Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 145 - War in the Underground World

Chapter 145: War in the Underground World

Tim was the son of Old Carter, the elder of the most established family in Dark Moon, the Saiful Family. Two years ago, he was transferred to Mountain Xilang as a mining officer as part of Joseph’s scheme. However, he disappeared the first time he entered the main pit to survey it, and his body was not found. Who knew that he was still alive and had become the… husband of this medusa?

In this case, the entrance enchantment at that time had not been destroyed. Why didn’t Tim try to escape to above ground in these two years?

There must be some unknown inside information.

Chen Rui thought for a while and said, “We are Tim’s friends. He has been missing for two years. We never thought that he is still alive. Can you take us to see your husband?”

At present, the exit was no longer accessible, and there were no other good plans for now. Instead of bumping into more powerful demonic beasts, it was better to follow Medusa to meet Tim. Maybe their situation could turn around for the better. However, he still could not lower his guard regarding medusa. He had “Dark Will”; when absolutely necessary, he could still teleport to escape danger.

Unfortunately, Dark Will could not pass through the space, otherwise he would have teleported out long ago.

Lusa thought for a moment and finally nodded. “Those demon flies will come back at any time. Let’s go now, follow me.”

Lusa’s status did not seem to be low. She hissed at the remaining three Medusas, and they immediately walked to the front.

Chen Rui told Athena about Tim. Athena was also very surprised, and naturally had no opinion on his decision. The two took Dodo and walked along with Medusa.

After passing through one passage after another, the group arrived at a large entrance that was cracked open. It looked bottomless. Cold wind seemed to blow from the dark entrance, adding a little chill.

This must be the entrance to the underground world from the main pit.

The medusas did not stop and entered the entrance. Chen Rui and Athena looked at each other, then followed them inside.

It was a bottomless, dark passage. Even Chen Rui and Athena’s eyesight, the visibility was quite low. When Athena was on the alert, her hand clenched suddenly, and it was already being held in a warm palm.

Athena’s hand trembled slightly, then immediately meekly allowed him to hold it. This time, unlike the time they faced the Dragon Inscription at black rainforest, there was no excuse. He just took the initiative to directly hold her hand.

Athena’s face started to heat up again, her heartbeat also accelerating, but she was not nervous like the time in black rainforest. She just enjoyed the slight, sweet dizziness. She felt as if despite the dangers ahead, as long as this hand held hers, there was nothing to be afraid of.

Maybe because they had telepathy, but by just holding hands,Chen Rui miraculously felt Athena’s feelings. He held her hand slightly tighter. The two were separated for a month; there were so many words to say. Although they couldn’t spit all of it out right here and now, walking hand-in-hand and side-by-side, it was a time where staying silent was better than talking.

Light finally appeared ahead. After walking through this dark passage, the sight that entered their eyes was very strange.

This place was different from the labyrinth-like main pit. It was like a huge, whole other world.

There was a big space between the top and the bottom. The space felt open and bright. It didn’t have the feeling of being oppressed by the ceiling in the main pit. . All he saw were strange stalactites and stalagmites. There were many special materials in it emitting strong or weak glowing. They were colorful and of different shapes; it was a sight to behold. From time to time, shining clear ponds could be seen on the ground. Water droplets dripped from the top into the ponds. The temperature was obviously much lower than the main pit.

Chen Rui had never seen such a wonderful scene. He was secretly amazed; Athena also showed surprise.

Behind the wonderful landscape was unpredictable danger. Underground demonic beasts had been roaming for over four hundred years. It was definitely not for fooling around.. Even if they were going to Medusa’s nest this time, they were not necessarily safe. Both of them knew this, so they did not let their guards down.

After walking a long distance, they did not run into any danger along the way. The air here felt fresher. Perhaps it was the special effect of certain special substances in the minerals that could absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, just like plants.

Suddenly, Medusa stopped moving forward and watched vigilantly to the front. Chen Rui and Athena also noticed an unusual sound, like the sound of fighting. Furthermore, the sound was also moving toward them.

Under the light reflected from the rocks, both parties in the battle gradually became clear.

One party was a tall and strong humanoid demonic beasts with long fur all over its body. It had a bull head and hooves, three fingers on each hand, holding a huge stone sledgehammer. From time to time, he attacked the enemy with its sharp horns and sledgehammer.

Like Medusa, this creature was one of the intelligent demonic beasts, called Tauren.

Tauren was a born warrior; they were fierce and powerful. Not only did it have high physical offense and defensive capabilities, it also had strong resistance to magic. A small number of mutants could use its special, natural power to become something like a magician. In the Demon Realm, it was known that some Taurens were used to living in the mountains. Unexpectedly, there were also taurens in this underground world.

The tauren’s opponent was an even stranger creature. Its body consisted of rock and dirt, and its face features and muscles were unclear. Its eyes emitted a faint yellow light. They had no weapons, but their bodies were tougher than any weapon. The tauren hit it with its sledgehammer with great force, but it did not cause much damage.

One of the creatures could also launch strange attacks. Where its upper limbs waved, many sharp spikes protruded from the ground. Occasionally it would give another wave, and a faint light would appear on its surrounding companions like armor, increasing their defenses.

