Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 208 - Irresistible Conditions

Chapter 208: Irresistible Conditions

Chen Rui shook his head! “I have to explain one thing first. The baguenaudier in your hand and the burr puzzle you see were all created by me.”

Master Tata was finally moved. Turns out that this mysterious tool was made by this cloaked man himself! Is he also a master of the same field? Tata’s pridefulness gradually receded. After learning that the magic tool that inspired him turned out to be Chen Rui’s creation, he had placed the other party on the same level as himself in his heart.

“You are also a mechanical master? What conditions do you want?” Tata asked tentatively. If the other party was also a master of accessory, then he should know the true value of the superb moonlight stone. It was difficult to get. However, since this person drew him here, there was definitely a reason. It was possible that the conditions of the exchange would change.

“I’m not a mechanical master. My teacher may be called a mechanical master.” Chen Rui was using the same trick, so he was already very familiar. “The firestone and other things that you obtained previously were materials made by my teacher using a secret refining method. The baguenaudier and the burr puzzle are also my teacher’s works.”

“Those materials were refined using a secret method? What’s your teacher’s name?”

Tata was taken aback. Coupled with the complicated and mysterious tool such as the baguenaudier, the teacher that Aguile mentioned must be a very outstanding mechanical master whose manufacturing skills were definitely above his own.

“My teacher lives in secrecy somewhere. He never reveals his name. I don’t know what his name is either.” Chen Rui showed Tata a piece of refined dark star iron and the sword he forged. Tata was surprised again. This is no longer in the accessory category, but metal! In that case, that outstanding master is actually a top master of dual mastery?

The mechanical master had three types of mastery: metal, leather goods, and accessory.

Metal referred to metal weapons and armors; leather goods were mainly light armors such as leather armor and cloaks, as well as soft materials such as fabrics; accesories were mainly ornaments and tools.

Generally speaking, a master being able to master one mastery was already very impressive. For example, Skye was proficient in leather goods, Tata was proficient in jewelry, and the Chief Tauren Delong was proficient in metal (but lacked in enchantment).

In the Demon Realm, only the president of the Mechanical Alliance and Nate of the Bloody Empire had mastered two kinds of mastery. They were considered the best among mechanics in the Demon Realm. Could this Aguile’s teacher be Nate? But didn’t he say that his teacher lives in secrecy somewhere, and he is unwilling to reveal his name?

Although this masked person was not the mechanical master that he imagined, as the disciple of a top dual mastery master, Tata still paid him considerable attention. “You really have a superb moonlight stone?”

“I don’t, but my teacher does, and also the spring of life. I can give it to you.” A light yellow crystal appeared in Chen Rui’s hand. “I don’t know if this is of use to you?”

“Such a pure earth element power, could this be the… Earth Source!” Tata was really an expert in the field. He suddenly jumped with both his eyes shining. “With this, the key materials of my other tools will be complete. This time, I will definitely be able to make a legendary grade item! You… You, as long as you give me this, I can help you make…”

The last sentence was said smoothly, and then Tata remembered that Aguile’s teacher was a top-level master of dual mastery whose skills were far above his. He immediately rephrased and asked, “What conditions do you want?”

Chen Rui thought for a moment and said, “I don’t know if master has heard of these three things: requiem fruit, flower of mist and fountain of vitality? If you have these three, I can exchange them with Earth Source, superb moonlight stone and the fountain of life.”

“These three things are extremely rare, and without a specific method, they can’t be kept away from the source. How can I have it?” Tata was suddenly dumbfounded. “However, there is a place that might have requiem fruit.”

Chen Rui had an idea. “Where? If this news is accurate, I can exchange it with the fountain of life.”

Tata said, “In the area under the jurisdiction of the Fallen Angel Empire, there is a Rainbow Valley. Every time a rainbow appears there, the valley will appear. When the rainbow disappears, the valley will disappear again. Some people have seen requiem fruit growing there, but the valley disappears quickly, and the person who intruded inexplicably appeared tens of kilometers away. There isn’t a fixed time the Rainbow Valley appears. Sometimes it’s months; sometimes years; sometimes a few centuries.”

Chen Rui secretly took note of the name Rainbow Valley and shook his head. “This is just a rumor. I can’t give you the fountain of life.”

Tata was anxious and asked, “What exactly do you want?”

“It’s simple,” Chen Rui said. “The Cloak Gang intends to open a magical tool store and needs a master to be in charge of it.”

“Impossible!” Tata proudly shook his head and said, “I don’t belong to any country, and I don’t want to be involved in the battle for interest and power! The Prince Obsidian of your Imperial City wants to use various means to win over me and to have me stay in the capital, all of which I refused. I just promised him that if I can find the superb moonlight stone in the Dark Moon, I will make a magic tool for him. The only goal in my life is to pursue high-level manufacturing skills until I reach the grand master realm.”

