Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 151 - Doug! A Different Earth Elemental

Chapter 151: Doug! A Different Earth Elemental

“Doug, you see that I can completely kill you now, but I didn’t want to do so. I have the ability to communicate with the elementals and I really want to help the earth elementals. However, before that, I need you to answer some questions. Are you willing to answer that?”

Doug was silent for a while and finally nodded. Chen Rui gestured Dodo to loosen his restraint. The earth elemental indeed didn’t move, and it surprised the few taurens.

At that time, there were several taurens came after him, led by Watt who was helped by Chen Rui at the beginning. Watt saw Chen Rui and looked surprised. He hurried over and beat his chest, “Chen Rui! Friend!”

“Watt! Friend!” Chen Rui also pat his chest forcefully. After calculating, he had already done it multiple times today.

Watt looked at Doug cautiously, and he was surprised by the unusual quietness from this earth elemental. However, he didn’t ask much and told Chen Rui, “Friend! Come to the Tauren’s Lair! Welcome!”

He wasn’t very clear about the current situation in the underground world. According to Tim, the demon flies were almost everywhere in the underground world and their numbers were extremely large. There were crisis everywhere, so it was difficult to find a shelter. Although the Tauren’s Lair faced the danger of being attacked, the enemies had just been repelled, so it should be a rather safe place for the time being.

However, he still had his previous experience with the Queen Medusa. Also, the Dark Will still had more than 20 hours of cooldown. Besides, the tauren and medusa were also alliances. In the case where the Chief Tauren showed hostility, he would have no hope of escaping.

After Chen Rui thought for a while, he told the story of Queen Medusa and expressed his doubts.

Watt roared in dissatisfaction, “Friend! Tauren is not Medusa! Watt guarantees with life!”

To be cautious, Chen Rui asked for Athena’s opinion and Athena said, “The taurens are fierce and warlike, but they also have a bold personality. Historically, the taurens have participated in the battle alongside demons. If they identify you as a friend, they shouldn’t hurt us.”

Chen Rui nodded secretly. Communicating with the taurens seemed easier as compared to the medusas. He also seemed to heard the similar story from Tim as well. Thus, he immediately said to Watt, “Friend, let’s go to the Tauren’s Den and please allow me to bring this captive with us.”

“Let’s go!” Watt looked cheerful and led the taurens toward their den.

Their location wasn’t far from the Tauren’s Den. After a while, they arrived at the Tauren’s Den. At that place, Chen Rui saw the tauren, Torre who could cast double halo again. Similar to Watt, Torre showed great enthusiasm when he saw his two comrades, Chen Rui and Athena, and he felt relieved.

Torre’s status seemed to be rather high within the Tauren’s Den. Other than possessing the buffing halos, he also had a certain healing power. He was helping some taurens to heal their injuries. However, such treatment was strenuous. Besides, the speed and effect weren’t that satisfactory.

From Torre’s tired look, he probably hadn’t rest since the war; he had been healing his people.

Chen Rui was moved. He gave Torre a bottle of recovery potion, then exchanged a batch of healing potions and began to actively help treating the taurens’ injuries. The price of the healing potions weren’t high and they were all grand master-level. Along with Torre’s healing power, the healing speed of the injured taurens suddenly accelerated. The effect was very obvious.

Such action immediately won the hearts of the taurens present and they showed a friendly look.

Chen Rui was helping to bandage a tauren. Suddenly, something showed in <Analytical Eyes> and he quickly looked back. Certainly, the Chief Tauren appeared behind him and next to the chief was Watt who went to report. The Chief Tauren looked at the taurens around and fixed his eyes on Chen Rui. When Chen Rui was a little nervous, the Chief Tauren slammed his chest, “Friend! Thank you for helping the taurens!”

Chen Rui was calmed and returned the courtesy. With his <Analytical Eyes>, he said, “Respected King, my name is Chen Rui. These are my friends, Athena and Dodo. We came to this underground world by accident and hope to help our tauren friends before leaving.”

“Chen Rui, your power is really magical. You can actually communicate with the taurens so smoothly.” The Chief Tauren nodded vigorously, “Watt told me about Medusa’s attitude toward you. I’ll repeat what he said. Tauren isn’t Medusa!”

The Chief Tauren expressed considerable respect toward Chen Rui. Certainly, these were all achieved by his own ability and efforts.

Although taurens were straightforward, he couldn’t ignore the fact that they were also strong, violent demonic beasts which once caused harm to the mines. Based on the self-centered demons’ concept, even intelligent demonic beasts were just “demonic beasts”, even the powerful dragons were no exception. Actually, dragons, demons, and taurens were all intelligent beings.

If it weren’t for his <Analytical Eyes>, if he didn’t help the taurens immediately, he would probably be running for his life with Athena and Dodo in this underground world where scary demonic beasts roaming around.

“Thank you, my respected king. I captured an earth elemental on my way here, but this earth elemental seems a little different from the others. Please allow me to interrogate him and perhaps get more information before the enemy’s next attack.”

“You have the right to do anything to your captives. Thank you again, my friend.” The Chief Tauren nodded. He then gestured Watt to arrange a cave for Chen Rui to rest temporarily before he left.

