Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 209 - Pregnancy? An Error in Athena’s Common Knowledge

Chapter 209: Pregnancy? An Error in Athena’s Common Knowledge

After Isabella left, Chen Rui sought Shea alone.

Before Chen Rui opened his mouth, Shea spoke first. “Are you here trying to explain something?”

“What does Princess Royal think I need to explain?” Chen Rui smiled slightly, looking directly into Shea’s eyes.

Shea didn’t look him in the eye this time. Her gaze shifted to the side. “I have the right to ask you to explain.”

“Alright, then I’ll speak. I’ve achieved a pretty close relationship with Isabella, that is why she bid me goodbye so intimately in front of so many people just now.”

“Really?” Shea said coldly. “This joke is not funny at all.”

“If it’s a funny joke, are you willing to laugh? I still remember your smile from that time with the goblin, Kaka. Unfortunately, that was the only time.” Actually, the gentle smile that was sealed in the secret bathroom left the deepest impression on Chen Rui.

“You seem to be getting bolder.“ Shea frowned slightly. ”Don‘t forget your identity.”

“Identity? This so-called sheriff? Or a powerless human who can be abducted at any time?” Chen Rui smiled self-deprecatingly. “Some things may not be appropriate to say, but I really want to say it… May I say it?”

Shea looked down. “You can… say it.”

“I feel tired.” Chen Rui sighed softly. “If I can, I want to take the person I like and leave this place, then go to a relatively peaceful place. At least, I don’t have to constantly watch out for the dangers around me or constantly have to scheme against others.”

After going back to Silent Night Wetland to retrieve the Eye of Sauron and helping the poison dragon to unlock the <Lock of Light and Dark>, he really carefully considered the issue of staying or leaving.

Shea’s gaze was a little frozen. Her whole person seemed like a stone statue. She only opened her mouth after a while and her voice was very calm, “You can choose to leave; I won’t stop you.”

“If it were you, have you ever considered leaving Dark Moon and choosing a new life?” Chen Rui looked at Shea quietly. His voice becoming a lot more gentle. “In fact, you and I both understand that some goals are almost impossible to achieve.”

Leaving together? Shea’s heart raced.

“I know, but,” There was a rare softness in Shea’s eyes, and her voice was shaking. “But, but…”

She said three “but”s in a row and closed her eyes gently, but she did not continue.

For some things, there are no options from the start.

Just like how she hated being so-called strong and how she hated becoming a lord at first, but she was now a ruthless lord.

Chen Rui thought about some sentence fragments in the Wind Chime of Memory and sighed. This initially delicate woman is carrying too much burden.

A few moments later, Shea opened her eyes gently. She had already returned to her thousand-year-old coldness. “When are you leaving?”

“I just said, ‘if’ I want to leave. I didn’t say I really want to leave.”

Shea’s eyes lit up. Chen Rui shook his head. “I was afraid that you’ll want to silence me. After all, I know a lot!”

In fact, he couldn’t help but sigh with emotion just now. In the face of Shea, he didn’t know why some things were getting harder to hide.

“Are you reminding me?” Shea’s voice suddenly rose a few degrees. It was obvious her heart was fluctuating. She must be delighted.

Chen Rui scratched his head. “Then my loyalty to Royal Highness is comparable to the Demon Realm’s two moons. That should be enough.”

Shea’s eyes moved, as if she almost wanted to laugh, but unfortunately it was just “almost”. She returned to normal almost instantaneously.

“By the way, at the welcome ball that day, we…”

Shea’s face became cold again. “That was just a dance!”

Chen Rui took the first two steps. “Actually, I want to do it again.”

Shea’s voice sounded inexplicably nervous. “No!”

“Absolutely not! No more talking about it!”


“I just want to promote the waltz in Dark Moon!” Chen Rui took out a booklet and said innocently. “Since that time, people have been continuously coming to ask for lessons. It’s bothering me, so I wrote down all the essentials of the dance and wanted to give it to Princess Royal. I didn’t know the Royal Highness won’t even let me talk about it…”

The corner of Shea’s eye twitched. She suddenly had an impulse to punch someone. He obviously meant something else, but he could even pull out some dignified excuse like this!

“By the way, I’m leaving for a month or maybe longer. It’s related to the grand master’s inheritance test.” Chen Rui did not give Shea a chance to fight back and immediately segued into the main topic. “I managed to keep Master Tata in Aguile’s Cloak Gang for now. If this test goes well, I should be able to make this master stay and open a magic tool shop in the Dark Moon.”

