Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 218 - Corpse Necromancer! The Necromancer from 2,000 Years Ago

Chapter 218: Corpse Necromancer! The Necromancer from 2,000 Years Ago

Chen Rui was shocked and happy. He never expected that after completing <Deep Analysis>, he could completely master the artifact’s powers even as a human. Although he didn’t know the difference between this mastery and the Beelzebub Royal Family using the artifact, based on this kind of flesh and blood ties, he could say that he had completely subdued this God-Eating Mask, one of the seven artifacts.

This way, not only was the negative effect of the God-Eating Mask on Star Conversion eliminated, but he also gained an additional skill. This additional skill from 100% mastering the artifact was not simple. It was equivalent to three skills.

The first was being immune to soul control that made him not fear any spirit control skills, such as the demonic fly skill that turned people into puppets and the corpse puppetry. The power of the second skill had already been seen. This devouring power was very powerful. It could completely swallow up the spirit that was able to manipulate Great Demon King level powerhouses just now. Furthermore, this skill could also devour magic and soul attacks. The only regret was that it took seven days to recover each time. The final one <Demonic Flies Transformation> was most practiclle. It made him immune to all physical attacks. It was equivalent to having an extra life at a critical moment.

Chen Rui thought of something. The mask suddenly disappeared, revealing “Richard’s” face. When Dodo, who was so brave just now, regained consciousness, he screamed in shock. He jumped onto Chen Rui’s shoulder and burrowed into his backpack, hiding there and not daring to come out. Although he had an immortal body, he was consecutively crushed by Akui. It took a considerable amount of power to recover completely.

“We were all fooled. We were obviously lured here to kill each other. If not for the effect of my family’s secret treasure, we would all have died here.”

“Not only that, my <Eye of Evil> felt that there was an evil and powerful force lingering here.” Roman’s left eye flashed with a strange light. He took the healing potion Chen Rui handed him and drank it in one gulp. “We better leave this hall as soon as possible.”

<The Eye of Evil> was called the Demon God’s Right Eye, and it could pierce the illusion to see the truth. Previously, because the opponent was too strong, Roman could not see through. Now that the evil spirit had greatly weakened, and Roman’s bloodline talent began to show its true power.

In this battle, it could be said that everyone present knew each other background really well. “Lennon” was from the Belphegor Royal Family and “Nicole” was from the Leviathan Royal Family. Even the “magic circle master” who never showed off his powers also displayed his biggest trump card that was similar to the God-Eating Mask.

Akui’s powers were the strongest, but she had the most serious injuries; Casillas’s <Bronze War Puppet> was destroyed, and his peak Demon King level teammate was also seriously injured. Their combat powers were greatly weakened; “Richard’s” team had a Demon King level demonic beast that couldn’t die, as well as two royal family teammates who both had the “Demon God’s Left and Right Eyes”, plus Richard, who had a secret treasure and did not lose any combat power.

The difference in powers between the three parties was not very large. Although Casillas had the most combat power left, if he acted rashly, it may cause Akui and “Richard” to join forces. Moreover, since there was no secret treasure here, killing each other was meaningless. It was better to evacuate from this dangerous area as early as possible and find the real treasure.

As the crowd was about to leave, the lobby suddenly changed. A large volume of black gas came out. The initial accessible exits of the lobby were blocked by the black gas. An eerie laughter echoed in the hall.

“Since you’re already here, just leave behind all your souls.” The black gas at the center gradually condensed into the rough shape of a person who seemed to be wearing a long cloak. The most eye-catching thing was the two red glows under the cloak. That was the only feature that could be clearly seen.

Chen Rui activated <Analytical Eyes>, which prompted: Race: Corpse Necromancer(projection). Comprehensive Strength Assessment: B.

Delia once said that in the undead magic branch of dark magic, there was a skeleton transformation magic that could transform a skeleton into a controllable skeleton warrior. However, one day, when a crazy undead mage tried to use the improved skeleton transformation magic with some secret medicine on himself. Something even crazier happened, which was the corpse necromancer.

The corpse necromancer had no flesh and blood; there was only skeleton. They stored their soul essence in a container. As long as the soul essence did not die, the corpse necromancer could resurrect infinitely using the corpse. The soul container was also called the life box.

As an undead being, the corpse necromancer was not afraid of any soul control magic. They also studied magic for a long time, so they were the most powerful magicians, but not everyone was willing to abandon a normal body and life. Moreover, the process of transforming into a corpse necromancer also had considerable risks. If there were any mistakes or changes, the magician would truly die forever.

The corpse necromancers’ natural enemies were the holy priests of the aboveground world. They were especially afraid of their sacred and purifying power.

The mysterious corpse necromancer in the dark gas said forbiddingly, “I have been waiting for this moment for a long time!”

“Who the hell are you!”Casillas drank the potion and shouted loudly.

“He is a corpse necromancer!”

The mysterious corpse necromancer was taken aback by how Chen Rui easily exposed his identity. He said, “Delaying time is useless. You have seven souls in all. I only need six souls to fulfill my wishes. I will give you one chance. The last person to survive can leave this place.”

