Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 217 - God Eating! Artifact Analysis Completed

Chapter 217: God Eating! Artifact Analysis Completed

Delia and Roman were also shocked when they saw these piles of money, but neither of them was blinded by greed. They immediately turned their attention to the scuffle in the field.

There were many dead bodies lying on the ground. Everyone was disregarding their own safety and killing each other. In the face of huge benefits, the alliance that was fragile began to break down immediately. Everyone wanted to own this terrifying amount of treasure!

It could be the effect of <Doom>, but basically all the treasure hunters from above ground had arrived. The fiercest battle was between Casillas’ team and Akui. Chen Rui previously used tricks to escape from Akui, but she was definitely very powerful. Although Casillas already cast the strongest royal family talent <War Puppet>, he still couldn’t suppress the opponent.

Akui’s fist emitted a dark light. With every punch landed on that 5 meter tall bronze puppet, corrosion and cracks began to appear at the corresponding part. Its sturdy body was becoming more deeply damaged. If it were not for the bronze puppet’s inability to feel pain and fear, it would have been defeated.

What surprised Chen Rui was that some people who were not as powerful as Akui or Casillas were fighting each other as well. They did not collect a part of the treasure and ran away. Instead, they were killing each other as if they were being possessed.

Delia’s right pupil turned black. The power of <The Eye of Incubus> quickly found and sensed what she was looking for in the giant mountain of black crystal coins and treasures. However, the pupil seemed to have sensed something unusual. It suddenly contracted. Delia grunted and covered her chest, standing unsteadily. Roman rushed forward to support her.

At the same time, Chen Rui sensed that the entire hall seemed to have layers of strong spirit power fluctuations. A heat blossomed in his heart after being affected by it. The heat contained boundless violent and cruel thoughts, and an intense bloodthirst surged in the heart.

At this time, my inner demon is acting up again?

“This place is not right!” Delia gasped. “It is full of violent evil thoughts. It’s like <The Eye of Incubus> has been confined in a box, and its power can’t be expanded…” Roman activated <The Eye of Evil> and vaguely felt a phantom in the treasure mountain of black crystal coins. However, when he reached out to grab it, there was no phantom feeling, which was very strange. Roman only looked for a while, but he felt very dizzy, as if it consumed power of dozen times. He said in surprise, “There is something wrong with the money, too…”

Chen Rui resisted the uncomfortable symptoms of his inner demon acting up. He reached out his hand toward a huge pile of black crystal coins and activated his storage warehouse. However, these black crystal coins did not decrease at all, and there were no additional items in the storage warehouse.

It turns out that this is an illusion! There is actually such a realistic illusion! Chen Rui was shocked that the money was an illusion formed by a strange power, but the gold crystal that Hart had used as bait just now was real. Now even the most suspected Akui and Casillas were fighting each other. From this, there was another person manipulating the situation from behind the scenes. He wanted to lure everyone here to kill each other.

This person must be very familiar with the cave treasures’ situation! Chen Rui suddenly knew where his previous line of thought went wrong. The manipulator of the corpse puppet was not following behind the crowd, but he was already inside the cave!

Then the goal of the person behind the scenes was probably not the treasure, but these treasure hunters! As Chen Rui was in shock, he felt the heat get stronger. Strong spirit fluctuations were rushing to his head, and there was an irresistible impulse to kill.

A prompt appeared in his mind: “Unknown spirit power detected, convert into aura?” Chen Rui quickly confirmed the conversion. The amount of aura increased rapidly, and his mind cleared up slightly. However, the spirit seemed to have intelligence as it could sense his “devouring”. The spirit surged in great volumes in Chen Rui’s direction. There were buzzing sounds in Chen Rui’s mind. He felt like a lone boat on a surfy sea. The speed of conversion could not keep up with the speed of the surging spirits. Besides the time he faced Glorfin’s Demon Overlord level spirit, it was still the first time this phenomenon occurred.

Chen Rui didn’t waste time talking to Roman. He secretly chanted his calm mind formula and slowly sat down on the floor.

Roman and Delia saw Chen Rui’s bad condition and guarded beside him tacitly. At this moment, the people killing each other discovered the Chen Rui trio who had just arrived and rushed over with a loud yell. Before Chen Rui even moved his shoulder, Dodo already jumped over, transforming his body into a rope and wrapped around the enemies tightly. Roman’s figure flashed in front of that person like electricity and he swung his blue sword. Blood splattered everywhere and the enemy’s head fell off at once.

Maybe it was due to the provocation of fresh blood, the slime’s eyes flashed with a rare fierce glow. His attacks became more fierce. Gradually, Roman and Delia were also affected by that strange power. While fighting, they gradually couldn’t suppress their intentions to kill and began to immerse in the fight. Chen Rui was hit by a flying corpse and fell to the ground. At this time, the sounds of killing from the outside could no longer enter his senses. All of his energy was used to resist the spirit. He was like a dead person, and no one noticed him for a while.

