Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 210 - Dodo’s New Ability

Chapter 210: Dodo’s New Ability

The next day, Chen Rui bade farewell to Athena. He rode a wyvern and flew west.

Athena‘s unexpectedly large-scale service had increased the intimacy between the two again. Although he enjoyed that indescribably wonderful feeling, Chen Rui still severely criticized her for secretly reading unhealthy novels. (In fact, someone had many gigabytes of unhealthy pictures in another world). Of course, girls had to be properly taught. As for that kind of education, he should wait until her 20th birthday…

Chen Rui took both Mengda and Kegu this time. The first place he was going to was Mountain Xilang, where there were several Demon King-level wyverns.

After about two days, Chen Rui arrived at Mountain Xilang and successfully assembled with those adult wyvern. When they heard that he was returning to the Silent Night Wetland, the wyverns who had left the nest for a long time let out excited hisses.

Chen Rui did not leave immediately, but secretly contacted Tim, who was the mining officer and the West Road Garrison Captain. Tim was now a busy man; he had to organize miners to take turns mining open air mines and train the defense forces.

However, the bandits were basically eliminated. Tim was initially a very talented person, especially since a part of the men he brought were his family’s elites, so everything was progressing in perfect order.

Tim was very pleased to see Chen Rui. After consuming the longevity potion, his vitality that had been overdrawn by his secret method recovered a certain degree. He could now escape the limitations of the fountain of life.

Lysa was still feeding her child in the underground world. Due to the close distance, Tim often went to meet her.

There was some good news. Dodo, who was in deep sleep, finally woke up. The spirit-devouring demonic flies that formed in Demon Overlord-level territory contained great power. Dodo, who completely digested this power, broke through the Higher Demon and reached Demon King level.

Chen Rui arrived at Medusa’s Lair with Tim’s accompaniment. Dodo jumped over happily when he saw Chen Rui.

“Great master! You’re finally here!” The slime incessantly expressed how much he missed his master. The focus was on how he missed his master’s barbecue.

The past few days, Sir Dodo was staying in an underground world where moonlight could not be seen and eating the medusa’s food. It was a great injustice. Compared with this kind of life, following his master and wandering freely outside, eating fresh and delicious food from time to time was a great life worthy of a Demon God.

“Master, the best servant Dodo is willing to fight with you side by side.” As soon as Dodo finished speaking, he suddenly turned into Tim and bowed to Chen Rui.

Chen Rui was taken aback. In the past, Dodo could only transform into some simple forms. After advancing to Demon King, his transformation ability also achieved a qualitative breakthrough. He could freely change into humanoid form!

However, “Tim” only took a few steps before starting to reveal his original state. He was just like the traditional zombie in China, jumping around without bending his knees. Sure enough, although his appearance changed, his onion-head characteristic was still there.

“Master, I’m impressive right!” Dodo jumped while looking delighted.

“So-so. I can do it too.” Chen Rui secretly used the skill <Camouflage> and also changed into Tim.

This time, it was Lysa’s turn to be stunned. Three husbands?

“Dodo can still transform.” Dodo’s body began to change again. He actually turned into a spirit-devouring demonic fly and fluttered his wings. The current Dodo, after transforming into a demonic fly, could now fly!

What made Chen Rui even more surprised was that when Dodo became a demonic fly, he felt his body become much heavier. It was as if there was a force field around him. Within the range of the force field, moving required more force.

This familiar feeling is Glorfin’s territory characteristic!

The power of the territory must require at least Demon Emperor level to understand. Furthermore, a Demon Emperor could only achieve pseudo-territory. Only at the Demon Overlord level could be master the real territory. Dodo was only at Demon King level, why did he have such a power?

However, the effectiveness of Dodo’s force field was obviously worse than that of Glorfin, and the range was narrower. It was about ten meters in diameter.

Chen Rui remembered that it was probably due to the devil fruit. Dodo had a chance to obtain the ability of the devour target. It was also for this reason that he could previously disguise himself as a spirit dragon. It seemed that he struck the lottery again this time and obtained the spirit-devouring demonic fly’s ability.

However, Dodo only flew for a while before he fell. He reverted to his onion-head appearance, panting heavily. It was apparent that this state was very energy-consuming. It seemed that there was a fundamental difference between “ability” and the territory that he understood. In any case, Dodo was really lucky.

“Okay, stop pretending!” Chen Rui could tell that the slime panting and falling to the ground had the elements of acting. He immediately added, “If you don’t get up in three seconds, there will be no more hallucination fruits!”

As soon as the words came to an end, Dodo appeared on his shoulders as fast as he could, not any slower than teleportation. It seemed that the power of food against the slime was beyond imagination.

Chen Rui threw a few hallucination fruits to the slime and asked Tim to contact the earth elementals and taurens as quickly as possible.

Once the Chief Tauren and two elite earth elementals heard that it was Chen Rui’s summons, they rushed over in person. Chen Rui asked the earth elementals and the taurens to help mining moonlight stones and smelt some rare mineral deposits. Without hesitation, the three leaders immediately agreed.

