Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 149 - Teleport! The Boy and Girl on the Stone Beam

Chapter 149 : Teleport! The Boy and Girl on the Stone Beam

Chen Rui only knew the reason why Tim stayed in the underworld for two years. As he was trying to learn more about elementals and demonic flies, a medusa came over and hissed, “The queen orders you to immediately go see her!”

Chen Rui learned from Tim that the queen was very suspicious and hostile to outsiders. He immediately held Athena’s hand and followed the medusa toward the small lake.

In front of the clearing, Queen Medusa stood in the middle, with a row of medusas on each side. Lysa and Lusa were among them.

Chen Rui came in front of Queen Medusa. He and Athena bowed their heads and saluted, “Your Royal Highness, as a sign of friendship, I have healed most of your people.”

Queen Medusa nodded slightly, but the words she spoke were rather unfriendly. “Unfortunately, your actions can only preserve your life, but you cannot get rid of the prisoner status. You must continue to provide healing items to preserve your life and that of your companions.”

Chen Rui was taken aback. She turns against me so quickly, basically forgetting me after getting what she needed!

Tim who followed along could somewhat understand Queen Medusa’s meaning. He quickly explained that Chen Rui and Athena had no malicious intentions, they were allies who fought against the earth elementals and the demonic flies. They even saved Lusa’s life once. Lysa and Lusa also begged for mercy.

“Tim!” Queen Medusa’s voice was a little angry. “Don’t think I don’t know what you asked Lusa to do today. You even sacrificed several of our people!”

Tim lowered his head. Lysa said, “Beloved mother, don’t blame Tim. I asked him to do it; everything is for the sake of the coming child!”

“How impudent!” Queen Medusa said angrily, “Do you think that you and your child can live peacefully if you go above ground? The creatures above ground are more deceitful and vicious; they treat us as enemies. Even if you and Lusa get out, you two can’t survive! If you use this to attract a large number of outsiders related to Tim, then the entire medusa tribe may end up destroyed!”

Lysa pleaded again, but Queen Medusa’s golden snake pupils looked murderous. “Lysa, take your husband and leave! Otherwise, I will kill you! I am not only your mother, but also the queen of the Medusa tribe!”

Chen Rui had to admit that as the tribe’s leader, Queen Medusa’s concerns were not unreasonable. However, it was bad news for him and Athena. He said hurriedly, “Your Royal Highness, maybe you don’t know about this yet, but the passage to go above ground has been destroyed by my enemy. One can only come down and not up. Lusa can prove this. My companion and I are now part of the underground world. We are willing to help the Medusas fight the earth elementals and the demonic flies. Please trust us, Royal Highness.”

“Your insignificant power can help the medusas?” Queen Medusa showed a disdainful expression. “You outsiders are very cunning. Tim is now my daughter’s husband and he relies on the fountain of life to survive, so I can somewhat trust him. As for you, if you kill the woman next to you to prove your loyalty and become a man that belongs to the medusas, I can spare your life and even give you the same privileges as Tim.”

Kill the woman next to me? Chen Rui glanced at Athena and held her hand tightly. “Dark Will: already appeared on his left hand’s ring finger. He asked, “Your Royal Highness, do you think that a guy who kills his woman to save his own life is more trustworthy?”

Queen Medusa sneered and stuck out her snake tongue. She yelled, “Guards, catch them!”

This was medusa’s lair. Queen Medusa didn’t think it was necessary for her to carry out such a small role herself.

“Take care! Tim, I will think of a way to help you.” Chen Rui sighed. His and Athena’s silhouettes began to become distorted and blurred.

Queen Medusa did not like the way things were going. She immediately appeared in front of Chen Rui, her golden snake pupils radiating a strange light. She looked Chen Rui in the eyes, but she was too late. Chen Rui, Athena, and the “rope” on his shoulder were disappearing from her sight together.

Queen Medusa never expected this “weak character” to slip away from right under her eyes. She hissed angrily and her gaze fell on Tim. She seemed to be planning to harm the innocent. Lysa hurriedly shielded Tim, begging for mercy. Queen Medusa’s gaze gradually softened. She “hissed”

with dissatisfaction and turned away.

Somewhere in the underground world, there was a strange twist in the space. Two figures appeared on the ground out of thin air. It was Athena and Chen Rui.

Athena’s vision was blurred for a while, her body felt like it had been split open. She sobered up immediately. The medusas were gone. She was in a completely strange environment.

As she was about to speak, she felt Chen Rui, who was beside her, was strange. His body was strangely stiff. His skin, hair and even the clothes on his body turned pale gray. His whole body emitted a dull feeling of death.

“Petrification” Athena was shocked. When she thought of the most powerful skill which the medusas were famous for, she felt as if she had been plunged into ice.

Now it was impossible to return to the ground. Unless Queen Medusa was killed, Chen Rui could not be saved at all. All of this happened because she entered the main pit which she shouldn’t enter! Suddenly, a thought passed through Athena’s mind. If this man lost his life, she would not want to continue living.

