Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 141 - Planning And Crisis

Chapter 141: Planning And Crisis

In a blink of an eye, Shea regained her composure and asked mildly, “Chen Rui already told you about this plan?” “Yes, he only mentioned one part whic is mainly about Cloak Gang.” Seeing the strange look shining in Shea’s eyes, Chen Rui could guess her worries. He smiled, “But I’m not interested in such schemes. Even Cloak Gang was just a coincidence. In fact, I have never personally taken care of any of the Cloak Gang’s affairs, nor do I want to waste my energy on such boring things. I only have one goal, which is to pursue greater power.

If Chen Rui did not have other plans, Cloak Gang would have been dissolved long ago. Shea felt slightly more relieved. This Aguile had never appeared in Dark Moon before. He practically showed up suddenly and even defeated Arux. This person’s origin was unknown, his whereabouts secretive, and the power of Cloak Gang was also growing. One mistake could cost her greatly. However, if he was just a powerhouse who was pursuing personal strength, he was not much of a threat. It was also reassuring that Aguile had also signed a symbiotic contract with Chen Rui (at least Shea thought so).

“Well then, please tell us Chen Rui’s strategy?” “It’s a long story. Royal Highness should read this letter he asked me to bring back.” “Aguile” took out a letter and gave it to Shea, but Shea did not let her guard down. With a touch of power in her hands, she opened the letter. However, nothing special happened.

She read it slowly. The expression in her eyes finally brightened. She blurted out, “Chen Rui is incredible. Not only did he obtain so many achievements in Mountain Xilang, but he also carried out a rather clever comprehensive strategy. Aguile, I now officially appoint you as the captain of the Imperial Guards Reserve Forces. The arena is still under your control. Your first task is to make Cloak Gang the biggest force in Dark Moon as quickly as possible. I will provide my full support.” Although the role of the captain of the Imperial Guards Reserve Forces was inconspicuous, its real power was not trivial. It was equal to the commander of a new combat force. She was indeed still the boss who did not suspect the people she used. After reading the letter, she made her decision immediately. It was very daring.

“I have one last question. As the the Imperial Guards, I have the right to know the true origin of the captain of the reserve forces.” “Aguile” nodded and replied, “Royal Highness, my family lost its glory due to an unforeseen mishap. I swore that I will never unveil the mask on my face before I regain my family’s glory, nor will I confide my background in anyone. My conflict with Arux originated from this. Although I am very grateful to Royal Highness for your trust, I am sorry that I still cannot completely come clean. Royal Highness should give the captain position to Chen Rui. I need to go train for a while, but rest assured, there are a few people in the Cloak Gang who can do the job. When necessary, I will come and take over the big plan. I believe it won’t be long before the first step of my friend’s plan succeeds. Now, as for confidentiality, please rest assured that I know what to do, Royal Highness.” “Aguile’s” frank attitude and persistence in training made Shea feel more at ease. As for his suspicious origins, as long as the symbiotic contract existed, she could mostly feel assured. “If that’s the case, then I will not force you. Of course, my appointment to promote you to be the captain of the reserve forces remains unchanged. I hope that one day you can restore your family’s previous glory. If you need help, you can tell me anytime.” “Thank you, Royal Highness,” “Aguile” bowed and said, “Here are two more things that Chen Rui asked me to bring to Royal Highness. One of which is this space bracelet. It is inconvenient to put the other one here. I need a space like a warehouse; as big as possible.” Shea picked up the space bracelet he put on the table, opened it, and saw a lot of “magic powder” inside it. Currently, Old Gauss and Kaka’s secret planting strategy was relatively successful. They were planning to further expand the planting area, and this powder was as good as sending charcoal in snowy weather. If the years-long food problem in the Dark Moon Estate could be completely solved, in Shea’s mind the man of the hour would not be Kaka but Chen Rui, even if it was Chen Rui who discovered Kaka’s unexpected talent.

Under Shea’s command, Kaguron took Aguile to a large, unused warehouse in the palace. A moment later, Aguile stepped out, bade goodbye to Shea and left.

“It can’t all be contained in one large warehouse? There’s so much?” Shea was pleasantly surprised, “Rock, are you sure that kind of iron ore is of good quality?” A centaur beside Kaguron replied respectfully, “Yes, Royal Highness, I am sure. This iron ore must have come from the high-quality iron mine in Mountain Xilang, and it doesn’t have annoying impurities. It can be easily extracted using ordinary methods, and every piece is like this. These iron ores can be used to make the best weapons or armors. Even if you go one step further to make magic equipment, its enchantment is also quite ideal.” That man is truly so incredible. In just one month, he solved the waste ore problem that persists for four hundred years. He also tricked the leaders of the bandit groups to kill each other, weakening the power of the bandit groups to their lowest point. He even foresaw and countered Joseph’s strategy after Aguile’s victory. It seemed like my choice to trust and use him was the right decision.

