Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 144 - Shocking! Medusa that can Speak Demon Realm Language

Chapter 144: Shocking! Medusa that can Speak Demon Realm Language

Although the decomposing demonic fly was not big, its power and speed were very shocking. It could even spray highly toxic liquid from its mouth. However, for Chen Rui, the decomposing demonic fly’s fatal venom had no effect, it would only be converted into aura.

At that moment, a large number of bloodthirsty demonic flies rushed over. Chen Rui tried to use <Destructive Aura Blow> on the decomposing demonic fly. He increased his Star Power and unleashed the powerful aoe skill again, “<Destructive Aura Blow>!”

The decomposing demonic fly had entered the range of <Destructive Aura Blow>, and they were instantly cut by numerous high-speed slicing forces, but it did not crumble into pieces like the other bloodthirsty demonic flies. It just flew clumsily in the air, and its speed suddenly slowed down, making bloodcurdling squeaks.

Sure enough, the group attack was only effective on a large group of enemies with relatively low powers. To face a single, strong opponent, it was better to use the strongest single-target attack.

“<Aura Blade>!”

Before the decomposing demonic fly could recover, a sharp force like a knife already cut off its head. Amidst sharp squeals, it was firmly chopped off. Surprisingly, the body of this big demonic fly was far more resilient than he imagined. <Aura Blade>, which could cut through metal, failed to cut it into two pieces. It just cut open a large hole, from which leaked out an unpleasant-smelling liquid. Chen Rui did not hesitate. He chopped a dozen times consecutively. The decomposing demonic fly finally could not stand it. <Aura Blade> chopped it into multiple pieces, killing it once and for all.

There was one less decomposing demonic fly and many bloodthirsty demonic flies missing from Athena’s side. It obviously relieved a lot of pressure from her. Medusa’s circle of defense doubled in size, successfully inhibiting her opponents.

After Chen Rui took care of the decomposing demonic fly. As the <Aura Blade> was still within the ten minutes limit, he quickly went to Athena. With Dodo’s help, together they killed another decomposing demonic fly.

The remaining one noticed the situation was dare. Just as it was about to fly away, an arrow hit its wing like lightning. The demonic fly’s movement slowed. As Athena chopped it, it made a painful noise and fell aside. Immediately after Chen Rui’s <Aura Blade> criss-crossed, the last decomposing demonic fly was cut into several pieces.

After the decomposing demonic flies were killed, the already diminished number bloodthirsty demonic flies that were left still did not escape. Instead they continued to attack without fear, until all were eliminated.

The crisis was finally resolved, Athena’s high-strung combat state suddenly disappeared, and the demonic fire also extinguished. She panted heavily as she used her sword to support her overly strained body. Although she was strong, fighting nonstop almost all night consumed a great amount of power. She was on the verge of exhaustion.

Athena looked at the approaching Chen Rui and her eyes suddenly turned red. Although he did not say anything, she could imagine how worried he was and how much he put himself at risk to come here to find her here. As she was about to speak, suddenly a gust of warm, boyish vibe rushed toward her. She was already being tightly hugged by him.

After experiencing life and death at Silent Night Wetland, Chen Rui’s longing and feelings for Athena became stronger than ever, especially when he was anxiously looking for her just now. He initially had a lot of things to say, but when he saw Athena, he could not say anything. He could only hug her tightly. Maybe this was the most direct and the best way of expressing his feelings.

Although she had been embraced by him when they separated at the green leafy forest before, the strange feeling in Athena’s heart at the moment was still strong. Feeling his strong heartbeat and warm embrace, it felt as if all the dangers and difficulties had become unimportant.

There was no space between them as they hugged; the two hearts became closer. Athena, whose eyes were a bit cloudy, relaxed her hand, and the greatsword in her hand fell to the floor with a loud noise without her knowing.

The sound brought Athena to her senses. She remembered that there were other people nearby, so she quickly broke away. Her face felt fiery, but she felt that much of her previously depleted strength was inexplicably restored.

“Little one,” a faint voice sounded from behind her. It was Gade’s voice. Gade was still alive.

However, looking at his appearance, he would not be alive for long.

The light of the ring of illumination reflected the blood and horrible wounds all over Gade’s body. White bones could be seen in a lot of places, as if something had chewed into him. Chen Rui could see that Gade’s injuries were so serious that even potions could not heal him.

Athena hurriedly came to Gade’s side and squatted beside him. Gade was already exhaling more than inhaling. His weak voice was full of remorse, “I’m sorry… Miss, it was my fault, I caused you this trouble…”

“No!” Athena’s eyes started to turn red again. “I am not strong enough to rescue the miners, and I even drag you down…”

“Miss, you are wrong… I really do deserve to die. Actually, I have been colluding with the Red Devils… because only then I can keep the miners…”

Athena and Chen Rui were taken aback at the same time. They never thought that the biggest “mole” in the mining office turned out to be the captain of the guards who had been leading a difficult life with the miners.

“Not just me, but Connor too… You wanted to come down here and rescue the people, I was afraid Connor would cause trouble… I came down here with you, but I did not expect that he would harm me as well…” Gade’s breathing became quicker and quicker. He could barely hold his eyes open.

