Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 216 - Doom

Chapter 216: Doom

According to Delia’s previous introduction, although the corpse mutation could suddenly burst in combat power, after the burst, Hart’s body would quickly collapse.

Roman’s figure moved like lightning. In the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of Hart. Hart swung his arm fiercely toward Roman, and Roman’s shadow disappeared instantly. The sharp vigor of Hart’s swing left a few fine lines on the opposite wall.

If this was an ordinary place, this kind of power was enough to destroy the entire passage. However, this underground maze was full of the Dragon Inscription’s protective powers. Even the peak of Demon King level power couldn’t cause much damage.

Roman’s used his <Flash> talent beautifully. Although Hart’s offensive was fierce, he could not come into contact with a single strand of Roman’s hair in this not very spacious passage. The twin blades in Roman’s hands glowed with blue light. There were countless out-of-order fleeting blue arcs in the dim passage. The subtle sounds of slashing through the air were interwoven into a soundtrack of death.

Although Hart’s body had toughened a lot after the mutation, he still couldn’t stand the slicing of the blue light. Countless wounds on his body spurt out fresh blood. However, Hart couldn’t feel pain at all. Even if Roman cut off his arm, he didn’t seem to feel anything.

Seeing that he could not beat Roman, Hart’s eyes glowed with strange red light, and his body suddenly expanded.

“This is not good!” Delia exclaimed. “<Corpse Explosion>!”

<Corpse Explosion> was one of the most powerful undead magic. It used the corpse’s explosion to cause powerful damage. No matter how fast Roman was, he couldn’t evade it.

At this moment, Delia no longer cared about any grudges or dangers. She rushed toward Hart, and her blue right eye instantly turned black. Under the bizarre action of <The Eye of Incubus>, Hart’s body trembled a little. The expanding explosive force was actually suppressed, but it was very unstable. It kept growing and shrinking; it could explode at any time.

The lethality of the explosion after this suppressionwas still greater than an ordinary <Corpse Explosion>.

“Come on!” Delia felt strained and yelled at Roman.

Roman did not leave. His body flickered and appeared in front of Delia. He wanted to pull her away, but who knew that red light shone from Hart’s eyes at this time. The Eye of Incubus could no longer suppress it, and it looked like he was about to explode. Roman made a decisive decision and held Delia to use his body to protect her without caring about his own safety.

“Boom!” An explosion sounded. The entire channel that was protected by the Dragon Inscription trembled slightly and debris fell. The power of <Corpse Explosion> could be seen. Delia was held in Roman’s arms, shocked. However, Roman’s body did not receive the impact that he imagined. He just saw someone covering him from the front. The blue crystal dome shield covered all three of them.

The power of <Corpse Explosion> could only cause a few cracks on the dome shield, but it couldn’t break this powerful protective crystal shield.

The one who teleported in the front of the two and cast the protective shield was Chen Rui.

After the aftermath of the explosion, Chen Rui retracted the protective shield and squinted his eyes at Roman. “Hey… a certain ‘whatever’ person, aren’t you going to let go of Delia? Although you’re just a whatever person, Delia is not.”

“Let me go!” Delia shouted and broke free from Roman’s arms. Despite the poor lighting, Chen Rui caught a glimpse of Delia’s eyes glittering.

Regardless of why Roman left three years ago for whatever reason, but it was certain that in Roman’s heart, Delia was more important than his own life, and it was the same was true of Delia just now.

Another pair of lovebirds sitting on a seesaw…

“While facing the corpse puppet this time, your initiative was pretty good.” Chen Rui patted Roman’s shoulder and said with a double meaning, “Keep up the good work next time.”

Roman was always thick-skinned, so he chuckled without blushing. “That goes without saying; it’s a must.”

He wanted to say thank you to Chen Rui, but it seemed that that sentence was redundant.

“This corpse puppet is not that easy. Not only does it have mutated abilities, but it can also self-detonate.” Delia didn’t thank him either. She changed the topic. “Ever since the representative of undead magic, the famous magician Guradam disappeared two thousand years ago, the Demon Realm hasn’t heard of a magician who could control a corpse puppet of this degree.”

“Guradam? The name seems familiar.” Chen Rui thought of something. “Is his wife called Amir?”

“Nonsense. Guradam is a Demon Emperor-level powerhouse who specialized in magic. He never married. Apparently, he disappeared mysteriously and his whereabouts are unknown. Undead magic has gradually declined since then.”

Chen Rui rubbed his nose. Sure enough, this Guradam was not Pegula Dam. Demon Realm’s flowers were not the same shade of red.

(Tribute to a nostalgic black and white film “Visitors on the Icy Mountain[1])

“I realized Hart was a corpse puppet since the beginning.” Chen Rui seemed to be thinking. “I initially suspected that the one controlling the corpse was Casillas. Now it seems that Casillas is not qualified enough. There must be a mysterious powerhouse controlling from behind who wants to break through the trap using our power.”

Roman frowned and said, “Actually, my <Eye of Evil> had already discovered that Hart had a strange vibe. I initially wanted to make a conclusion only after seeing his powers, I didn’t expect this guy to be so lucky that not a single die roll hit him.”

