Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 140 - Do Your Best, Young Girl! Loli’s Doubt And Determination

Chapter 140: Do Your Best, Young Girl! Loli’s Doubt And Determination

As Charles was about to speak, the imp behind him suddenly pulled him away and whispered to him.

Charles, who was just behaving smugly, was taken aback. He felt as if this cloaked man of average height was getting taller and taller. Although he was not at the arena last night, he had heard about the strongest Higher Demon that was being hotly discussed in the city since early morning. This man in front of him was actually the one who defeated Arux and took the Arena from Finance Official Joseph, the Cloak Gang leader, Aguile!

Not only that, the Cloak Gang also had a title that couldn’t be ignored, which was the Imperial Guards Reserve Forces! Behind them was Dark Moon Lord, Princess Shea! Regardless of personal strength and background, he was still greatly inferior to him. If the patriarch knew that he was in conflict with such a person, heavy punishment would be inevitable.

In the Demon Realm, offending someone who was more powerful was undeniably the most punishable offense. Charles shivered and quickly apologized. “Sorry, just now…”

Chen Rui ignored him and coldly said, “You have thirty seconds left.”

Charles looked at Kia. Eventually, he gritted his teeth and left.

“Customer, you don’t want these two sets of chess anymore?”

Charles murmured something in his heart and walked down the stairs without turning around. Even Kia’s shouts could not stop him. Beautiful girls were undoubtedly important, but not as important as his own life.

The two customers who were shopping at the side also had some interest in Kia, but when they saw Charles leaving dejectedly, they could vaguely guess the identity of the cloaked man. They thought that this emerging powerhouse was interested in Kia, so they did not dare stay and left hurriedly. There were also a few gossip mongers wondering whether Aguile’s heroic victory over Arux involved some grudges, or maybe it was related to a certain stunning succubus… After a bout of imaginative guessing, they “sensibly” left.

In the blink of an eye, apart from Chen Rui, only Kia and Kaguli were left on the second floor.

Charles of the Mellon Family actually left without causing a scene, which was a pity. However, the other guests leaving was surprising to Chen Rui. He never expected that his power was so great. He had chased away the business. He saw how wronged Kia looked and took out his wallet. “I want these two sets of chess.”

Kia’s eyes brightened. She suddenly smiled and took the money bag. She packed the two sets of magic chess, then handed them over: “Thank you for your patronage, and also thank you sir for the rescue. Sir bought two sets of magic chess, so sir is automatically qualified to become a one-star member of the Princess Retail Store. Can you provide your personal details for registration? One-star members can purchase products at a discounted price. In the future, as Sir’s spending at the Princess Retail Store increases, your membership can be upgraded to a higher level to enjoy more discounts and offers.”

Chen Rui nodded slightly. It seemed like this little loli had thoroughly learned the strategy that he taught her. The membership plan was pretty good. He said, “Cloak Gang, Aguile.”

Kaguli, who was beside her, was shocked upon hearing that. Her guess just now was correct. The cloaked man who exuded the power of a Higher Demon was the leader of the Cloak Gang, Aguile, whose name shocked the Dark Moon after one battle!

Kia also heard about the fight at the Arena last night. With just the right amount of respect in her smile, she said, “So you are Sir Aguile. How disrespectful of me. It must be sir’s first visit to our store. We also have a lot of limited edition products here. Do take a look, sir.”

Weren’t these so-called limited edition products all made by him? Chen Rui shook his head. When he was about to turn to leave, he heard another familiar voice from downstairs, “Kia! I’m here.”

This voice made Chen Rui feel a touch of warmth. Sure enough, after a while, Alice’s petite figure appeared in sight.

She still had the same beautiful, long, curly blonde hair, delicate features, big purple eyes that seemed like they were talking, except the little loli seemed to have lost a bit of weight compared to a month ago. It was likely due to how much she spent thinking about the Princess Retail Store.

Alice had a bright smile that could not be covered up on her face. Something good must have happened; she seemed very excited. When Kia introduced the cloaked man, Alice returned to her princess demeanor. She nodded and smiled. “So, you are the leader of the Cloak Gang who defeated that bastard Joseph’s subordinate. You are now the hottest celebrity in the city. Here is a three-star membership card. Consider it a congratulations from the princess. Please come again.”

“Thank you, Your Highness.” Chen Rui secretly praised Alice for her improved ability to do business. He deliberately exaggerated the huskiness of his voice, and reached out to take it.

When he reached out to receive the three-star membership card, the little loli’s nose suddenly twitched. She looked at Chen Rui in surprise and carefully sniffed the air again, looking suspicious. “Why does it smell kind of familiar?”

This is impossible right? She is too sensitive! Chen Rui was taken aback.

He had retracted his “<Camouflage>” state, and he was emitting the power of a Higher Demon. Alice actually sensed that something was different.

There should be a small difference between energy and smell, but the little loli’s senses scared Chen Rui. Is it a newly awakened power of the Lucifer Royal Family…? A hellhound-like “talent”?

On the receiving end of the little loli’s suspicious gaze, Chen Rui’s gut feeling told him that she was about to do some strong inferencing. His back felt chilly. He did not dare stay. He bowed and quickly walked downstairs.

