Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 212 - Evil Voodoo And Gathering

Chapter 212: Evil Voodoo And Gathering

Chen Rui caught the wine and looked like he was recalling, “… I just heard that there seems to be a guy who wants to seduce my woman?”

“You must have heard it wrong.” Roman said innocently, “For a beautiful and generous girl like Athena, who would have the ability to court other than our dear mining officer?”

“The main thing is that she isn’t your preferred wife or widow right.” Chen Rui opened the bottle and took a sip. He frowned, took a bottle of fine Berry Wine from his storage and threw it to Roman.

When Roman smelled it, he looked joyful. He raised the bottle at Chen Rui as a gesture and took huge gulp. Then, he examined Chen Rui with interest. He said, “My friend, I’m really surprised at the speed of your strength growth. Last time you were still a Higher Demon, but you’re already a middle-stage Demon King now. Could it be that you can’t use your full strength due to some special situation last time? Yet, what I admire most is that you actually managed to get Athena in your hands. Judging from your tone just now, could it be that she is really your woman already?”

“No comment.” Chen Rui thought of Athena’s “special service” the night before his departure and his heart was heated.

“Don’t try to hide from me. I’m an expert. When we speak of this, even your eyes are smiling!”

Roman grinned, “Then, if I kill you, isn’t she a widow then?”

“That idea is awesome, but I think of a better idea.” Chen Rui smiled slyly. “That is, I will tell Delia that sentence word by word later.”

“How do you know Delia will be here in a while?” Roman frowned.

“I’ve met Delia. Besides, I’ve studied magic circles, so I came here to help. If it weren’t for her insistence, Athena would’ve come also.” Chen Rui didn’t know where Delia was, but after knowing from the wyvern that Roman had been lingering here, he assumed that Delia must be passing this route.

When Roman heard that Chen Rui met Delia and he came to help them deliberately, the affinity in his heart increased, but he looked dejected, “Master Chen Rui! Master Chen Rui! That idea isn’t good at all. I was drunk from drinking and said something wrong. Just treat me as nonsense and just let it go.”

Chen Rui invited Dodo from afar, then he instructed the wyvern for a while, letting him return to the lair to inform the Wyvern King to start the migration. Certainly, it was necessary to advise on the time and route. Otherwise, it would create unnecessary issues when others found a large-scale movement of wyverns.

Wyvern hissed at Chen Rui and flew away. Roman could tell that this wyvern was a Demon King, but it was extremely intimate with Chen Rui. Roman was secretly surprised by it.

The slime, who hadn’t tasted the delicious barbecue for a long time, voluntarily took the task of hunting. With his Demon King-level strength, he quickly got the prey. Chen Rui and Roman were chatting and drinking while roasting meat under the tree. Dodo was very interested in the strangely scented liquid in the bottle. He asked for a bottle and immediately got out of control. However, the slime couldn’t drink that much, so he was drunk on the ground after a while.

There were more and more empty wine bottles on the ground. Fortunately, Chen Rui had a lot of stock in his storage which was enough for several people to drink.

“Thanks.” Roman suddenly said after Roman heard the encounter of Chen Rui and Delia. Although it seemed casual, Chen Rui could tell that this guy was serious.

True sentiments were seen in hard times. Silent Night Wetland wasn’t a place for vacation and entertainment. Roman and Delia had once returned with severe injuries 3 years ago. For Chen Rui to come here to help, even if there wasn’t a relationship with Athena, he was still a friend worthy of making. The word friend wasn’t just for speaking.

“It’s not your turn to thank me.” Chen Rui shrugged, “Don’t underestimate a human’s greed. There must be many good things in it. So, other than Delia’s secret treasure, everything else belongs to me.”

Roman laughed and said cooperatively, “Truly a greedy guy.”

“By the way…” Chen Rui took out the Purple Flame Heart ring, “This infatuation ring seems to be related to an ancient treasure. Also, it was given to you by Nalini, so I can’t take it.”

Roman heard Nalini’s experience from Chen Rui, and there was a hint of sadness flashed past in his eyes. He shook his head and laughed at himself with mockery, “I’m just an irresponsible, frivolous man who can’t bear her feelings. It was you who helped her avenge, so you should keep it.”

Chen Rui wasn’t pretentious, and he kept the Purple Flame Heart.

Everyone has their own story. He didn’t ask Roman any more questions. Men had a man’s way of comforting. He grabbed his bottle to hit Roman’s bottle and bottomed up the wine. Although Chen Rui usually didn’t drink much, it didn’t mean that he didn’t have the capacity.

“Nice!” The way Roman looked at Chen Rui had a bit more admiration. “By the way, I felt weird out when I saw you just now. What’s with the Evil Voodoo [1] on your body?”

“Gu?” Chen Rui froze and thought of the “seeds” from Isabella. “It was from a woman. That woman is called Isabella. She should be in the same family as you. She also seems to be at the peak of Great Demon King.”

