Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 143 - Strange! Demonic Flies that Cannot be Communicated with!

Chapter 143: Strange! Demonic Flies that Cannot be Communicated with!

However, Connor’s smirk quickly froze on his face. One hand appeared in front of the target that the crossbow was about to shoot, and the two rapid crossbow arrows were caught between the powerless human’s fingers with ease.

In the blink of an eye, Connor felt only a sudden pain in his chest. He then fell to the ground. Before he could react, the human had already stomped on him, and he could not muster any strength energy to resist.

“Tell me! How can I restore the enchantment?”

“Damn it!” Connor yelled. He suddenly felt suffocated. A terrifying energy shrouded him. His body trembled involuntarily.

This is… at least the power of a Higher Demon! Connor was shocked. This human who he always considered to be powerless was hiding such terrifying powers!

“Tell me how to restore the enchantment! And, who is your master! This is your only chance to preserve your life!”

Connor struggled to no avail. Knowing that the disparity in both of their strengths, he did not beg for mercy and instead put on a ferocious smile. His blue eyes suddenly turned silver, the seven orifices on his head simultaneously emitting silver light. Chen Rui sensed the danger and his body flashed. Connor’s body exploded with a boom. Silver light appeared, and the upper and lower stone walls shook intensely, countless debris falling.

If Chen Rui did not notice it early, the power of this explosion would have injured him. Even if he had the powers of a Higher Demon, he would be injured. Connor was blown to bits; nothing was left behind. Obviously, he was a loyalist. He used a secret skill to self-detonate to avoid spilling his secrets.

Now was not the time to investigate the origins of Connor’s mysterious master. Chen Rui looked at the deep entrance and climbed down there without hesitation.

So what if it is a one-way passage?

No matter how dangerous, I have to face it with her.

Just as she said before: You are not alone.

Athena, hold on!

This passage was longer and more winding than he imagined. It seemed that the distance between the upper and lower levels was further than imagined. Finally, the glow of the magic light appeared at the bottom of the passage. Chen Rui quickly sped up his movements.

The moment he passed through the exit of the passage, Chen Rui felt as if his body had passed through a water wave and he was pushed toward the lower exit. He tried to climb back up using the same path, but no matter what he did, a ripple-like force would bounce him back. It seemed that what Connor said that the destruction of the enchantment was true.

Anyway, he had to find Athena first.

The light in the lower level was very dim and the air was more humid. A pungent odor permeated the air from time to time. Many magic lights were destroyed. Skeletons could be seen on the ground from time to time.

Chen Rui thought of Athena, and his heart grew anxious. Judging from the nearby cross, it should be a miner.

The ring of illumination on his hand emitted a strong light. Although he might become the target of demonic beasts, he did not care and shouted with all his might, “Athena! Athena!”

Chen Rui, with the help of the magic compass, quickly ran forward, constantly trying various paths. He shouted Athena’s loudly. His voice echoed continuously along the way.

There seemed to be a sound in front of him. Chen Rui quickly increased his pace and saw a dark shadow flickering in front of the passing, emitting a “buzzing” sound. Even the magic lights nearby flickered from being covered by a large number of continuous shadowy movements. <Analytical Eyes> displayed: bloodthirsty demonic fly, comprehensive strength: E.

It turns out to be the sound of these flies!

Having comprehensive strength E shows that they are only Intermediate Demon, but the number is very shocking. <Analytical Eyes> is full of E, E, E, E… Chen Rui remembered Connor said that it was a strange, fly-like creature that attacked the miners. It could suck all the flesh and blood from a body. It must this bloodthirsty demonic fly.

The demon fly was about the size of a fist, and it appeared to be very ugly under the light of the ring of illumination. They ignored the threatening Higher Demon demeaner that he was deliberately releasing and rushed over in a swarm.

Chen Rui threw a punch. He was currently on the level of a top Higher Demon. He unleashed his strength that he learned from the surfy sea. Wave after wave of ferocious energy surged the areas his fist reached. These Intermediate Demon-level demonic flies fumbled and fell. However, these demonic flies were extremely tough. They did not die or lose their fighting power. After a while, they flew up again from the ground and continued to swarm him. They were impossible to kill.

Because the demonic flies were flying in the air, it was difficult for Chen Rui to hit all his attacks. Unless they were directly hit or stepped to death on the ground, it was impossible to completely eliminate this swarm of troublesome “flies”.

Chen Rui tried to use <Analytical Eyes> to communicate with the bloodthirsty demonic flies, but to his surprise, <Analytical Eyes> had failed! This magical skill which could communicate with demonic beasts had never failed him, but now it was completely ineffective on the bloodthirsty demon flies, as if these bloodsucking flies that were not sentient living organisms.

Chen Rui was concerned about Athena’s safety, so he was not interested in exploring the cause of <Analytical Eyes>’s failure. He continued to throw punches all the way to shoo away the demonic flies and rushed into the passage in front.

After passing through this long passage, a three-way intersection appeared in front of him. Chen Rui did not know how to choose. More magic flies appeared in front of him, and those behind him were flying quickly and caught up with him. While fending off the demonic flies, he yelled Athena’s name loudly.

