Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 207 - Knight Xingxing! Request for a Duel

Chapter 207: Knight Xingxing! Request for a Duel

“Sir Aguile…” Skye expressed gratitude. “I didn’t expect you to get the fountain of life so quickly! I don’t know how to thank you! I have finished tanning the hydra leather and you have collected all the materials on the list. If needed, I will start fulfilling my promises now!”

“Not for now…” Chen Rui had to leave his current <Deep Analysis> to crack the “God-Eating Mask”. “I’m leaving for about a month or so. We’ll discuss it when I come back.”

Skye took a deep look at him. “Aren’t you afraid I’ll leave with my daughters?”

“Of course I’m afraid.” Chen Rui shrugged. “So, now I’m a little regretful that I took out the spring of life so quickly.”

Skye had a smile on his old face and looked at him deeply. “You won’t regret it.”

“Sir is regretful?” Alian asked curiously.

“The thought of being able to see Alian’s real smile behind her veil earlier, I don’t think I regret it anymore.” Chen Rui couldn’t help but rub Alian’s head again. He already knew the two dark elf girls’ faces became ugly because of the curse. They always felt ashamed, and they typically covered their faces with a veil.

Skye showed a kind look. Based on his experience, he could naturally tell that this Aguile was not being pretentious. In fact, Aguile could have waited until he came back a month later to take out the fountain water and exchange it for the leather armor he made.

“I’m now very grateful I accepted Jesse as my disciple.” What Skye meant was that it was the biggest stroke of luck to come to the Cloak Gang through Jesse.

At this moment, Master Tata’s voice sounded. “Is it the fountain of life in that bottle? Can you give me some?”

Skye actually watched Tata’s “performances” just now and knew that this dark goblin must be a mechanical master who was proficient in accessory making. However, he himself was also a mechanical master who was proficient in leather, and he was also a Great Demon King powerhouse. This fountain of life was related to lifting his daughters’ curse, so paid no attention to Tata and straightaway called Eve and Alian into the room.

“Hey, I’m a mechanical master. How can you be so impolite? Can I exchange magic tools for your fountain of life?”

Instead of stopping, Skye walked into the room with scorn and closed the door.

Tata had gotten used to being respected. He had never run into a situation like this. If there wasn’t a beautiful goblin lady by his side, he would have turned hostile.

At this moment, a hoarse voice sounded. “What do you need for the fountain of life for?”

Tata remembered that this guy who was wearing a mask and a cloak was the one who gave the fountain of life to the dark elf. It seemed like he still had the fountain water. He immediately sized up Chen Rui and said, “So you are the leader that Miss Sasa mentioned.”

“No matter what purpose you brought me here for, you have succeeded in getting my interest.” Tata hummed coldly. “But before that, there is one thing needs to be solved!”

Chen Rui was surprised. He asked, “What is it?”

Tata flung his cloak to reveal a look of bravery and fearlessness. “Let’s duel! Like real men!”

“Oh right, there is also this.” Tata took out a pair of white gloves. They were obviously a good magic item, but he threw them on the ground without a second look.

Throwing gloves? Duel? When did the Demon Realm have this kind of thing? Chen Rui was baffled looking at this shortie who proposed a duel. Could it be that alchemy made his brain break down right?

On one side, Sasa immediately clapped her hands and cheered. Her eyes flooded with light, looking full of excitement.

Chen Rui understood it a bit. The problem was with this Miss Sasa.

“Master Tata, before the duel, I think I have the right to know why you challenged me.”

Master Tata was stunned and asked Sasa, “Is it supposed to be like this?”

“I think so.” Miss Sasa took out a shabby little book with excitement. She dipped some saliva and flipped a few pages, then read aloud. “Also, if you die in the duel, the deceased will be given a funeral like that of a hero perished in the battle. If the dueler can still stand up, but he surrenders, the knight will be looked down upon by everyone. Those who refuse to accept the challenge will be worse off. They will be fired, and they are not allowed to grow a mustouche and ride horses…”

Before she could finish reading it, Sasa’s hands felt lighter. The book had landed on Chen Rui’s hands. The words on the cover, “The Princess’s Knight”, rendered him speechless.

This miss goblin was deeply poisoned by this novel, just like the little loli. Fortunately, this was a relatively “healthy” novel. If everyone was like the little loli…

Chen Rui suddenly thought that if the one who sneak-attacked him was this Miss Sasa instead of Alice… Sweat! Big sweat! Genghis Khan sweat!

When the old goblin, Didi on the side saw the bad situation, he pulled Sasa out and reprimanded him loudly. “How could you actually encourage the leader to duel!”

“Please don’t blame Miss Sasa. I did it voluntarily!” Tata said with admiration. “I have never seen a girl as beautiful and kind as Miss Sasa…”

This was actually the case. Tata became impatient from waiting after being led to the ancient terrace house, so he strolled around the Cloak Gang. Since the old goblin knew about Tata’s master identity and that the master would definitely want to rely on this master, so he ordered the Cloak Gang member who was guarding to not block him.