Alice looked suspiciously at the Cloak Gang leader who had hurried away. She tilted her small head and thought for a moment. She muttered, “It’s impossible; it must be an illusion. I really miss Athena, and that guy… It’s been a long time since I heard him telling me a story, I haven’t tasted food that he made for a long time, and also those fun things…”

Speaking of fun things, Alice suddenly thought of something. Her face flushed out of nowhere.

“Little princess?”

Kia’s voice pulled Alice out of her reverie. The little loli came to her senses, remembering her excitement when she just arrived. She looked around to make sure there was no one, then puffed out her chest and smiled mysteriously, “Kia, the massage method you told me about really works. I really seem to have gotten bigger here… Kaguli, don’t you think so?”

Kia beamed. “It worked indeed, so little princess should persevere on it.”

Kaguli looked for a long time, but she did not see any obvious changes in little princess’s chest as compared to before. She just nodded subtly.

The little loli was pleased. She suddenly glimpsed the great plumpness of Kia’s chest and she thought of her best friend whose same parts also matured at a shocking rate. She felt great pressure. Her big purple eyes suddenly expressed a will to fight; her aura intensifying. Tsk, this will not do! Before Athena and that guy come back, I have to become stronger… Wait, no! I have to become bigger!

Do your best! Little Girl!

Use your amazing chest to dazzle that guy’s eyes!

“Ah-choo!” After a strange sneeze at the Princess Retail Store previously, Chen Rui who was at his worst could not suppress a chill. He once again let out an exaggerated sneeze outside the door of the Princess Retail Store. He was now the so-called “public figures”; his image was ruined in an instant.

After a while.

In the royal palace council hall.

Shea carefully looked at the cloaked man in front of her. She did not take the initiative to speak. The vague energy exuded from her body gave people an invisible feeling of pressure.

Obviously, for the first meeting with the Aguile, the leader of the so-called “Imperial Guards Reserve Forces”, instead of luring him here with the promise of benefits, Shea and Joseph used the tactic of scaring him into submission.

Little did they know, this guy in front of them was already way too familiar with this tactic. At first, when he had no power at all, he pretty much already got used to the boss lady’s “surges of murderous intent”. This feeling of pressure gave him a long-lost feeling of warmth.

After experiencing “death” at the Silent Night Wetland, Chen Rui’s mood changed slightly. Seeing friends or familiar people made him feel a touch of intimacy. It was the same when he saw Alice at the Princess Retail Store just now.

Of course, he was not a masochist, otherwise he would have already given the queen a whip to demonstrate her powers. To alleviate this somewhat strange atmosphere, Chen Rui immediately said, “Before I returned to Dark Moon, a friend of mine said that the Royal Highness will not trust me as much she trusts him.”

Shea was silent for a moment, then she finally said, “Unfortunately, I am not capable of that currently. I cannot even dispel my doubts about you, but out of trust in him, I am willing to try hard to trust you, provided that you show that you are trustworthy. First tell me, what is his situation like now?”

Shea did not try to flatter him, instead she asked about his situation first. Chen Rui felt touched. It seemed that Shea really thought highly of the human mining officer who had gone to Mountain Xilang.

“Princess Royal must have already about the relationship I have with him.” Saying this felt a bit awkward for Chen Rui himself. “I didn’t die yesterday, so of course he is still alive and kicking. As for Princess Royal’s main purpose… was last night’s battle in the arena not enough? I already won an important bargaining chip.”

Shea responded immediately. “Do you mean the arena?”

“The Cloak Gang is now the Palace Imperial Guards Reserve Forces. It will make sense for the Princess Royal to take over the arena I obtained.”

Shea could not help but be excited. The arena was a great source of income and one of the landmarks of Dark Moon City. Thirty years ago, the lord of Dark Moon at the time, who was also Shea’s father, lost to the Red Spirit Lord Josh in a Sky Battle. It was a deep disgrace. She could not believe that it would return to her hands so quickly.

Strictly speaking, the arena belonged to Aguile alone. The Imperial Guards Reserve Forces was just an empty title. Aguile indeed showed sincerity in doing so. Things went more smoothly than she expected.

“Thank you very much,” Shea stood up and nodded slightly to Aguile, showing respect.

“Not only that…” Chen Rui bowed back and said, “Royal Highness also needs to know something else. When I was taking over the Arena this morning, Finance Official Joseph contacted me through a magic circle. I have agreed to cooperate with him. On the surface, I am still under the power of your Royal Highness, and the arena is one of the rewards I got.”

Shea startled slightly. She took a deep look at Chen Rui and nodded, “You have done quite well, and I thank you again for your trust. This is a very important secret. I believe you understand what I mean.”

Chen Rui shook his head deliberately. “Do not misunderstand, Royal Highness. I am just following what my friend asked me to do. These developments were all within his expectations.”

Shea’s eyes lit up. “Chen Rui even guessed this step of Joseph’s? He is indeed a wise man! So, he must have a plan?”

“Pretty much.” The person who was singing his own praises blushed. However, after his “remote meeting” with Joseph at the arena today, together with the meeting with the mysterious dark elf, Skye in the Cloak Gang, these incidents perfected his original plan a little more.

This plan was very likely to influence the future trend and fate of the entire Dark Moon.

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