Chen Rui could have used the power of Star Devouring, but the amount of spirit was too huge. Although its quality was slightly weaker than Glorfin’s level at that time, its amount was endless. If he used the power of Star Devouring rashly, it would definitely overflow. He could only use Star Conversion again to absorb it. The Star Conversion already couldn’t withstand the initial Demon Overlord level spirit, plus the treasure’s bizzare power, it would definitely cause his consciousness to completely collapse. He would become a monster controlled by instinct.

The bizarre power of the “treasure” seemed to be controlled by a person. That person was targeting him. He wanted to completely destroy him, the “dangerous person” who could devour spirit power in this hall. The spirit power came one wave after another endlessly. You can devour right? Then I’ll let you devour until you’ve had enough!

Chen Rui was like a blown balloon that was in theedanger of exploding at any time. Dark Will had already appeared in his hands, but the spiritual resistance of this secret treasure still could stop the spirit’s attack, but only slowed down the speed.

No! If this continues, I can only use Star Devouring. Once used, it’s basically a death sentence. However, if I don’t use it now, I’ll still die. I never expected that there will actually come a day where spirit power will make me explode!

An idea suddenly passed through Chen Rui’s mind. That’s right, excess spirit! <Deep Analysis>!

Now, solving the God-Eating Mask every day had become a compulsory course. Since Athena had not completely mastered the skill of concealing her vibe and controlling combat power, Chen Rui left the Evil Blue Tear behind when he left to prevent people from discovering her peak Demon King level power and attracting unnecessary trouble. Chen Rui could only use <Deep Analysis> twice a day now. Its progress was still stuck at 90%. After using it twice last night, it finally reached 91%. By right, it should only be used after 24 hours, otherwise it would cause severe side effects of spirit power exhaustion. However, he now simply had a surplus of spirit that was at the brink of explosion, how could he still be afraid of exhaustion?

Chen Rui thought of this and immediately turned on <Deep Analysis>. Fortunately, <Deep Analysis> unceremoniously “expropriated” this foreign spirit power. The feeling of inflation instantly decreased by half. Although the spirit power kept flowing continuously, after half an hour, <Deep Analysis> drained it all…

The effect of the skill <Deep Analysis> was directly proportional to the strength and purity of the spirit. This strange foreign spirit had a much higher purity than Chen Rui himself. The progress bar for analyzing the God-Eating Mask that was progressing slowly began to change, 92%, 93%… 100%!

It’s finally complete!

Just when the analysis progress reached 100%, in the Super System’s solar system, the suspended mask with Chen Rui’s face suddenly emitted a strong light, and it even almost covered the burning fiery “sun” at the center.

“Boom”, the God-Eating Mask suspended in the void shattered and turned into specks of stardust that scattered without a trace. However, this was not the end. At the same time, a mask image appeared on the face of Chen Rui’s 3D human figure on the status bar in the Galaxy Divinity Temple.

In the hall, Chen Rui who was lying on the ground opened his eyes. The God-Eating Mask appeared on his face. This mask was a little different from before. It was fully equipped with a nose and mouth. The mouth seemed to be able to move. It slowly opened like a whale drinking water and swallowed up as much of the overwhelming spirit as possible.

This devour was not Star Devouring nor <Aura Conversion>, but the power of the mask itself!

This time it was the seemingly endless powerful spirit power that was exhausted. Under the horrifying devouring power of the God-Eating Mask, it began to lack the strength to continue. Right after, the giant mountain of black crystal coins changed. It became thinner, and it gradually turned into light smoke and disappeared.

The surrounding spirit power was greatly weakened, and the people who were originally affected by it gradually became sober. In fact, the battle was basically nearing its end. Only five people survived. Oh right, there was also Dodo who had just combined from pieces and fell onto the ground.

The most injured was Akui, who was the strongest. Under the control of the spirit, Akui became the target of the siege. Although she killed many opponents, her left arm was broken and her entire body was full of scars. Her plump chest was also exposed due to her broken leather armor. Casillas did not have it easy either. The flesh of his right eye was blurred, and it could not be opened. There was a large bloodstain between his chest and abdomen, and the bronze puppet had turned into a pile of scrap iron. His own mind also received corresponding damage. In contrast, Delia and Roman’s injuries were lighter. There was also another survivor who was also the peak Demon King level. These people were all weakened.

When the controlling spirit power was weakened to a certain extent, the fighting stopped. Everyone felt the intense spirit fluctuations around them frantically rush toward the masked man. As the entire money mountain disappeared into smoke, they finally understood what happened.

“That mask.” Akui looked horrified: “Could it be one of the seven artifacts…” Everyone was shocked, especially Roman and Delia. They all simultaneously looked surprised. Isn’t this Richard (Chen Rui) a human?

Chen Rui stood up slowly. He felt that it was no longer a mask on the face, but a part of his body that could be retracted freely. A new “fruit” was born on the skill tree.

<God Eating> (extra skill) – 1. Immune to soul control (passive). 2. Devours all spirit, magic and soul attacks (active; limited to once every seven days; current usage is 1/1). 3. <Demonic Flies Transformation>, turning and scattering body into countless demonic flies, and becomes immune to all physical attacks (active; limited to once a day; current usage is 0/1).

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