Chen Rui gave Torre a few more potions. Then, he took Athena, Dodo and the earth elemental, Doug to follow Watt to a quiet cave.

Tauren was well-known for their expertise in architecture in the Demon Realm. Due to the limited conditions, there weren’t any special buildings in this den. However, these primitive-looking caves were well-designed. They used the space wisely, showing an implicit charm within the inelegance.

The space inside this cave was huge. Also, it was dry and warm, so it was much more comfortable than outside. Chen Rui knew that Athena’s exhaustion of stamina and strength were huge. When they were at the Medusa’s Lair, she ate some food. However, since last night, she almost never truly rested. Thus, Chen Rui immediately took out tent, sleeping bags and other items from his storage.

“Athena, you have to sleep. Your body is truly exhausted.”

Athena still wanted to talk to him initially, but she frowned slightly when she heard that suggestion.

Chen Rui knew her thoughts, and he smiled slightly, “There are many things to say between us, and it won’t finish at the moment, perhaps… we won’t finish it in our lifetime. From now on, we will have a lot of time. Before that, you must let your body recover lest you have no energy to beat me.”

Athena faintly understood the vague meaning in his words, and her face suddenly turned red. Yet, her heart were very happy. She deliberately humph and went into the tent. After a series of fierce battles, her body was indeed exhausted. Besides, she experienced the excitement of her first intense kiss. After relaxing, she soon fell into a sweet dream.

Chen Rui gave Dodo a few pieces of food and let him rest for a while. The slime was worried that he would be abandoned by his owner for slacking off, so he felt relieved seeing that. The smart slime knew that his owner must have something to deal with for capturing this stone guy. Therefore, he didn’t praise his owner as usual, but took the food tactfully and chose a rather comfortable corner to enjoy.

“Doug, let’s sit down and talk.”

The earth elemental sat down accordingly and Chen Rui said, “Doug, my name is Chen Rui. First, I have to ask you a few questions. You must answer them truthfully, then I will consider how to help you.”

The earth elemental nodded and Chen Rui asked, “As far as I know, the elementals have their own principles. Why did the earth elemental kill other beings and why did they become an ally of the demon flies?”

Doug’s facial features were very vague. It was hard to see specific expression from him, but his voice revealed some doubts, “I don’t know either. For many years, we have been living in the Earth Realm and have never invaded other creatures. Yet, one day, when the Earth Elemental King mutated, many things have changed. As for those demon flies, in my memory, they have never appeared in the underground world. They seem to suddenly appeared in these few hundreds of years.”

Chen Rui was slightly moved and asked, “Did the demonic flies appear after the Earth Elemental King mutated?”

Doug seemed to be recalling and eventually nodded, “Yes.”

“What exactly is the mutation of the Earth Elemental King?”

“I’m not sure. Yet, the people who have accepted the mutation will have some strange changes. Their previous memories will all disappear, and they have absolute obedience toward the Earth Elemental King. Those who refuse the mutation will be destroyed. That is why Tag led us to escape from the Earth Realm.”

This mutation should be some kind of control! It’s just that the Earth Elemental King is born with natural coercion that controls all earth elemental. Why did he put such extra effort? What does it have to do with those demon flies? Chen Rui pondered and asked, “The Earth Elemental King is very powerful. He shouldn’t have any trouble eliminating the confronting beings or the defectors. Why didn’t he do it himself?”

Doug shook his head, “Before fleeing the Earth Realm, our great king have been meditating in the king’s chamber for hundreds of years and never came out. I heard that it seems to be related to him obtaining an item. Perhaps only Tag knows the specific situation. He is an elite earth elemental with have great strength. He was once one of the three elites that the king most trusted.”

The Earth Elemental King obtained “something”… have been meditating for a few hundred years… subsequently, the demon flies appeared… the other “mutated” earth elementals… began to destroy other creatures… the underground demonic beasts under the mine is in chaos…

Chen Rui vaguely felt that these clues could be chained together and become the key in solving the mystery. However, there seemed to be a few key parts missing. Perhaps he could get the answer from the earth elemental’s “rebel force”, Leader Tag.

As the earth elementals and demon flies massacred the other beings madly, Tag and other earth elementals that weren’t controlled had to be wary of the demon flies and their controlled comrades, and the other demonic beast were also hostile to them at the same time. They could only proceed slowly in between the dangers. It was very hard for them to survive. Today, Doug was ordered by Tag to come here to scout for the battle situation between the taurens and the demonic flies. He was accidentally spotted by the taurens and happened to encounter Chen Rui when he was escaping.

Chen Rui was thinking about one thing. For the underground world, he was just an outsider. Even if the Earth Elemental King ruled the entire underground world, it had nothing to do with him. At present, the most important thing was to know how to safely return to the mines on the ground.

If there was no other way out, then he needed to find a way to use that only route by relying on the strength of a Demon Emperor to forcibly break the seal. Even if he had the Super System, it was impossible to become a Demon Emperor in such a short time. The Chief Tauren and Queen Medusa were both the strongest powerhouses in the underground world, but he wasn’t sure if they met the requirements to break the seal.

If the Leader Tauren and Queen Medusa couldn’t do it, then there was only one candidate left… the Earth Elemental King.

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