Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 205 - Death! Alan’s Valu

Chapter 205: Death! Alan’s Valu

Sergey knew that he was in danger, so he leaped toward the courtyard. He had already used both transformation and demonic fire in the air, but Salador was even faster. He had blocked the way before Sergey.

Sergey’s sword was blazing with flame. It turned into an arc that struck toward Salador’s head. The momentum was shocking. However, Salador only used his scythe to parry, and it was easily parried. Before Sergey could make his second move, Salador kicked like lightning that hit right on Sergey’s chest. Sergey flew back several meters and blood spilled from the corners of his mouth.

Although Sergey had reached early Higher Demon, he still had no chance in the face of a veteran Higher Demon who was at the peak like Salador.

“Salador, don’t kill Sergey too soon. Torture him slowly to death! He actually calls me a scumbag!” Alan’s slightly strange tone sounded in the courtyard, “Let me give him the final blow later!”

Sergey’s thought of something and teleported. Certainly, he saw “Alan” at the gate of the courtyard. As he was about to step forward, Salador had already appeared instantly and swung his scythe. If Sergey didn’t dodge quickly enough, his arm would’ve been cut off.

Salador was chasing him tightly all the way, forcing Sergey to step back bit by bit while his injuries continued to increase. His plan to hold Alan as hostage had also failed. However, Sergey responded very quickly. While he endured a blow, a bright light appeared in his hand. It flew toward the sky and bloomed like a firework.

Calling for aid? “Alan” was stunned, then he shouted, “He is asking for help. Salador, kill him quickly!

Sergey hated the “scumbag” that conspirated. A vicious look appeared within his eyes. Suddenly, the sword in his hand came off and flew toward “Alan” like lightning.

“Alan” looked horrified, but there was an odd delight in his eyes. This is just nice. It is much better than “suiciding” by rushing into the fight!

Salador didn’t seem to expect Sergey to make such a move in desperation, and he was shocked, “Young Master, be careful!”

Alan’s strength was only at Intermediate Demon, so he couldn’t dodge that sword. After a suffering cry, the sword seemed to have penetrated his chest.

“Young Master Alan!” Salador was frightened. He rushed toward Alan immediately.

Sergey looked slightly relieved. As Salador was rushing toward Alan, a magic prop prepared in his hand was thrown out. After a loud noise, a smokescreen filled the entire space.

With the cover of the smokescreen, Sergey quickly gulped a few bottles of potions and fled outward. Salador’s furious shout sounded from his back, and he was chasing closely.

Despite the aid of the potion, Sergey’s strength was too inferior after all. He was soon caught up by Salador. At the brink of life and death, Sergey’s eyes suddenly emitted a strange light and the blood on his body jetted toward Salador like bullets.

That “bullet” seemed to possess some strange powers. It should be some kind of talent that even the skin of the peak of Higher Demon couldn’t defend.

Salador was caught off guard. Multiple places of his body were penetrated. Yet, he didn’t retreat. Instead, it triggered his murderousness. He rushed forward at full force and cut off Sergey’s left leg at the knee.

Sergey made a terrifying scream and fell to the ground. As Salador was about to continue, a tender shout sounded suddenly. When the voice reached his ear, his entire body was already blown away by a huge force.

That force brought an extremely powerful aftershock. It continuously exploded in the body and instantly collapsed Salador’s defense which caused him to fall to the ground and couldn’t get up at once.

“Lady Isabella!” Although Sergey was in great pain, he still escaped from death after all, so his heart was finally calmed.

Isabella’s figure already appeared in front of Sergey’s eyes. Instantly, she saw Sergey’s tragic situation clearly and looked surprised.

“Madam, my legs!”

“Don’t move first! Master Kemp will be here soon! What the hell is going on?”

“Alan!” Sergey had just used his bloodline talent and consumed a lot of energy. Besides, his left leg was also cut off, so the great pain was making him cold sweating. He clenched his teeth to speak his rival’s name. In his heart, the hatred was in the extreme.

“Alan from the Karon Family?” Isabella saw Salador who was struggling to stand up and recalled that he was the Higher Demon who accompanied Alan at the barrack yesterday. She felt dumbfounded, “Alan sent someone to kill you? Where is he?”

Before Sergey answered, another figure appeared on the scene. It was Shea, the lord of the Dark Moon.

When Shea saw this scene, her purple eyes flashed with surprise. Her eyes fell on Salador who was knocked down by Isabella and frowned, “Salador, what happened exactly?”

Salador clenched his teeth and said, “Sergey! He killed Master Alan!”

Isabella and Shea were taken aback at the same time. Especially Isabella, her heart was in great shock: Alan, the son of my supervisor on paper, Legu Karon was actually killed by Sergey!

Although Legu’s relationship with Doron, the second general of the empire wasn’t the best, but they were by no means archrivals. Now that Legu’s only son was killed by Doron’s son, Legu’s anger was imaginable.

What exactly happened? At that time, many people had arrived, including the imperial guards and commissioners from the capital. Master Kemp was also there. Seeing Sergey’s situation, he quickly came over and helped Sergey to connect his broken leg. He took out a bottle of white potion and poured it on the wound. The wound gradually grew, but it was only healing on the surface. To truly recover, it would at least need a few months.