Shea’s eyes glowed with joy. This was very exciting news. Even if Master Tata didn’t serve the Dark Moon, just staying here to open a store could attract many outsiders with his reputation. It could even be considered a business opportunity.

“Where are you going for the inheritance this time? I’ll send someone to protect you.” Shea suddenly remembered that he had said before that the inheritance test was life-threatening and couldn’t help but worry.

Chen Rui actually wanted to go to Silent Night Wetland, of course he couldn’t have someone “protecting” him. He shook his head. “I can only go alone! And the grand master’s test will only give me the next hint once I arrive at that place. I can’t confirm where I actually have to go right now. I plan to leave tomorrow. I’m leaving first.”

“You… be careful.“

Shea suddenly realized: There is nothing wrong with that sentence, but my tone is too abnormal. It doesn’t seem like my usual attitude toward subordinates. However, from the beginning, the conversation between the two was obviously a bit off.

Chen Rui sneered and turned around. “Rest assured, I still want to come back and dance the “ dance” with a certain beautiful lady. I won’t die so easily.”

“Don’t be too presumptuous!” This time, Shea just turned around. Although her eyes were angry, there was a rare heat on her face. Except for this guy, no one in Dark Moon dared to speak like this in front of her. However, for some reason, she always looked forward to this kind of conversations with him.

“Then, I’ll assume that the beautiful lady agrees.”

In the midst of laughter, Chen Rui left the council hall. Although the guards in the distance didn’t hear the conversation between the two, but they all had the same “misconception” that the sheriff’s laughter seemed frivolous.

Night fell. In a room in the laboratory.

“Are you leaving tomorrow?” Athena was sitting on the bed, snuggling in Chen Rui’s arms. “The thing Isabella did really didn’t have any effect?”

“Don’t worry, it’s just a hidden power that will only trigger under a special condition. Even if all of it erupts, it won’t hurt the current me much. However, if I were just a normal human, I would probably die when the time comes.”

“That vicious woman! I will never let her go!” Athena said resentfully while stroking his chest gently. “Actually, there is something that I still haven’t said.”

“What is it? Is it that you did your double eyelids before? Or did you put some silicone in this place or something, ouch! I just want to verify. Ouch, why are you still hitting me?”

“Be serious, can you finish listening to me first?” Athena pinched the hand that was fooling around on her chest. Her mood was a bit down. “Actually, I know something about Demon Realm humans, but… I haven’t told you, I’m afraid…”

Chen Rui answered for her. “Are you afraid I will return to the human world?”

“I’m sorry.” Athena bit her lip. She felt very selfish.

“In the underground world of Mountain Xilang, the first time I kissed you, you asked me if I ever missed home. Now let me tell you something.” Chen Rui held Athena’s face, staring directly into her beautiful red eyes. “Wherever you are, is home.” Athena’s gaze melted immediately. The two’s breaths closer and closer, and two pairs of warm lips intertwined.

Chen Rui felt Athena’s body started to warm up and her breathing became more rapid. The tender body lying on him began to squirm passionately. Under this stimulation, Chen Rui could hardly restrain the most primitive male reaction.

“Athena… you can’t right now.”

Athena didn’t stop, instead she pressed his hand against her bare chest and rubbed. She moaned vaguely. “Let me truly become your woman tonight…”

The full hemispheres standing tall on her chest were shockingly warm and bouncy. It couldn’t be grasped fully with one hand. This was completely different from the “passiveness” in the magic tent in Silent Night Wetland. Both parties were really in love.

Chen Rui felt that a certain part of him was harder than ever. Suddenly, his brain lost control of his actions. He turned around and pressed Athena under his body. As he was in a thirst, the movement of his palms began to change involuntarily. Under such caressing, the buds on Athena’s chest began to harden. Gradually, the man’s hand was no longer focused on her chest. It slid all the way from the abdomen to the warm and wet place. This time, Athena didn’t resist. Her breathing became quicker and her eyes began to become hazy.

At the critical moment, Chen Rui, who had been training his mind for a long time, finally realized. He bit the tip of his tongue, and the pain finally restored his sanity that had been wrapped in lust. He immediately retracted his hands, held up his body and panted.