If “value determines the meaning of existence”, then the value he showed had already far exceeded expectations.

In fact, Shea still overestimated Chen Rui. “Tricking the leaders of the bandit groups to kill each other” could somewhat be considered as Chen Rui’s credit, but foreseeing and countering Joseph’s strategy was truly done by Chen Rui’s genius.

Shea was amazed in her heart, but her face had regained composure. “Very good, you may leave first. This matter cannot be mentioned to anyone.” The centaur bowed and left. Shea told Kaguron, “You are now going to reorganize the army and equipment, as soon as half a month, the latest being one month. Get ready for my orders to go to the Mountain Xilang to eliminate the bandit groups. This time, we should be able to completely eliminate the hidden dangers in the west.” “Yes, Royal Highness.”

After Kaguron left, Shea stroked the letter gently. Her eyes were looking at the last four words.

“Take care of yourself” was a very ordinary greeting, or reminder, but it made the Princess Royal’s frosty eyes show a touch of warmth. This seems to have nothing to do with his so-called “value”.

After Chen Rui took care of these matters, he returned to Arena and gave Arux a few orders. He rode the Demon King-level wyvern to the suburbs with the other three hidden wyverns and flew toward Mountain Xilang.

Too many things had happened in the past few days. He felt a bit breathless. He needed to calm down for a while and concentrate on breaking through tough times. Mountain Xilang now should be a suitable place.

Of course, before that, he also had to fulfill an important promise and come clean about some things.

Demon King-level wyvern had very powerful flight ability, and Chen Rui was familiar with the route. This saved a lot of time compared to his first trip to Mountain Xilang.

In the morning, as he flew over the black rainforest, he saw that cozy cabin again. However, Athena should be at the mining office at the bottom Mountain Xilang now, so he should go there to look for her first. The wyvern circled above the black rainforest and flew toward Mountain Xilang.

Athena, I am coming!

The remaining bandits of the Red Devils should still be camping in Mountain Walan. With Athena guarding the mine and “Culia’s” repeated orders, the bandits would not dare to act rashly.

Chen Rui had already reached the highest level of Mizar, but he was still no match for Demon King-level enemies. As long as he broke through to Alioth, he should be a match for Demon King-level powerhouse. With these four Demon King-level wyverns, he was confident he could win even if the leader of the Red Devils, Captain Asmodeus returned.

The moment Joseph returned left Red Spirit to return to Dark Moon was the time he would wipe out the bandits and clear the west channel. When the moment came, he would not give Joseph time to respond and directly take the sheriff position, which would further trigger the conflict between Alan and Joseph.

Chen Rui already knew from Royce that Alan and Joseph were using the scheme of pretending to be enemies on the surface, but they were secretly on good terms. However, he was well aware of Alan’s personality; Mikas’ death and Arux’s battle must have caused a crack. If he went along with Joseph’s original “proposal” to win the sheriff’s position, then this crack would have continued to expand. That was when he could really execute the plan of eliminating Joseph using Alan.

Because the Demon King-level wyvern would draw too much attention, Chen Rui did not ride the wyvern to openly land on Mountain Xilang. Instead, he landed them in a relatively remote forest in the mountains, left a lot of food for them and ordered them not to walk around so as not to expose their goal. Anyway, there was nothing else but mountains in the Xilang Mountain range.

After Chen Rui landed the wyverns, he ran all the way and only slowed down when drew closer to the mighty Xilang mine. He walked toward the mountain foot.

At the foot of Mountain Xilang, the miners who were temporarily living in Mountain Lugang had once again returned to their own miner residential area. They seemed to be more settled in. The gate was guarded by two guards of the mining office.

The guards were a bit surprised when they saw the mining officer who had disappeared for a while. When they heard about the human mining officer going out to learn about the art of poison, they were in awe.

“Sir, please wait, I am going to inform the superior.” The dark elf guard bowed and hurried toward the mountainside.

Chen Rui saw that the dark elf was heading toward the mining office on the mountainside, then he asked the other guard, “Is Athena at the mining office?” The centaur guard pointed to the peak of the mountain, looking a little scared, “Miss Athena and Captain Gade went there.” The main pit!

Chen Rui was taken aback. Didn’t he specifically order Athena to never enter the main pit?

“Tell me, just what is going on?”

The centaur was not very articulate originally. He did not know why he suddenly felt a terrifying feeling of deterrence coming from this weak human’s body and suddenly stuttered. Chen Rui became more and more anxious. An ominous feeling suddenly growing in his heart.

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