Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 202 - Invitation

Chapter 202: Invitation

The Belphegor Royal Family’s <Eye of Evil> was called Demon God’s left eye. It had the ability to “see-through”. At that time, Chen Rui was exactly seen through by Roman. Although Athena learned to hide her breath from the poison dragon and she was also wearing a secret treasure like the Evil Blue Tear, there was no guarantee that it wouldn’t be seen by the <Eye of Evil>. Chen Rui didn’t want Isabella and Athena to face each other for too long, so he left the barrack with the commissioners.

The way Sergey looked at Chen Rui was even gloomier. Vicious murderous intention flashed from time to time. The loyalty of a female Great Demon was well known. It seemed that Athena was likely to belong to this man completely. Unless he could kill Chen Rui, Athena wouldn’t fall for a second man in her entire life.

Chen Rui was clear about Sergey’s murderous intention, but he couldn’t bother about a mere early stage Higher Demon. Besides, he had a Demon King-level bodyguard like Kaguron with him. Therefore, he was just introducing the relevant information to Isabella along the way cooperatively and making a few jokes occasionally. Isabella also seemed to be attracted by his humor and revealed a moving smile from time to time.

After walking around, Chen Rui sent Isabella and Sergey to the entrance of the royal inn before leaving. After the duo entered the courtyard, Master Kemp came from inside, whispered a few words and Isabella nodded.

“Madam, please allow me to kill Chen Rui.” Sergey bowed, “I must get Athena!”

Isabella shook her head and a gleam of cold light flashed in her eyes, “Don’t touch him first. I’m interested in this person.”

“Okay.” In front of Isabella, Sergey, who had always been arrogant, was not at all cocky. He knew clearly that it wasn’t a good thing to get Isabella’s “interest”. Don’t be fooled by the charm of the Lady Devil’s Snare. All the men that she was interested in, including her husband, would be “eaten” until no bones were left.

Isabella added, “With Athena’s current state, direct pursuit is useless. You require a little strategy. You can spread the news to the Warlock Fortress. I believe that the first general will never sit still and watch his only daughter fall in love with a weak human. As for the particular content of the message, you have to handle it yourself.”

Sergey exulted, “Thank you for your guidance.”

Chen Rui returned to the lab and saw the imp, Slee immediately came forward to show off his work, “Just now, a potioneer called Kemp requested to meet Aldas. He tried to convince me for a long time, and he even use a black crystal coin to lure me, but I still refused it.”

Chen Rui saw imp’s reluctance when he was talking about the black crystal coin and secretly commented that the stingy Kemp finally became generous for once. Back then, he wanted to get the poison recipe with 50 purple crystal coins, fucking dishonest guy!

“Good job, but to correct you, that Kemp isn’t a potioneer but a potion master. You didn’t go to the Masters Challenge at the arena last time. Master Kemp is one of the judges from the capital’s Potioneer Association.”

Slee didn’t expect that the guy that called himself Kemp was actually a potion master, and he was immediately dumbfounded. He recalled that the lich master even hinted to teach him some pharmacology knowledge and he was extremely regretful. However, if Master Aldas was disturbed, he might be even more regretful now.

“Did Kemp say for what matter does he need to see Master Aldas?” Slee replied, “It seems that he wants to invite master to participate in some competition. I asked him to leave the invitation letter, but he said he didn’t bring it, so he had to leave.”

“Good job, Slee.” Chen Rui waved his hand and a ray of light flew toward Slee. When the slee took a look, it was a black crystal coin. He couldn’t help but feel ecstatic. He and kept on praising his master for his generosity.

In the afternoon, Athena returned from the barrack, and her face was still red. After the duel with Sergey, the gossip of their public kiss spread throughout the city in the fastest time. Now that the relationship between Chen Rui and her had completely publicized, many people whispered when they saw her along the way.

“Did I… disrupt your plan today?” Athena saw Chen Rui’s serious look and asked carefully.

“A little.” Chen Rui frowned.

“Sorry.” Athena was anxious, “I just wanted Alan and Sergey to give up.”

“It’s not too late to make up for it now.”

“Do I have to take the initiative to kiss you like this morning to make up for it?” Athena suddenly sat down calmly and smiled slightly, “Hmph! Do you think I’ll be fooled twice? You told me not to be defeated by the same move!”

Chen Rui didn’t expect there would be a time that this silly girl would become smarter. He laughed awkwardly and murmured in his heart: Who said that it’s not effective? Didn’t I satisfy my lips, tongue and hands every single time?

At this moment, the imp, Slee came again, “A woman called Lady Isabella that claims to be from the capital says that she is here to meet master as appointed.”

Athena frowned and looked doubtful, “Why did this woman come to you? What’s the agreement between both of you?”

“I have nothing to do with her!” Chen Rui hurriedly said, “My beloved Ms. Athena, I can swear!”

“Why so anxious? Guilty man!” Athena blushed when she heard the words “beloved”. “I’m not doubting you, but I want to remind you that my father once said to be careful of 3 people in the capital. One of them is Nero, the other is Krobelus and the last one is Isabella. This woman is as beautiful as a flower, but her heart is like a scorpion, so never underestimate her.”

