Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 219 - Work Together! Fighting a Great Demon King

Chapter 219: Work Together! Fighting a Great Demon King

When Casillas looked at Chen Rui and others, the initial flattery and fawning instantly disappeared. His vicious eyes were full of murderous intentions. That gaze made Dodo so scared that he hid into the backpack.

Delia and Roman consumed master recovery potion that Chen Rui exchanged. Their injuries and strength recovered quickly, but their combat power could not be fully recovered in such a short time. The two knew that it was a matter of life and death. They secretly channeled their powers and stood side by side with Chen Rui.

“You’re really stupid to believe what the corpse necromancer said? He is just trying to tempt us to kill each other.” Chen Rui sneered. “Akui is also of the Mammon Royal Family, but he still killed her mercilessly. If you kill us, you’ll also die in the end!”

“As a former ally, I will give you two minutes to say your last words.” Casillas smiled cruelly. So what if they were allies, he even killed his own companion with his own hands just now. The two minutes was just the time for the recovery potions to take effect.

Not only Casillas, Delia and Roman also needed time to recover. However, the current situation was very grim. Even if they were in peak condition, they were no match for Casillas.

“I’ll just ask you one thing. Why did you leave back then?” Delia suddenly asked. The two had pledged eternal love to each other and promised to live and die together, but when she needed him the most, he left. This question had hidden in her heart for three years, and it had became the source of hatred, sadness, and disappointment. Although Delia ignored Roman along the way, now was the last moment of her life. If she didn’t ask, there would be no more opportunities.

Roman lowered his head. “It’s Broc…”

The name shocked Delia. Roman continued. “He caught my father. If I didn’t leave, he would have detonated the <Soul Shackles> on both you and my father.”

Chen Rui on the side was also surprised. <Soul Shackles> was one of the three major bloodline talents of the Leviathan Royal Family. They could enslave others. Although it couldn’t completely subdue the other party like the God-Eating Mask, it could directly kill the enslaved target through time and space. He didn’t expect Broc to put <Soul Shackles> on his own sister.

Roman clenched his fists tightly. His knuckles turned white with extreme force. “In the end, my father… still died.”

“I’m sorry, I was the one who caused you trouble.” Delia’s eyes softened. “Actually, I knew about your troubles, but I’m a selfish woman who only thought about my own feelings. Death maybe is a relief for me. For me, the past three years of living were more suffering than death. Unfortunately, due to close surveillance and the <Soul Shackles>, I didn’t even have the freedom to die.”

With that said, she took off her veil. The face that was supposed to be beautiful was full of horrible scars, looking hideous. “Every day, I will cut my face once, waiting for my final relief. Now…”

Roman shuddered and took her hand. “I’m with you.”

He didn’t do any unnecessary actions or say any unnecessary love words, nor did he blame himself or comfort her for her ruined appearance. He only spoke this simple sentence.

Till death do us part, that’s all.

Delia’s eyes flashed with tenderness. She and he still had countless hardships and countless words they wanted to say, but just that one sentence was enough now.

“Since you all want to die so much, just stop resisting.” Casillas’ somber laughter sounded. A sword was already in his hand. “I can fulfill the wish of you touching couple.”

“Even if I die, I will make sure to drag you down.” Chen Rui already drank four bottles of black series buff potion and exchanged another eight bottles. He stuffed them into Roman and Delia’s hands and walked forward.

“Good say.” Roman and Delia glanced at each other. They saw the determination in each other’s eyes and drank the potion without hesitation. They felt all kinds of power increase greatly. They were surprised. Wait, the color of the potion…

However, now was not the time to investigate the potion. There was still the more terrifying Guradam. At present, they had to first get rid of this enemy, Casillas.

Casillas jumped and he had already appeared in front of Chen Rui. He wanted to start by killing the weakest opponent first. Who knew that Chen Rui would flash instantly and appear behind him. His hand formed a knife shape, emitting a faint glow. He slashed toward Casillas. Casillas turned sideways to avoid the blow, but unexpectedly the hand knife had an invisible aftereffect that left a bloodstain under his ribs like a sharp knife had cut across it.

This isn’t right! This magic circle master’s power is definitely not Higher Demon! Casillas was stunned. By then, Roman had already appeared like lightning. The blue swords in his hands turned into two arcs of light and struck toward Casillas’ neck. His speed was even faster than before!