“I didn’t ask you to join the Fallen Angel Empire.” Chen Rui shook his head. “I’m just asking you to temporarily join the Cloak Gang. We can set a deadline within which you can help me. As a reward, I can provide a lot of those high-purity materials to let you experiment with and to practise your craftsmanship. Even if it is just an ordinary material, after using the secret refining method… You understand their value. In addition to the superb moonlight stone, I can also provide superb blood line silver, mystic sand and other rare materials. What does this mean? You can try to make a lot of legendary grade equipment!”

Tata’s eyes were suddenly bright. Try to make a lot of legendary grade items! Due to material and other restrictions, the average master can make only a few legendary grade items in his life. If the other party could really continuously provide high-purity materials, then trying to make legendary grade equipment in bulk was not just a delusion. This kind of attempt was no doubt to improve his craftsmanship. Once he mastered the know-how of manufacturing legendary grade items through multiple experiments or realized a higher level of alchemy, that meant that he would have entered the highest threshold that no one else had reached in thousands of years…

No master could resist this temptation! Tata’s heart suddenly heated up. From the previous few high-purity magical materials, Aguile was not just bragging!

“I promise you!”

After hearing this firm answer, Chen Rui smiled behind his mask and threw Earth Source to Tata. “Then consider this a gift for joining. I have to go outstation soon. When the time comes, I will bring the fountain of life and the superb moonlight stone back. At present, this matter must be kept secret and must not be exposed. I know those people in the Imperial City do not want you to stay here, so just make an excuse and say that you are obsessed with Miss Kaka of the Cloak Gang and you are unwilling to leave for now.”

Seeing the dark goblin master uncharacteristically acting coy, it reminded him of the fool who had previously thrown gloves, Chen Rui could not help scratching his head. It seemed that this was not just an “excuse”.

After resolving the matter with Tata, Chen Rui returned to the laboratory. Sure enough, he heard the news that the Imperial City’s special envoy was rushing back. Isabella had said that she would leave tomorrow at the latest, but ended up leaving in the afternoon. It seemed that the Karon Family was causing a lot of chaos in the Imperial City.

Isabella rejected Shea’s “good intention” to hold a farewell party. She only left with her original crew. Sergey was unable to ride a horse for the time being because of his serious injuries, so he could only ride in a carriage.

The dark goblin Master Tata stayed. Isabella was a bit surprised by his reason. She heard that on the one hand, he was waiting for the seven-day deadline that Shea promised. On the other hand, he became obsessed with a female goblin in the Cloak Gang when he was purchasing magic materials.

In the Imperial Capital, Prince Obsidian also used woman’s charm in order to keep this famous mechanical master. She herself personally tried, but it had no effect. Except for alchemy materials, it was as if the eyes of the goblin master couldn’t see anything else. She initially thought that he was lacking in some way. She never expected that an “underworld force” female goblin of the Dark Moon could successfully charm this guy.

What made Isabella even more frustrated was the “exquisite” beauty of the female goblin. She could only lament that the master had a unique taste.

If it were not for the time crunch, she could slowly consider to start with the Cloak Gang and control the female goblin in order to control Tata. However, she must return to the Imperial City now. These things could be discussed later.

Anyway, the situation of the Dark Moon was almost under control. For the imperial capital, there was really no threat. If it were not for Prince Obsidian being unable to get acknowledgement from the “Sword of Fallen Angel” and the support of General George and others, the Dark Moon would have been destroyed a long time ago.

Now, Prince Obsidian was studying the mystery of the “Sword of Fallen Angel”, and he was also striving to “make babies” in hopes that his offspring could get the acknowledgement of the artifact. Unfortunately, the power level and the fertility rate were inversely proportional. Although he had a big harem, he could not produce any heir for many years.

Before parting, there was a faint grudge in Isabella’s eyes. She deliberately whispered to Chen Rui, “Sheriff, will you really come to see me in the Imperial City in the future?”

When the surrounding people saw Isabella whispering to Chen Rui alone, all kinds of looks of shock, jealousy and suspicion gathered on them immediately. Chen Rui did not expect that this witch would play such a trick before leaving. He could only nod vaguely.

“Women are really very strange. Even when they know that a man is lying, she still chooses to believe.” As if Isabella didn’t see the gazes around her, she sighed as if no one was around. “Parting is always sad, but the encounters in life are quite marvelous. If we’re lucky, I believe that we will reunite sooner or later.”

Chen Rui smiled slightly and nodded. He secretly sneered. This woman’s acting skills are first-rate. While bidding goodbye sadly, she is calculating when to detonate those “seeds”?

Isabella left the Dark Moon with the people of the Imperial City. The strange thing was that those seeds did not trigger immediately, but it was a hidden danger after all. It was impossible that this poisonous devil’s snare flower would leave behind something good right?

In any case, these troublesome people from the Imperial City had already left. It was now time to leave for the Silent Night Wetland.

The concern about the capital envoy was gone. Now Chen Rui could leave Dark Moon.

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