Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 201 - Athena Vs Sergey

Chapter 201: Athena Vs Sergey

Chen Rui returned to the lab and saw that Athena had returned from the Arena after 2 days of secluded training.

“Athena, have you reached the peak of Demon King?” Chen Rui felt a different breath from Athena and asked in surprise.

Athena nodded happily and Chen Rui’s eyes widened: That’s so fast! Did she cheat? In this way, as long as this girl reaches 20 years old, she’ll 100% be a Great Demon King!

“To congratulate…” Chen Rui grinned, teleported to the front of Athena and embraced her, “I decided that I’ll reward you with a kiss that represents justice and love.”

Athena blushed and dodged. Chen Rui was prepared for it and once again teleported to hug her tightly. He protruded his lips and got closer to Athena’s face, “Pretty girl, just give in to me.”

Athena pushed hard out of shyness and Chen Rui’s body flew out suddenly like he was on a cloud. “Poom!”, he banged against the wall. Athena was taken aback. She quickly teleported to his side and helped him up.

Chen Rui felt a little speechless. It was a good thing that Athena’s strength had become stronger. The problem was that it became difficult to even touch her a little now. Although <Scorching Dragon Possession> could barely keep up with Athena ’s strength, that kind of big move was no joke. If a kiss had to destroy the building, then the movement was too big.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t mean it. It should be the lack of fine control over my strength after the new breakthrough.”

Seeing his sad look, Athena felt guilty in her heart. Actually, she liked such intimacy, but as a girl… she still had to be reserved. Besides, this guy’s face was too thick sometimes.

“If you did it on purpose, I’m probably dead.” Chen Rui sighed. No! For my future sexual life, I must pass the <Refined Mind> test! I must breakthrough the Alioth state as soon as possible!

“Don’t be angry. At most… I’ll let you kiss again…”

“Really? Make sure you don’t struggle this time!”

“Poom!” It was the sound of a heavy object hitting the wall again.

“Athena, you deceived my pure, innocent heart!”

“You were the one who simply moved your hands!”


“Sorry, maybe this time…”




Someone’s voice had a little sobbing tone, “Athena! You can’t play with me like that!”

At that time, he saw the imp, Slee rushing in with a hammer, “Master, Kia next door said you guys are tearing down the wall and she let me grab something to help…”

Athena was ashamed and annoyed. She gave Chen Rui a vicious glance and walked into her room. The imp servant noticed the situation wasn’t right. He knew that he had fallen into Kia’s trap. He quickly escaped, leaving someone who was seriously frustrated to sit in the corner and draw circles.

A romantic and wonderful night was ruined.

The next morning, Chen Rui received Shea’s order to accompany Isabella and her team to familiarize themselves with the Dark Moon’s environment. It was a request made by Isabella to include Chen Rui as a companion. However, as a sheriff, Isabella asked for his company was understandable. To prevent Sergey’s from avenging yesterday’s humiliation, Shea asked the captain of the imperial guards, Kaguron, to accompany the party with protection as an excuse.

Along the way, Isabella raised questions from time to time. She seemed to be taking Chen Rui very seriously; whereas Sergey had always been keeping quiet with a gloomy face. He had never suffered such great humiliation and shame like yesterday, and he actually vomited blood out of anger. If it weren’t for Chen Rui’s identity and that they were in the Dark Moon City, he would’ve torn the damn sheriff into pieces.

Chen Rui noticed that among the commissioner, Master Tata and Master Kemp weren’t present. It was fine with Master Tata who was always focused on the mechanics; Master Kemp’s “missing”, on the other hand, would probably be something bad.

After walking to the barrack area, Isabella suddenly asked for a tour. It wasn’t good for Chen Rui to refuse naturally, so he brought Isabella and Sergey to the barrack.

In the barrack, the guards were being trained by Arux and Athena. Chen Rui was surprised that Alan was also in the barrack, holding a bouquet of flowers. Beside him was the strongest Higher Demon from the Karon Family, Sarado that protected him everywhere. It seemed that this guy still hadn’t given up on Athena.

Alan’s father, Legu Karon was Isabella’s boss on paper. Isabella smiled and greeted Alan who came over. Alan didn’t dare to neglect and he bowed toward her. Then, he looked at Chen Rui with hatred. Sergey seemed to look down on Alan, so he didn’t bother to care.

