Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 211 - Flash! The Strongest Speed ​​Talent Among The 7 Royal Families

Chapter 211: Flash! The Strongest Speed Talent Among The 7 Royal Families

In the Super System, a notification came from the galaxy garden, “Unknown water source. Transplantation requires 50,000 auras. Do you want to transplant?”

It surely can be transplanted! According to previous experience, after going through the Galaxy Garden, when the poisonous pond is transplanted to a new place, it should be able to restore its original size.

“Galen, my partner, I’ve confirmed that I can retrieve this pond.” Chen Rui spoke to the Wyvern King, “I have a suggestion for the location of the migration. You can lead your people to the Dark Moon Estate where I live. At that place, not only you could choose any place of residence freely, the wyverns can also get additional protection. All poaching behavior such as demonic beast hunters will be prohibited to ensure the reproduction and expansion of the wyverns. However, in return, when enemies invade, we also need the wyvern’s strength.”

Wyvern King thought about it and said, “I trust you, my partner. If possible, I hope to migrate as soon as possible. Other than that scary enemy, there’re more outsiders appearing in the wetland recently. I don’t know if they’re the abominable demonic beasts hunters. I don’t want my people to suffer unnecessary casualties again.”

“There’re outsiders recently?” Chen Rui’s heart was moved, “I came to the Silent Night Wetland this time isn’t only for the wyverns, but I also have another important matter. Send some scouting wyverns first and pay close attention to two people. Report as soon as possible when there is any news. I’ll now collect the pond with my special ability. After I leave, you and your people can go to the Mountain Xilang first to wait for me. Kegu and others know the place. When I’m done here, I’ll go to you immediately.”

Chen Rui described the characteristics of Delia and Roman in detail. The Wyvern King immediately dispatched wyverns to start a large-scale scout and at the same time began to arrange the migration. Chen Rui activated the galaxy garden and collected the pond.

A green, poisonous pond was added into the galaxy garden. Fortunately, the galaxy garden had a wonderful effect. Each plant or water source was equal to a separate growth space; it wouldn’t interfere with each other. So, it wouldn’t cause any erosion or other negative effects on the devil fruit, aura fruit, and other plants.

Just as the preparations for the migration of Wyvern’s Lair were almost complete, the scouting wyvern sent news that a Roman-looking demon was found around the Moon Lake.

The Moon Lake was quite a distance from the Wyvern’s Lair and the terrain was complicated. However, with the speed of Demon King-level wyvern, flying straight in the sky only took a few hours. After arriving at the Moon Lake, he learned from the scouting wyvern that this person had never left the Moon Lake’s area.

From a distance, he saw a figure sitting on the ground with his back leaning against a big tree by the lake. He was even holding a bottle of wine in his hand and drinking leisurely.

Chen Rui left Dodo next to the wyvern, put on his cloak and mask and approached slowly. Surely, it was Roman who gave Chen Rui the infatuation ring at Mountain Xilang.

Race: Sloth Royal Family; Comprehensive Strength Assessment: C

The advanced <Analytical Eyes> showed Roman’s detailed levels of strength: middle stage of the Demon King!

Speaking of which, when they were at the entrance of Mountain Xilang’s main pit, Roman unsheathed his daggers while facing Chen Rui, who was still a Higher Demon. It could be considered as he thought highly of Chen Rui. However, his liking to show off was a bigger factor. Otherwise, if Roman decided to kill at the beginning, even if Chen Rui had the “Dark Will”, he couldn’t escape from Roman.

According to the progress of Star Conversion and the characteristics of Alkaid state, Chen Rui’s strength might be lower than that of middle-stage Demon King, but he wasn’t far behind. Thinking of the scene where his <Aurora Shot> was easily sliced by Roman, a sense of competitiveness rose in his heart.

Roman had long noticed that someone was approaching. However, since Chen Rui maintained the breath of peak Higher Demon with <Breath Holding> now, Roman was still drinking alcohol by himself as if he didn’t see Chen Rui.

“I’m here for you.”

Roman glanced at him lazily, “I don’t know you.” Chen Rui suddenly thought of the woman in Town Leia’s dungeon who had died in the flame. He took a deep breath and said coldly, “It’s fine that you don’t know me, as long as you know a woman you’ve hooked up with.”

“The women that I’ve hooked up with are at least hundreds if not a thousand.” Roman took a sip of alcohol and still sat still, “How do I know who you are talking about?”

