Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 204 - Conspiracy and Beating Them with Their Own Game

Chapter 204: Conspiracy and Beating Them with Their Own Game

The two Chen Rui(s) who were separated had a strange feeling at the same time. Whoever could kill each other, whoever’s will would rule this body. The two didn’t say anything and they immediately started to work. Their strengths were equally-matched and their skills were all the same. <Scorching Dragon Kill> vs. <Scorching Dragon Kill>, <Scorching Dragon Possession> vs. <Scorching Dragon Possession>…

The fierce fighting had been going on. The killing around them wasn’t in the duo’s eyes anymore. They only had each other in their eyes. They can only survive when they destroy the other self.

After several hardships, Chen Rui took the danger of being sliced at his waist and finally took the lead and cut the inner demon into two with <Aura Blade> from his head. The inner demon cried and the face that was cut into two revealed a creepy smile.

“Next time, it won’t be so easy…”

Immediately after, the two pieces of the body exploded. Chen Rui didn’t expect there would be such a self-destruction move. Being caught off guard, he was impacted by the explosion. It was as if numerous impurities had penetrated into his consciousness. It was very painful.

However, his consciousness had gradually recovered.

Although the illusion of the inner demon had passed a long time, the time in reality was much shorter. At that moment, he heard some familiar voices coming into his ears.

“Salador, you didn’t kill him right?” The voice was from the ex-sheriff, Alan.

“It’s weird.” Karon Family strongest Great Demon, Salador shook his head. “I just got closer and before I act, he has already fainted. Perhaps he got sick because he can’t adapt to the Demon Realm’s environment. He is indeed a weak guy.”

“Why would a weak human like that get Athena’s heart?” Alan clenched his fists.

Salador frowned, “Young Master Alan, I have a few words. I don’t know if you would listen?”

Alan nodded, “Salador, you’ve been following my father for many years and you’ve watched me grow. Just tell me anything if you know something.”

“That woman’s heart is obviously no longer on you and you should also know that it is difficult to get her back. There are so many women in the world who are better than Athena. Why do you have to hold on to her? Also, once this incident is made known, it’ll offend the Rus Family. I don’t think it’s worth it. Although I have sent someone to lure Sergey here as requested, but… it’s not too late to stop now.”

Alan frowned, “What if I insist?”

Upon hearing that, Salador knew that his persuasion was ineffective, so he sighed, “Then, I, Salador can only obey.”

“Thank you, Salador.” Alan patted Salador on his shoulder, “Let me tell you the truth. It was initially my father’s order to pursue Athena. If it succeeds, then the power of General George may defect toward the capital. Prince Obsidian once promised that as long as this is done, my father will be the chancellor, and he’ll no longer have to be the powerless finance minister that’s controlled by the woman, Isabella.”

Salador’s eyes lit up and he nodded.

“I’m truly fascinated by Athena’s beauty, but more of it is unwillingness to admit defeat! Why would I lose to such an incompetent human!” Alan’s eyes looked vicious, “If I kill Chen Rui, Athena will definitely hate me to my core. However, the guy, Sergey has publicly stated that he will pursue Athena now. If I use Sergey’s hand to kill this human, then not only will my love rival be eliminated, but Athena’s hatred will also turn to Sergey. Then, I’ll have a chance by the time.”

“Young master’s plan… is quite clever. Sergey was embarrassed at the ball due to this human’s trick. He even knows that Athena likes Chen Rui. When he sees this guy, he’ll definitely kill.”

Salador looked admiring, “At that time, as long as you seize the right time to notify both Princess Royal and Isabella to come here, everyone will know that Sergey killed the human. Rest assured, Young Master. I’ve arranged everything as you ordered. Princess Royal and Isabella should be able to reach here just in time!”

“Good job!” Alan sneered, “As long as I get Athena, I will slowly use drugs to make this woman my slave. The humiliation that I suffer now will be doubled on her body!”

At that moment, a flame was suddenly ignited on Chen Rui’s body on the ground, a black flame.

Alan’s conspiracy had all been seen through by him. Although his consciousness was still full of the “impurities” produced by the inner demon’s explosion, <Nirvana’s Flame> was the nemesis of such “impurities”.

Alan and Salador were taken aback, especially Salador. The extremely pure power brewing in the black flame wasn’t destruction, but it brought a lively atmosphere. It reminded him of a bloodline talent of a famous royal family in the Demon Realm.

Impossible! This guy is just an incompetent weak human who will faint at any time!

The problem was that Salador even trembled for the strength from this flame, and he couldn’t move at once.

The human’s eyes slowly opened. The eyes as dark as the night sky had no fear nor surprise, perhaps there was no trace of extra feelings but only a dazzling light.

The flames gradually converged into the body. Those eyes became spirited, and they stared at Salador and Alan calmly.

Salador and Alan felt that the oppressive force suddenly disappeared. This weird fellow recovered his powerless breath.

