Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 239 - Realm King Fruit

Chapter 239 Realm King Fruit

As an old family, the Mellon family did have a lot of good things. For his son, Lombardo seemed to not mind spending a lot. Chen Rui obviously wouldn’t be stupid to let go of the the fat sheep that was brought to his mouth. Besides, Sir Chen Rui wasn’t an ordinary wolf.

The only pity was that there was still no flower of mist and requiem fruit that he wanted. After taking all the good things of the Mellon family without mercy, he nodded with satisfaction at the patriarch who smiled forcefully. Then, Chen Rui took his subordinate Cyprus and left.

Before leaving, he did not forget to control Cyprus to leave a famous saying of the wolves, “I will definitely be back”, which made the sheep’s chief teared.

After throwing Cyprus somewhere casually, Chen Rui restored Aguile’s attire and came all the way to the arena. Speaking of which, with the poison dragon, Roman, Delia, Dodo around, it wasn’t that convenient regardless of the arena or the lab. However, Chen Rui had obtained Shea’s approval to build himself a sheriff’s mansion in the Northeast neighborhood. That could be regarded as an official home.

In fact, with Athena and these friends here, Chen Rui had a very strong sense of belonging to the Demon Realm now, which he was unfamiliar at first. After staying in the Demon Realm for so long, he deeply understood that it wasn’t anything like the description from the human’s classics in the memory of the original owner, Arthur.

Demon Realm is an abyss stained with blood, filled with cruel, bloodthirsty, irrational, beastlike demonic creatures. They immerse themselves in bloody killing all day. Everywhere is covered with bones…

These theories were nothing but tricks to deepen hatred. Demonization wasn’t a rare political means for the ruling class. The Demon Realm had its own race and civilization. In fact, they were nothing more than humans who lived in another environment and had a slightly different appearance. Certainly, demons respect strength and all related things the most. Relatively, business, economics and others were much ignored.

Brainwashing political ideologies also existed in the Demon Realm. However, different from the demonization of demons by the land above, the Demon Realm exaggerated the shame of being defeated. At the same time, they described the land above as luxurious and beautiful. For the competitive demons, that was double stimuli.

The exaggerated shout of the poison dragon awakened Chen Rui from his daydream, “Are you sure that it’s called the realm king fruit?”

Chen Rui nodded and described the cold cave carefully for a while. Paglio finally nodded confidently, “Aurora Frost! It truly is the case! I didn’t expect there’s such a rare environment like Aurora Frost below the ground of the Dark Moon. Besides, it even produced an even more rare realm king fruit. It seems that the cave of Aurora Frost is at least tens of thousands of years old.”

“Paglio, what exactly is a realm king fruit?”

Paglio looked at Athena and others that were equally curious and said, “If devil fruit is a treasure that all demons except the royal family will be envious of, then the realm king fruit is the ultimate treasure for Demon Emperor powerhouses!”

The realm king fruit, to be precise, wasn’t a real fruit but the essence created within the Aurora Frost. After consuming, it could produce a corresponding strange feeling similar to hallucinations. This “hallucination” was extraordinary. It could produce varied spiritual engraving, which derived from the user’s consciousness, to let the user absorb it.

The content of the spiritual engraving could be regarded as a feeling of “territory”. It was a miraculous item that could help Demon Emperors understand and strengthen the power of territory.

Demon Emperor and Demon Overlord were already high-class powerhouses. For the powerhouses in this class, “territory” was the most important keyword. For Demon Emperors, the spiritual engraving of the realm king fruit could induce the forming of pseudo-territory and strengthen it. Even for Demon Overlord’s true territory, it could strengthen it to a certain extent, but it was far less effective as compared to Demon Emperor.

The realm king fruit also contained extremely powerful force, which could greatly increase one’s strength, but the most important thing was its effect on the spiritual engraving of territory.

“The realm king fruit is too powerful, so it can only be withstood by the Demon Emperor and above. Besides, it must be used within three months after maturity. Otherwise, it will wither and lose its effect automatically.” Paglio frowned, “Watt coming to the Dark Moon deliberately to pick the realm king fruit. Is he giving it to a Demon Emperor?”

“Rumors say that the Blue Lava Lord’s strength is only at the peak of Great Demon King, but his strength could be hidden.” Chen Rui groaned, “Paglio, is the realm king fruit useful to you?”

The poison dragon shook his head, “I’ve already realized the true power of territory, so this thing is of little use to me. You should keep it for yourself, but you have to reach Demon Emperor within three months.”

Seeing the grin on the poison dragon’s face, Chen Rui knew that he was deliberately ridiculing. It isn’t useful for Paglio nor the father-in-law who is about to attempt true territory. The underground Chief Tauren, Delong who once ate the devil fruit has the greatest chance of becoming Demon Emperor, but I’m not sure whether 3 months is enough. Anyway, I have to acquire the realm king fruits. I can’t just leave it to the traitor, Blue Lava Lord. Since the realm king fruit is so important to Demon Emperors, it should be fine to sell it for a good price or change for something that I need.

“Chen Rui…” Delia suddenly spoke.

Chen Rui stunned and asked, “Delia, do you want the realm king fruit? How many?”

“No.” Delia shook her head, “I remember the Bloodwave Legion you just mentioned. It’s one of the three legions of the Bloody Empire. It belongs to Edmund, the eldest son and prince of the Bloody Empire’s emperor, Raizen. Fodorta is the deputy general of Bloodwave Legion.”