Casillas drew a circle with his sword. Sparks flew everywhere as he blocked the two arcs of light. As he was about to counterattack, his feet suddenly felt cold. Frost solidified from fresh blood. At the same time, there was another power condensing on his body, slowing his movements.

<Freeze>! <Decelerate>!

Casillas suddenly slowed, and he was hit by Roman for numerous strikes. Although defensive forces covered his whole body, he could not completely evade the sharpness of those two blue swords. His blood splashed everywhere at once.

The one who cast <Freeze>was Delia, who was proficient in water magic; <Decelerate>came from Chen Rui’s copycat proficiency in earth magic.

With the cooperation of the three, they actually injured a Great Demon King powerhouse like Casillas in the first round.

However, all three knew that this was just the other party’s carelessness. The difference in realms was quite obvious. It was by no means something that could be made up for using supplementary items like potions.

Casillas shouted angrily. His vibe suddenly unleashed. Roman who was nearby and Chen Rui who tried to sneak attack from behind were knocked flying at the same time. Casillas waved both his hands together and <Freeze> and <Decelerate> mostly disappeared. It was the Asmodeus Royal Family’s bloodline talent, <Element Weakening>!

This blood talent was the counter of every family’s magic mastery!

Casillas’ body emitted a strong yellow light. Watermelon-sized energy light balls appeared around him. He pointed at Chen Rui and others and shot them at the three of them like a shotgun.

Just as Paglio said, powerhouses of Demon King level and above had realized some power rules. They could perform various energy attacks.

Delia’s blue right eye suddenly turned black. Those light balls seemed to have been stopped for a long time and condensed together, then they continued to fly. Although <The Eye of Incubus’> power of enchantment could only stop these light balls for a second or two, it was enough for the three to dodge their trajectory. Roman grabbed Delia and fled to a safe spot at an impressive speed.

As Chen Rui just avoided two energy balls, he suddenly sensed a danger. Casillas’ figure had already appeared in front of him and he quickly slashed his sword. Even after Chen Rui drank the black series buff potion, he still couldn’t keep up with this strength and speed. He moved his mind and teleported to a distance away. He spread his five fingers and launched <Aurora Shot> at Casillas.

Casillas could already tell that although “Richard” was Demon King level, he was considerably inferior to Roman and Delia who were peak Demon King. He wanted to eliminate Chen Rui first, but he didn’t expect his shot to miss again. Facing the white light ball coming toward him, Casillas shouted and charged his sword. <Aurora Shot> was split in half by a strong sharp force. Before he could catch a breath, Roman’s figure appeared again.

Roman’s <Flash> talent originally allowed him to have speed as fast as a Great Demon King. After drinking the black series buff potion, his speed slightly exceeded Casillas’. Unfortunately, his other aspects couldn’t synchronize with his speed. Although he could hit Casillas, he couldn’t cause lethal damage.

Casillas blocked several blows in a row. As he was about to flash away, his feet suddenly tightened and he almost tripped. It turned out that Dodo had dived silently to his feet and became a trip wire. Casillas was furious. When he deflected Roman’s sharp sword and was about to attack Dodo, the sly slime jumped back onto Chen Rui’s shoulder.

Although Chen Rui’s team was cooperating well, the gap in strength was still obvious. Moreover, the Asmodeus Royal Family’s talent <Element Weakening> was a strong counter to magic mastery, which made it impossible for the trio to use their magic. After several rounds, each of them had injuries, especially Delia and Roman whose injuries were more serious.

Casillas did not have it easy either. His stamina had already greatly exhausted, now it was even more. These opponents were obviously weaker, but he couldn’t finish a single one of them. If he wasn’t careful, he could have almost lost.

The two sides distanced themselves and faced each other carefully. Chen Rui was secretly anxious. The situation was very critical at the moment. The true series potion was only effective for 20 minutes; almost half of the time had passed. The trio’s combined strengths could barely hold against Casillas, but it was almost impossible to beat him.

Once the effective period passed, they would definitely be defeated.

He still wanted to go back to see Athena and help the poison dragon to unlock the seal. There were still many things to be done; he definitely could not die in this place!

The problem was that based on the power gap between him and Casillas, even if he used his final ultimate skill <Scorching Dragon Kill>, it was still no match. Moreover, after using <Scorching Dragon Kill>, he couldn’t use any skill for 24 hours.

“Roman, give me your power!” Chen Rui turned his head and said. “Hurry! The more, the better! The longer the time, the better!”

