Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 148 - Tim! The Secret Behind the Two Year Disappearance

Chapter 148: Tim! The Secret Behind the Two Year Disappearance

“Your Highness,” Chen Rui learned from Tim and lowered his head. “My name is Chen Rui. This is Athena. We are from above ground, and we are Tim’s friends.”

“Surprising stranger, you are actually proficient in the language of medusa!” There was some vigilance in Queen Medusa’s eyes, “Why are you here?”

“Like Tim, I was set up by the enemy. That is why I came here.”

Tim watched in amazement as he watched Queen Medusa ask questions while Chen Rui communicated easily with her without saying anything; he was just making some movements. He thought that his talent for learning demonic beasts languages was quite rare. He never thought that the new mining officer was even better. No wonder he could become the “son-in-law” of the first general of the empire.

At this moment, the tauren Torre came to Chen Rui and beat his chest hard, howling a few times.

“Chen Rui, friend, talk!”

Compared with the vigilant Queen Medusa, the tauren seemed more open and generous, especially toward the comrade who fought side by side with him. Although Chen Rui wanted to make more contact with the taurens, but now the most important thing was to learn more information from Tim.

Chen Rui beat his chest the same way and said in his consciousness, “Torre, friend! No need to talk. When I have time, I will look for you!”

Torre nodded, bowed slightly to Queen Medusa and turned away.

“Your Highness, I helped Lusa just now. I also have some healing powers. If the Queen Royal Highness does not object, I am willing to follow you back to Medusa’s lair to help heal the injured medusas and reunite with my friend at the same. We haven’t seen each other for two years.”

Queen Medusa knew of Torre’s special status in the tauren race. After seeing his actions with Chen Rui, her snake pupils moved slightly. Finally, she nodded her head in agreement.

Chen Rui’s trio followed the group of medusas all the way. About three hours later, they arrived at a large space. There were many caves near the stone wall. They should be the medusas’ lairs. A group of Medusas stayed behind to watch them.

In the sea of Medusas, Tim, Chen Rui, and Athena were very eye-catching. As for Dodo, it had long become an unnoticeable rope, “consciously” wrapping around Chen Rui’s shoulders. It looked as if he was carrying a bunch of rope.

When the Medusas saw that their queen had returned, they bowed their heads in salute. A medusa quickly came out from a cave and bowed her head to the queen. She happily came to Tim’s side and hugged him. The small snakes in the Medusa’s hair didn’t hurt Tim, but instead rubbed his face gently.

Tim separated from the medusa and introduced her to Chen Rui and Athena. “This is my wife, Princess Lysa, the daughter of Queen Medusa.”

Both Chen Rui and Athena noticed that the belly of Princess Medusa was bulging. She seemed to be pregnant. When Lysa heard Tim say that these two were his friends, she looked at Athena cautiously, but bowed her head kindly to Chen Rui. It seemed that the nature of being jealous was not restricted to certain races.

“It’s an honor to meet you, beautiful Princess Lysa…” Chen Rui said a few praises using <Analytical Eyes>. To be honest, these compliments were a little against his will.

The intelligent demonic beast medusa in the Demon Realm had the same name as the Medusa in Greek mythology. In the myth, Medusa was a beautiful young girl. Later, due to certain reasons, she became a snake-haired, wild boar-fanged, snake-bodied monster. Anyone who saw her would turn into stone. The Medusas on this dimension also had the ability to petrify, but it was not that exaggerated. Similarly, they were not that ugly. If one ignored their scales, snake body and the snake hair on their heads, they would be a beautiful woman. Right, the characteristic double forked tongue also had to be ignored.

He didn’t know if there was any special reason for Tim’s and her union, but it was undeniable that this former mining officer had a unique taste for women.

Lysa was a little surprised by Chen Rui’s language ability, and was delighted by his compliments. She seemed to become more friendly, and was easier to get along with than her mother, the queen.

Athena was surprised by something else. She knew more about Demon Realm than Chen Rui. Medusa was an intelligent demonic beast that laid eggs. Generally, they did not show such obvious pregnancy signs, unless they were…

At that moment, Lusa, who Chen Rui helped just now, appeared behind Tim. She bowed her head to Lysa and hugged Tim. Tim learned that Chen Rui and Athena had rescued Lusa and expresses his gratitude once again. A medusa came over, hissing at Chen Rui. She conveyed the queen’s order: Ask him to treat the injured medusas.

This was Chen Rui’s promise from earlier, so he exchanged bottles of medicine from the exchange center without hesitation. He began to help the injured Medusa together with Tim and Athena.

In the process, Chen Rui finally learned about Tim’s experience in these two years.

The Saiful Family was the Grimm Crown Prince’s strongest supporter, and they were extremely averse to external forces in the Red Spirit estate. Joseph had always regarded them as a thorn in his side. Two years ago, as a part of Joseph’s scheme, the successor of the Saiful Family Tim was transferred to the Mountain Xilang to serve as a mining officer.