Fortunately, this stiff state only lasted for a while. The dull gray gradually faded away, and he regained his initial vitality.

Chen Rui gasped, still feeling shaken up. The medusas’ ability to petrify was really terrifying, especially since Queen Medusa, whose powers were “unable to determine”, cast it herself. At that moment, not just his consciousness, but his whole body’s blood circulation had solidified. Fortunately, the Super System was able to dissolve this kind of power. Otherwise, even if teleportation was successful, he would have definitely lost his life and become a stone statue.

Athena breathed a sigh of relief. Chen Rui noticed the cold sweat on her palm and gave her a reassuring smile.

The two of them were on a stone beam near the stone wall. They were on high ground, and the light was relatively dim, so they could observe the more brightly-lit areas nearby better.

“This place should be safe for now.” Chen Rui took out a thick cushion from the storage space and pulled Athena to sit down together. “Let’s take a break first. You fought all night last night, and you just went through that kind of battle just now. You must be very tired.”

When he held Athena’s hand just now in the presence of many outsiders, she did not feel so nervous. Now that they were alone, she felt extra anxious, but she did not retract the hand he was holding.

“Athena…” (“Chen Rui…”)

“En…” (“En…”)

The two asked and answered at the same time.

“You speak first…” (“You speak first …”)

Again they spoke at the same time.

“You speak first, Athena.”

Athena answered, but remained silent for a long time before saying three words.

“I am sorry.”

“Well, it’s okay…”

After a long while.


“It’s alright.”

After a while.




“I already said it’s okay. Don’t worry about it.”

Athena shook her head and murmured, “I didn’t listen to you and entered the main pit…”

“It’s not your fault. It was part of Connor’s scheme. He was the one who instigated the miners to secretly mine there to lure you into rescuing them them. Then, he destroyed the enchantment at the entrance; we can enter, but can’t exit.”

Athena shuddered. Her head bowed even lower. “You already know that you can come in and but can’t go out, so why did you still come in?”

Chen Rui knew she was sad. He smiled easily. “Like I said, silliness is contagious. I have been infected by you.”

Unfortunately, this feeling of ease could not relieve the burden in Athena’s heart, it exacerbated it instead. Her shoulders shook slightly and tears began to fall.

“I’m so stupid; I fell for a trick!”

“You ended up here because of me!”

“It’s my fault you lost your life just now!”

“I didn’t listen to you…” “Sorry! It’s my fault…”



Athena’s words came to an abrupt halt, as if blocked by something. A “whine” that sounded like it came from a small animal could be heard, but gradually, even that sound stopped.

Almost at the same time, the “hindrance” which was the coil of “rope” was thrown from a distance and landed somewhere.


The “rope” gasped in pain. He gradually turned into an onion, his big eyes staring curiously at the two overlapping figures on the stone beam. A busybody expression appeared on his face.

Although the slime wanted to go over to see clearly, he shivered as he remembered the threat a certain cruel master once said in his consciousness. In the end, he did not have the courage to approach them.


It was Athena’s strongest feeling now. She felt so dizzy as if her whole body had become weightless, floating in the beautiful space. The rest of her sight and hearing disappeared.

Just now when this man came closer, her heartbeat became unprecedentedly intense. There were so many deadly moves that she could use, like elbowing and choke holding. However, it was as if she suddenly got amnesia, and couldn’t use any of them. She even forgot to dodge. She could only watch as this guy got closer to her face with a strong sense of masculinity, then put his lips onto her lips without holding back.

For the first time in her life, Athena had such intimate contact with a man.

How spiteful, treating her like this when she wasn’t mentally prepared!

However, even if she was mentally prepared, it would go faster. These weird thoughts were drowned out by that wonderful dizziness.

The dizziness finally came to an end and was replaced by a full-faced blush. Athena’s chest heaved slightly, and her breathing was a little disordered. Correspondingly, her rapid heartbeat went rapid. The warmth and moistness that still lingered on her lips made her miss that wonderful feeling form just now.

When she regained clear vision, she saw that man’s bright eyes. A hint of mischief passed through his eyes.

“If you dare say the three words ‘I am sorry’, I’ll kiss you one more time.”

This damn man! Was this his poor excuse for robbing Athena Wales’ first kiss?

The man’s gaze blazed. His face moved closer again, and she could already feel his hot breath. She began to panic again.

Unsurprisingly, she once again forgot to attack.

Unsurprisingly, the lips that had just lost their first kiss were captured again.

Immediately afterward, there was that wonderful dizziness that left her breathless.

It took a long time for the two pairs of lips to separate.

The blurred red eyes regained some clarity. A sliver of annoyance suddenly flitted through her. She didn’t say “sorry” again, but he still kissed her even without a poor excuse this time!

The man seemed to know what she was thinking. With clear amusement in his eyes, he said, “Although you didn’t say ‘I am sorry’, I suddenly felt that if I didn’t continue to kiss you, I would truly be sorry.”

Asshole! Rascal! Athena’s eyes became rounder.

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