That amount made Chen Rui feel speechless. He said coldly, “Although the woman didn’t ask me to, I’ve decided to beat you up for her.” “So, you are a woman-pleasing man. You didn’t want to live anymore?” Roman took a look at him and finished his wine, “However, because of that, I can let you go back to meet your woman alive.”

“You’re wrong. This woman has nothing to do with me. Also… she’s dead.” Chen Rui’s tone suddenly lowered.

That sentence made Roman frown. Then, he saw that Chen Rui had already rushed to his face and punched toward him. The speed and strength were far beyond expectations, and it was by no means what Higher Demon could achieve.

At that moment, Chen Rui’s eyes looked strange. In <Analytical Eyes>, Roman had no information anymore. Almost immediately, his punch passed straight through the body of “Roman” without any resistance: <Afterimage>!

When did Roman cast skills to evade? There was no sign at all! When he was a Higher Demon earlier, Chen Rui couldn’t see through Roman’s speed. However, it was still the same even when their strengths were close now!

When that punch missed, a notification came from <Analytical Eyes>. At the same time, a sense of crisis came from behind together with a strong wind.

Chen Rui moved his mind and teleported to evade that blow. When Chen Rui had just stabilized his body, he saw Roman rushing toward him at an incredible speed. He had reached to the front of Chen Rui in the blink of an eye.

Chen Rui finally witnessed the real speed of Roman. There was a creepy feeling in his heart. If <Teleportation> was comparable to lightning, then Roman was like chain lightning. With a few flickers, he had surpassed the distance of <Teleportation> and appeared in front of him.

Not just his movement but his attacking speed was equally horrible. His fists seemed to have turned into dozens. Chen Rui had a thought and the “stridebug” for acceleration had appeared under his feet. Chen Rui’s agility surprised Roman, but in terms of speed, Roman had absolute confidence. So, he attacked again in the blink of an eye. With the help of stridebug, Chen Rui’s speed was still inferior.

Chen Rui waved his hand and a khaki light appeared on the surface of Roman’s body. Suddenly, Roman felt that his action was slowed as if he was stuck by glue. He felt very strenuous: Earth magic, <Decelerate>!

With Stridebug and <Decelerate>, Chen Rui’s speed was above Roman’s. “Poom!“, Roman defended Chen Rui’s punch. Suddenly, a green light lit up around Roman’s body. Under that green light, his terrifying speed began to recover. Chen Rui switched from attacking to defending and later into dodging.

The green light was the wind magic, <Accelerate>. Like the “cloaked man”, Roman’s magic casting didn’t need chanting. However, his <Accelerate> actually couldn’t cancel out the <Decelerate>’s effect which made him shocked.

The canceling of magic depended on the purity and level of magical power. Although Roman’s strength level was higher than Chen Rui, his “purity” of magical power was far inferior. If based solely on the purity of earth magic, no one in the Demon Realm could match Chen Rui that possessed the earth elemental heart.

Unfortunately, Chen Rui knew nothing about magic personally. All the earth magic that could be cast depended on the earth elemental heart’s strength. Thus, both the level and time were limited. Otherwise, if he could instantly cast high-level magic at ease, there would be no room for those necromancers and liches anymore.

Seeing that the effect of <Decelerate> was ending, Chen Rui waved his hand again. This time, it was actually a buff: <Stone Skin>!

The wind magic, <Accelerate> could increase speed, but it’d reduce one’s defense. <Stone Skin>, on the contrary, could increase defense, but there was also a “side effect”, which was greatly reducing in speed.

Roman’s brows frowned tightly. This opponent’s magical power is extremely pure. He layered a variety of magic on me and all of them were actually effective. That <Stone Skin> was quite “sinister” and made Roman’s speed reduced again.

Before Chen Rui’s magic ended, a third magic was cast again. Roman felt that the surrounding soil was lowered by a layer and his body’s weight suddenly doubled, <Gravity>!

<Gravity> was already the highest level magic that Chen Rui could cast. Roman’s speed advantage was limited to the minimal under this magic. His eyes looked more serious. This guy’s magic casting speed is very fast, and he didn’t chant any spell at all. It’s either he has extreme proficiency in magic or… it’s the royal family’s mastery talent!

<Earth Mastery>… could it be the Beelzebub?

Roman wasn’t a push-over. Two daggers had appeared in his hands, and his eyes were full of killing intention.

The two attacked and defended each other, and they were equally matched. The effects of <Decelerate> and <Gravity> began to disappear, but <Stone Skin> still existed. A touch of coldness flashed past Roman’s left eye and his body’s breath flared up.