As the training time was too short, the quality of the guards couldn’t be improved fundamentally. The lazy attitude and low combat power made the imperial guards captain, Kaguron shook his head.

“Is this the Dark Moon’s garrison?” Sergey’s deliberate amplified his mocking laugh and it echoed across the barrack. “100 people of my Scarlet Demon Legion is enough to completely destroy these trash.”

The guards looked indignant, but they didn’t dare to act recklessly under Arux’s instructions and continued their training. Chen Rui spoke, “Sorry for the embarrassment, General Sergey. The guards only need to guard the Dark Moon and eliminate the criminals in the territory. How can it be compared with the elite Scarlet Demon Legion of the empire?”

In front of people like Isabella, the worse the guards performed, the better. Not only the military but also the economics and business were now “in a turmoil” because of the Cloak Gang. It was a good opportunity to show the capital that they were weak.

“No wonder such a trash like you can become the sheriff.” Sergey sneered. He didn’t give up any opportunity to attack Chen Rui. After the ball yesterday, this human sheriff had become Sergey’s most hated person.

“Sergey, you’re the actual thrash.” Athena’s voice sounded. Athena’s armor today had a black high-necked skin tight shirt within to hide the Evil Blue Tear worn on the neck. Chen Rui specifically instructed her to do so because the Evil Blue Tear was the secret treasure of the Belphegor Royal Family; while Isabella was exactly from the Belphegor Royal Family, lest she might find out and cause unexpected event.

At present, the Evil Blue Tear was the key to analyze the God-Eating Mask. “Athena!” Sergey had already noticed her earlier. His eyes were flashing with stern gaze.

“Loser, you have no right to hoot.” Athena sneered. With her current strength, she saw through Sergey’s true strength at a glance. He had just advanced to Higher Demon. Initially, she didn’t want to bully the “weak”, but Sergey insulted Chen Rui, so she obviously wouldn’t be polite to him.

“Sergey, if you want to restore your dignity, speak with your sword.”

Back in the days, Sergey lost to Athena in the youth swordsmanship final at the capital, which was equivalent to the second general, Doron lost to the first general, George. Sergey had always kept that in his mind. Now that he heard Athena’s provocation, his will to battle immediately rose. “Klang!”, a greatsword had appeared on his hand.

With Arux’s approval, the training was suspended. The garrison guards formed a large circle to watch the battle. Although they were usually tortured by Athena’s training methods, all the guards still hoped that she would win and teach the arrogant guy a lesson.

It was a fully-predictable duel, but since there were others present, Athena still had to put up a show, so she pulled out her greatsword too. Ignoring Sergey’s usual arrogance, once he pulled out the sword, his temperament changed as his anxiety and anger became calm. He indeed had outstanding qualities.

Athena stood there quietly without any special posture. Yet, in Sergey’s eyes, she seemed to have become a towering mountain that was unmovable and this feeling continued to expand.

Originally, Sergey was proud that he broke through to Higher Demon so that he could avenge his shame. Unexpectedly, Athena’s progress was even faster. At that moment, the pressure on his heart was more intense than that year. She gave him an unfathomable feeling.

Before the fight, Sergey already felt that his confidence had begun to disintegrate. To avoid this reaction causing the collapse of his will to battle, Sergey roared and his sword turned into a silver light that attacked Athena like a snake.

Athena once learned the skills of controlling combat power and breath from Paglio, but it wasn’t proficient enough. Otherwise, it wasn’t necessary to rely on Evil Blue Tear every time to hide her true strength. Now, she could experiment with Sergey. She suppressed her combat power to the early stage of Higher Demon, and she only used her sword skills to fight.

There were endless crisp clashing sounds in the field. The guards were dazzled looking at the fight.

Isabella seemed to be a little suspicious about Athena, and her left eye began to glow slightly. She didn’t expect Chen Rui to coincidentally walk a few steps forward and block her vision. He even turned his head and asked “curiously”, “Lady Isabella, battle isn’t really my strength. Who do you think will win?”

Isabella smiled, “Yesterday, you clearly looked like you can’t dance, but the waltz at the end amazed everyone. So, do I have reason to believe that you’re still hiding some incredible martial arts?”

“When I have great strength, I will show it to you first, madam.” Chen Rui smiled bitterly, “However, I can only ask you tRusfully now.”