The emergence of the demonic flies made Chen Rui even more anxious. When he thought about the great, unknown danger Athena might be in, his heart almost jumped out of his throat. If something really happened to her, Chen Rui would not be able to forgive himself for the rest of his life.

Finally, a faint response came from the passage on the right. Although it was very slight, Chen Rui’s senses was keen. This time it did not sound like demonic flies. He immediately regained his vigour, throwing one punch after another and running toward the right passage at full speed.

He could already hear the sound of fighting in front. Chen Rui shouted again, “Athena!”

“I’m here!” Sure enough, it was Athena’s voice. Chen Rui regained his spirits. His Star Power increased to the max suddenly. The demonic flies were knocked back along the way.

Chen Rui dashed all the way, turning a few corners. Finally, he saw light in a large hall, which was the light from a burning demonic fire.

In the demonic fire was Athena who was in a combat form. The leather armor on her body was beyond broken, the great sword in her hands constantly waving. She was fighting with three strange monster flies about the size of a head.

There was also a large group of grayish shadows in the surroundings, which should be bloodthirsty demon flies.

Fortunately! She is safe!

Chen Rui finally let go his worries. He only felt intense joy and emotion rush into his heart. Star Power surged into his entire body, and the demon flies that were approaching were fended off by an invisible force.

There was also a fast-moving translucent shadow next to Athena, which constantly pushed away the approaching demonic flies. That must be Dodo. Behind her, there were a few strange creatures leaning against the wall behind them, forming a half circle. They also fighting the demonic flies. They seemed to be fighting alongside Athena. These creatures had female torsos in simple armor while the lower half of their body was the body a light cyan snake. Several in front wielded stone daggers and shields to force back the approaching bloodthirsty demonic flies. There was one at the back that had a bow and arrow, occasionally shooting at the three larger demonic flies that were fighting Athena. Several bodies were lying on the ground, including demons and those snake-like women.

Medusa! Chen Rui thought of the intelligent demonic beast from the legend. She had a female snake body, and she was adept at using bows and arrows. Most Medusas also had the ability to turn enemies into stone. These demonic beasts were also one of the underground demonic beasts that were endangering the mine, except he did not know why they were on the Athena’s side. Maybe they had temporarily formed an alliance because they had a common enemy; the demonic flies.

“Athena, hold on. I’m here!” The thought just flashed through Chen Rui’s mind. His feet didn’t stop at all; he was already rushing over.

Athena’s great sword had begun to slow down. When she heard Chen Rui’s voice, as if they had telepathy, she gained a strong energy for no apparent reason and her movements became quick and powerful.

The number of demonic flies in the hall was extremely large. When they discovered Chen Rui, they gathered around together. Their creepy buzzing sound was filling the air.

“Be careful!” Athena knew the power of these demon flies. She was anxious, but she was tied up with the three big demon flies and could not get away for a moment.

Chen Rui’s Star Power in his body had risen to the maximum. His newly learned maximum power of the Mizar erupted instantly. He had an idea. A faint light appeared on the palm. <Aura Blade> had been unleashed. He shouted, “<Destructive Aura Blow>!”

“<Destructive Aura Blow>”

The aoe skill of the <Aura Blade> state could rapidly slice all hostile creatures within a five meter radius. In addition to consuming Star Power, it also consumed an additional 100 aura.

In an instant, within five meters, all the bloodthirsty demonic flies encountered high-speed slashing by countless sharp forces. Each of their bodies faintly flashed with the light of the blade like writing. When the “writing” disappeared, it was also when their lives ended. Under the power of <Destructive Aura Blow>, these extremely tough bloodthirsty demonic flies crumbled into countless particles and fell like rain.

Besides the time he dealt with Dodo’s scattered body in Rainy Forest, this was the first time Chen Rui used the aoe skill “<Destructive Aura Blow>” in a real battle against a large number of enemies. These bloodthirsty demonic flies did not have Dodo’s immortal body. Their completely shattered bodies could no longer be resurrected. It appeared to be very effective.

The bloodthirsty demonic flies did not feel afraid because of their allies’ deaths. They were still swarming him. The description of <Destructive Aura Blow> was to attack all hostile creatures within a five meter radius, but Chen Rui did not know if this attack had the intelligence to identify the allies. He did not dare to get too close to Athena, but he naturally wouldn’t hold back gainst the demonic flies who were rushing over. After using his speed to gather the number of demonic flies to a certain number, he unleashed <Destructive Aura Blow> once again.

“<Destructive Aura Blow>” consumed very little extra aura; it only cost one hundred. However, the Star Power it consumed was several times as much as <Aura Blade>, but the effectiveness of this type of aoe skill was rather obvious. After “taunting the demonic beasts” and several consecutive <Destructive Aura Blows>, only a small part of the bloodthirsty demonic flies remained in the hall.

The three big demon flies had already noticed this dangerous figure. One of them abandoned Athena and flew toward. Chen Rui. Its speed was several times faster than those bloodthirsty demonic flies!

Race: Decomposing demonic fly. Comprehensive Strength Assessment: A.

The decomposing demonic fly that is of Higher Demon-level!

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