In Chen Rui’s <Analytical Eyes>, Roman’s strength suddenly changed. C+! The peak of Demon King! This guy really can control his combat power with ease!

The Roman who reached the peak of Demon King was even faster. The repeated use of the same magic in a short period of time would have greatly reduced effect. Besides, Chen Rui had no time to cast magic at all. The sharp wind from the blade had gotten close to his body, so he could only teleport to dodge.

Roman’s figure flickered quickly and approached. His two daggers were like lightning, forming a dense blade net that was covering Chen Rui. At that moment, a translucent crystal dome appeared around Chen Rui suddenly. The blade net, which was enough to cut steel into pieces, struck onto the dome, but it took no damage.

Roman’s hands turned into thousands of <Afterimage>. With Chen Rui’s eyesight, he actually couldn’t see the movement of Roman’s hands clearly. If he didn’t hear the hissing sound of high-speed attack from the shield, he would’ve thought it was just an illusion. Paglio’s Great Demon King-level speed is exactly like this!

<Flash>! This must be what Athena once mentioned, the most famous bloodline talent of the Belphegor Royal Family!

Belphegor’s 3 talents: <The Eye of Evil>, <Wind Mastery>, and <Flash>. The talent, <Flash> made the Belphegor Royal Family, which was known as “sloth”, to have a terrifying speed that was superior against all royal families!

Since the start, Chen Rui used the Super System’s strength to overpower those of the same level easily. He could even challenge levels above him. Now, when he witnessed Roman’s strength, only he knew that there were more talented people out there. The Demon Realm was full of powerhouses. Even Demon King was just middle-level strength.

One should be confident but not complacent. If one was blinded, the road ahead would be more rugged.

The protective cover was gradually unbearable, and there were countless tiny cracks like spider webs. Chen Rui secretly thought that he should probably end this welcoming and practice match. If this continued, he had to use ultimate moves like the <Scorching Dragon Kill> to save himself. So, he quickly shouted, “Wait! Roman, you really don’t recognize me?”

When Roman was called by his real name by Chen Rui, his frown froze and he paused. However, his murderous intentions weren’t withdrawn, but became increasingly intense instead.

Those who could recognize him were either friends or persistent enemies. He didn’t remember having such a friend who was proficient in magic or from the Beelzebub Royal Family.

Chen Rui took off the mask on his face, but this time he had a different intention in mind. He used his look on earth, which was “Richard’s” look, “Take a good look with your left eye, do you still remember me?”

Roman’s left eye lit up with a faint light. He examined Chen Rui carefully and looked suspicious, then it became confusion, “I’ve never seen you! Who are you?”

Surely as expected! Chen Rui was secretly pleased and almost said, “Do you remember Xia Yuhe from the Daming Lake? [1]”

At Mountain Xilang previously, he was once seen through by Roman. Now that his skill had been promoted to <True Breath Holding>, Roman’s <The Eye of Evil> could no longer see it through. Similarly, Isabella also couldn’t see through his hidden strength.

Roman stretched his arms, but his strength was at the edge of exploding, “I don’t remember seducing your woman. I’ll give you 10 seconds. If you can’t give me a satisfactory answer, then I have to kill you.”

“Even if my woman’s standing in front of you, you wouldn’t dare to seduce.” Chen Rui removed his cover and a faint light appeared on his hand, “Remember this?”

As he said, he slashed to the side of Roman. The power of <Aura Blade> was no longer what it used to be. Although it was only slashing the air, the sword’s qi left a deep mark on the ground beside Roman.

Roman’s eyes lit up. He seemed to remember something, but that person’s strength in his impression wasn’t…

“Why not we bet again? We’ll bet on whether I can escape from your hands today.” Chen Rui smiled. A ring appeared on the middle finger of his left hand, and he waved his head.

When Roman heard those words, he felt familiar. When he saw the “Dark Will”, he finally confirmed his assumption. Looking at the gradually changing face that finally became familiar, Roman thought for a moment and his murderous intention was gradually withdrawn.

Strictly speaking, this man isn’t a true friend, but a friend’s “close” friend. However, he is not an enemy at least.

“My friend, you really hurt my heart.” Roman’s dagger was gone instantly. It was replaced with a bottle of wine in his hands, then he threw it over, “I remember giving you the infatuation ring last time, but you’re actually not wearing it. That is a symbol of our friendship.”

[1] A famous line from a series called “My Fair Princess”.

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