“I’m not proficient in swordsmanship, but I can see that Ms. Athena is far better than General Sergey in the understanding of power. Although I very much hope that Sergey can win, unfortunately, the victory ultimately belongs to Athena. She is indeed General George’s daughter.”

Seeing Chen Rui’s worried expression, Isabella asked with interest, “At the ball yesterday, Mr. Chen Rui was able to dance with the two princesses, especially Princess Royal who’s famous for her coldness… But now, why do you seem pretty nervous for Ms. Athena?”

“A man’s embrace is always broad.” Chen Rui shrugged his shoulder and said shamelessly, “To be precise, I’m an all-loving man.”

“All-loving?” Isabella’s attention was truly attracted to him. Her eyes were gleaming. “It seems that our sheriff’s charm isn’t simple. So, the relationship between Athena and you must be unusual?”

As soon as this was said, the battle had ended. Sergey’s sword was hit to the ground and the back of his hand was flushed. Obviously, Athena had no patience to play with him. The guards were jubilant. They seemed to have forgotten that they were cursing this strict instructor in their heart a few seconds ago.

Sergey was panting while looking at the sword on the ground. Finally, he said, “I lost.”

“You can still transform.”

Sergey snorted coldly, “Lost is lost! Your progress is far above me. Even if I transform, I still can’t rival you!”

Not bad. At least he can accept his loss just like yesterday’s streaking. Chen Rui had just changed his perspective of this arrogant man. Unexpectedly, after Sergey picked up the sword, he suddenly laughed exaggeratedly.

Laughing after losing? Is his brain broken after being hit?

“Very good!” Sergey put away his sword and stared at Athena tightly, “Only with such strength, you can qualify as my wife! Our offspring must also have a better bloodline! I’ve decided that I’ll call my father immediately to formally ask General George for our marriage!”

When those words were said, everyone was shocked.

Chen Rui cursed in secret. Motherfucker! Is his brain broken after being hit?! He actually dares to steal my woman!

Sergey and Athena were both mutated Great Demon and their statuses were equal, so they were quite well matched.

In a deeper sense, the first general, George. Wales was the biggest supporter of the Dark Moon, and he was also a thorn in Obsidian’s side. Sergey’s father, Doron Rus, was the second general, and he was most trusted by Regent Obsidian. Once a marriage happened between the two families, the situation of the empire could change significantly. The 2 generals might support Princess Royal Shea at the same time, but such a situation was basically impossible. The most likely was that General George would also defect to Obsidian. Then, the bloodline of the Dark Moon’s Grimm the Crown Prince was likely to be truly eliminated.

From the perspective of Athena’s father, General George, supporting Shea was actually a difficult road to success. If this marriage was fruitful, it might be a turnaround that could at least ensure the continuation of the family’s bloodline.

When Alan heard that sentence, his face suddenly looked upset. He didn’t expect Sergey to be interested in Athena. If his competitor was the weak human, Chen Rui, he still had hope. Once it changed to Sergey… whether it was his Karon Family’s power nor his personal strength, he couldn’t compete with the Sergey from the Rus family.

Athena didn’t answer, but she did one thing – she walked to Chen Rui and kissed his face in front of everyone.

The guards who had just calmed down were immediately stirred up, mostly applauding. It was clear that the outsider, Sergey was “more” unpopular than the sheriff.

Athena’s beautiful face was blushing with shyness, but her eyes had no hesitation. She glanced over Isabella and finally fell on Sergey, “Understand?”

“It’s impossible!” Sergey couldn’t believe his eyes and roared angrily. This human again! Athena is a “Higher Demon”. How could she possibly like this powerless trash!

Now, the relationship between Chen Rui and Athena would surely be known by the entire city. Chen Rui could feel that Athena’s kiss was more to demonstrate toward Isabella, who was chatting beside him “intimately”.

Haiz women!

Although Alan was also very angry, there was more gloat in his heart when he saw Sergey’s appearance.

The way Isabella looked at Chen Ru became increasingly interesting: Cunning, multi-talented, and he even won the empire first general’s daughter’s heart. It seems that this guy shouldn’t be neglected by the capital.

How could true love be defeated political mean? There was no way Athena to fall for them even if Chen Rui didn’t appear.

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