Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 206 - Ruthless! The Imperial City’s Poisonous Flower

Chapter 206: Ruthless! The Imperial City’s Poisonous Flower

This emergency finally came to an end. When the members of the Dark Moon’s Karon Family learned of Alan’’s death, it was inevitable that they would be in a chaos. Isabella took Sergey back to the royal inn to heal and reported the incident to the Imperial City overnight. The most “innocent” victim, Chen Rui, was escorted back to the lab for recuperation.

There were too many witnesses to this incident, it was impossible to block the news. Sure enough, the next day, news of Alan being killed by Sergey, who came from the Imperial Capital, due to rivalry and jealousy swarmed the whole city. Every street and alley were discussing this “crime of passion” gossip.

The only one who was indifferent to this was Master Tata. The dark goblin master only cared about one thing right now, which were the two stones in his hand. The red one was the firestone, and the white one was the mithril. These two types were relatively common magic materials, but Tata had never seen firestone and mithril of such high purity before. This pure material was enough to make magical tools of legendary grade!

For a true master, not all legendary grade equipment required the materials of the highest grade. As long as it was used properly, it could be matched with some common materials to craft something legendary. However, no matter what the material was, the higher the quality, the better.

This firestone was sold to Tata by a dark goblin hawker in a cloak two days ago. The price was very low. The hawker said that there would be new stock the next day. Sure enough, Tata bought some mithril with no impurities at all from there. According to the hawker, the newer stock would arrive at noon today. However, if Tata wanted to see them, he could only come alone. The location was at No. 4 alley in the Southeast Block.

Tata who did his shopping did not worry too much about this. He was a mutated dark goblin. His own powers were later stage Intermediate Demon. His magic power was not weak. Also, as a mechanical master who was proficient in making jewelry and tools, naturally he had numerous self-defense gadgets on him.

As for the matter of Alan and Sergey, the dark goblin master was too lazy to care about it. He never belonged to the Fallen Angel Empire, and he didn’t have the energy to care about these boring things. He was just looking forward to the arrival of noon.

Isabella came to the laboratory to visit the “injured” Sheriff Chen Rui. In fact, the most injured one was Sergey. Fortunately, Master Kemp’s potion was very effective. The “crime of passion’s main character/main culprit’s” injuries had completely stabilized.

“Chen Rui, are you all right? Why is Athena not taking care of you?”

Chen Rui shook his head. “I’m fine. I was just knocked unconscious yesterday; I don’t need anyone to take care of me. She went to the barrack early in the morning.”

Isabella asked again, “What about your succubus maid?”

“You mean Kia? She was initially the little princess’s maid. I put her at the Princess Retail Store to help for now.”

“I see. No wonder I saw her at the Princess Retail Store yesterday morning.” Isabella smiled slightly. “What are your thoughts about my proposal?”

Chen Rui smiled bitterly. “The time Lady gave is too rushed. As soon as I left the royal inn last night, I was being set up, and I haven’t been able to calm down since then.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to give you time, but that I don’t have time,” Isabella shook her head. “You can guess how serious the consequences of yesterday’s incident are. Now Alan’s father is complaining to the Regent and asking for Sergey, the murderer who severed the Karon Family bloodline, to be severely punished. I have been ordered to return to the Imperial City in advance. I will leave tomorrow at the latest, so I need you to give me an answer. This answer is important to both you and to me.”

The sooner you leave, the better! Chen Rui muttered secretly. Yesterday’s good show was naturally directed by him. At first, when Sergey saw him lying on the ground, it was really him. Then, he became Alan. As for the “Alan” that Sergey saw, it was Chen Rui in disguise. Sergey released his flying sword “cooperatively”, then he ran away after releasing smoke.

Since the opponent cooperated so well, Chen Rui certainly wouldn’t miss the remaining time to take action. He stabbed the sword he held into Alan’s chest, then he lay down and pretended to be unconscious.

As for Salador, Chen Rui made him into a puppet with “God-Eating Mask”, including the final “tragic” suicide was also carried out under his control. Since a dead man told no tales, Sergey could not justify it even more. In fact, even Sergey himself identified Alan as the culprit. However, the power of the “God-Eating Mask” was terrifying; Salador killed himself without hesitation.

Chen Rui could have controlled Salador to kill Sergey and settle Sergey and Alan at the same time, but he changed his mind abruptly. Because of this, the Rus and Doron families were likely to anger the “bane” Athena, shifting the focus to the Dark Moon. Preserving Sergey’s life could not only make him a scapegoat, but also “the murderer getting away scot-free” could increase the conflict between the two sides.

The overall arrangement this time was purely using Alan’s conspiracy. The entire plan was operated by the Karon Family. Even Isabella did not see any flaws.

Chen Rui’s face expressed regret. “I’m sorry. Because of yesterday’s incident, I can’t give you a satisfactory answer. The Karon Family and the Rus family will certainly turn against each other, and I will probably become the target of anger if I go to the Imperial City. That Sergey alone will not let me go. I am a human without any background and strength. Even with your help, it would be difficult to preserve myself. I would rather stay in Dark Moon temporarily. If it’s impossible, I will escape the Fallen Angel Empire with Athena and go to the Dark Shadow Empire or the Bloody Empire. This way, even her father can’t break us up.”

