Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 200 - Waltz! Dancing with Shea for the First Time

Chapter 200: Waltz! Dancing with Shea for the First Time

Alice didn’t expect Sergey to be so despicable, actually wanting Chen Rui, a novice, to embarrass himself in public. She hated him so much, and her little fist was tightly clenched.

Seeing the little loli’s worried look, he thought of her image of patient teaching and protecting him without hesitation just now, Chen Rui’s eyes showed steadfastness, and he he held the little loli’s hand. As he was about to speak, he heard a light voice sounded.

“Alice is not feeling well these days. If you want to see a true court dance, let me do it.”

This icy voice contained a touch of strength, overshadowing Sergey’s arrogant laughter. It turned out to be Shea’s. The Dark Moon crowd was taken aback. They never expected that Princess Royal Highness who never accepted dance invitations, intending to personally come forward.

If it was only Chen Rui, Shea might not have made such a public appearance. However, they even involved her sister, Alice. As the older sister, Shea could not keep silent.

Isabella was next to Sergey, and this was a ball, she naturally had no fear. He said, “It’s just that a moment ago, Sir Sheriff said…”

“Since it’s a couple dance, naturally the sheriff and I will dance together.” Shea looked at the the smile on Isabella’s face that was anticipating a “good show” and her eyes became colder. Old Gauss, Old Ford, and others looked worried. This matter included the little princess, which was already related to the face of Dark Moon. Now that Princess Royal intended to come forward in person. If she failed again, it was really equal to being beaten by these Imperial City people.

Chen Rui never thought that there would be a day he could dance with Shea in front of everyone. He looked at the slowly approaching iceberg beauty in shock. He felt anxious. Suddenly, Shea’s soft voice sounded in his ear. “Relax your mind for a while; don’t resist my power.”

Chen Rui was stunned. It turned out that Shea planned to use Demon King level power to control his body to complete the dance. However, this way, the movement would unavoidably be stiff, but it was still better than embarrassing himself. This may be a coping solution, but it could not effectively counterattack the guy with the wicked words.

In fact, when Alice was being mocked by Sergey just now, he already had another plan in mind.

Chen Rui thought for a moment and suddenly exclaimed, “Everyone, let me say this in an uncourteous way. The current ballroom dance is complicated and restrained. For example, General Sergey’s movements just now were too contrived, which was actually equal to insult the beautiful woman beside him.”

This disguised compliment made Isabella smile even more charmingly, but she was secretly alert. This sheriff is not simple. It seems that the previous intervention in the council hall was no accident.

It’s just that his dance skills are really bad. What methods will he use to muddle through this obstacle?

“The true ballroom dance is not only solemn and elegant, but it should also be gorgeous and full of vitality.” Chen Rui glanced at the Sergey who was sneering. “Just now I made an agreement with General Sergey that if I can show a true court dance that he hasn’t seen before, then he will show us the bold style of the Imperial City and walk out of here without clothes.”

As soon as this sentence came out, there were many whispers in the surroundings. Many women focused on Sergei’s fit body, and they could not wait to see the scene immediately.

“If General Sergei is unwilling to acknowledge this bet, then I regret that I can only hide my strength.”

“You want to use this trick to escape?” Sergey was furious, and he yelled, “Okay! As long as you can really do it, I’ll take off my clothes and walk out of here!”

Chen Rui whispered to Alice. The little loli hesitated for a moment, then she came to the orchestra under his encouraging gaze, waiting for his signal to start.

Chen Rui walked up to Shea and reached out to make an inviting gesture. Shea looked him deeply and gently put her hand on top. At the moment of contact, the hearts of the two trembled in unison. Although they were only connected by their fingertips, the strange feeling of electric current flowed into each other’s hearts.

Chen Rui took a deep breath and whispered, “Princess Royal, can you trust me?”

Shea’s gaze looked hazy. She seemed to have returned to the time when she appointed this man as secretary, and her heart became hazy as well. “En.”

As soon as this sentence came to an end, Chen Rui initially only touched Shea’s fingers, but he changed suddenly, holding her hand completely. He felt that her palms were as warm as jade, not as cold as he imagined.

The crowd on the sidelines were startled. The new sheriff has no other talent, but his courage, or his lust is absolutely first-class, he even dares to hold the hand of Princess Royal Highness like this!

