Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 150 - Confession and Prediction

Chapter 150: Confession and Prediction

Mountain Xilang. Undergound world. On a random stone beam.

The two figures were pressed close together, as if they were one unit. From time to time, whispers could be heard. They were immersed in the sweetness of two hearts entwining, and completely lost a sense of time.

Athena leaned on Chen Rui’s shoulder. She didn’t remember how she ended up pressed close to him after they kissed. She just felt that his shoulders were very comfortable and reassuring. As for the hand on her waist, she selectively ignored it.

Anyway, this guy already kissed her, and it was more than once…

“Dearest Athena Wales, if the bastard holding you right now is still that weak human, then could he still have pulled off that scoundrelly behaviour just now?”

“Hmph! Who do you think I am?” Athena raised her head dissatisfied, but he hugged her more tightly. Due to her “unrestored strength”, she couldn’t escape his arms. She had no choice but to rest comfortably.

Chen Rui recalled the moments he spent with Athena in the past. A feeling of warmth bloomed in his heart. Passion was just a fleeting touch or even impulse; tenderness was the extension and continuation of warmth.

He initially came back this time because he wanted to talk to Athena and formally determine her intentions. However, now it seemed that it was no longer necessary.

Emotional changes were extremely temperamental; there were too many uncertainties. Sometimes even a perfect plan could not keep up with a small change.

Athena already showed him her feelings with action. Now it was time for him to fulfill that agreement.

“Athena.” Chen Rui kissed her hair gently and took a deep breath. “According to our agreement from a month ago, there are some things that I have to confess to you.”


“So you are actually the leader of Cloak Gang, Aguile!”

Despite being quite mentally prepared, everything Chen Rui said made Athena shocked again and again.

“This time, you went to Dark Moon and defeated Arux?”

“Royce and Arux have surrendered to you?”


“You’re one step away from being a Demon King now?” Athena was amazed. She exclaimed, “The grand master’s inheritance is too amazing.”

There was a hurdle between Higher Demon and Demon King, but Chen Rui was human. He did not have the innate restrictions of ordinary demons. Coupled with the grand master’s inheritance, he had more space for growth than her. In this regard, Athena was not jealous like Paglio (actually, she was mostly envious), but she was rather happy for Chen Rui. Daughters married away were just like water carried away.

“You are almost at the Demon King level too. We can compare and see who becomes Demon King first.” Chen Rui saw the competitive spirit in Athena’s eyes and chuckled, “The loser must let the winner kiss them for one whole day. However, I feel like I’ll get the short end of the stick no matter how. I was almost out of breath just now.”

He gets the short end of the stick?

Athena’s gaze suddenly became annoyed and she gave this rascal a nasty punch. Likewise, due to her “unrestored strength”, this little punch did not seem to have any power. Instead, it made the man laugh delightedly.

Being reborn and the Super System were Chen Rui’s biggest secrets that he could not reveal to anyone. The “grand master’s inheritance” was an excuse that could explain the existence of the Super System and the reason for his surge in power. However, besides that, there was one particular thing he didn’t want to hide from Athena.

He didn’t say anything about Town Leia and Silent Night Wetlands just now, only his experience in Dark Moon City. The truth had to come out sooner or later. He was finally going to confess.





“If, I mean if… I… to another woman…”

Athena’s slightly closed eyes opened. Although Chen Rui could only see her hair from this angle, he could feel the gloom in her eyes.

Chen Rui hated himself for ruining her mood in this situation, but he didn’t want to hide what happened with Christina from her. As the woman he had set his mind on, Athena had the right to know about this. In his opinion, although the truth was more cruel than a lie, deception was more shameful than concealment.

Even after being reborn, he was still a silly rookie in relationship. Perhaps, he would never become a lover boy that frolicked among the flowers at ease.

As Chen Rui held his breath and waited nervously for Athena’s fury, she suddenly sighed softly.

“You honest fool.” Athena closed her eyes again and leaned against his shoulder. “Actually, I already knew.”

Chen Rui was taken aback. She knew? She knew Christina? She knew about Wyvern’s Lair? Did the Devil Fruit awaken a special “foresee” ability? Impossible right!

“The teleportation in medusa’s lair just now was because of this ring right.” Athena’s eyes fell on Chen Rui’s left hand that was holding her, the “Dark Will”. “Sakya Lucifer the Great’s lover, Xuehan Belphegor used the power of the Eye of Evil mixed with the Lucifer Royal Family’s blood to form a mysterious ring. It is said that it has strange powers, and teleportation is one of them. This ring was lost for a time. Except for the Belphegor Family who can sense the power of The Eye of Evil, few people can recognize it. My father got it by chance. Three years ago, it was me who escorted the ring to Dark Moon City.”