Bloody Empire? Instead of Blue Lava Estate? Delia’s information is too surprising!

It seems that I still underestimated the Mellon Family. Generally, the big families attach great importance to their heritage. They wouldn’t put their offspring at a dangerous place. Yet, the Mellon family’s… game plan is so huge! It actually crossed the Fallen Angel Empire and reached the Bloody Empire, which he even sent his son over!

Chen Rui suddenly thought of Lombardo’s phrase, “The Mellon Family has guarded it for several years and now it’s time to complete the mission.” Did the Mellon family start being a spy a few years ago? Perhaps the Mellon family has always been a spy from the Bloody Empire? Then the realm king fruit might not be for the Blue Lava Lord, maybe…

It seems that it’s necessary to study the information of the Mellon Family, and I also have to find out when did the Mellon Family’s residence appear in the Northwest Block of the Dark Moon. Chen Rui frowned.

After Delia spoke, she suddenly frowned. Although her face was still veiled, one could tell the unbearable pain from her eyes. Roman immediately noticed her anomaly, “Is the [Soul Shackles] acting up again?”

Broc seemed to have been constantly urging and even trying to detonate the [Soul Shackles] these days. Fortunately, Leviathan’s artifact, the IIIusive Shield was extremely useful. It had saved Delia’s life.

The IIlusive Shield appeared in Delia’s hand and glowed in a faint light. Her pain was gradually eased. It took a long time for her to calm down, “With the Illusive Shield, it’s hard even if he wants to take my life. Besides, he can’t detect my location. My position can’t be detected unless he is very close.”

Roman was angry, but he was afraid to say something that triggered Delia’s painful memories, so he clenched his fist tightly.

Chen Rui asked Paglio, “Is there any way to dispel [Soul Shackles]?”

Paglio only knew that Delia was controlled by her elder brother, but he didn’t know about other tragic experiences. Even so, he was still very disdainful toward Broc. He said, “[Soul Shackles] is a bloodline talent of the Leviathan Royal Family, and it’s very odd. Unless the caster voluntarily removed it or died, or the victim died, there is no way to completely remove it.”

Delia added, “Actually, the effect of [Soul Shackles] is relatively smaller on those who are from the same family. The stronger the victim, the smaller the effect. If I can exceed Broc’s strength, the shackles will automatically be removed, but that’s almost impossible.”

Chen Rui and Roman looked at each other and saw each other’s determination: Kill Broc!

Certainly, until they obtain the corresponding strength, they had to endure.

“I want to go to the Fallen Angel’s capital for a while.” Roman thought for a while and said his plan, “I want to meet the Isabella that you mentioned.”

“I’ll go with you.” Delia stood up.

Roman shook his head, “No, you stay here. With Master Paglio here, even if Broc really finds us here, you don’t have to fear.”

Chen Rui looked at Delia, who was worried and added with bad intentions, “Are you repeating your old habit because she’s quite a pretty widow?”

Roman looked scornfully at the leader who kicked him when he was down, “Didn’t you say she is from the Belphegor Royal Family who have always been faking as a Lucifer Royal Family at the Fallen Angel’s capital? I suspect that she’s an acquaintance of mine.”

Chen Rui provoked and said, “Old lover?”

Certainly, Delia’s brows frowned. Roman secretly scolded the human for being too revengeous. Didn’t I only make some jokes when General George came?

“I suspect this Isabella is the half-sister of my deceased father.” Facing Delia’s eyes, Roman had to tell the truth, “She broke up with my family 2 years ago because of some reason, and she has disappeared since then. Before leaving, she took away the inheritance stone. The inheritance stone contains the strength that the previous patriarch preserved with a servlet method. If I can obtain these strengths, my strength can be greatly improved.”

Inheritance Stone? There is such a cheating device? Chen Rui felt unfair, not knowing that he had the biggest cheating device in himself.

Athena asked curiously, “How do you know that your… aunt won’t use the inheritance stone to gain the strength inside?”

“She can’t use it because the inheritance stone is only limited to the males of the Belphegor Royal Family.” Roman glanced at Dalia guiltily, “My family tradition is somewhat…”

“Patriarchal.” Delia had already helped him answer. She was obviously very dissatisfied.

Athena who was pampered by her father since young reacted more intensely. Her beautiful stared at him, but before she began to scold, Roman opened his mouth and said, “It’s an old tradition and I’m also very against it… Tradition is meant to be broken. As long as my dear Delia is willing to marry me, I promise that from now on, Belphegor Family tradition will be changed to be matriarchal!”

Surely, Delia’s face blushed immediately. All her dissatisfactions were thrown away.

Roman looked delighted and took a sip of wine. He even raised his eyebrows at Chen Rui’s to show off.

Chen Rui rolled his eyes: Surely, one is invincible when one is shameless. This guy manages to say such shameless words in front of so many people. What can’t he solve?

“This matter is very important. I’ll go with you,” Chen Rui said with a straight face, “That lady seems to have some interest in me. If we can prove her relationship with you, I can make some sacrifices to help you get the inheritance stone.”

“Ahem! Ahem! Ahem!” Roman was choked with the wine in his throat; he almost coughed blood — what kind of sacrifice is that? That’s obviously wanting me to call him my uncle-in-law!

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