“Do you think we will fall for this trick?” Akui sneered. Although she had broken her arm and her combat power was greatly reduced, the vibe the corpse necromancer was just revealing the Great Demon King power. With everyone’s power, they could definitely eliminate him. “That’s right, we won’t be fooled again!” Casillas took a deep breath and rapidly condensed his remaining power. “Let’s fight together. We subdue this guy first, then we will interrogate the whereabouts of the treasure!”

At this moment, Casillas still hadn’t forgotten the treasure. However, everyone knew that they had to work together now to get rid of this seemingly strange enemy.

Akui stood up. A mild black light that she used to attack the <Bronze War Puppet> appeared in her right hand, launching it at the corpse necromancer.

“<Light of Sin>? Unfortunately, this kind of Mammon Royal Family bloodline talent is useless against me.” The corpse necromancer did not evade, but he let that punch hit. The body of the skeleton scattered into countless fragments, and the black gas also diffused along with it.

However, this dispersal was only temporary. The diffused black gas instantly gatheredtogether and enveloped Akui. Akui let out a chilling scream, and the corpse necromancer’s ghastly laughter followed the violently trembling black mist.

“2000 years ago, your carcass and screams would have incited my greatest interest as a man, but now, your flesh and bones are my only interests!”

Akui’s struggling body gradually came to a halt and softly fell onto the ground. The initially curvy, mesmerising female body disappeared, leaving only a pile of frightening “clean” skeleton.

Akui, a middle stage Great Demon King, was instantly killed off by the corpse necromancer who was also just a middle stage Great Demon King. Even though Akui was injured, it was impossible that she lost so quickly. The crowd was trembling with fright. The corpse necromancer’s power was too strange and terrifying.

“Do you want to continue?” The corpse witch laughed. “I don’t mind taking an extra soul.”

Casillas stopped his teammate who was about to attack and asked, “How can we believe that you only need six souls?”

“To be precise, I only need five now.” The corpse necromancer’s laughter was insolent. “I can guarantee with my last name. I forgot to tell you that my name is Guradam Mammon!”

The name surprised everyone present. Guradam Mammon! The most outstanding dark magic master and undead magic master from more than two thousand years ago!

Unexpectedly, Guradam, who devoted his life to study undead magic, turned himself into an undead monster like the corpse necromancer, and he had been hiding in such a place! Was he luring living people here to collect their souls to complete some kind of undead ritual?

Chen Rui thought of something else. The magic master from more than two thousand years ago? This coincided with the time of Paglio’s seal! Could this Guradam be related to Paglio… Damn duck dragon! How could he forget something so important!

(Ah-choo! A forgetful dragon by the Blue Lake sneezed and scratched his head: Did Chen Rui get the treasure already? Anyway, that guy was so lucky that there should be no problem, let’s continue playing Peg’s Solitaire.)

Seeing the crowd’s shock, the corpse necromancer’s laughter became even more delighted. His eyes flashed red, and Akui’s skeleton on the ground automatically assembled to become a temporary body. Not only that, the the eyes of the corpses on the ground lit up with a strange red light at the same time. They even got up and surrounded the corpse necromancer, forming a creepy image.

Strangely, in <Analytical Eyes>, these resurrected corpses did not seem to have any combat.

“Master Guradam.” Chen Rui said. “I’m curious as to why you’re here. To my knowledge, this place seems to be related to a dragon.”

Guradam’s laughter came to an abrupt halt and his voice became angry. “You have no right to ask such questions. If you can’t kill the remaining six people, then turn into a skeleton with your damn curiousity!”

Chen Rui did not try to become acquainted with him anymore. From Guradam’s response, there was no grace between the corpse necromancer and the poisonous dragon, but grudge.

In the face of the aggressive corpse necromancer, Casillas did not show fear, but was fired up instead. He drank a bottle of potion and said coldly, “Don’t think…”

Then, there was a sudden scream from his Demon King level companion beside him. His chest was suddenly punctured by a hand, and that hand was Casillas’.

“I naturally believe Master Guradam’s guarantee.” Casillas withdrew his blood-stained hand, and his remaining one-eye glanced at his teammate’s expression of disbelief before he collapsed. His face changed to a look of humility. “It is a great honor to serve the master. In return for my survival, I will collect the souls of these people on behalf of the master.”

In general, the royal family surname was the most reliable guarantee. Moreover, Casillas had no choice now. His most feared opponent, Akui, was dead. Although the remaining two were the peak of Demon King level, they were already seriously injured. Even though the demonic beast had the ability to regenerate continuously, it didn’t have enough combat power, and it had already been greatly injured. As for the Higher Demon, Richard, even if the mask that once appeared on his face was really the legendary seven artifacts, he was definitely not the opponent of a Great Demon King like him.

Therefore, Casillas did not hesitate to take care of his own companion first to prevent him from joining forces with the other party and causing more trouble for him.

“Good, I like your decisiveness.” Guradam let out a ghastly laugh from the black gas.

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