Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 215 - Escape and Corpse Puppet

Chapter 215: Escape and Corpse Puppet

There were three ways in front of them. It seemed even more complicated after this. Under the faint light, it appeared very spooky.

This terrain is more complicated than the main pit at Mountain Xilang. God knows how Paglio found this superb place!

Casillas frowned, “Master, what should we do now?”

Chen Rui shook his head, “I only have certain proficiency in magic traps. For this type of maze, I’m really not good at it.”

Since he wasn’t good, then he’d be worthless. Casillas looked at Akui indifferently and said, “If that’s the case, let’s split up. Akui, your strength is the strongest, you choose first.”

Akui glanced at Casillas and glanced at Chen Rui’s team aside, “I think master should choose first.”

Casillas initially wanted to distract Akui first, then threaten Chen Rui and others to explore the road. However, Akui saw through his plan and suggested Chen Rui to choose first.

Chen Rui knew that his team couldn’t rival Akui or Casillas, so he quickly pondered for a while and nodded. He talked to Roman and Delia, and walked towards the middle road.

After Chen Rui walked for some distance, Akui sneered and shouted, “Those who follow me, die!”

After saying that, Akui also walked toward the middle road. Several people who wanted to take advantage immediately changed their mind after they heard Akui’s words. These people weren’t stupid. Knowing that staying here was likely to be used by Casillas as a tool to test the water, they immediately scattered into the left and right roads.

Looking at Akui’s disappearing back, Casillas’s eyes had a cold light, but he didn’t follow in the end. Instead, he led his team to the road on the left.

“Master, if there is a trap in front, please deal with it.” Akui, who followed Chen Rui’s team, had light from her hands. It was clearly a ring of illumination, and it showed the gloomy smile on her pretty face.

Chen Rui knew in his heart that this woman was clearly threatening the three of them to step on the mines in front. However, Akui’s strength was at the middle stage of Great Demon King. Even if the three of them joined forces, they couldn’t rival her. So, he gestured to Delia and Roman with his eyes at the moment and continued walking forward.

There were three more ways in front. Before Chen Rui made a decision, Akui’s voice already came from the back, “Right!”

Chen Rui didn’t hesitate and walked to the right accordingly. After walking for a while, his footsteps suddenly stopped and he looked cautious. He gestured to Roman and Delia to stop. Then, he crouched, took out a dagger and started drawing on the ground.

When Akui saw something happening from behind, she stopped and the light from the ring of illumination shone on the ground. She yelled, “What are you doing?”

“There is a trap here! It must be removed.” Chen Rui said unhurriedly. Akui stepped forward and indeed felt an abnormal energy fluctuation in front. It seemed that there is really a trap.

Akui had also studied magic traps, so she knew that to set up magic traps, there must be various related materials. In front of her, this “master” was only holding a dagger to draw, so there shouldn’t be any problem.

The ground seemed to be very hard. After Chen Rui drew for a long time, he finally stood up in sweat.

“Let’s go.”

“Slow down!” Akui suddenly stepped forward and said, “Master Richard, you stay and let your two teammates go first. Then, master can take me there together.”

Akui was obviously suspicious. She slowly gathered strength on her hands to beware of the trio making any move.

Chen Rui thought for a while and told Delia and Roman, “Both of you follow this track to walk forward. Don’t move too fast. Walk about 10m will do.”

Delia and Roman looked at each other and walked forward as Chen Rui said. There was indeed no obstacle in the way.

Akui was assured. She stopped Chen Rui and walked before him. When she was passing through according to Delia’s method, she suddenly felt an irresistible, powerful force wrapping around her. She only managed to shout furiously before she disappeared without a trace.

“A woman who thought she’s smart.” Chen Rui shrugged and walked straight. Strangely, in the same way, when he walked past like Delia and Roman, he wasn’t affected in any way.

Roman asked in surprise, “That woman was killed by you? How did you do that?” Chen Rui shook his head, “It’s just a little trick. I changed the activating time of this trap. She didn’t die, but she just returned to the starting point. Let’s move quickly. That woman must be furious. She will definitely catch up immediately.”

“Good job. You even foresee her suspicion.” Roman patted Chen Rui’s shoulder. Delia’s eyes also showed admiration, but she didn’t ask anything. The trio who got rid of Akui quickly walked forward.

Actually, it was a <Return> inscription which wasn’t lethal. What Chen Rui engraved on the ground was a timed support inscription. When Delia and Roman walked past, it was in a delayed state; when Akui walked past after, the inscription was activated immediately in accordance with Chen Rui’s intentions, then she was sent directly back to the starting point.

Unfortunately, based on the difference in strength between Chen Rui and Paglio, he could only make use of gentle inscriptions with teleporting-characteristic currently. Besides, it was very time-consuming. Lethal inscriptions couldn’t be modified. Otherwise, Akui wouldn’t just be as simple as “sending back to town”.

