Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 147 - Reinforcements! The Medusa Legion

Chapter 147: Reinforcements! The Medusa Legion

There were currently three known types of demonic flies: bloodthirsty demonic fly, decomposing demonic fly, and borer demonic fly.

The bloodthirsty demonic fly could swallow the flesh of its prey, turning it into a skeleton.

The decomposing demonic fly had a strong body and could spit venom.

The borer demonic fly could manipulate corpses and turn them into zombies. From the previous situation, even if the corpse was destroyed, only the medium it was borrowing would be destroyed. It could not truly destroy the borer demonic flies. Furthermore, Chen Rui himself never expected that <Aura Conversion>, which was a supplementary skill used to increase aura, was the biggest trump card to eliminate these troublesome enemies!

There was also a kind of golden demonic fly in the distance, which was almost the same size as the bloodthirsty demonic fly. It had the smallest number, but was probably a more powerful demonic fly. Chen Rui did not dare get too close to it.

From the previous analysis, the murderous earth elementals were most likely being manipulated!

The earth elementals were not corpses, and they were not the same as ordinary living beings. Borer demonic flies should not be able to control them, so it must be another kind of demonic fly or some other special power.

Chen Rui frowned tightly. This matter was definitely not easy. He needed to get ahold of more relevant information. It may be the key for him and Athena to return above ground.

Taurens attached great importance to the deceased. The tauren, Torre beside him had been paying attention to Chen Rui’s actions. He was astonished to see that he could return the corpses that had been transformed into a zombie back to their original state. He beat his chest toward Chen Rui to express gratitude.

Although the taurens had great combat power and they had medusas’ reinforcements, there was an extremely great number of earth elementals and demonic flies especially. It was practically impossible to kill them all. The taurens were gradually starting to lose out.

At this time, a horn sounded in the distance. Athena appeared surprised. This horn sounded a little familiar, like the offensive horn commonly used in the Fallen Angel Empire.

Under the light of the stalactites in the distance, neat rows of silhouettes appeared.

Medusa! They were all Medusas!

The first few rows held shields and scimitars, while the back rows seemed to be holding bows and arrows. They aligned into a formation. Under the command of the horn, they moved quickly toward this side.

The fighting medusas began to move closer to the medusa reinforcements. The tauren leader howled, and the taurens began to group together. Chen Rui, Athena, and Dodo naturally followed Torre to gather in the tauren camp.

Like a well-trained legion, the Medusas completely lined up in formation. With one command, countless stone arrows shot at the demonic flies and earth elementals. When the stone arrows touched their targets, they suddenly exploded. The explosion spread over several meters. This kind of blow was the most deadly to the demonic flies in the air. Instantly, the weaker demonic flies fell like rain. After a few waves of explosive arrows, many of the bloodthirsty demonic flies that were greatest in number were eliminated. However, the earth elementals with their extremely strong defense were not affected much. Led by two cyan earth elementals, they rushed toward the medusas.

The horn sounded again. This time its rhythm was slightly different. The air projectiles continued, but three rows of Medusas walked in front of the team. They targeted the earth elementals and started shooting arrows in unison. After the first row fired, the well-prepared second row immediately fired, then the third row. They took turns firing.

“Three consecutive shots!” Athena exclaimed. This was a long-range shooting technique commonly used by armies in the Demon Realm. It required great coordination and good timing between the archers.

If the purpose of the previously launched explosive arrows were for area killing, then the three turn shots were mainly for targeted killing. They targeted the head of the earth elementals. Ordinary stone arrows could not penetrate the earth elementals’ defenses, but these arrows glinted a faint sharp beam. It was clearly enchanted with a special skill that enhanced sharpness.

It seemed that the medusas had been trained to a certain degree. They were very focused when it came to selecting targets. They avoided the two strongest cyan earth elemental people and focused on the target in groups of several people. Immediately, the earth elementals fell down one after another.

Seeing that the earth elementals had already rushed to a close distance, the bows and arrows suddenly stopped. A figure suddenly leapt out from the Medusa team and landed heavily in the middle of the earth elementals.

This medusa had a bigger body than a normal medusa, and her snake tail also showed a dark purple color that was different from the typical medusa’s cyan color.

She was holding a machete and shield made of special crystal and a shield. The machete was extremely sharp. In a blink of an eye, the heads of several earth elementals were cut off. Two cyan elemental people rushed forward and surrounded the Medusa. Armor could be faintly seen on the bodies of the cyan elemental people. It was actually the most powerful singular defense magic. <Steel Armor> could only be used on oneself, but could be stacked with <Stone Skin>. This way, the defense was doubled. The Medusa’s crystal machete could only leave a shallow mark on the cyan earth elementals’ bodies, but earth elementals’ attacks were also prevented by that shield.

This medusa should be Queen Medusa. Medusa’s eyes originally had a powerful ability of turning people into stone. Unfortunately, it was completely ineffective against earth elementals. The tauren leader howled and joined the battle, holding off one of the cyan earth elemental by itself.

The power of this battle was extremely powerful. A large area of ​​cracks appeared on the sturdy ground. Even the ceiling that was 100 meters high trembled, causing stalagmites to fall continuously. Under the powerful wave, even the tough earth elementals nearby were shattered, no need to mention the demonic flies.

