Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 220 - Defeated! A Victory that Did Not Belong to One Person

Chapter 220: Defeated! A Victory that Did Not Belong to One Person

While Casillas was bewildered, the figure wrapped in red flames flashed and appeared in front of him at an incredible speed, punching him in the lower abdomen.

Casillas clearly saw the opponent punching him, but his body’s response was slower by a half-beat. This punch contained a fierce fiery power. It practically penetrated his abdomen and protruded out of his back. With the pain of being twisted by blade, he was knocked back.

Before he landed on the ground, Chen Rui’s figure already intercepted him. He clenched both his fists and cruelly slammed him to the ground. Casillas fell heavily on the ground. Just as he recovered from the severe pain, the opponent appeared in front of his eyes once again. “Bang, bang, bang”, the sound of continuous beating sounded.

Casillas’ momentary oversight put him at an absolute disadvantage. After all, he had extraordinary powers. He swung his sword and forced Chen Rui back. He quickly jumped back and pulled away the distance.

This strength and speed. Casillas gasped as he was dumbstruck: The opponent I thought to be the weakest turns out to be the most terrifying!

Not only Casillas was shocked, but Roman and Delia were also stunned that Chen Rui (Richard) had such a horrifying secret technique! Even if Roman didn’t transmit power to Chen Rui, just using his initial strength to cast this secret skill, his combat power would have already exceeded the peak of Demon King level duo!

Casillas was very experienced. He knew that the other party must have used some secret technique to reach this level. He moved his mind, then his body emitted a strong yellow light and watermelon-sized light balls appeared. It was the long-range energy attack tactic he used previously.

Casillas waved his hand toward Chen Rui. The light balls shot toward him one after another. He wanted to use this attack to delay time, waiting for the effect of the secret technique to disappear, then kill the opponent as soon as possible.

Naturally, Chen Rui wouldn’t let his opponent’s plan work out. He rushed straight toward Casillas. He whipped away the incoming light balls. He had seen this kind of defense skill from his previous enemies a lot. Besides requiring strength and courage, timing was also very important. Just like kicking away the grenade threw by the opponent. Now, he was facing many “grenades”.

Although the black potion, the energy transferred by Roman and the great buff from <Scorching Dragon Possession> gave Chen Rui combat power that exceeded his level, no matter which one, the supportive effect was quite limited. He had to defeat Casillas in the shortest time possible because there was more than just this enemy. There was an unfathomable corpse necromancer following behind.

Seeing Chen Rui approaching quickly, the extremely experienced Casillas resolutely fell back and chose guerilla tactic. At this time, both his combat strength and physical strength had been reduced to a very low state, and the opponent’s power was buffed by his secret technique. Dodging was the most correct tactic.

With Stridebug’s speed buff, Chen Rui successfully left many wounds on Casillas. However, Casillas was extremely resolute. Abuse me as you wish, I will just escape. I will not give you the chance to land the fatal blow and defeat you down sooner or later.

Just when Casillas thought his scheme succeeded, the ground beneath his feet suddenly shook and erupted several huge tentacle-like vines. Immediately, they wrapped around Casillas tightly—gluttonous vine!

It turned out that Chen Rui had secretly buried the gluttonous vine seeds while chasing. He deliberately chased Casillas to where the gluttonous vines were and then activated them in one fell swoop, successfully trapping Casillas.

Although Casillas responded very quickly and regained his balance, his feet trembled with force, and he shook the gluttonous vines wrapped around his body to pieces. However, the moment he was blocked by the gluttonous vines, he suddenly felt a terrible danger on his forehead, but Chen Rui’s attack had already landed.

Before Casillas retreated to the position where the gluttonous vines were activated, Chen Rui had been accumulating strength. This shot was an eruption of all his force, deliberately suppressing the enemy with one blow.

Casillas immediately sensed that the opponent’s blow had accumulated great strength. Even his Demon King level body could not withstand it directly. Now it was too late to evade it. There was only one choice: attacking the enemy’s vitals!

Casillas measured another person’s corn with his bushel. In his mind, Chen Rui successfully “stole” the power of his Belphegor Royal Family companion, and caused the demonic beast and the woman of the Leviathan Royal Family to become severely injured must be because he was going to kill his three powerless companions after he killed Casillas. Then, he could become the final survivor. Therefore, Chen Rui must not dare to take the risk and fight with him, Casillas thought fast and drove the sword in his hand to pierce Chen Rui’s heart.

Although this sword was late, if Chen Rui did not retract and fend it off, it would definitely pierce through his heart.

As long as the opponent dodged or parried, then it could be considered as making it through this round. However, Casillas was shocked that the opponent did not intend to dodge. His punch hit Casillas’ face, and the manic and fierce force immediately broke through the defense force on the surface.

Casillas clearly heard the sound of the bone in his face breaking. His mind blanked out immediately after. His neck could not bear such a great force. With a “click”, his neck twisted at an unnatural angle, but his sword also firmly pierced the opponent’s heart.

This scene surprised both Roman and Delia. “Boom!” Casillas’s body fell heavily to the ground. Chen Rui took two steps back, covering his chest. He stood unsteadily. Casillas’ sword gathered almost all his remaining strength. Not mentioning the sharpness of the long sword itself, just that destructive power alone almost shattered his heart.

