Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 229 - Territory and Duel

Chapter 229 Territory and Duel

It was actually getting late. Due to the special identity of General George, and the fact that Delia and Roman just came to Dark Moon, they couldn’t be high profile, so it was inconvenient to go pubs with too many people.

However, it was the best time to please his father-in-law, so he couldn’t miss it. Chen Rui obviously had an idea. He led everyone out of the city gate, came to the suburbs, found a suitable place, built some brackets, set up a fire and took out drinks and food. He then got some prey, took out the seasoning containers and others that he brought along from the storage and started showing off his skills.

The crowd gathered in a circle, drinking while heating up around the hot bonfire. The atmosphere was very warm.

Don’t look at father-in-law Sir and Uncle Paglio were hostile and arrogant toward each other. After a few glasses of wine, their adrenaline suddenly increased, and the atmosphere suddenly changed. Everyone began to toast George and Paglio in turn. They were competitive, so they didn’t refuse anyone who wanted to drink with them. After a few rounds of drinking, they started to fight each other.

Due to the unrecovered scar on her face, Delia didn’t remove her veil, but consumed food and drinks under the veil. The scar on her face was made by herself with a deadly-toxic knife. Generally speaking, even if it was healed, the scar was still impossible to disappear. However, it was a piece of cake for Paglio. He removed those toxics easily. As for the existing scars, there was the fountain of life, so it could be completely cured within 7 days.

Originally, the fountain of life and the fountain of vitality were both very rare and difficult to acquire. However, for Chen Rui, he could almost provide it unlimitedly. It was only a matter of time to cure Delia. For this reason, Sir Roman didn’t slack on flattering the leader.

Athena accompanied her lover to barbecue and prepare the hot pot. Seeing her father and everyone in harmony, she felt very content in her heart.

Both of them were the most important men in her heart. One was the father who gave her life and cared for her since she was a child; the other was the one she loved the most that she swore to die together. It’d be wonderful if this lasts forever.

At that moment, perhaps they drank too much, George and Paglio suddenly started to argue, and it was very fierce. Paglio stood up, leaped and appeared tens of meters away. Then, he provoked George with his hand. George obviously wouldn’t admit defeat. He immediately entered the first and confronted the poison dragon.

Athena was taken aback. As he was about to interrupt, she was stopped by Chen Rui. Men had a men’s friendship and men’s way. Roman, Delia and others stood up, looking forward to this rare scene – Demon Emperor vs Demon Emperor.

George Wales not only had a strong influence in the military, but his personal strength had also reached the peak of Demon Emperor. He once defeated Doron Rus in a stimulated legion battle and solo battle. Thus, he was worthy to be named as the first general.

Paglio’s strength was now only restored to the early stage of the Demon Emperor. Yet, as a former Demon Overlord, he was far better than George in terms of the understanding of strength and territory. Therefore, if they truly fight, it was difficult to tell who would win.

George stood there casually, and an invisible, scary force started to spread to both sides with him as the center. Although he had a fine control of strength and it didn’t reach the people watching the battle, Chen Rui, Roman and others still felt an imposing demeanor. It was as if thousands of horses were neighing at the same time. The air seemed to be frozen by that terrifying austerity.

Chen Rui felt a familiar feeling in his heart, it was like facing Broc’s black territory. I know! It must be George’s territory!

Unlike the creepiness in Brock’s Incubus Territory, George’s territory seemed magnificent. It was just like how one leads his soldiers. Broc could be regarded as “negative”; whereas George was “positive.” A forthright formation that one couldn’t avoid.

When Delia and Roman fled to Warlock Fortress, Broc was afraid of George’s strength, so he dared not fight directly. He could only use diplomatic means to mediate. It could be seen that George’s strength was better than Broc.

Imagine the feeling of a person facing hundreds of thousands or even millions of people. The invisible grandeur alone was enough to crush people.

The weaker couple, Royce and Vasasha, and Arux only took a few glances before they shivered in unison. They felt scared, and almost all of their will to fight was gone.

Paglio was the one facing millions of people now. Under the influence of the territory, he felt that his own strength was continuously weakened; while George’s momentum was getting stronger, as if every single particle in the territory was George’s “soldier”. The entire territory was filled with austerity.

If that continued, Paglio would lose before he could act.

“Interesting.” The poison dragon grinned, “This territory has the vibe and momentum. Unfortunately, there are fundamental problems in its ‘quality’.”

As soon as George frowned, he saw the poison dragon pointed at the sky and everyone had an illusion. The two moons suddenly darkened, and the light falling on his hand was actually dark green that seemed mysterious and ominous. The poison dragon took a deep breath and George’s immediately began to tremble, as if that breath had absorbed most of the strength of the hundreds of thousands of troops.

Then, Paglio roared at George,

That roar brought the dragon’s natural intimidation and the atmosphere in the Austere Territory suddenly changed. Each “soldier” was eroded by a dark green breath. The original stern atmosphere became weird.