It was the first time Shea’s palm was held by a man like this. She instinctively trembled, then she restrained it. Her annoyance was mixed with a bit of a strange feeling. It seemed that her heartbeat was speeding up involuntarily.

What happened afterward stunned the crowds. Besides this guy holding the Princess Royal with his left hand, he even pressed closer and stretched out his right hand to hug the Princess Royal’s shoulder! He was too overpower!

Driven by lust, he doesn’t want to live anymore! This adjective rose in the minds of the Dark Moon people at the same time, even the former sheriff, Alan who was drunk in the corner was no exception. There was a moment of silence in the area.

It seemed that the rumors were indeed true. This overconfident Chen Rui was obsessed with the Princess Royal’s beauty. For this reason, he went to that awful place Mountain Xilang and finally came back alive with much difficulty and fortunately became a sheriff. Now he was actually…

When he held her hand at first, Shea could still bear with it. However, his inordinate actions later made her eyes gleaming with chillness. He actually did so in front of so many people…

Just when she was about to get raged, she heard Chen Rui’s low voice. “Stand straight with your feet close to one another. Puff out your chest and straighten your waist, suck in your abdomen and lift your hips, relax your hips naturally… hold your right hand in my left hand, put your left hand on my right shoulder lightly, and hold it gently between your fingers…”

Shea used to like dancing very much as a young girl. She knew upon listening that it must be a dance pose. She remembered what he said before, and repressed the embarrassment in her heart and listened to Chen Rui to explain the essentials of the moves.

Someone was betting whether Chen Rui could live past ten seconds, but the thing that shocked everyone happened again. Shea actually put her hands on Chen Rui’s shoulders in cooperation, even pressing her body close. The current position of the two was… very… intimate.

When did Princess Royal, an iceberg beauty that no one has ever been able to get close to, become like this? Could she have been drugged by this damn man!

Hallucination. It must be a hallucination!

Even Alice’s eyes widened. At last, she could see Chen Rui’s gaze and ordered the orchestra to start playing.

“Dance of the Night Demon”.

This dance song was very long, and its rhythm was slower. Its moves were more demanding. It was a very difficult dance song. The two “intimate” people on the dance floor began to move. It really was a dance; a couple’s dance that had never been seen before.

The cooperation between the two was previously jerky, but soon became proficient. Shea had strong basics. Under the guidance of Chen Rui’s hands and body, she quickly grasped the essence of the new dance. Her moves were mainly about the pace, while the turns were mainly led by Chen Rui.

In the dance, Shea’s mind became more and more relaxed. She was completely absorbed in this long-lost feeling, and her movements became more natural and beautiful.

Chen Rui was a frequent visitor to dance training classes at university. At that time, the goal was to get close to “her”, who also loved to dance. Although she ended up dying of an illness, she was the only relationship he had in that world. This scene seemed to have returned to the past, except the dancer in his arms had been replaced by another more beautiful woman. Thinking of the intangible feelings with this woman, Chen Rui couldn’t help but feel his heart beat faster.

The two showed beautiful poses with their gentle and deft tilting, swaying, turning, and rotating moves. Most of the attendees came from aristocratic backgrounds who received relevant etiquette and dance training from an early age who could be called experts. They were gradually attracted by the charm of this novel couple’s dance. Alice blinked her eyes, looking excited and envious. Only Sergey’s face looked increasingly ugly. The song ended. Almost everyone stood up and applauded warmly. There was a feeling of wanting more.

In fact, Chen Rui also wanted to revisit the wonderful feeling just now, but Shea had already let go of his hand and distanced herself. She resumed the icy appearance of keeping people thousands of miles away, so he had to give up on that idea.

“Sir Chen Rui, the performance just now was really wonderful.” Isabella came over and sincerely gasped in admiration. “Can you tell me the name of this dance?”

It was the first time Chen Rui interacted with Isabella in such a close distance. He felt a slight heat from the floral scent exuding from her body, and he could not help but be swayed. This mature beauty’s limbs did not move inappropriately, but just the faint blinking of her eyes in those deep emerald eyes gave people the impulse to tear her grace and nobility apart.

It seemed that he had to add a special trick to the 9-point evaluation: inner charm. Compared to this ripe peach, Kia was just an unripe green apple.