“If he is really a corpse puppetbeing manipulated by a mysterious powerhouse, then it explains everything.” Delia’s eyes were dignified. “It’s not that he is lucky, it’s that we are too unlucky! This is the effect of dark magic!”

Roman also responded. “You mean… the dark magic <Doom>?”

<Doom> was a very mysterious dark magic. It had no direct damage, instead it used the power of cursing to greatly reduce the target’s luck. It is effective for one day, and could only be cast on the same Individual once a month. Luck was a vague thing, but it was certain that we would all be unlucky today… Moreover, the magic level of “Doom” was very high. Even the caster had to pay a certain price.

It was the first time Chen Rui got this strange curse, and he felt strange. According to Delia’s explanation, <Doom> was only ineffective against the dead. <Doom> was the opposite of the light magic <Divine Blessing>. The two could offset each other. It was just there was no one in the Demon Realm who knew light magic. Maybe a human magician who had gone through lots of tests could cast <Divine Blessing>, but where to look for one now?

“I know Casillas is a member of the Asmodeus Royal Family and his cousin is Valen, one of the empire’s three generals, but he’s not proficient in magic. As for that Akui… Are you sure she is from the Mamen Royal Family?” After receiving affirmation from Chen Rui, Delia didn’t ask him how he knew, but she just continued to analyze. “Like my Leviathan Royal Family’s proficiency is in water-type magic, the Mammon Royal Family has the bloodline talent ‘dark magic proficiency’. 2000 years ago, Guradam was a member of the Mammon Royal Family. However, the corpse puppet just now had two special characteristics, mutation and <Corpse Explosion>. Even my <Eye of Incubus> cannot suppress it. Even if Akui has the talent of dark magic proficiency, her powers are only Great Demon King level, she cannot make a corpse puppet of this degree. There must be someone else, and it may be her ally.”

“You guys didn’t notice this.” Chen Rui groaned. “Hart wanted to draw us to a certain place, and that place must be a trap. Since the mysterious man used Hart to make us try going into the cave to find the treasure, then why would he set up a trap now? To expose himself early?”

Roman and Delia also had doubts about this. Could it be that the real location of the treasure… has already been discovered? Is the place of that trap…

Delia said, “That kind of thing is very important to me. Even if there is only a 1% chance, I have to try it.”

As soon as Delia said so, Roman naturally had no objection.

“Three votes passed, so let’s go.” Chen Rui continued to walk ahead.

Roman stepped forward two steps and said, “You surely know of the dangers there. There is no need to go.”

“We’re already here, you won’t ask me to give up right? Actually, like Delia, I came here with a purpose. There are two things in this treasure that I aspire to obtain.”

“How do you know that the treasure has what you want?” Delia asked. She was able to detect the treasure due to a special bloodline sense.

Chen Rui did not answer directly. “You might not believe me if I say this, but I could be considered the ‘legal’ owner of this treasure. I am proficient in those magic traps for this very reason. I don’t care about the rest, but I must obtain those two things. However, rest assured that our goals should not conflict.”

Delia was looking for the Leviathan Royal Family’s secret treasures, and the Eye of Sauron that Chen Rui was looking for was actually the tauren’s secret treasure. As for the mysterious box, it was related to the super powerhouse who sealed Paglio, so it was even less likely to belong to the Leviathan family.

“I kind of believe you,” Roman interjected carelessly. “Since everyone wants money and not their lives, then let’s go.”

“Forget it, you’re the guy who is irrelevant to this. If you didn’t shamelessly beg me to bring you, I wouldn’t want to bring this ‘whatever’ guy along!” Chen Rui’s words made Roman roll his eyes. At this time, the backpack moved. The sound of Dodo’s yawn sounded.

“Eh, master, why is it dark?”

This greedy slime finally woke up after sleeping for one day and one night. He began to talk endlessly. Roman had seen Dodo before, but it was unavoidable that Delia felt a little surprised. This “Richard” actually had a strange, Demon King-level “pet”.

There was a fork in front of them again. Just as they were about to make a choice, a sound came again. It was from the right channel.

Chen Rui immediately ordered Dodo to be silent. The three quickly moved forward following the voice.

After passing through an inscription trap, the light in front seemed to be getting stronger. Soon, a hall appeared in front of the three. The sound came from here, and it should be the sound of intense fighting.

This hall was larger than the waste ores pit at Mountain Xilang. Compared with the dim lighting along the way, the hall was brightly lit like it was daylight. The light source was a huge piece of firelight stone that was inlaid at the top that was tens of meters high. The firelight stone was a relatively rare luminous material. A huge piece like this was extremely valuable. However, compared to what was on the ground, this firelight stone was nothing more than a light that illuminated the room.

In the center of the hall, countless shining things piled up into a mountain of more than ten meters high, undulating and winding—Black crystal coins! All of them were black crystal coins!

Not only that, there were piles of gems and crystals that couldn’t be named. Chen Rui could now understand what golden hills and silver hills were.

Paglio had more wealth than he thought!

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