A light flashed in George’s eyes. He didn’t continue to fight, but withdrew his territory. Paglio also withdrew his power. The two moons in the sky restored its original clear purple.

George stared at Paglio for a moment and nodded, “I lost.”

Actually, he suppressed his strength to the early Demon Emperor like Paglio just now. If he used his actual peak Demon Emperor strength, he would surely suppress that strange power. However, at the same level, he had indeed lost.

If he lost, he lost. If he couldn’t admit defeat, then he wouldn’t be George Wales. As for the title as the first general, it was nothing.

The poison dragon looked admiring, “Your territory is now just a pseudo-territory, so it only uses your own strength to simulate a territory. A true territory isn’t all from your own strength, but it is to use your body as the medium to trigger and mobilize the greatest natural power of the sky and earth. If you don’t understand this, even if you break through the bottleneck of Demon Emperor’s peak, you won’t be considered as a true Demon Overlord.”

Using self as a medium to manifest the power of nature? George was shocked. In recent years, he had been seeking breakthroughs in strength, which had blinded him. Now that it was pointed out by his opponent, he realized the insufficiency in his territory. Those advice on territory even gave him a sudden realization.

“Your strength…”

“I used to be at the peak of Demon Overlord.” Paglio said with a little sadness, “It’s sealed now, so I was just barely relying on nature’s power.”

Peak of Demon Overlord! George startled and nodded, “Thank you.”

“Let’s drink!” 2 bottles of wine appeared in Paglio’s hands. He threw 1 over and grinned.

Almost everyone was drunk tonight. The first person to wake up was actually Dodo, who was the first to sleep.

Although no one would complain to have more drinks with a confidant, every meeting would come to an end. 2 days later, General George still had to leave.

Before leaving, Athena, who had always been strong, burst into tears.

The father-in-law stroked his beloved daughter’s hair and pulled the son-in-law to his side to say something.

“You’ve already known the advancing characteristic of the Wales family at the age of 20, so I won’t be nagging about this. I only have one thing to say. No matter how many women you marry, Athena must be the most favored. Otherwise, I’ll castrate you!”

Facing such an understanding and manly father-in-law, other than nodding with a crying face, what else could Chen Rui do?

In fact, this trip to the Dark Moon was quite fruitful for General George. From Princess Royal, he learned of an unbelievable overall plan, which gave his persistence a little more hope.

From Athena, he saw the happiness and satisfaction from the heart. His daughter was happy as not only she had a lover but also friends.

From the friends of his “son-in-law”, a dragon with sealed strength, he obtained unexpected guidance and gained a new understanding of the power of territory. There was a sign of breaking through the peak of Demon Emperor and approaching that supreme realm.

Although they had only spent little time together, he hit it off quite well with the dragon. The dragon gave him a piece of leather armor, which turned out to be legendary-grade equipment. He said it was the most precious treasure for decades. However, Paglio then said something to the son-in-law which he didn’t understand, “This counts into your share.” (The upright general didn’t know that the stingy dragon was actually being generous with other people’s thing)

Finally, from a ‘shameless guy’ who “stole” his daughter’s heart with sweet words and schemes, he got the incredible art of war and tactics. Although that guy repeatedly emphasized that it was only from a human ancient sage, Demon Realm was no stranger to the human world. If there was such wonderful sage’s masterpieces, it would’ve spread throughout the Human World and Demon Realm long ago. In all likelihood, it was from this man.

Not only that, General George also received a moving gift before he left – a space bracelet. There weren’t many things in the bracelet. There were only a fruit, five bottles of potion and a note that stated the names of these things. The fruit was the devil fruit that could make all demons except the royal family crazy! While those potions were the full set of eternal potions and longevity potion that could make everyone in the Demon Realm crazy!

Just the day before, her daughter also revealed to him her true strength that had been concealed by some magic item and skill – peak of Demon King! In other words, at the age of 20, she would become a Great Demon King!

A 20 year old Great Demon King! Besides, she didn’t accept any inherited strength! Even among the royal family, this was an incredible miracle, not to mention she was a Great Demon! It had to be mentioned that when his daughter left Warlock Fortress 3 years ago, she was just an Intermediate Demon! Advancing 3 major realms in 3 years! This could be described as miracles!

After seeing the contents in the space bracelet, George finally understood why his daughter could advance so incredibly. Perhaps these items were just one of the reasons as a greater factor was on this mysterious guy who claimed to have the “grand master’s” inheritance. With these things, along with the guidance of the dragon friend, advancing was almost certain.

En route, George smiled. He wasn’t only the first general of the empire, but also an understanding person. He was even more so a father who loved his daughter most. No matter if it was the dragon, the devil fruit or the black potions, he knew what should be said and what shouldn’t.

However, the father-in-law suddenly felt that he said something wrong previously. Now, that human was really powerless, but sooner or later, the name Chen Rui would echo across the Demon Realm!

George was really wrong. Chen Rui wasn’t just a powerless human, and he had a few forces behind him as well.

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