Was that an illusion? Salador and Alan looked at each other and saw the suspicion in their eyes at the same time. “I heard basically everything that you said. It’s just that I had a situation, so I didn’t wake up.” Chen Rui’s gaze was on Alan. “Without the last sentence, you wouldn’t have to die so quickly.”

Although Chen Rui didn’t have any powerhouse’s breath at the moment, Alan instinctively felt fearful. He never thought that this almost inexplicable fear was actually generated in the face of this human. For once, he could no longer bother with his imputing plan and shouted, “Kill him!”

Salador didn’t hesitate. The flame on his body blazed and a scythe appeared in his hand. He struck with a full blow as the scythe whistling. It was clear that he felt the invisible pressure from Chen Rui.

The scythe stopped suddenly on top of Chen Rui’s head. Salador’s pupil contracted and his eyes looked extremely scared. The scythe he struck with all his strength was caught between the two fingers of the human, and it couldn’t move any further!

Alan was also startled. With two fingers, he easily blocked the full blow of a peaked Higher Demon!

This kind of strength cannot be achieved by even Arux, who is infinitely close to Demon King!

Then, this human’s strength is…

At least Demon King!

It’s too unbelievable. This publicly recognized weakling actually has such incredible strength!

Salador was shocked and shouted at Alan, “Run now!”

Alan was like he just woke up from a dream. He could barely move his feet. He teleported at the last moment and appeared at the door. Before he could escape, Chen Rui’s figure had already appeared first. Then, he felt a pain in his neck and fell unconscious.

Teleport! Salador was taken aback. He knew that if he stayed here, not only he couldn’t protect Alan, but he would also be killed. Thus, he instantly teleported in the other direction.

However, something that made Salador helpless happened. The human who had already teleported actually teleported again miraculously and blocked in front of him.

A double teleportation that is stronger than the Great Demon’s talent! How much terrifying strength is this human hiding? Salador had a question in mind. At that moment of distraction, he had followed Alan’s footsteps and fainted.

Chen Rui looked at the surrounding environment. This place should be an abandoned old house. According to the arrangements of Salador and Alan, Sergey would be lured here soon. Then, the subsequent plans… were after Sergey killed him, Shea and Isabella would also be lured here to “witness” Sergey’s murder.

Chen Rui looked at Alan with a sneer. In his eyes, Alan had always been a clown. He never thought Alan would think of such an imputing conspiracy. If that was the case, he would let his death have greater value than his life.

Thinking of that, Chen Rui glanced at Salador, who was under his feet. Then, a strange mask appeared on his face with his eyes glowing in pale yellow.

Soon after, Sergey’s figure appeared outside the courtyard.

Sergey walked into the courtyard carefully whilst holding a sword, then he saw a person lying on the ground. The person seemed to have passed out.

With the purple moonlight, Sergey saw what this person looked like. It was the human he hated most! A murderous intention flashed past in his eyes. He took 2 steps forward and stopped again.

Sergey had always been very arrogant because he was the son of the second general of the empire and he was also a genius Great Demon. Thus, he had the asset to be arrogant. However, he wasn’t stupid. Why is my rival here? Is this a scary trap?

Isabella’s command seemed to ring in his ears again. He didn’t dare to disobey the Lady Devil’s Snare’s order. Besides, he had already passed the news to Warlock Fortress based on Isabella’s idea. After a moment of hesitation, Sergey stepped back.

“Hmph! Coward, why don’t you dare to kill this human?” A gloomy voice came from behind.

Sergey immediately turned back and he saw a Great Demon behind him, exuding strength that was much more superior than him.

This Great Demon looks a bit familiar. I saw him at the barrack yesterday. He is from the Karon Family!

“Let me introduce myself first. My name is Salador…” A long scythe appeared in Salador’s hand, “For a person who is about to die, I won’t mind letting him know who killed him.”

“You are from the Karon Family?” Sergey knew his opponent’s strength was above him, so he was on guard, “Why do you want to kill me?”

“You saw it at the barracks yesterday that Young Master Alan is pursuing Ms. Athena. Yet, you even blatantly proposed to her in public!” Sergey took a look at the motionless Chen Rui, who was lying on the ground. “If you have just killed this human, then I didn’t have to do this again. I’ll just have to publish the magic video of you killing the human. Unfortunately, you have to die with the human now.”

Actually, even if Sergey truly killed Chen Rui, Salador would only deliberately make a sound to get his attention.

“Alan, that asshole. How dare he plot against me!” Sergey suddenly understood his opponent’s conspiracy, and he was extremely furious.

“Although it’s a bit difficult to create an incident of you and the human killing each other, as long as both of you are dead, Ms. Athena will belong to my young master!” Salador said while waving his scythe, “Die!”

Was this a love triangle? Who would win in this triangle? Alan? Sergey? Or Chen Rui?

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