“Isabella? A woman at the peak of Great Demon King? Are you sure she is a Belphegor Royal Family?” Roman looked doubtful, “Evil Voodoo is a special technique of <The Eye of Evil>. It can bury a special seed into the target’s body. The Evil Voodoo can slowly absorb the strength of the opponent’s soul and grow. The soul of the victim will be devoured bit by bit and eventually die. The symptom at death is similar to heart failure. It is almost unsuspicious in appearance. Certainly, except for the Belphegor Royal Family who possessed <The Eye of Evil>.”

“If necessary, I can help cancel it now. With your strength, you should be able to do it yourself.”

It turned out that Isabella used such vicious, silent means to kill! Chen Rui pondered for a moment and smiled, “This Evil Voodoo isn’t bad, so I’ll keep it for now.”

“Don’t underestimate the Evil Voodoo. If it continues, even if you’re a Demon King, your soul will continue to be weakened.”

Roman took a sip of wine, “Unless you have some secret technique to counteract that power.”

Chen Rui smiled slightly. He didn’t have any secret technique to offset the Evil Voodoo, but the Demon Overlord-level soul was just too much to be digested. There was a great danger of his consciousness being wiped out. Thus, Isabella’s scheme was self-defeating. It even helped him instead.

Roman saw that Chen Rui didn’t care, so he stopped saying anything. He also had <The Eye of Evil> anyway. If it was really needed, he could help remove it at any time. It was just that it would take some effort.

The two were drinking and chatting, feeling very agreeable. Roman was very interested in Isabella, who was also a Belphegor Royal Family and asked a lot of questions. Chen Rui disdainfully moved the guy’s label as “widow-con” before “alcoholic” and “gamble addict”.

As he was talking, Roman suddenly paused and stared blankly at the front. Chen Rui followed his gaze and saw that a woman appeared in the distance by the lake.

Due to the distance and fog by the lake, he could only see a woman who seemed to be wearing a cloak. He couldn’t see her face clearly. Chen Rui hadn’t yet determined whether it was Delia, but Roman had already stood up, staring at the figure tightly. He mumbled, “Delia.”

Chen Rui had confirmed that the woman was Delia because no one had a deeper impression of her other than Roman.

“Remember our deal. If you dare to expose me, I’ll tell Delia all your bad things including the idea of ​​playing with Athena.” Chen Rui stood up and his face had become “Richard”. He had decided to always use this face outside to avoid being recognized and cause unnecessary trouble.

“Delia!” Chen Rui shouted and waved at the woman. That woman didn’t expect to be called out in such a place and at such a distance. After a short pause, she quickly walked toward their side.

Delia’s figure got closed. It was still the masked attire that Chen Rui saw the last time. It revealed only her pair of dark blue eyes. Her body was covered by a cloak that covered her slender figure.

Delia glanced at Roman who was behind Chen Rui and her face was stagnant. Then, her eyes fell onto Chen Rui who was grinning.

“You’re Richard! Why are you here?” Delia looked surprised.

Chen Rui laughed, “Beautiful Madam Black Widow, we’ve met again. As I said, 3 months later, I’ll look for the treasure with you and share part of your treasure.”

“Don’t blame me for not reminding you. 3 years ago, I didn’t even touch the edge of the treasure and I almost died in it. If you still insist on suiciding, do as you wish.” Delia groaned, “When you’re dead, Athena can just look for a better man anyway.”

“That curse is too vicious!” Chen Rui shook his head, “Let me be clear, I’m a very greedy guy. How much do you plan to pay me?”

Delia sneered, “Although I don’t know what other treasures there are, I only want the secret treasure. As for the rest, as long as you’re still alive, it doesn’t matter if you take everything.”

“Deal.” Chen Rui shrugged. He saw Roman, who was silent behind him and said, “Hey, I thought you were pretty good at bragging just now? Why did you become mute now?”

Roman smiled bitterly. Before speaking, Delia said coldly, “Who is this person? Why did you bring an unrelated, annoying guy here?”

Roman suddenly froze and didn’t talk anymore, but kept on gulping alcohol desperately.

Chen Rui shook his head secretly. He thought of something and said, “He isn’t just annoying. This guy is obviously a vulgar guy. Actually, I don’t know him as well. I met this person when I was in the outer area of the Silent Night Wetland. He said he was going to meet a beautiful girl who was separated from him for 3 years, 7 days and 4 hours. Since he was bad in direction, he begged me to bring him here. Originally, I thought he was a burden and refused. Yet, this person was crying, shouting and rolling on the ground. Then, he asked to be a follower with a thick face. He is willing to help with nothing in reward, and he is even willing to work to make money for me to buy alcohol on the way. I thought about it for a long time and finally agreed with his request with a kind heart. When we go to the treasure hunt, if there’s a trap, we’ll let him step on it; if there’s a hole, we’ll let him fill it; if there’s a demonic beast, we’ll feed it with him. Then, we’ll have lesser trouble.”

Roman was dumbfounded, staring at Chen Rui who was talking non-stop. He felt that the adjective “vulgar” was more suitable for this guy.

Delia was silent for a while and gave a one-word evaluation, “Whatever.”

In such a way, Chen Rui followed Delia. He took out a backpack, stuffed the drunk Dodo in, brought along someone with the nickname “whatever”, walked around the Moon Lake and continued moving forward.

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