Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 203 - Return To The Ground? Isabella’s Condition

Chapter 203: Return To The Ground? Isabella’s Condition

Watching Isabella’s elegant figure left, Chen Rui frowned. The purpose of this woman here shouldn’t only be to send an invitation letter. However, I still have to obtain the important information of the humans in the Demon Realm. I’ll go to the royal inn tomorrow to see what trick she’s playing.

At that time, Kia’s deliberate alluring voice sounded, “Master, who was that woman just now? Did you hook up with another noblewoman again?” “Stop! Take it as I’m afraid of you. Get some food now and rest early.” Chen Rui was stressed out. It’s hard enough to deal with the older demon girl. You little demon girl please just stop adding troubles.

Looking at Chen Rui’s suffering look, Kia showed a victorious smile. Unknowingly, she no longer had the restraint when she first came.

Certainly, Aldas was very excited when he saw the invitation. Not only that, his current research also had a great breakthrough. Although the dark elf master’s didn’t have the greatest potential, no potion master could be as luxurious as him to experiment with ready-made black potions under the current Demon Realm’s condition. Therefore, obtaining success under focused study was within expectation.

The next afternoon, Chen Rui arrived at the royal inn according to the appointment. According to the information from Cloak Gang, Sergey and Master Kemp just went out to accompany Master Tata to buy materials. “Sir Chen Rui, you’re on time.” Isabella wore a sexy skirt that looked casual, but it inadvertently made her perfect figure stand out. Solely the outline of the towering breasts was enough to make a man’s blood pumping.

“Madam, please remove the Sir when you’re referring to me.” Chen Rui shook his head. “I am originally a pharmacy apprentice. It was only because of some coincidence that I was pushed to this spot. It makes me uncomfortable being called that.” Isabella’s look was a little weird, “Was that too intimate? Then, do you want to call my name directly? Our relationship is far from this step. Can this be understood as the all-lovingness of the sheriff has extended to this place?” Chen Rui’s expression was stagnant. Isabella suddenly covered her mouth and smiled. When she bent down simply, her plump chest trembled with her laughter and the groove in the middle became more obvious. Chen Rui saw it unintentionally and his heart was heated involuntarily.

“Sir Sheriff, where’s your humor? It’s just a small joke.” Isabella didn’t seem to notice where his eyes were looking at. “If you don’t mind, we can address each other’s name directly.”

Chen Rui smiled bitterly, “Let’s remain our initial addresses. I don’t want to be beaten by Athena. In front of her, I have no strength to fight back.” That mock wasn’t entirely fictional. Athena’s current strength was indeed higher than Chen Rui.

“Your means are truly amazing. You managed to rob the heart of the daughter of the empire’s first general. Also, you even have a seductive succubus maid at home.” Isabella looked curious. “It seems that the two women can coexist. I’m curious. How are you able to do that?” “That’s a secret.” Chen Rui smiled mysteriously deliberately, “Only the parties involved will understand.” “To fully gain a woman’s heart, not only love but other aspects are also equally important. Perhaps you still have some special abilities that outsiders don’t know.” Isabella’s sentence seemed to have a double-meaning, but the brilliance in that eye made it felt more flirtatious.

Speaking explicit words in that elegant tone gave a strange arousal.

Isabella didn’t have the succubus’s seductive bloodline talent nor did she used pitiful words or sexy parts to seduce like Kia. She only needed an inadvertent action or a word with deep meaning to make a man be infatuated with her. This might be the realm of master seduction. Compared with it, Kia was undoubtedly inferior.

“Madam has overpraised me. Can I have a glass of water? Madam’s charm is too shocking. If I don’t drink some water to calm down, I’m afraid I’ll lose myself.” Chen Rui did feel a little overwhelmed. He had to chant the calm mind formula in order to cool him down. This woman is known as the capital’s flower. She has met countless people. If I pretend to be attracted, I might reveal flaws instead. It’s better to just be frank and turn conspiracies into overt schemes.

When Isabella saw he didn’t conceal the movement in his heart, there was a surprised look flashed past her eyes, “Although it’s inappropriate to use the word “cute” to describe a man, I do think you are cute. So, let’s talk about that matter about the humans in Demon Realm. It should be your main purpose here today.”