Of course, this peach was not good for nibbling. If he really became infatuated, the top Great Demon King powers was one thing, but the name Lady Devil’s Snare was not for nothing.

“Lady should know that I am a human,” Chen Rui smiled politely. “This is a dance from our human world, called a waltz.”

The waltz was originally considered to be a bold dance. In fact, it took a long and difficult process to become a court dance. However, this was the Demon Realm. It was not too restrictive, so it was easily accepted by everyone.

“Waltz, a very nice name. Since Sir Chen Rui is proficient in this dance, he must also be an aristocrat in the human world. He actually pretended not to understand etiquette previously,” Isabella added a hint of coquettishness, “No more of that. I really want to learn this new dance. I wonder if you would like to teach me?”

“It’s an honor, but before that, I want to admire General Sergey’s fit figure,” Chen Rui smiled slightly, but did not look at her again. Instead, he set his eyes on Sergey, who looked pale. “General Sergey, as you wish, I have shown this new dance, and even Lady Isabella is willing to learn from me. I think… it is time for Sir General to show your boldness.”

When Isabella saw that Chen Rui was not attracted by her beauty, but instead, he used her flirting as “evidence” to persecute Sergey there. Then, her eyes flashed even more.

The eyes of many women in the area all focused on Sergey, especially some noble ladies whose needs were not being satisfied. Under the hungry gaze, even Sergey felt creeped out.

If gaze could kill, Chen Rui was already a honeycomb briquet. Unfortunately, Sergei did not have the royal family’s Eye of The Incubus or The Eye of Evil. He could only glare at this damn sheriff with fierce eyes, wishing he could tear him to shreds.

“Could that rumor… about Rus Family tradition in being dishonest be true?” Chen Rui acted as if he hadn’t seen Sergey’s murderous eyes. He purposely pretended to be shocked and added loudly, “No, that’s not true! I believe in Sir Sergey’s character!”

These words were actually insinuating the unscrupulous act of the Rus Family betraying Crown Prince Grimm and defectubg to Prince Obsidian’s side. The “believe” in the last sentence forced Sergey into a dead end.

Sergey’s teeth were about to be gritted until they broke. Finally, he conceded defeat. The new formal wear on his body slowly burst apart. Under everyone’s gaze, it was quickly ripped clean.

Shea already came to Alice’s side and covered her eyes.

Sister is so meddlesome. I don’t even want to see that nuisance. Unless, the one undressing is… the daring little loli suddenly blushed.

Sergey tore off his clothes very quickly. People with insufficient powers only saw his figure flickering, then he teleported to the door. It seemed that being powerful had its benefits; even streaking could be accelerated.

The nasty voice from the back rang again. “General! Why did you even take off your pants? Our agreement was just the shirt!”

Sergey, who was already angry and embarrassed, felt furious. There was a sickly sweet smell in his throat. Finally, he couldn’t help spitting out blood, then he disappeared.

“He’s bold alright; he is indeed a visitor from the capital.” Chen Rui said with emotion, then asked Isabella, “Excuse me, Lady Isabella, where were we?”

Isabella’s emerald eyes flickered. She was not displeased by this forgetful ignorance. Her elegant smile still remained. “Sir Chen Rui said just now that you are willing to teach me the waltz.”

Chen Rui nodded. “Naturally. However, today’s ball is about to end soon. Next time I have the chance, I will satisfy the lady’s wishes.”

“Although it’s a little regrettable, it’s… alright.” The smile on Isabella’s mouth was even more charming. “Well then, I’m looking forward to the next visit. I will visit sir if there’s a chance.”

After the ball ended, Alice dragged Chen Rui happily and asked a lot. The little loli knew in her heart that Chen Rui humiliated Sergey to avenge her. Her red face was full of excitement.


Shea’s voice sounded. The little loli reluctantly glanced at Chen Rui. “Promise me, you have to teach me the waltz when you have time!”

Chen Rui glanced at Shea, coincidentally meeting Shea’s gaze. He felt something unclear in her icy gaze. Suddenly, a “tacit comprehension” that they had while dancing formed in their hearts at the same time.

Shea quickly returned to normal and walked out with Alice.

Strangely, even though she didn’t look at Chen Rui again, she knew that Chen Rui was watching her, just as Chen Rui knew that she knew.

Such a beautiful tacit understanding, but their hearts were unlikely to be connected.

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