”

Chen Rui habitually patted Alian’s head, “Alian has always been a beautiful little girl.”

Alian jumped happily. Chen Rui saw Eve lowered her head without speaking a word, so he added, “Eve too.” The shy girl looked joyful, but her head seemed to be even lower.

“Sir Aguile, you’re finally back.” Skye stepped out of the courtyard. As his daughters’ curse was successfully lifted, the dark elf master seemed to be in a better spirit.

Chen Rui nodded to Skye, “Mr. Skye, I’ve brought back the fountain of vitality this time. Unfortunately, I still don’t know the whereabouts of the flower of mist. I wonder if this can be used alone?”

Skye was shocked, “Fountain of vitality! You found it so quickly?! Although the fountain of vitality can’t lift my curse, the magic power suppressed by the curse should be restored by a lot.”

Chen Rui took out the magic bottle that he got from Skye before he left the last time. It contained the “fresh” fountain of vitality. Skye opened the stopper, took a sip and closed his eyes for a moment to feel it. Suddenly, his eyes were full of glory. Chen Rui instinctively felt a strong spirit being released.

“Mr. Aguile can always bring miracles.” Skye said movingly, “If you’re not in a hurry, please wait for me for a while. After my magic has recovered, I’ll immediately make a piece of leather armor for you.”

Chen Rui nodded. Skye quickly walked into the room while Chen Rui sat down in the yard and started playing demon-fighting chess with Alian and Eve. With his experience of beast-fighting chess in his past life, even Alian and Eve cooperated, they weren’t his opponents. Instead, they were arguing because of different opinions, but it was only a brief incident. After Chen Rui lost a game intentionally, the two girls smiled happily.

About half an hour later, Skye stepped out of the room. He still looked sick, butChen Rui could feel that the spirit of the dark elf had undergone a qualitative change. He faintly exuded a pure magic wave. During the last time when he took out the fountain of life, Chen Rui had already witnessed Skye’s skills. Now, he felt a strong spirit again. This dark elf master must be a Great Demon King who trained both magic and martial arts!

“Congratulations, Mr. Skye.” Chen Rui didn’t call him master. Skye, unlike Xingxing, had never disclosed his identity as a master for various reasons.

Skye nodded and bowed at Chen Rui, “It’s all thanks to you. Please forgive me for my previous wariness.”

“You’re welcome, Mr. Skye. Actually, I have my own selfish motives too. If you’re free, can I start to watch the production of leather armor now?”

Skye smiled slightly, “Sure thing.”

Skye didn’t start crafting immediately, but he elaborated on the knowledge of leather in detail. Only then Chen Rui knew that to make a leather armor successfully, it required so many complicated processes. It was far more complicated than imagined. There were more than 50 essentials in material selection and cutting; There were also 10 processes in leather making, as well as splicing, sewing, shaping etc… In the meantime, both the method and the utensil usage were extremely specific, let alone making into an armor.

A tailor-made high-quality leather armor wasn’t only defensive, durable and comfortable, but also had a corresponding magic array-like pattern in it. It could automatically shrink and expand to fit the wearer’s body shape and minimize the degree of damage.

Chen Rui activated while listening and watching every point of Skye’s presentation and narration.

Skye had completed the leather-making step which required the longest time beforehand. After the description, the next step was cutting. Skye didn’t speak again. After entering the state of armor-making, he was completely changed as he was filled with concentration and confidence.

Skye’s methods and movements seemed simple, but in reality, it contained a lot of wonders. Every move faintly revealed a feeling of smoothness. In his hands, the hydra skin started to change rapidly and a piece of armor was gradually taking shape. It wasn’t only a piece of leather armor, but also a perfect art piece.

There were two people’s footsteps coming from outside the courtyard, mixing with Ms. Sasa’s voice. It turned out that Xingxing and his female companion had returned.

Sasa saw “Aguile”, Skye’s and his daughter were all “playing” in the yard, so she was about to get closer. Suddenly, her hands were being held tight by Xingxing. Xingxing looked at Skye’s technique and revealed a rare dignity. He made a shushing gesture to Sasa and walked closer softly.

Ms. Sasa wasn’t an untactful person. It was the first time she saw Xingxing being so serious. She didn’t bother, but she pulled Alian and Eve aside. At that point, Skye’s leather armor was completely formed. The rest was the most important enchanting process which would determine the final quality of this leather armor.