As the trio walked, Chen Rui cracked the inscription trap along the way. The maze was larger than expected, but the number of inscription wasn’t as much as the jungle. It was just that the terrain was complex and weird, and it seemed to change automatically. After walking for a few hours, they were actually circling.

There seemed to be a mournful cry in the distance on this passage. All three of them had good hearing, so they slowed down their pace and formed a triangle to guard against changes at any time.

Footsteps were approaching in front. The three of them aimed their lighting equipment to the front at the same time.

Feeling the lighting from the trio, the footsteps were getting closer, and it was in a fluster. A figure appeared in sight.

That man’s voice was startled, “Don’t kill me! I’m Hart!”


Chen Rui frowned while Delia and Roman thought of the guy who was so lucky that he wasn’t chosen even once. Delia shouted, “What is happening in front?”

Hart said, “We found a hall with many treasures. Casillas killed several people to seize the treasures and sent someone to hunt me. I couldn’t rival him, so I had to escape.”

This person’s voice was weird. It was rare for him to speak so much. The rhythm of his speech seemed to be half a beat slower. It sounded a little creepy.

Delia asked quickly, “Where is the treasure?”

“I only managed to take one thing.” Hart took out a golden gem, “I can give you the treasure and take you to that hall. There is only one condition. Take me out of this ghastly place in one piece!”

Delia took the gem and looked carefully under the light from the ring of illumination. She exclaimed, “Gold crystal!”

Gold crystal was one of the rarest treasures in the Demon Realm other than the blood crystal. Similar crystals like black crystal, purple crystal and white crystal were used as currency in the Demon Realm. Chen Rui once absorbed Christina’s gold crystal magic shackles. However, now that he had the fruits in the galaxy garden, he didn’t have to consume this superb material.

Delia took a look at the gold crystal and threw it to Chen Rui, “This is yours. As I said, I only want that thing. Also, it’s up to you, the captain to decide now.”

Delia had already secretly guessed that Chen Rui’s strength was also at Demon King. Not only was his proficiency in magic array far better than her, but he was also very intelligent. Even a Great Demon King like Akui was tricked by him. Therefore, she had already recognized Chen Rui’s ability and his position as “temporary team leader” in her heart.

Chen Rui kept without hesitation. He said to Hart, “I promised your conditions. You lead the way and we’ll follow you. However, just in case, we must keep a safe distance.”

Hattle hesitated, turned around and walked ahead.

“Roman, do you know what a corpse puppet is?” Chen Rui asked in a low voice.

Roman frowned, “A corpse puppet is a puppet made by corpse with dark magic. Why do you ask?”

“Tell me everything you know about corpse puppets. It’s very important.”

“Let me do it.” Delia interrupted, “I’m much clearer in this topic than this guy.”

“It seems that you two know each other very well.” Chen Rui grinned.

Delia snorted, but she still started explaining.

Magic was divided into 6 elements including light, dark, earth, water, fire and wind. As the dark element is richest in the Demon Realm, there are many people who are proficient in dark magic, especially the necromancer.

Within the initial dark magic, there was only a <Control Undead> magic that could manipulate corpses to fight. 16,000 years ago, a genius necromancer called Cypress made improvement in this magic by using dark magic as the foundation to create a series of magic that could create undead. It was called necromancy which was was equivalent to a branch of dark magic.

<Corpse Puppetry> was one of them. It could resurrect corpses as a controlled puppet to fight. On the surface, it wasn’t much different from ordinary people, but it couldn’t last too long. As time passed, the corpse’s symptoms would be more obvious. Once it passed the magic effective time, the corpse puppet would quickly decay, and it couldn’t be used again.

Other than that, the necromancy also included <Summon Skeleton>, <Zombie Making>, <Corpse Explosion> and so on. They were very creepy.

“That’s it!” Chen Rui nodded. He looked at Hart, who stopped in front and smiled slightly, “Did you hear that? Mr. Corpse Puppet?”

As soon as that was said, Delia and Roman were taken aback at the same time. Roman’s left eye began to emit a faint light, looking at Hart. His face looked shocked, “He did have undead’s breath on him, but I always thought he is just a necromancer that practices necromancy. Why are you so sure that he is a corpse puppet?”

Roman’s <The Eye of Evil> was a rather exhausting skill, so he couldn’t activate it for a long time like Chen Rui’s <Analytical Eyes>.

“I’m the captain. It’s that simple.” Chen Rui replied casually, “His current strength is the middle stage of Demon King. It’s your turn to fill the pit.”

When Hart’s identity was seen through, he made a scary growl from his throat and his body suddenly changed, becoming the Great Demon’s combat form instantly. Not only that, the Great Demon’s body changed further. His face became more haggard; his body swelled; his nails became longer; the bone penetrated out of his back. He became a horrifying, muscular monster.

“Mutable corpse puppet! Be careful! It’s a high-level <Corpse Puppetry>!” Delia shouted and blocked in front of Chen Rui.

In <Analytical Eyes>, Hart’s combat power had risen to C+!

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