Other than his broken leg, Sergey’s body was full of terrible wounds. Some were deep enough to see the bones. Fortunately, Kemp was there. His wounds were treated one by one.

“That asshole Alan is dead? He deserves it!” While Master Kemp was dealing with his wound, Sergey laughed in relief even though he was shaking with pain.

Salador seemed to be triggered and yelled. He couldn’t bother about his injuries and he stood up wobbly. Despite the presence of Isabella and Shea, he teleported to Sergey and wanted to take Sergey down with himself. Unfortunately, Isabella was faster than him. She waved her hand lightly. Then, Salador flew out, falling to the ground again. This time, he completely lost his combat power.

“Sir Legu! It’s my fault! I didn’t protect Young Master Alan!” Salador moaned while lying on the ground. Subsequently, his voice turned into boundless hatred, “Sergey! The Karon Family will not forgive you!”

After saying that, Salador exploded his remaining strength by pulling out a dagger from his waist and thrust it into his heart.

Salador, suicided.

Alan, killed.

Sergey, severely injured.

Isabella quickly asked Sergey about the incident. When Sergey clenched his teeth and told them Alan’s conspiracy, Shea heard Chen Rui was being kidnapped. Her figure moved and rushed toward the abandoned house that Sergey mentioned at full speed. Isabella’s eyes lit up and followed.

Certainly, they saw Alan on the ground within the courtyard with Sergey’s sword on his chest, and blood was all over the floor. Also, not far from there, the kidnapped human sheriff was lying motionless, seemingly unconscious.

A strange color flashed past Shea’s eyes. Her figure flickered and appeared next to Chen Rui. She checked his breath and her mind was relieved.

Isabella squatted down and examined Alan’s body, seemingly looking for a flaw. However, she quickly stood up with a frown. Apparently, she couldn’t find anything.

Kaguron and others rushed to the yard soon after. Under the treatment of Master Kemp, the human sheriff woke up. He was startled when he saw Alan’s corpse.

According to Chen Rui, after he left the royal inn today, he fainted somehow shortly after. He only knew so much had happened after he woke up.

Isabella listened carefully as she calculated the time and distance. Her face became increasingly serious: It seems that this incident is truly planned by Alan. First, he kidnap Chen Rui. Then, he sent someone to lure Sergey here. He intended to kill Chen Rui with Sergey’s hands. However, Sergey wasn’t fooled and Salador immediately appeared. He wanted to torture Sergey to death under Alan’s isntruction yet Alan was accidentally killed by Sergey’s thrown sword in the end. When Salador hunted Sergey in anger, I saw the emergency signal coincidentally and rushed here to save Sergey’s life.

Shea’s appearance should be related to Alan’s arrangement, but this matter requires confirmation from Alan’s other subordinates. If this is true, then this matter will be troublesome.

Although Alan has a mediocre aptitude, he is the only son of Legu and the heir of the Karon Family. The Demon Realm attaches the greatest importance to inheritance; while Doren Rus only has Sergey as the brightest son. He is a genius when he is only a teenager. His life is impossible to be traded with Alan’s death. Moreover, this incident is caused by Alan himself, so he deserves it.

Yet, in this way, the Karon Family and the Rus family would become enemies forever. The finance minister and the most important general under Prince Obsidian would become enemies. It would be greatly detrimental to Obsidian’s party. On the contrary, the indirect beneficiaries became the other two empires and even Shea, the Lord of Dark Moon in front of her.

Isabella was brilliant. She was suspecting something was fishy just now. However, judging from Salador’s actions and Sergey’s personal experience, this incident was clearly a conspiracy by Alan who was blinded by lust.

Isabella sighed. From the current situation, she could only report to the capital as soon as possible. Perhaps she had to prepare to return in advance. Based on the current information, it was impossible for the Beelzebub Royal Family that restored the “God-Eating Mask” to wait for others to hunt for him. He should have left the Dark Moon long ago. She had already expected it on her way here. Coming to the Dark Moon this time was more to test and control.

However, the Dark Moon’s situation was indeed bad. In terms of military, other than the imperial guards directly under Shea, the quality of the garrison was quite poor. It would take at least several years to truly train them into a strong legion.

In terms of economics, the Dark Moon also appeared chaotic. The “criminal gang”, Cloak Gang used the title as the imperial guards’ reserved forces to forcibly scrap off merchants’ property. The merchants’ life was miserable.

In terms of talents, the potion master, Aldas was still loyal to Princess Royal. He didn’t give Isabella a chance to meet at all. However, with the temptation of that Potion Master Tournament, Aldas would definitely go to the capital city 6 months later. However, this new human sheriff showed surprising wisdom and ability. He was quite something. However, no matter what, his shortcomings were also quite obvious. For instance, in today’s incident, no matter how high great his wisdom was, it was useless in the face of absolute strength.

Such a conspiracy by Alan turned out to be advantageous for Chen Rui and the Dark Moon. What would Isabella do next?

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