Chen Rui had seen the enchantment of the tauren priest, Torre. He was using a special way to integrate his power of bloodthirst halo with the equipment. However, compared with their master-level craftsmanship, tauren had inherent defects in magic. Therefore, this enchantment effect wasn’t only single, its effect wasn’t great. It greatly reduced the quality of the finished weapon. It was the most regrettable thing for the taurens.

The enchanting method used by Skye was completely different. Although he had Great Demon King-level’s magic power, he didn’t integrate his own magic into the leather armor. Instead, he used an “enlighten” method, which used the corresponding attributes of the magic material and his own magic as primer to integrate the characteristics of the magic material into the equipment.

This method required not only the fine control of magic power, but also a high level of understanding in the material. The suitable temperature, fusion time and compatibility of the material etc.. were already a profound knowledge by itself.

Xingxing held a piece of material every day in order to further understand and become familiar with every “cell” of the material so that it could play a stronger role in the crafting.

The enchanting materials used by Skye were cloud thread, flamingo crystal and jade tree sap. Under the effect of the jade tree sap, the melted cloud thread absorbed the power of the flamingo crystal nicely. The enchanting process was complete finally. After fixing the entire armor with simple magic, this magic leather armor was completed.

Skye told Chen Rui that the magic properties of this leather armor were: Tenacity (Improve magic and physical resistance – properties of hydra’s skin); increase speed by 20%; increase attack by 25%.

Magic and physical defense, speed and attack boost! It’s absolutely an excellent-grade equipment! Chen Rui was overjoyed. Other than this high-quality leather armor, through and his own understanding, he had basically mastered some essentials of armor crafting. He also learned about the enchanting skill that tauren didn’t have.

Despite the success of the leather armor, Skye’s tired face showed a regretful look, as did Xingxing aside. The dark goblin master said, “Unfortunately, it’s one step away from becoming a legendary equipment.”

Skye took a look at Xingxing, sighed and nodded, “It’s exactly this step. It has been stuck for many years.”

“I feel the same way… Xingxing said movingly, “It’s like being trapped by some framework. Although we’ve reached the very edge of this framework, we still can’t jump out of this framework.”

Miss Sasa was a layman, but she could tell that Xingxing’s tone contained a lot of respect. He had already placed the father of her two good friends, the dark elf, Skye in a completely equal position.

Master Xingxing had always been a badass existence in the Cloak Gang. Except when he faced his lover, Miss Sasa, as well as his prospective father-in-law, Didi and her two friends Alian and Eve, he usually ignored everyone, including this sick-looking dark elf before him. Certainly, as a mechanic master who was accustomed to being admired by many people, his attitude was understandable. However, when Xingxing saw that the dark elf’s mechanic skill, which was also master-level, his attitude completely changed. Although Xingxing’s specialty was in accessories and items while Skye’s was leather, Xingxing could see that this dark elf master’s accomplishments in leather had reached the top of master-level, which was on par with his mastery in accessories.

Skye didn’t ridicule Xingxing’s anomaly, but he nodded solemnly. From the “toys” Xingxing gave her daughter, he could tell that this dark goblin master was also an excellent master mechanic. As an experienced person, Skye understood Xingxing’s arrogance. It wasn’t only confidence but also a self-protection.

“Mr. Skye, although it’s a bit bold, I still want to ask. I wonder if you can make another piece with your remaining energy?”

Xingxing frowned and scolded, “If you truly are a disciple of an alchemist master, you should know that a mechanic isn’t an ordinary craftsman that is to merely complete a certain task. If there isn’t any inspiration and state of mind, the equipment created will lose its vitality. It isn’t only a waste of valuable materials but also a waste of valuable energy of a master.”

Skye smiled slightly, “Master Xingxing is right. However, my energy is very vigorous now. Besides, such production isn’t exhausting at all to me. It’s more like a recovery. As long as Mr. Aguile isn’t afraid of wasting these materials, I’ll be happy to try again.”

Recovery? Xingxing was moved when he heard it. In other words, this dark elf master isn’t in his best state yet! With Skye’s sophisticated skills, even within the Mechanic Association, he is definitely a top master. Why is he unknown to the world?

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