Chen Rui gritted his teeth and resisted the severe pain in his chest with his strong willpower. Another sword appeared in his hand out of nowhere. It was the long sword made using dark star iron. He did not hesitate to slash Casillas with all his force. Casillas who had a broken neck couldn’t react in time, and he was decapitated.

After Chen Rui cut off Casillas’s head, he used all his strength to pull the sword out of his chest. Blood gushed out immediately. Fortunately, the master healing potion that he gulped down was very effective. It stopped the bleeding in time.

Roman and Delia already rushed over, holding his shaking body on the left and right.

“Richard!” Delia exclaimed. “You…” Chen Rui gasped and forced a smile. Although he was severely injured, the adrenaline effect from when the Scorching Dragon possessed his body was still there, so his pain was greatly reduced. After the effects of the potion and the skill wore off, he would end up miserably.

“Rest assured, this guy is a monster. He can’t die that fast.” Roman could tell that Chen Rui was in no danger of dying. “He is fine even after getting his heart pierced, or maybe his heart grows on the right.” Chen Rui’s heart did not in fact grow on the right; it was because of the passive skill of <Regeneration>. Even if he lost his body, as long as his head was okay, he could still regrow. However, the more parts that needed to be regenerated, the longer it took. In a sense, he already left the category of ordinary human; he was indeed a “monster”.

“Another life is gone, what a wonderful taste of soul.” Guradam’s voice sounded. “Although I don’t like you, I have to praise you, you’re an incredible guy! You actually killed a Great Demon King. The powerful power you have is still there. It would be easy to kill the remaining three. The last survivor seems to be you.”

Chen Rui looked at the indifferent Delia and Roman and gently broke away from the support. “You’re right. In fact, my two companions are a couple. If only one can remain in the end, they would rather face death together, hand in hand. The remaining demonic beast is my servant. I could be considered really a lucky person, but you don’t understand one thing.”

“What is it?” “I’m fundamentally different from the guy who could kill his partner at will. Due to this, I could defeat him.” Chen Rui stepped toward Guradam step by step. “This principle, you couldn’t understand it while you were alive, let alone now, after you’ve become this monster.”

Without Roman’s unhesitating trust, without Delia and Dodo’s desperate distraction, just exerting <Scorching Dragon Possession> solely with his body’s strength definitely could not have defeated Casillas. This victory did not belong to him alone.

Delia and Roman, one was ruthless; one was lazy. They were both aloof people. At this time, their eyes shone with a strange brilliance at the same time. This man is really different. If their previous interaction was only because of Athena, now he was worthy of the word ‘friend’.

Or it could be taken one step further to call him as ‘partner’.

The corpse necromancer shouted indignantly. “Stupid guy! You gave up your life!” Chen Rui took a deep breath and suppressed the intensifying pain in his heart. He said disdainfully, “I believe you’re the one who is really stupid! You think I’m that stupid? Corpse necromancer… is just a projection!”

“You.” The corpse necromancer’s voice revealed a horror that couldn’t be hidden. “How did you know that I am a projection!” “Guradam’s power was Demon Emperor from two thousand years ago, and now you are just a Demon King.” Chen Rui opened his hand toward the corpse necromancer and said indifferently, “I can boldly guess that your real body is imprisoned here because of a certain giant dragon. You can barely use your magic to condense this Demon King level projection. Then, what you need the most is probably to use the power of the soul to break free from this imprisonment! Hart must be the corpse puppet you made! You lured us here to kill each other to obtain the soul of the survivor!”

The corpse necromancer didn’t expect the other party’s guess to be so accurate. He was instantly shocked. He saw Chen Rui’s open palm shooting a white light ball at high speed. The corpse necromancer turned into a thick smoke, wrapping the <Aurora Shot>. He was obviously trying to devour it. He didn’t know that <Aurora Shot> was different from ordinary energy attacks. It had the power to hurt the soul. Dodo was subdued because of this at first. The corpse necromancer cried out in pain and hurriedly released the binding and let the <Aurora Shot> pass through him. However, bits of residual power covered the body of the black mist; the power that could hurt the soul continued.

Chen Rui’s body was already in front of the corpse necromancer. He used both his fists to attack, but the corpse necromancer seemed to be a spiritual body of no shape and substance. After being dispersed, it gradually condensed and reformed. This type of attack was completely ineffective.

“Hmph! You don’t know your own place!” The corpse necromancer had already recovered from the residual power of <Aurora Shot>. Black smoke wrapped around Chen Rui in an instant. It was apparent that he wanted to swallow up his flesh and body and turn him into the same skeleton as Akui previously.

Chen Rui was well prepared. The flame on his body suddenly turned black. The power of Nirvana was much stronger and purer than that of the Scorching Dragon, far exceeding the corpse necromancer’s expectations.

The black smoke that was invulnerable was wrapped by this flame full of vitality. He let out chilling screams. As he burned, he let out blood-curdling “squeaking” noises.

“Damn bastard! I won’t forgive—” The scream was filled with unforgettable hatred. Before he could finish speaking those ruthless, he had vanished into thin air.

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