Chen Rui was stunned. Just by looking, “Dark Will” was inconspicuous. It was difficult to associate it with the term “royal treasure”. No wonder even Christina said that not many people knew this ring. The founder, the Princesses of the Fallen Angel Empire two generations ago, Xuehan Belphegor must have been the elite of the Belphegor Royal Family. No wonder, Roman, who was also part of the Sloth Royal Family, noticed it.

Athena escorted the ring to Dark Moon three years ago. It is not surprising that she can recognize it, but what does this have to do with her knowledge of Christina?

As Chen Rui was about to speak again, he suddenly felt vigilant, Athena felt it too. She quickly got up from his embrace. As for Dodo, he had long settled his body into a small pool; he looked no different from a puddle of water.

The sound gradually approached. Under the dim light, an earth elemental was running over from a distance. It was being followed by a few taurens, who seemed to be hunting it.

Chen Rui had an idea. He called Athena and jumped down from the stone beam, blocking the earth elemental’s path. Although earth elemental people had D level powers, but it could not break through Chen Rui and Athena’s interception even if it used all his might.

One of the several taurens who came later recognized Chen Rui and Athena as the friends who bravely helped them in battle previously. It beat its chest as a sign of friendship. Chen Rui also beat his own chest and said using <Analytical Eyes>, “Friends, I’m here to help you!”

After that, his voice rose sharply, “Dodo, if you keep loafing on the job, I will leave you here!”

As soon as he said that, a transparent “strap” jumped out from the puddle at the side. The earth elemental with its back facing the puddle was caught off guard and became strapped tightly.

Chen Rui wanted win over the taurens more. As he was about to kill this earth elemental, a low sound suddenly came from the earth elemental. <Analytical Eyes> translated it as, “Let go of Doug!”

Chen Rui was startled abruptly. He stopped his action. All the earth elementals he met previously had only one kind of consciousness, that was to kill. This one seemed a little different. He took a closer look. This earth elemental was really a little different. The light in its eyes was white, not pale yellow, and there was no crystal residue from the waste ores on the corners of its eyes.

Chen Rui tried to activate “<Aura Conversion>” and tried it on the earth elemental person, but nothing happened. He looked at Tauren who looked confused and said, “My friends, please don’t kill this enemy first. I have a natural ability to communicate, just like how I can communicate with you. I want to see if I can interrogate this captive.”

Several taurens nodded. This earth elemental was subdued by Chen Rui and his people. According to tauren rules, he had the right to handle the captive.

“Your name is Doug?” Chen Rui asked the earth elemental who was struggling non stop using <Analytical Eyes>.

The earth elemental person seemed quite surprised. “How do you know? Why can you communicate with me? Are you also an elemental?”

Earth elemental had the notion that only elemental could communicate with elemental.

“I’m not an elemental. I just have the ability to communicate with other creatures, but one thing is strange. Why can’t I communicate with other elementals? They are not like you; they only have murderous intentions in their head.”

“Yes, they have all mutated. This mutation is brought upon by the Earth Elemental King. Some earth elementals were unwilling to accept the mutation and were destroyed. That’s why Doug led us to defect and escape that place.”

Earth Elemental King!

Chen Rui inhaled a breath of air. There was an Earth Elemental King in this underground world!

He once heard Paglio say that the elemental king was at the top of the pyramid, and also the highest level existence in the Demon Realm. He was born with the power to dominate the other elements, and it possessed extreme powers. He could even perform any corresponding single-type magic without restrictions. Due to a certain mysterious law, there was only one elemental king born at a time. In other words, there was only one Earth Elemental King in the entire Demon Real. The most basic condition for the birth of the next Earth Element King was that the previous king had died.

Of course, there were other elemental kings, such as the Fire Elemental King and the Water Elemental King.

The moment an elemental king was born, it would already be Demon Overlord level. Elemental had no life expectancy. The older they were, the stronger their accumulated power would be. Of course, they were not immortal; they could die from various reasons.

It seemed that the Earth Elemental King was the culprit who was controlling the earth elemental people to kill other creatures.

However, elementals had their own rules. They would not easily interfere with other species and civilizations. As the king, it was very unlikely it did not to know this. What’s more, with the Earth Elemental King’s Demon Overlord powers, if it really wanted to eliminate the rest of the creatures, it could have easily done it a long time ago. How come it couldn’t even get rid of the taurens and medusas?

There were too many questions in Chen Rui’s mind. This Doug in front of him was obviously an important captive. He should find a place to interrogate him properly.

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