Isabella showed disappointment, but in her heart, she was secretly angry. She didn’t expect what happened last night made this human decide not to go to the Imperial City. That Karon Family and Alan deserve more than death! She had secretly arrested and interrogated the Karon Family confidants sent by Alan to draw out Princess Royal and her. Sure enough, their testimonies were consistent. This matter could basically be concluded.

Even more unexpectedly, this Chen Rui had the idea of eloping with Athena. It seemed that telling him that Sergey wanted to spread the news at Warlock Fortress was pverreaching herself.

Chen Rui sighed. “I’m sorry, lady. I will remember your kind intentions. If there is a chance in the future, I will go to the Imperial City to see you.”

“I don’t blame you; things are changing so fast.” Isabella also sighed and stood up. Her left eye flashed, then she combed her long hair along the way. “Rest well. I’m leaving first.”

As Isabella did that small action, Chen Rui suddenly felt alert. He felt a few small forces approached his body. This force was weak enough to go undetected. If Chen Rui had not reached “Alioth” realm, it would have been impossible to detect. With quick thinking, he did not resist and let the force penetrate into his body.

“Let me send you off, lady.”

“No need.” Isabella nodded to Chen Rui, then she turned and left.

As soon as Isabella was gone, Chen Rui immediately used his powers to detect the abnormality just now. The few tiny strands of forces were like buried “seeds”. It only needed a special force to trigger it.

Although for Chen Rui who was in “Alioth” realm, this power couldn’t do much harm. However, if he was really that powerless human, then once the “seed” was induced, it would definitely kill him.

Chen Rui pondered about refusing the invitation to go to the Imperial City in this “last resort” situation and his intention to take Athena to leave Dark Moon. He never expected to be involved in Isabella’s murderous scheme.

If you can’t use him, kill him! What a cruel and decisive woman, what a devil’s snare flower!

These “seeds” must be under Isabella’s control, and they would be triggered after she left Dark Moon. It was likely that there was some kind of alert, so Chen Rui did not try to eliminate the “seeds”. He quickly transformed into Aguile and headed to the the ancient terrace house. There, a master was about to rise to the bait.

When he came to the ancient terrace house, the old goblin Didi immediately greeted him. “Master!”

“How’s it going?”

“That master is in the backyard now, but…”

“I’m late because I had something to take care of. Is Master Tata waiting impatiently?”

The old goblin Didi showed a weird look. “No…”

Chen Rui stopped dilly-dallying with the old goblin and headed straight for the backyard.

Before he got to the backyard, he heard someone talking and cheering.

“This is a color-changing cloak, but due to material and craftsmanship issues, it can only change the cover color according to the environment. You cannot hide Great Demon King-level senses.”

Sparse applause came.

“Miss Sasa, you can’t touch that one. It will burst!”


When Chen Rui walked into the backyard, he saw Master Tata wearing a cloak and holding a lot of gadgets. Next to him were Skye’s two daughters, Eve and Alian, and old goblin’s daughter, Sasa.

Every time Master Tata performed, the three girls applauded. On the reclining chair a distance away was the sick Skye. He seemed to have fallen asleep, and he wasn’t paying attention to the situation here.

When did the master who only focused on magic materials become a juggler?

The performance propers were not just casual items, they were at least magic items of excellent grade!

But Chen Rui could tell that Master Tata’s focus was still on that Miss Sasa. He mostly seemed to be showing off.

“It’s Sir Aguile!” The sharp-eyed Alian discovered Chen Rui and ran over happily.

Although this dark elf girl’s body had been cursed, she had always been optimistic. It was contrary to the melancholic Eve. Chen Rui liked this little girl like a little sister. He even brought her some toys from time to time.

“Has your body gotten better lately?” Chen Rui touched Alian’s head.

After Chen Rui saved the father and daughters trio last time, Alian’s affection for this masked man increased greatly. She no longer feared him like before. She nodded, her pure eyes revealing her cuteness and delight, “Much better, thank you sir for the potion!”

Looking at the girl’s pure eyes, Chen Rui suddenly felt guilty. He could cure her, but he delayed it for his own motives. He immediately made a decision in his mind.

“I’ve brought back what you need most. From now on, you and Eve no longer have to suffer the curse.”

Alian’s big eyes showed a light of surprise. Eve also heard those words. She stood up slowly, and her eyes were filled with disbelief. The dark elf Skye, who had been pretending to sleep, opened his eyes sharply, bursting with light. He appeared in front of Chen Rui instantly. His voice was trembling a little. “You really got it?”

A bottle appeared in Chen Rui’s hand. It was the magic bottle Skye gave him. It was filled with transparent liquid.

Skye opened the bottle and sniffed it carefully. He took out a straw, dripped a few drops on the grass in the courtyard. The withered grass began to shoot out a few new green shoots at a speed that was visible to the naked eye, regaining a sense of life.

Chen Rui himself was a bit surprised. He did not expect the fountain of life to also have this effect.

“Sure enough, it’s this kind of fountain water!” Skye yelled excitedly.

The master goblin aside was also attracted over. He looked at the withered grass carefully and said with emotion, “The fountain of life?”

Why was Tata playing with Sasa, Eve and Alian? I thought he was only interested in forging materials?

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