The Eye of Evil had the ability to transfer power temporarily. Chen Rui had already seen it in battle. All he needed now was Roman’s trust.

Roman did not hesitate. His left eye condensed a white light that shone on Chen Rui. Roman’s trust was not only because of Athena, but also because of the mutual rescue and tacit understanding between the trio in the battle just now. It was more of an intuition. Similarly, it was also true for Delia, who recklessly led Dodo toward Casillas.

Casillas tried to stop Roman, but Delia and Dodo desperately entangled him. When he knocked Delia back and smashed Dodo’s body, Roman had already used all his energy to complete the transfer, and he collapsed to the ground.

Chen Rui gave a loud shout, and his body’s vibe suddenly strengthened. Casillas was not shocked but delighted. Regardless of this guy’s killing move, now that one of the two peak Demon King-level opponents was seriously injured and the other one had temporarily lost his strength, it was the best time to kill!

As Casillas was about to kill Delia who fell to the ground, the weakest guy on the opposite side suddenly burst into a black flame. The strong wave was nothing, but what really surprised Casillas was the familiar vibe that came with the flame.

No one present knew better than him about what this breath was: the power of Nirvana! And it is extremely powerful! It is not attainable by doing once or twice Nirvana!

How could someone of the Beelzebub Royal Family have the power of Nirvana that is unique to the Asmodeus Royal Family? And the flame of Nirvana only appears when the phoenix rises from the ashes. Since when did it become a low-grade flame like that of a Great Demon, that can be used in possession?

Such pure power of Nirvana… Just who is this “Richard”?

The black flame that radiated the power of life made the corpse necromancer extremely uncomfortable. He yelled, “Hurry up and kill him!”

The original cold atmosphere in the hall had turned into a kind of heat. The black fire on Chen Rui exuded little red lights, and a burst of violent and manic vibes rushed toward him. An inexplicable chill rose in Casillas’ heart. He suddenly released all the power he had left to resist this terrifying vibe.

The severely injured Delia pulled the power depleted Roman to a safe spot behind Chen Rui. She was also very surprised. The level of energy vibe had long surpassed their power of the peak of Demon King level!

“<Scorching Dragon Kill>!”

With Chen Rui’s violent shout, the floor of the hall trembled intensely. A huge red dragon soared from the red light in his hands. With the faint sound of a dragon roar, it bared its teeth and extended its claws and surged toward Casillas.

That kind of power horrified Casillas. The red dragon passed through him, andCasillas’ body shattered like a crystal.

However, Casillas did not die. His real body appeared on the other side. Only the gems inlaid in the belt shattered. This excellent grade magic belt was his last life-saving means. Under the terrifying power of <Scorching Dragon Kill>, he had to use it in advance.

The <Scorching Dragon Kill> that he bet everything on missed, but Chen Rui’s eyes remained determined. He swayed both his hands, and the Scorching Dragon that missed suddenly turned and rushed toward the corpse necromancer,Guradam.

Guradam shouted in surprise. The corpses protected him from the front, but they still could not stop it.

Everywhere the Scorching Dragon passed withered away. All the skeletons crumbled. The Scorching Dragon penetrated Guradam’s body, and Akui’s skeleton that was being occupied by the corpse necromancer instantly shattered. The mild power of Nirvana caused Guradam to scream. The dark gas in the hall suddenly dimmed.

After a moment, the black gas began to thicken again, and Guladam’s angry figure appeared. “Damn bastard!”

The Scorching Dragon’s main power was destruction. The power of Nirvana it carried was not very strong. Although the corpse necromancer was hurt, it was not enough to kill him. It only made his rigid voice trembled a little.

Under Chen Rui’s control, after the winding Scorching Dragon Dragon penetrated Guradam, it made a huge turn and rushed toward himself.

Self-destruct? Casillas had doubts in his heart, but thought that it was impossible.

The answer was soon revealed. The Scorching Dragon hit Chen Rui and swallowed him instantly. Even the ground that had been buffed by the Dragon Inscription’s power of sturdiness cracked. Strong air waves gushed out in all directions. Delia and Roman who were behind him could not stand straight, and they were blown away.

The red light became strangely distorted, as if something was about to break out of the cocoon. Soon, the black fire of Nirvana became blood red, and Chen Rui’s eyes changed to a strange state of alternating black and red.

<Scorching Dragon Possession>!

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