When Tata came to the backyard, he saw a beautiful goblin lady playing with a special “magic prop”. Tata was a master who was proficient in accessories and tools; he could immediately tell that this “magic prop” was extraordinary.

This tool had nine rings made of metal wire, and the ring was set on a horizontal plate or various frames and tied to the handle. It was the baguenaudier [1] that Chen Rui gave to Alian. This item had not yet appeared in the Princess Retail Store, which meant that it was out of print.

Alian and Sasa were good friends. Sasa often gave her some exquisite homemade crafts, so in return, Alian gifted the baguenaudier to Sasa as a return.

The baguenaudier was a traditional Chinese toy. It had various solutions; it could be divided, combined and changed in many ways. As a master of accessories and tools, Tata had never seen such an intriguing “magical tool”, so he immediately proposed to exchange it with a small ornament.

In fact, the charm was “merely” an excellent grade magic bracelet. Tata was still worried that the other party would refuse. Sasa didn’t know that this goblin was a renowned master of the Demon Realm. She only thought that he was a new member of the Cloak Gang. Although she didn’t know anything about the goods, she was still attracted by the colorful light flashing from the bracelet and agreed to exchange. When she saw Tata “clumsily” messing with the baguenaudier, miss goblin enthusiastically taught him how to play.

Tata finally understood some of the mysteries of the baguenaudier. He rejoiced in his heart. Sasa fiddled with the magical effect of the jewelry and found it extremely novel. She called over her two good friends Eve and Alian, demonstrating it as if she was showing off. Eve and Alian became interested and took out other toys to play with Tata. They also played two games of demon-fighting chess.

These “magic tools” were very wonderful. Not only did all of them bring inspiration that he couldn’t get by seeking, but the dark goblin’s heart that had been closed off for years felt unbelievably touched like never before.

Tata was bullied and oppressed a lot when he was young. After a rather difficult time, he followed a mechanical master by chance, and he finally mastered it. Afterward, he became respected as his skills became more advanced. However, the dark goblin knew in his heart that these people valued his value. He had not experienced this warm feeling of disregarding value and relaxed friendship for many years.

In Tata’s eyes, the beautiful goblin lady was not only attractive, but also kind-hearted. She was totally different from those women who deliberately approached him for his value. Master Tata didn’t care about those women at all; they were not even as attractive as a piece of magic material. On the contrary, this beautiful and kind lady gave him a great first impression, and the master faintly produced an irresistible impulse.

In order to please the beautiful lady, Master Tata took out many dazzling tools and demonstrated them one by one. In fact, the value and power of these tools were far beyond the colors of their appearance. However, in the dark goblin’s heart, their greatest value now was above those rays of colors that originally had no practical value.

After hesitating for a long time, Master Tata finally gathered courage and confessed his affection to Miss Sasa. This kind of love at first sight romance made light shine out of Miss Sasa’s eyes, who had been deeply poisoned by the knight novel.

However, Miss Goblin did not lack any pursuers on a normal basis. Although she admired this new member, she tactfully said that she already had someone she liked. As Master Tata fell into a state of unprecedented sorrow, Miss Goblin hinted that she greatly admired brave knights. If he could win in a duel, she would look at him differently.

The above was the reason why the goblin knight master threw white gloves to Aguile, the person that Miss Sasa was fond of. After listening to this, the involved party “Aguile” looked helpless.

The old goblin Didi knew his daughter’s virtues. He picked up the gloves on the ground and began to reprimand his daughter. Master Tata was a bit dumbfounded. The beautiful lady said that if one party threw his gloves to the other party and the other party caught it, it meant that the other party was willing to accept the duel. Of course, the other party could also find one of his own subordinates to represent him in the duel.

The old goblin who picked up the gloves was the father of the young lady, who seemed to be one of Aguile’s subordinates. Am I going to fight the father of the girl I like, my future father-in-law, to the death?

The dark goblin master’s mind was in a mess. At this time, the “prospective father-in-law” had finished reprimanding his daughter and was walking over. After a round of persuasion, Master Tata finally gave up the idea of ​​challenging, but did not notice that the prospective father-in-law “conveniently” snuck that pair of shining gloves into his pocket.

After a while.

“Master Tata, I think the misunderstanding has been resolved. Let me introduce myself. I am the leader of the Cloak Gang, Aguile. Due to my personal reputation, I hereby solemnly declare that I have absolutely no relationship with Miss Sasa as you imagine. We are just friends.”

Master Tata nodded with satisfaction. His favorable impression of this masked man skyrocketed. Since Tata could become a master, he was definitely not a fool. He knew that the other party had some motive for drawing him here.

However, intuition told Tata that the beautiful and kind lady could never be some part of a trick.

“What are your intentions, just say!” Master Goblin regained his superior master temperament. He was familiar with this kind of person. They only wanted him to make some kind of tool.

“In addition to the fountain of life, I also have a superb moonlight stone.”

Master Tata was shocked. He quickly said, “I can make you three… no, five magic items!”


It turned out that Master Tata first saw the baguenaudier instead of Miss Sasa. He was really worthy of being a master.

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