This move was equivalent to allowing the battle to spread within the enemy group. It was extremely destructive; the remaining earth elementals and demonic flies could only bypass the four of them in battle and continue to rush toward the medusas, but their speed had slowed down already. After the medusas fired one round of consecutive shots, the taurens intercepted the enemy with synergy. Then, rows of medusa with melee weapons facd the earth elementals. The explosions in the air continued, causing great damage to the demonic flies.

To avoid getting injured accidentally, Chen Rui led Athena and Dodo to closely follow Tauren Torre to protect him. He finally saw that the commander in the medusa Legion was humanoid, holding a horn in his hand. Because of the lights flashing from the battle, he could see her true identity. According to Lusa’s previous statement, it must be the former mining officer Tim, who was missing for two years.

Clearly, the medusas’ formation and battle strategies came from Tim. It seemed that the heir of the Saiful Family of Dark Moon City also had military talent, but it was unknown why he became a medusa’s husband and why he remained in the underground world without returning to Dark Moon City.

Currently there was no way to contact and ask him. Everything must wait until the end of the battle.

In terms of one-on-one combat prowess, the taurens were stronger than the medusas. However in a battle of this scale, the medusas’ teamwork was obviously more useful, especially in targeted tactics. They killed a large number of demonic flies and earth elementals, turning the situation around in an instant.

The cyan earth elementals were not worthy one-on-one opponents of Queen Medusa and tauren leader. Although they had amazing defense, their magic could not be used without limit which amplified their lack of offense. After being continuously knocked back, the pale yellow light in the cyan earth elementals’ eyes flickered. They finally let out a roar and the earth elementals began to fall back. A large number of demonic flies beat their wings and followed suit. The medusas and taurens both let out cries of victory.

The tauren leader walked in front of Queen Medusa and howled, beating his chest with force; Queen Medusa put her right hand on her chest and slightly noded.

After the earth elementals died, their corpses solidified into a pile of rocks. Chen Rui tried to use <Aura Conversion> on the “rock”. It worked as expected, and the speculation in his mind was further confirmed.

Here, the medusas and taurens began clearing the battlefield. Chen Rui and Athena had previously battled in the main pit, but now after this big battle, their energy consumption was extremely high, especially Athena. She was really exhausted. If Chen Rui didn’t give her a Grandmaster-level regeneration potion, she might not even last this battle.

When she saw the “human” in the medusa team, Athena was shocked. She shouted, “Tim!”

Tim’s body startled, and he turned his head in disbelief. Because of the chaos, he was focused on commanding the Medusas. He didn’t notice the rare “same species” mixed between the tall taurens.

Seeing two of the “same species” for the first time in a long time, Tim’s body trembled slightly, almost thinking he was hallucinating.

When Athena came to Dark Moon City, Tim had not traveled to Mountain Xilang yet. As the heir of the Saiful Family, he naturally knew the daughter of the Empire’s first general. However, Tim spent two years in the underground world, so he afraid to confirm that it was her. It took him a long time to tentatively shout, “Miss Athena?”

“It really is you! Tim!” When Athena saw the other person shouting her name, there was no more doubt in her heart: Tim, who was missing for two years, is still alive! He is in the underground world under the mine the whole time!

Tim looked very excited and stepped forward, saluting, “It’s actually Miss Athena. Why are you here?”

“You are the former mining officer Tim?” Chen Rui said. <Analytical Eyes> showed that Tim’s powers were D Level, which was Higher Demon.

Tim’s gaze fell on Chen Rui, who was holding Athena’s hand. He felt the strong vibe of Higher Demon on them. He bowed to Chen Rui. “Who is this sir?”

Although Athena was embarrassed for holding hands with Chen Rui in front of Tim, she didn’t break away. She felt faint satisfaction in her heart.

“My name is Chen Rui, and I am the current mining officer. Like you, I was recommended by the Finance Official Joseph to come to the mine.” Chen Rui returned the bow, “We were set up by someone, that’s why we came to this underground world.”

“Set up?” When Tim heard this, he empathized with them and clenched his fists. “Was it that Joseph’s people?”

Chen Rui didn’t explain Connor’s situation and just nodded. As he expected, Tim’s “disappearance” must be related to Joseph. Sure enough, he saw Tim gritting his teeth. As he was about to open his mouth, suddenly there was a hissing sound coming from beside them.

Queen Medusa slithered over. Her inspecting gaze fell on Chen Rui and Athena. Dodo, who was on Chen Rui’s shoulder, felt a frightening energy. He was so scared he shrunk by one size.

Queen Medusa’s face was more refined than the ordinary Medusas, but her scales were thicker. As he thought, <Analytical Eyes> showed that the Queen’s strength was “unable to determine”.

The moment Tim saw her, he immediately lowered his head to Queen Medusa and made the same hissing noise. Chen Rui could tell that Queen Medusa was questioning Tim about the identities of the two “strangers”. He answered that they were friends from above ground. Queen Medusa ordered him to quickly lead the team back to the nest to avoid sneak attacks by the enemy.

Tim did not have <Analytical Eyes>, but he learned the language of Medusa like it was a foreign language. His ability was considered incredible.

Queen Medusa sized up Chen Rui and Athena. The golden and black snake pupils revealed a cold light, which did not seem as friendly as they imagined.

Being able to dispel demonic fly’s possession; communicating with different species. Was there anything Chen Rui couldn’t do?

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