Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 146 - Demonic Flies! Suspicious Source Of Crystals

Chapter 146: Demonic Flies! Suspicious Source Of Crystals

Elemental were born in nature and also died out in nature. They did not have their own civilization, but they generally would not easily meddle with other civilizations unless their territory was being violated.

It would be understandable if the taurens and medusas had violated the earth elementals’ territory, but why were the earth elementals on the same team as the demonic flies?

Chen Rui did not know a lot about these demonic beasts, and it was by no means the time to investigate. It was the first time he saw a battle of this scale with both sides fighting to each other’s death. Some medusas and taurens even launched attacks at him. Lusa and the tauren from before already joined the battle. Who could help distinguish whether he was the enemy or ally?

<Analytical Eyes> showed that many of the fighting creatures in the surroundings had powers that were “unable to determine”. Chen Rui dared not provoke them. He just pulled Athena and Dodo away from the dangerous battles, only picking off the weaker earth elemental who seemed to be E-level.

To avoid drawing too much attention, Chen Rui ordered Athena to retract the demonic fire and save their strength to fight with E-level earth elementals while trying to communicate with them. Strangely, the earth elementals should be creatures of considerable intelligence, but in <Analytical Eyes>, all the earth elemental people Chen Rui faced, including the previous D level earth elementals that he previously defeated, only sent out one message: kill! kill! kill!

The bloodthirsty demonic flies were still the same as before. It did not seem to think at all, and <Analytical Eyes> could not communicate with them at all.

The higher-level decomposing demonic fly and another kind of borer fly seemed to have some consciousness, but these consciousnesses were full of evil murderous intentions that made people tremble. They were also unable to communicate. As for those “unable to determine” demonic flies in battle, Chen Rui did not dare approach them.

The battlefield had various caves and simple houses. This must be the taurens’ nest, and the main intention of the demonic flies and the earth elementals seemed to be attacking one place. The place where the fighting was the most intense appeared to be a small pool.

In front of the pool, there was a strong tauren wearing leather armor and holding two huge stone axes. As the stone axe was waved, a strong roaring sound could be heard even from Chen Rui’s spot and the ground near the pool trembled. Judging from its strength and attire, it should be the tauren leader.

The demonic flies near the pool were being torn up by the terrifying wind pressure even from far, including the bigger decomposing demonic fly that <Aura Blade> could not chop through at one go. <Destructive Aura Blow> was far beyond the reach of this kind of power. Of course, the most important thing was the difference in strength.

Although the tauren leader was very fierce, his opponents were equally powerful. They were two cyan-colored earth elementals. They were smaller than the previous group Chen Rui encountered, their facial features and muscles looked more delicate, but their powers were even more frightening.

Not only that, the cyan earth elementals could also perform a variety of earth-based magic at any time. There was no need to chant spells like Lich or Necromancer, and many of the spells were actually powerful high-level magic.

The huge mandala condensing in the air, stone prisons growing out of the ground from nothing., explosive stone flowers. These offensive and defensive measures occured endlessly, effectively making up for their weakness, which was a lack of offense.

The tauren leader’s skill also exceeded Chen Rui’s expectations. He only heard a howl when suddenly a red halo appeared under his feet. Around him, this halo also appeared under all taurens’ feet within a certain range, but in a lighter color. The attacks of the taurens in this halo seemed to be more aggressive and more powerful.

“Halo skill?” Chen Rui suddenly thought of the Paladin skill in a classic game from his previous life which gave the surrounding teammates a special buff. The tauren leader’s red halo that he was seeing clearly had this effect. However, this “halo” was only effective on taurens. Although the allied medusas were also within the range of the halo, there was no special sign or effect on their bodies.

Similarly, there was also a tauren not far away with this ability. The tauren was holding a stone staff in his hand. Cyan halos appeared under the feet of their own kind nearby, which increased the taurens’ speeds greatly. It seemed that this buffing halo was a special ability of mutated taurens.

Chen Rui noticed that there was a corpse behind the tauren holding the stone staff, which was a tauren warrior who perished in battle. A group of demonic flies surrounded it, but they did not suck its flesh and blood. Instead, as if it was being controlled, the corpse stood up like a “zombie”. Its eyes emitting a pale yellow light. It attacked its ally that was holding the stone staff.

The “zombie” tauren did not seem to feel the pain. It did not need defense at all; it just madly attacked the tauren holding the stone staff.

Although tauren holding the stone staff had special ability to provide halo buffs, but his combat powers seemed to be weaker. Gradually, it could not defend itself.

The nearby taurens wanted to help but were being held back by the earth elementals and the demonic flies. Once this important tauren died, the buff effects of all companions would disappear and they would fall into more danger.

The tauren holding the stone staff was sent flying a few meters after getting hit with a hammer and fell to the ground. The zombie tauren did not give its previous ally time to catch its breath and strode forward.