Tim was a very talented person. Despite the harsh environment of the mine, he was still a good leader. He used his wisdom and courage to lead the miners through one difficulty after another. However, Joseph’s scheme did not end there. One time, when he entered the lower level to investigate, several of Tim’s subordinates suddenly betrayed at the same time and poisoned him. Tim was caught off guard and became seriously injured. He was forced to use a forbidden skill that reduced his lifespan. He killed the few traitors, but he met the terrifying demonic flies. He fled in a panic and finally passed out from exhausting his abilities.

When he woke up, Tim found himself beside a pool in front of a small lake, beside him were three powerful demonic beast medusas that were rumored to have harmed the underground! Strangely, the conditions of these three Medusas were somewhat abnormal. It seemed that they were in… heat.

Chen Rui felt a little bit empathetic with what happened after, but he obviously felt worse for Tim. He also involuntarily confronted a woman who was stronger than himself in a different kind of “battlefield”. Chen Rui’s partner was a stunning beauty while Tim, seriously injured, was faced with three “things”…

However, there was one thing Chen Rui was a little secretly surprised by, because the medusa’s lower body was a snake…

Tim saw Chen Rui’s doubts and told him with a bitter smile that the pool in front of the small lake was called the fountain of life. Since all medusas were female, they needed a special medium to conceive the next generation. The fountain of life was that kind of magical medium. When a medusa was in heat, drinking this spring water could dissipate their desire and increase their chances of getting pregnant and laying eggs.

Medusas could become a real woman under the effect of the fountain of life. While it was a little hardcore, but Tim still completed a major life event with three uncontrollable Medusa women in a relatively normal state. Of course, compared to the scene in the tent in the wyvern’s lair, the poor former mining officer played a more passive role.

The mystery of the fountain of life did not end there. Tim, who was about to die from overusing the forbidden skill, got his life extended because of this union. His strength also increased. However, there was a limitation, that was he must drink water of the fountain of life every three days, otherwise the life extended by the fountain would end. The fountain of life had the same characteristics as the devil pomeg. It would become completely ineffective within half an hour after leaving the source.

In order to survive, Tim did all he could to take advantage of this wonderful “mistake” and stayed in the medusa lair.

One of Tim’s medusa women was Lysa, who was also the daughter of the tribe’s queen. The other two were Lusa and Tansa, who had high positions among the medusas. Lysa, who had “combine” with a male for the first time, was very interested in Tim. Together with his two other female companions, they secretly hid Tim. In the beginning, Tim became Princess Lysa’s ‘plaything’ as a prisoner. Slowly, the three women including Lysa became inseparable from Tim.

Queen Medusa finally noticed it. The angry queen wanted to execute Tim, but Lysa begged bitterly and saved Tim’s life. In order to prove his survival value and to continue to use the fountain of life to extend his life, Tim displayed his outstanding abilities, including making armor, training the medusas and more. He finally won the queen’s approval.

Actually, the situation in the underground world was very tense. With forces led by the earth elementals and the demonic flies madly attacking the remaining creatures, many demonic beasts had been eliminated. Only the strongest tauren and medusa race were left. The taurens and medusas were originally hostile to each other, but as the powers of the earth elementals and the demonic flies got stronger, the chance of getting eliminated was quite high if they battled alone.

If one fell, both would fall. Tim clearly understood the situation. With his communication and efforts, the taurens and medusas finally reached an agreement to join forces against common enemies and tried hard to keep the situation balanced.

After two years of living together, Tim no longer considered his three “wives” as objects he was forced to “serve”, especially when Tansa sacrificed herself to protect him in a battle. Tim truly acknowledged Lysa and Lusa in his heart. Although he still missed his family and friends in Dark Moon City, he was no longer averse to life in the underground world.

In the Demon Realm, creatures had a strange life pattern, which was their bloodline. Even if two demonic creatures of two different races combined, under normal circumstances, they would not turn out mixed. Either a singular paternal or maternal bloodline would be born. In other words, the child Lysa was pregnant with would either be a medusa or a Great Demon. If the child was a medusa, Lysa would already have given birth. However, she still had not given birth until now, so Lysa’s child should be a Great Demon, which would also be a descendant of the Saiful Family.

Demon Realm attached great importance to inheritance, not to mention that Tim was becoming a father for the first time. In this harsh situation where the earth elementals and the demonic flies’ invasions were becoming fiercer day after day and the alliance between the medusas and the taurens was becoming increasingly difficult, Tim had no choice but to start planning for his offspring in Lysa’s stomach.

Last night, he secretly let Lusa take a few medusas out to the mine outside the lower layer of the main pit to investigate. He wanted to send Lusa and Lysa out of the underground world to ensure theirs and their children’s safety. However, they encountered that passage with the destroyed seal, and Lusa could not get out. When she returned, she encountered a large number of demonic flies and Athena, who was surrounded. Due to Tim’s nurturing, Lusa already knew some simple empire language to communicate. She immediately joined forces with Athena to fight the demonic flies until Chen Rui arrived.

Tim hoped that Chen Rui and Athena could help him fulfill his wish. He was willing to pay any price for it.

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