Chen Rui explained that he was going to Silent Night Wetland this time in order to find the secret that could break the taurens’ curse. On the other hand, he also had corresponding information regarding the requiem fruit that could repair the earth elemental heart, but it still needed further implementation.

When the Chief Tauren Delong and two elite earth elementals heard the news, they were overjoyed. Chen Rui gave Tim some orders, only then he got onto the wyvern without worry. He took Dodo with him and flew to the Silent Night Wetland together.

A few days later.

The scenery seemed to become more and more familiar along the way. Chen Rui became distracted for a while. For him who had experienced training time in the training arena, over 10 years had passed, but his memory of the last time he came to Silent Night Wetland from Town Leia was still fresh.

Chen Rui gently stroked the red piccolo in his hand. Although it was an accident, that woman had left an indelible mark in his heart. Her star-like eyes, her deep sea-like wisdom and her flame-like blood…

Zhuangzi once said that it was better to live freely alone than to struggle together.

Due to the drought, the two fish were stranded on the ground together, exhaling and foaming to moisten each other. They suffered together. When there was enough water, they each swam back to their rivers and lakes and forgot each other. This could be called the original law of things.

Would he still remember this feeling in a few decades, even a hundred years? Would she still remember him? Maybe they would have forgotten each other, only leaving behind a name.

The Earth Elemental King once said that elementals were created by the condensation of natural elements, and death was just another way of living. Humans were not any different. Like other things, it was the natural law of the universe to produce, die, and transform. No matter which plane and which race, their lives were the same.

So what is my meaning of life? Is it just for survival?

This question could be extended to a wide range of understandings. There may be many textbook answers, but Chen Rui’s mind was inexplicably confused now until he was awakened by the wyvern’s hissing.

It turned out that the long-lost Wyvern’s Lair was just in front.

Chen Rui shook his head and put away the piccolo. If you don’t understand it, just don’t think about it. You will cross the bridge when you get to it.

The Wyvern’s Lair was still the same, but the highly poisonous pond at the center had shrunk a lot.

Seeing their friend, Chen Rui and the wyverns return, the Wyvern King Galen let out a cry of excitement. Chen Rui jumped down from the wyvern’s back and went to Galen, holding the Wyvern King’s neck affectionately. For battle partners who had gone through thick and thin together, there was no need for formalities.

“Galen, my partner. I’m very glad to see you again. Is your injury fully recovered?” Chen Rui looked at Wyvern King’s fully recovered wings and scales, expressing joy.

“Yes! Thank you for your treatment last time.” In <Analytical Eyes>, Galen’s strength was B, which was middle stage Demon King.

“You don’t need to be so courteous between partners. I brought Mengda and Kegu back.”

Wyvern King looked at the two timid young dragons and ordered the wyvern to bring Mengda’s parents over.

Sure enough, when Mengda’s parents saw their long-lost child, they were overjoyed. Kegu’s parents had been killed in the previous battle with the hydra. At Chen Rui’s suggestion, Mengda’s parents adopted Kegu who had become an orphan.

“Galen, after I left, that terrible enemy didn’t come to harass the wyvern’s lair right?”

The “terrible enemy” Chen Rui mentioned was referring to Broc. Broc suffered a big loss last time. Not only was the Eye of Incubus badly damaged, but it was also eroded by Paglio’s venom. With Broc’s personality, even if he was knocked back or seriously injured by Christina, he would never take it lying down.

“I didn’t see that enemy.” Galen replied. “After the hydras were eliminated, the wyvern’s lair attained a rare peace. However, we encountered another problem. That is, the pond is gradually shrinking like the hydra’s lair. If this continues, the wyvern’s lair will face new survival difficulties.”

When Chen Rui arrived, he also noticed the problem with the pond. He asked, “Have there been such changes in the pond before?”

Wyvern King recalled for a while and replied, “Generally, a situation like this occurs every three years. However, it was not so serious before. It would return to normal after a while. But now, I don’t know why, the drying of the pond is becoming more serious as the poison pool in the hydra’s lair. That was why there was an attempt to seize the wyvern’s lair. Prior to this, our wyvern race did not have conflicts with hydra. If this continues, we can only choose to migrate and find a new lair.”

“Every three years?” Chen Rui seemed to have thought of something. Didn’t Delia mention this before? Every three years, the power of the “magic circle” of a certain treasure in the Silent Night Wetland will weaken. Could it be related to this?

Chen Rui thought about it for a while and said to Wyvern King. “Actually, even if there is no poisonous pond issue, I will still suggest you migrate because the terrible enemy will probably come back here again to get revenge. I hope you can move to a safe place.”

“Wyverns have strong survival ability, and we can adapt to a variety of harsh environments, but to breed offspring and raise young dragons, we need the poisonous lake. My partner, do you have a suitable place?”

“This kind of place is really not easy to find, but I may be able to shift this pond.” Chen Rui came to the pond and looked at it. A faint mist began to emit from his hand.

Why was the Silent Night Wetland having such a change?

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