At that crucial moment, a ball of light with a diameter of over one meter rushed toward the zombie tauren. Even the tauren, who was naturally resistant to magic, could not stand the impact of this light ball and was pushed onto a boulder at high speed. Its whole body was swallowed up, only leaving behind a burned body, and then the whole boulder collapsed.

The tauren holding the stone staff struggled to stand up. He looked at the stranger who saved his life during a crisis in surprise. This person was neither an elemental, a medusa, nor a tauren.

He saw the stranger slam his chest and a clear voice that could be understood sounded in his head. “Friend! Chen Rui!”

Although the tauren was a little surprised, it did the same action without hesitation. “Friend! Torre!”

Chen Rui’s move was obviously an act of careful consideration. Both tauren and medusa were able to communicate using <Analytical Eyes>, and he coincidentally used this battle to win over their favor. The chances of survival in the underground world and also looking for a way out would greatly increase. If the tauren side lost, facing the earth elementals and the demonic flies that could not communicate was a death sentence.

Chen Rui saw that Torre’s close combat abilities were relatively weak. He called Athena over. The two guarded Torre between them. Torre raised his hand and shouted. Another kind of halo appeared beneath the taurens’ feet, which was the red halo used by the tauren leader. This way, not just the speed but the attack power of the taurens also increased greatly.

The halos used by Torre could be stacked at the same time while the tauren leader only had one red halo. It seemed that Torre was more talented in casting halos than the leader, and he was probably also an important figure in the tauren race.

After learning a lesson from Torre, once a tauren soldier died, its corpse was immediately destroyed by its own kind. One could tell that the taurens were saddened by this, but they had no choice. Chen Rui vaguely understood why the Medusa Lusa destroyed the body of her own kind before. It seemed that these demonic flies had quite strange powers which allowed them to manipulate corpses! Was this the T virus of the Demon Realm?

With Chen Rui and Athena’s help, Torre started to move toward the increasingly dangerous battle field. He shouted incessantly along the way, giving his companions who were caught in a bitter battle halo buffs. The pressure Chen Rui and Athena were feeling was also increasing continuously, but their actions left a good impression of the two strangers guarding Torre’s side on the taurens.

Another heroic tauren fell. After its own kind dispersed the demonic flies surround its body, they were helplessly preparing to destroy the corpse, but Chen Rui suddenly stopped them. Just now Chen Rui saved this tauren’s life, so the taurens could not attack him for now. They just reminded him that this corpse would be resurrected by the demonic flies and turned into an enemy.

Chen Rui nodded, reassuring the taurens directly through <Analytical Eyes> and called Athena and Dodo over to fend off the enemy. He bent at the waist and began to observe the corpse that was about to become a zombie. When he first assisted the taurens with Lusa, he found there was something strange about the earth elementals’s eyes. There was some crystalline object solidified in their eyes, as if they were shedding tears. At that moment, he did not have time to take a closer look. Just now, he once again noticed that several “resurrected” zombie taurens seemed to have the same bizarre characteristic in their eyes. Now, after much difficulty, he finally got “living body” to verify his conjecture.

As expected, this tauren’s already dead body started to twitch slowly. This was a precursor of “resurrection”. He saw a strange liquid flow out of its big, bull eyes. It was not tears, but a pale yellow liquid. After flowing out of the body, it quickly solidified into a crystalline form. The bull’s eyes gradually opened, faintly emitting a pale yellow light.

Chen Rui had an idea. He opened his hand above the tauren’s head and decisively activated a skill, <Aura Conversion>.

Unknown energy substance found. Can be transformed into aura. Confirm transformation?

As expected!

The eyes of the tauren corpse were almost fully opened. Once opened, the “zombie” transformation would be complete. Chen Rui quickly confirmed the “transformation”. The tauren’s corpse began to twitch violently. The “crystal” quickly disintegrated into powder. The yellow light in his eyes gradually dimmed. His noise released sharp “squeaks” that only disappeared after a while.

Chen Rui withdrew his hand in surprise. Only with this one transformation, his aura actually increased by ten thousand!

He guessed it right. This crystal that could turn taurens into zombies was really an energy substance that could be transformed into aura. Furthermore, it must be the crystals on the “waste ores”!

The crystals on the waste ores turned out to be the demonic flies’ special secretion! Not only that, just now <Analytical Eyes> suggested that not only the crystals were being transformed, but also the demonic flies that were secreting the crystals. This was a very small-bodied type of demonic flies that could enter the body through the nostrils or ears and secrete crystals to manipulate the corpse.

This kind of demon fly was the borer demonic fly that Chen Rui saw before! Comprehensive Strength Assessment: D!!

Four hundred-year-old waste ores… Crystals… Demonic flies…

Chen Rui had a gut feeling that he had just vaguely unveiled one part of a big secret.

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