Chen Rui showed a look of understanding. Gade was always grateful to Athena’s father, General George. As the mole, Gade knew that the Red Devils were powerful, so he repeatedly urged Athena to leave the mine. Unfortunately, he never succeeded. Just as Athena was about to risk going down to rescue the miners, Gade was worried she would be in danger and accompanied her. However, Gade did not know that the miners’ situation was part of Connor’s plan, nor did he know that Connor’s true identity was not the Red Devils’ spy, but a loyalist being manipulated by some mysterious force. The purpose of this was to kill Athena and instigate chaos in the Fallen Angel Empire, allowing the forces behind him to take advantage of it.

“I don’t blame you. Without you, the miners could not have survived.” Chen Rui squatted down and comforted him. Although it was Red Spirit estate’s plan to keep the mine temporarily, from Gade’s point of view, it was out of his control. Anyway, Gade’s conscience was for the miners.

Now that he was dying, it was best to let him die in peace.

“Sir Chen Rui.” Gade still did not understand how this human whom he considered a weakling was in fact an extraordinarily powerful man. Unfortunately, he did not have the strength to say unnecessary words now.

“Please take good care of…” Gade inhaled in a breath, but could only desperately squeeze out an unfinished sentence. His body trembled violently and gradually became quiet again.

“Don’t worry. I will protect Athena with my life.” Chen Rui sighed. He gently closed Gade’s eyes and stood up.

“I’m sorry…” Athena looked at Chen Rui with a sad look on her face. Before she could speak, Dodo’s reminding voice sounded.

“Master, be careful, they are coming!”

He could see the four Medusas had already dealt with their allies’ bodily injuries, and they were slowly coming over.

Because he was at a further distance previously, he could not clearly see the rumored intelligence. But now the close range in addition to the light of the ring of illumination, he could see more clearly. Medusa’s hair consisted of small snakes that could move. Although she had beautiful facial features, her pale gold pupils were similar to the vertical pupils of certain snakes, making her look more forbidding. She wore a simple armor on her torso, but small scales could be faintly seen on her skin. The lower half of her body, below the navel, was a wriggling snake body. It looked beyond strange.

Chen Rui noticed that the Medusa corpses on the ground were dismembered and shattered. The ones attacking were the living Medusas. He was on his guard. It seemed that these demonic beasts were extremely cruel. They did not even show mercy to their own allies’ corpses! Athena must have encountered them by chance just now and was forced to fight on the same side because they had a common enemy. Now the demonic flies were eliminated, the possibility of them betraying was quite high.

<Analytical Eyes> showed that these Medusas were all of Higher Demon level. Based on their vibe, the one with the bow was the most powerful.

The Medusa with the bow looked Chen Rui for a while and bowed slightly. She even performed a general demon etiquette. She stuck out a snake-like forked tongue from her mouth, hissing sounds forming a silly language, “Ah… thanks.”

Chen Rui was very surprised. Although Medusa was an intelligent demonic beast, they still could not be compared with other highly intelligent creatures like the dragon. It was the first time he heard that a Medusa could speak the general language of the Demon Realm. However, Medusa’s pronunciation was abstruse, a bit like a foreigner who just started learning Chinese.

Athena had a lot of her things in her heart that she wanted to tell Chen Rui, but she knew that now was not the time. After drinking the healing potion and recovery potion he had handed, she said, “Gade and I were chased by those terrifying flies and happened to bump into them fighting the flies. They even knew how to speak the Demon Realm language, so we worked together to deal with the flies.”

The course of events was similar to what Chen Rui expected. It seemed like only the Medusa with the bow could speak the Demon Realm language. Moreover, her vocabulary was is limited and sounded weird.

“What is your name?”

Chen Rui spoke this sentence in his consciousness using <Analytical Eyes>. The Medusa was surprised, and the “foreign language” in her mouth became “hisses” of varying length. Although Athena couldn’t understand it, It sounded more fluent in Chen Rui’s ears.

“How do you know our language?” Medusa said in surprise. “My name is Lusa, thank you for saving us.”

“Hello Lusa, my name is Chen Rui, and she is Athena.” Chen Rui asked the most important question, “We are from aboveground. Is there any other way to return above ground?”

“There is only one way back above ground, but the enchantment there is very strong. It inhibits people with powers above Demon King level. If you have already reached Demon King level, there is nothing you can do.” Lusa’s answer made Chen Rui frown. It seemed like the only way out that Lusa knew was this one. Initially, neither he nor Athena had reached the Demon King level, but now that the enchantment had been destroyed by Connor, it had become a one-way entrance. On could enter but could not leave. Unless he could achieve powers of Demon Emperor Level and forcefully break it open, there was no hope of leaving.

Chen Rui asked, “Lusa, I was born with the power to communicate with other species, so I can talk to you. However, I’m very curious, why do you know how to speak Demon Realm language?”

“My husband taught me. His name is Tim.”

Chen Rui was shocked. Tim! He was the last mining officer who disappeared mysteriously two years ago!

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