“I understand.” Chen Rui said, “You have yet to master the skill to hide your breath. Also, don’t let this woman see the Evil Blue Tear. You’ve worked hard today. Take a good rest in the room first. I’ll deal with her.”

Athena nodded and walked into her room.

Soon, Isabella, wearing a purple skirt and two square earrings appeared in front of Chen Rui. She was very particular about her attire. Her attire was different every time they met. The necklace that little loli “fancied” last time was buried in the cleavage on her chest, adding a little more seductiveness.

“Mr. Chen Rui, we’ve met again.” Isabella nodded gracefully, “I know I didn’t inform you before I came, but I can’t help it when I think of that beautiful waltz, so I came to interrupt.”

“It’s my pleasure.” Chen Rui took out a booklet with a smile, “The waltz’s essentials are all written on it along with pictures. I have just finished it. Now, I’ll give it to madam. Madam can take it back and practice it slowly.”

Isabella’s eyes were moved. She didn’t pick up the booklet. She shook her head, “It seems that Mr. Chen Rui is rather reluctant to get close to me. Do you think I’m an ominous widow?”

“Madam, you’re magnificent and famous. You also hold great power and you are valued by the Regent. How would you be an ominous person?”

Isabella sighed, showing a hint of sadness in her eyes. She mocked herself, “I know that many people call me the Lady Devil’s Snare. However, they don’t know that if the Devil’s Snare doesn’t have the toxic as protection, it would’ve withered already.”

Chen Rui felt a sense of compassion in his heart out of nowhere and the alert in his heart was suddenly reduced. He secretly thought she was powerful.

“Waltz is a private matter. Since Mr. Chen Rui has no time to teach me, then let’s do it next time.” Isabella took the booklet and restored her elegance in the blink of an eye. “Let’s talk about work matter now. I would like to meet Master Adlas. Can you please let him know?”

“The master is now studying a potion behind closed-door, and it is at a critical moment, so even I wouldn’t dare to disturb.”

“This is an invitation.” Isabella took out a golden magic poster and handed it to Chen Rui, “In six months, there will be a Potion Master Tournament in the capital that is held every 500 years. By then, many famous potion masters will participate. I believe that based on Aldas’s dedication to pharmacy, he’ll never miss this unprecedented tournament for academic exchange.”

Chen Rui previously thought that Kemp’s so-called tournament was just an excuse, but it turned out to be true. He asked, “Will the potion masters of the three empires participate?”

Kemp probably had other ideas in mind, but he was rejected, so Isabella had to hand over the actual invitation letter now.

“Not only the three empires but many reclusive, stateless masters will also be invited to participate.” Isabella solemnly said, “The Demon Realm hasn’t had any potion grandmaster for a long time. This tournament has been strongly supported by the Potioneer Association. The purpose is to make the Demon Realm’s pharmacy move a step forward through the academic exchanges. It may even give birth to a true pharmacy grandmaster.”

“Don’t worry, madam. I’ll definitely forward this invitation to the master.” Chen Rui nodded. This Masters Challenge is a grand event in pharmacy, so Aldas will definitely participate.

“Then, I have no more excuse to stay.” Isabella stood up, smiled sweetly and whispered, “The reason that you’re unwilling to teach me is it because Athena is eavesdropping at the side? Are you afraid that she’ll be jealous? I don’t seem to see the “all-loving” embrace that you mentioned.”

Chen Rui chuckled and Isabella’s laugh was even more alluring, “Actually, I have some secret news to share with you today, such as… the situation of humans in the Demon Realm. These humans actually have a way to return to the world above ground!”

Chen Rui was really surprised. He once heard from Glorfin that the Demon Realm had humans, but it was his first time hearing that these humans could return to the world above.

“So, can I ask madam truthfully for more information about the humans in the Demon Realm?”

Isabella’s smile became even more enticing, “Of course. However, I’m sorry that I don’t like to talk when there is another woman hiding next door. If you’re interested, tomorrow morning… no, perhaps in the afternoon at 4 pm. I’ll wait for you at the royal inn.”

Chen Rui nodded, “Okay, I’ll be there. Let me send madam out.”

At that time, footsteps came from outside the hall. It turned out to be Kia that was back from work. Kia didn’t expect that there was such a beautiful woman in the lab, and she looked surprised.

Isabella was also slightly surprised. She examined the charming and beautiful maid, and had to admit that the appearance of this maid wasn’t inferior as compared to her. Besides, the maid’s attire gave people an alternative temptation.

“This is truly shocking. Other than Athena, I have never expected there’s such beauty in the sheriff’s house.” Isabella glanced at Chen Rui and said with a double meaning, “I seem to have underestimated you.”

The moment Isabella and Kia walked past each other, Isabella’s left eye flashed with a faint light and Kia seemed to feel a sense of dizziness. When the light in Isabella’s left eye disappeared, Kia returned to normal.

Isabella didn’t look back anymore, but there was a hint of doubt in her beautiful eyes. Yet, her goal this time had been achieved. With the secret about the human in Demon Realm with her, she wasn’t worried that this human wouldn’t take the bait.

Isabella had overreached her intelligence. She only saw the tactician talent in Chen Rui but not his true strength

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