From vague seduction just now to the current change of topic, Isabella had always been taking control. Chen Rui knew it in his heart and sighed, “I’ll be honest. I do want to know. After all, I don’t belong to this world.” “The Demon Realm does have human beings and most of them come voluntarily. To gain more strength, they come to the Demon Realm through special methods to find more powerful opponents to fight. The ultimate goal of these people is to return to the human world. So, all of them have a secret method to return to the ground.” Chen Rui recalled the final battle in the underground world. This is the reason why Glorfin was surprised and said “Demon Realm actually has such a weak human”. Then, these humans who come to the Demon Realm must possess great power, and they also master some secret methods to return to the human world.

“There is a human named Nero at the capital of the Fallen Angel Empire. He has a profound friendship with Regent Obsidian.” Isabella saw him pondering, then added another shocking sentence, “If you’re willing to return to the capital with me this time, I can recommend you. In my face, Nero won’t refuse. Then, you can return to the human world with Nero!”

Isn’t Nero one of the people that Athena said to be aware of? I never thought he would be a human.

Chen Rui looked moved. His expression wasn’t entirely fake. He had already merged with all the memory fragments of the original owner, “Arthur”. Although many things were blurry, it was certain that Arthur came from a noble family and he had been living a worry-free life. If he could return to the human world with this identity, then at least, he didn’t have to work hard to survive in the Demon Realm.

Chen Rui was silent for a long time and finally said, “In the Demon Realm, I have changed a lot involuntarily in order to survive. I don’t know if I can still fit in at the human world.” “Is this a no?” Isabella was slightly moved, “With your wisdom, don’t you think this is a wrong choice? Is it for Athena?” Chen Rui took a deep breath, “Maybe….”

“I understand a little why Athena is in love with you now.” Isabella took a sentimental look at Chen Rui and sighed softly, “Even I became a little envious of her. If the man I met 200 years ago was like you, then many things would be different now.” Chen Rui heard the slight sorrow in her words. “Madam, need not to be sad. Life is constantly changing and things are unexpected. As long as there is hope, there is confidence to go on.”

“People have hope because they can’t see their destiny clearly.” Isabella still shook her head. Her eyes was covered with confusion, “While it’s exactly because I’ve seen my destiny clearly, so there is no hope in my heart. Memories are the only thing left. Sometimes I think that what I do is to constantly make memories in a world without hope. Perhaps this is a dream that I can never wake up from, and it’ll only end when I’m completely annihilated.”

“Memories don’t mean everything; destiny isn’t impossible to change.” Chen Rui shook his head gently, “We, humans have a phrase. The reason why people can do it is because they believe in it. I believe in this phrase very much, and I am proving its meaning with my own actions.”

Isabella stared at Chen Rui quietly, and she suddenly smiled coyly, “Interesting man, I’m truly kind of interested in you now. Even if you can’t let go of the woman in your heart, you should also be able to see the situation of the Dark Moon clearly. The Dark Moon’s destruction is sooner or later. Perhaps you can take Athena and other women to the capital city. I’ll recommend you to the regent. Then, not only will you have no worries, but your wisdom and talent will also have a bigger stage for you to present.”

Chen Rui looked at Isabella in surprise, “Is it true?”

“Surely, there is one more thing I forgot to tell you. In order to get Athena, Sergey has contacted his family through magic communication and spread the news about you and Athena to the Warlock Fortress stationed by General George. With General George’s temper, he’d never agree with the relationship between both of you. If you’re willing to go to the capital, I can convince the regent to personally marry you and Athena. Then, even General George won’t be able to stop it.”

Chen Rui frowned tightly, “Why are you helping me like this?”

“This is a good opportunity to fight for General George.” Isabella said frankly, “Not only that, I also hope to get your friendship. Don’t be too humble as you deserve it. I went to the Princess Retail Store in the morning. The stuffs are not bad. I even bought two new clothes. The Princess Retail Store was originally a weird little shop opened by the little princess. It had no business at all. The Princess Retail Store changed its name after you appeared and the business became good ever since. Besides, there were many business strategies that were never seen in the Demon Realm. Thus, even without looking at other information, I can immediately determine that a certain cunning human man is advising at the back.”