“<Earth Spikie>! <Stone Skin>!” Athena exclaimed. “These are earth elementals!”

Elementals were the sentient products formed by natural elemental forces condensed into essence. Most of them appeared in nature where the corresponding elemental power was relatively concentrated. For example, most fire elementals were in volcanoes and earth elementals appeared underground. Elementals did not have lives. Because they were born from the process of elemental condensation, they also died in the balance of nature. They each had different personalities and corresponding strengths according to their elements. For example, the earth elemental was skilled at defense and the fire elemental was good at attacking. Most of them had the ability to control their corresponding attributes. The earth elemental just now cast earth magic.

<Earth Spike> could control the spikes poking out of the ground to attack the opponent while <Stone Skin> was buffing magic to enhance defense.

The medusas had already quickly prepared themselves for battle. Lusa fired an arrow, which hit the earth elemental’s body. Unfortunately, it could not penetrate it. It seemed that long-range attacks like this could not cause substantial damage to these earth elemental people who had high defense.

“Help the tauren!”

As soon as Lusa said it, she took out a machete and led the three medusas to attack the earth elementals.

Generally speaking, due to behavioral and communication issues, different demonic beast species were of provoking each other. Rarely did they offer to help each other without any hesitation. Chen Rui felt that it was a little strange, but he still quickly explained the target of the battle to Athena. He instructed Dodo to protect Athena, then rushed toward the earth elementals together with Medusa.

The tauren was pleasantly surprised by the medusas’ support. When it saw two strangers, Chen Rui and Athena, it became more alert. His eyes revealed murderous intention. Chen Rui immediately revealed his “friendly” goodwill to the tauren through <Analytical Eyes>, and showed his stance with his actions.

“Bang!” Chen Rui landed a heavy punch on the body of the earth elemental who cast the magic, pushing the opponent six or seven meters back. The earth elemental wobbled for a while, but it was fine. Instead it was Chen Rui’s fist that felt faintly numb as a result of the recoil from his punch.

Chen Rui was taken aback. <Analytical Eyes> clearly stated that the earth elemental man was D level. With his D level strength that was at the strongest, even such a powerful blow could not damage the earth elemental. It seemed that the Demon Realm had many powerhouses, especially some special creatures with unique talents and powers. Just like the earth elemental, even being on the same D level did not mean that they could secure victory against each other.

At that moment, he felt a sense of warning from below and quickly bounced away. Almost in a blink of an eye, many blade-like spikes suddenly appeared on the ground. If he had been slower by half a beat, he would have been seriously injured.

Chen Rui previously fought with the demonic flies, which consumed a lot of Star Power. He was temporarily unable to use <Aura Blade>. He immediately unleashed the surging force of the surfy sea, attacking the earth elemental until they steadily retreated. Finally, cracks appearing on the sturdy surface of their bodies.

While attacking, Chen Rui communicated with the earth elemental using <Analytical Eyes>, trying to get them to yield so that he could learn more about the underground world. However, the pale yellow light in the earth elemental person’s eyes flickered, and the signal he received from them had no emotions or fluctuations; it only had killing intention.

Incessant killing intention!

With the support of Athena and medusa, the tauren regained its vigour. Neither Athena nor the medusas’ weapons could cause much damage to the earth elemental. Dodo’s transformation skill was effective. He wrapped around an earth elemental, and a few taurens rushed forward and took turns dealing heavy blows until the earth elemental’s head split into pieces.

After Chen Rui attacked for a while, he discovered the earth elemental’s special characteristics. They were weak in attack but strong in defense. After carefully avoiding their magic, attacking the earth elemental’s head could hurt them. With the power of the surfy sea, the cracks in the earth elemental’s head grew larger, even <Stone Skin> could not defend against that unending surging power. In the end, they crumbled completely to the ground.

Not long after, all the earth elementals had been gotten rid of. The head tauren came over and looked at Chen Rui with its big bull eyes for a while, then it suddenly beat his chest with great force, howling.

“Friend! Watt!”

Chen Rui could feel the tauren’s gratitude using <Analytical Eyes>. Watt must be its name. He immediately sent his friendly intentions over.

Like medusa, the tauren was surprised by Chen Rui’s ability to communicate. However, they did not investigate it too deeply. They just expressed one thing, “Come with me, need help! Fight!”

Medusa did not seem to understand what its “ally” tauren said. After Chen Rui translated for her with <Analytical Eyes>, she immediately followed the tauren without hesitation.

Although Chen Rui did not understand why there was a conflict between the earth elementals and the taurens and why medusa wanted to help the tauren, but because he was completely unfamiliar with this dangerous underground world, and now that he had gotten the temporary trust of two demonic beasts by chance, following them seemed to be the best plan.

The taurens ran at very high speeds. Soon after, in front of a huge space, Chen Rui saw an incredibly fierce battle. It could even be called a small war.

There were taurens and earth elementals engaged in fierce battles everywhere. There were also some medusas. Like Lusa’s offer of help just now, the taurens and medusas were obviously in an alliance. Meanwhile, a large number of demonic flies were spread among the earth elementals!

Tauren + medusa VS earth elementals + demonic flies?

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