Athena’s family had a special bloodline talent. They could automatically advance once at the age of 20. If he wanted Athena now, it was equivalent to stopping her from advancing to Great Demon King. If she relied on normal self-training, it may take decades or centuries or even a lifetime to reach Great Demon King from top Demon King.

Chen Rui gently helped her put on her clothes. He was a little afraid to look at her attractive body. “Athena! What’s the matter with you today?”

Athena’s face was red from shyness and passion. She whispered, “I want to be your real wife, and I want to have your child.”

Chen Rui felt moved. He hugged her and held her in her arms. “Silly girl, don’t think I don’t know, you’re worried that I will be in danger in the Silent Night Wetland, or that I won’t be able to pass the final <Refined Mind > stage, isn’t it?”

Athena was silent. Chen Rui shook his head. “Relax, on your 20th birthday, you won’t be able to slip away even if you wanted to. Until then, I can’t bear to die! Believe me, okay?”

Athena snuggled against him and nodded, but her gaze fell on a someone whose lower half was still pitching a tent in disappointment. She suddenly thought of something. Her face began to burn again. She hesitated for a moment, then boldly moved her hand toward the “tent”.

Didn’t I already convince her? Chen Rui was taken aback. Once she held him, he only felt his cooled down lust rise again.

“Don’t move,” Athena said. Her face was so flushed as if she was about to bleed. She moved her body, leaned down, and boldly unbuttoned his pants. The highly congested part popped out.

Watching Athena squatting down, as an otaku who was familiar with the island country (Japan) videos, an image that expanded his blood vessels suddenly appeared in Chen Rui’s mind. Before he could react, the hardness in his lower half was wrapped in warmth. An indescribable thrill appeared in his head.

Chen Rui was a virgin in his previous life, Since his rebirth, he only had sex once with Christina involuntarily. Moreover, this kind of “service” could only be seen in some films that were not suitable for children… The other person was still the most important woman in the heart.

Although he gained the ability of endurance in a certain aspect due to the symbiotic contract, and although Athena’s small mouth could hardly fit the thing and her movements were quite jerky, this strong physical and psychological stimulation could not be accurately described in words.

With Athena’s efforts, the man’s long-suppressed desire violently ejected. He felt his mind go blank for a while, and his high passion finally faded. However, what happened after shocked Chen Rui more. Not only did Athena not avoid that thing, she even…

Chen Rui’s emotions could no longer be described by feeling touched and content anymore; he also felt guilty. In a way, he was too selfish. The man and woman’s pleasure should be mutual. However, he couldn’t arouse Athena’s lust any more, otherwise his previous efforts would be a waste.

“Athena.” Chen Rui hugged her lovingly. “Sorry, I have wronged you…”

Athena’s cheeks were crimson. She hummed and shook her head, then completed the act of swallowing while frowning hard. Finally, she was able to speak freely. Her eyes flashed with a strange light. “I… I should be pregnant with your child from this right?”

After hearing this, Chen Rui was shocked. He almost fell on the bed, rolling his eyes, “Who told you that you can conceive a child like this?”

Doesn’t she know that sex and pregnancy are related? Since there was no sex, how can she get pregnant? Then he remembered that Athena grew up in the barrack since childhood, naturally no one dared to inculcate this area of knowledge to the little princess of the Warlock Fortress. Also, she had been focusing on training, it was reasonable to lack some common knowledge.

The question is… how does she know how to do that just now…

Athena stuttered and refused to say. Under Chen Rui’s intimidation, she finally took out a book. Just the title of the book was already the best. “The Handsome Dragon who was Insulted by a Princess”. It was a fujoshi [1] genre by somebody.

A few pages were more wrinkled and dog-eared. It seemed that they were often viewed and researched. Chen Rui turned it over and found a paragraph marked in red pen. “After a man’s cloudy white liquid that had a pungent smell entered her body, Elizabeth finally conceived his child as she wished for…”

Such an excellent paragraph! Chen Rui could use his nose to think where this book came from!

Except for the superb loli, who else would collect such a superb book!

It is one thing for herself to be poisoned by such unhealthy novels, but she even infected my beloved Athena!

According to the person on trial, Athena, she had studied and discussed that line with her loli best friend for a long time and finally came to a result, which was her action just now…

Chen Rui didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. No wonder Athena willingly ate that “cloudy white liquid that had a pungent smell” at the end!

Then again, if not for the little loli’s excellent book, he would not be able to enjoy this today. So, he should be thanking a certain loli? He was struggling!

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