Chen Rui didn’t deny and smiled, “I can’t accept that adjective. I’m a very upright person with a little street-smart, but never cunning.”

“Behind little street-smart is great wisdom.” Isabella’s eyes fluttered with charm, “Only a capable man can win friendship and respect, and more. As a friend, we’ll have more opportunities to get to know each other more deeply at the capital.”

Learn each other more deeply? Another hint! Chen Rui only felt that his heart was even hotter. Suddenly, he had a strong desire to possess. He wanted to tear off this lady’s inviolable shell who looked graceful and elegant, and turned her into a whore that he could do whatever he wanted.

After all, he had experience in mind training. He knew that Isabella had likely performed some kind of charming method, and his own condition wasn’t quite right too.

Thinking of that, Chen Rui didn’t dare to stay any longer. He immediately stood up, “I need to think about this very carefully. Can I give you a reply in a few days?”

“Okay.” Isabella stood up and restored her elegant smile, “I should return to the capital city in a few days. I hope that there’ll be an interesting and handsome man as my companion at the time.”

Chen Rui said goodbye, and Isabella’s smile suddenly became cold: I’ve already proposed such favorable conditions. I even used a bit of my willpower to charm. Unexpectedly, the wisdom and willpower of this human are beyond expectations. He was actually able to resist the temptation. If I can’t recruit such a person, I must eliminate him quickly!

Chen Rui was also thinking about Isabella’s words on the road. This woman’s means are really good. She knows how to use her beauty and weakness in a people’s heart. If I take Athena to the capital city together, then not only will Shea suffer a major blow, even General George will also be pinned down; he would even be forced to defect to Regent Obsidian’s party. If I truly follow Isabella back, it’s likely that Athena and I will be confined as hostages to threaten General George. Paglio’s <Lock of Light and Dark> has not been dispelled yet. So, I can’t leave the Dark Moon even if I don’t go to the capital.

It was almost dark at that point, and the light of the two moons began to turn purple. As Chen Rui was walking, Isabella’s voluptuous body and alluring eyes appeared in his head inexplicably. Then, the desires suppressed by his calm mind formula began to grow again.

He felt that something was wrong. As he was about to speed up his return to the lab, he suddenly felt someone behind was following him. The man seemed to have no fear. He pulled his distance very close and kept entering the scope of <Analytical Eyes>.

Race: Great Demon (Mutated). Comprehensive Strength Assessment: D+. Peak of Higher Demon? It shouldn’t be Sergey as expected. There seems to be no such person among the commissioners who came from the capital. Then, it should be the local in the Dark Moon!

The desires in Chen Rui’s heart suddenly turned into murderous intention. Even his calm mind formula couldn’t suppress it. He was greatly shocked in his heart. No wonder I felt that something was wrong just now. It really is the inner demon!

At this time, his inner demon was actually about to act up!

Chen Rui thought it was bad. He wanted to quickly get rid of the tracking of the Higher Demon. Unexpectedly, a loud noise sounded in his head and there was a sea of ​​fire around.

There were killings and cries everywhere, mixing with the screams of women being violated. It seemed to be the looting and burning after the city was invaded. The air was filled with a strong bloody smell. Is this Dark Moon City?

This is the inner demon! This is an illusion! Chen Rui kept admonishing himself. Yet, when he saw all the heads or corpses of the familiar faces including his lover and friends, thoughts like sadness, fear, anger, desire, killing began to grow madly in his heart. Kill kill kill! Whether it’s the local or invaders, kill them all!

For a while, he became Shura [1] from Hell. Everything before him became the killing targets. <Aurora Shot>! <Destructive Aura Blow>! <Scorching Dragon Kill>! There seemed to be no limit to his attacks here. He could use whatever skills he wanted. Seeing each life ended in his hands, the dark side of his heart was enlarged infinitely. He was immersed in various killings, rapes, and destruction…

Another life was annihilated in his hands. It was a very young child. The child’s horrified look finally made Chen Rui wake up. Looking at the bloody sea of ​​corpses and the blood on his hands, he shouted furiously for the anger toward himself.

Chen Rui’s figure began to change. After a period of trembling and ambiguity, he split into two and became two people. One in his ordinary state and the other was Shura that was filled with killing and bloody breath.

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