Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 139 - Skye! The Mysterious Dark Elf

Chapter 139: Skye! The Mysterious Dark Elf

The old goblin brought Chen Rui to the backyard.

The old terrace house was originally Silva’s base. Its scale was very huge. There were several vacant rooms in the backyard alone. In the yard, Chen Rui saw two dark elf girls playing magic chess, and next to them was Sasa, the old goblin’s daughter, helping them think of ideas. Apparently, there was a close relationship between the “families.”

He learned from the old goblin that the older one named Eve and the younger was named Alian, who were seventeen and fifteen years old respectively. The two girls had relatively tan skin. Through the veil on their faces, beautiful facial features could be vaguely seen.

Seeing the old goblin, Didi bring a man in a cloak and mask forward, the two girls panicked a little. Sasa, who was beside them, quickly stood up, saluting the Cloak Gang leader, and at the same time giving him an affectionate wink, shocking the leader greatly.

Eve and Alian only realized that this cloak man was the leader of Cloak Gang, who was also the owner of this place. They hurriedly bowed. They looked shy in their eyes.

Chen Rui saw that the two dark elves girls were thin and weak, looking dispirited. It was just as the old goblin said, they were “gravely ill”. He said gently, “It’s alright, you girls can continue to play chess. I am here to see Sir Skye.”

The door to the house opened and a dark elf walked out. This dark elf’s face was wrinkled, showing his old age. The dark elf race generally had beautiful and handsome appearances, and they could remain young for a long time. Only in the last ten years before death, their appearance would suddenly age. It seemed like Skye’s remaining days were numbered.

Chen Rui was taken aback. Not because of Skye’s age, but because of his powers.

<Analytical Eyes> displayed: Race: dark elf. Comprehensive strength: unable to determine.

Is this the “Higher Demon” the old goblin mentioned?

Based on Chen Rui’s powers at the moment, the subject being analyzed must be at least two levels for the “unable to determine” prompt to appear, which would be the Demon King level. Although the dark elf race did not have a strict upper limit of potential like ordinary demons, in general their powers stopped at Intermediate Demon level. Skye’s powers made him the absolute top powerhouse among the dark elf race. It was probably as a result of mutation.

If he did not have <Analytical Eyes>, purely judging by his outward energy, he was really just a Higher Demon.

It was undeniable that Demon Realm was a place full of hidden dragons and crouching tigers, but a powerhouse of this level was extremely rare even in the entire Dark Moon City. Unexpectedly, he was hiding in this “small temple” that was the Cloak Gang!

Skye coughed a few times habitually. He must have seen the old goblin leading Chen Rui over. He sized up Chen Rui for awhile, then bowed. “This must be the leader, Sir Aguile. My name is Skye. Sorry for giving you trouble, Sir.”

Chen Rui responded very quickly. He accepted Skye’s salute. He bowed and said, “It’s alright. I also want to thank Sir Skye for his help toward Cloak Gang. Jesse is currently an important right-hand man of mine. If the Sir does not mind, then please rest and recover here in the Cloak Gang. If you need anything, just say.”

There was no way someone of Skye’s powers would be subservient to others. He must have another secret or purpose. However, based on the preliminary analysis of his current condition and his two daughters’ illnesses, there was a great possibility that they were avoiding his enemies or something. Since he was trying to hide, even helping Cloak Gang before, showing too much respect and admiration would be counterproductive. It was better to keep an eye closed and pretend not to know. Based on the current situation, as long as Jesse was still in Cloak Gang, the advantages of keeping this person outweighed the disadvantages.

Sure enough, Chen Rui’s attitude made Skye very satisfied. He said, “Thank you Sir for being willing to give us father and daughters a temporary place to stay. We are beyond grateful.

Also, I want to thank Sir for motivating Jesse. Otherwise, he would not have been able to reach the higher Intermediate Demon.”

“That was the result of his own efforts. I heard from Didi that Sir is injured? I know a pharmacist. He might be able to help?”

“It is an old injury of many years, even a pharmacist can’t cure it. Anyway, an old man like me cannot live any longer.” Skye sighed. “If sir can get a master level antidote, do sell a few bottles to me. My two daughters contracted some kind of strange disease that will trigger at regular intervals. The master level antidote can relieve their pain more effectively.” Chen Rui processed this in his head quickly. This Skye must not be from the Dark Moon estate. They were severely injured by their enemy and his two daughters Eve and Alian’s illness was actually a result of being poisoned, hence they fled to Dark Moon City. Jesse was probably a disciple he took in after arriving here.

“A master level antidote… That’s right, I have two bottles here. I will give them to Eve and Alian.” Chen Rui had plans to borrow Skye’s powers. He took out two bottles of antidote from his storage warehouse. It was one of the many potions Aldas gave him before he went to Mountain Xilang. It was indeed a master level antidote.

Seeing Skye hesitated, Chen Rui explained, “I’m about to go out for training. The Cloak Gang will only have one Higher Demon, Lord Skye. If there is anything that needs to be taken care of, please help out within your ability. When I return from training, I will look for that master again to make me a new antidote. Just think of it as a reward for helping the Cloak Gang.”

Although “Aguile’s” move had the hint of coercive, Skye felt relieved instead. This equal exchange was just what he wanted. If the other party was overly hospitable for no reason, Skye would become more cautious.

The two had just met for the first time; it was impossible to demand something great from an acquaintance. After some simple small talk, Chen Rui took the old goblin out of the backyard.

In fact, not only did he have a master level antidote, but also a grand master level antidote that he could exchange. However, the grand master level antidote could not be simply revealed at the moment. Moreover, he was still not sure about Skye’s background and true purpose. For the time being, it was better to maintain the status quo. When the opportunity arose in the future, he would think of a more in-depth plan.

Skye’s appearance was an unexpected surprise. With this mysterious master around and the addition of Arux, not only could the Cloak Gang sit back and relax, but also he could further implement the plan.

After giving a series of orders to the old goblin, Chen Rui left Cloak Gang and headed to the palace.

When he reached the main road, he suddenly had an idea. He walked toward the colorful, gorgeous store. That store was presently the most famous store in Dark Moon City, the Princess Retail Store.

The Princess Retail Store was no longer what it used to be. The last “honesty” incident had a big impact on Dark Moon City. Although many people think that princess was a fool to give up on a huge sum of money for no reason, but the Princess Retail Store gained a good reputation from this incident that the previous advertising strategies did not provide. Not just the upper class but the number of lower class customers had also skyrocketed. They did not have to worry about being cheated or scammed; they could shop without worry.

Who was the little princess? The Lord of Dark Moon’s sister did not blink even in the face of over a hundred thousand black crystal coins. She would rather sell it to customers who paid first. This was a royalty’s true generosity! The things sold in the Princess Retail Store were a symbol of status and glory, and many of them were sold in limited quantities. Once they were sold out, no matter how much money one had, they had to wait for the next batch of stock. They were truly quality and authentic goods! Even if other stores sold the same imitation products, their products would never have the nobility and honor the authentic products contained!

Of course, whether the retail prices in the Princess Retail Store was “cheating” or a “scaming”, and how much they “cheated”, it was not for outsiders to know.

Chen Rui walked into the Princess Retail Store. He noticed that many furnishing details had been adjusted. The space seemed a lot bigger. He could tell that Alice put in a lot of effort in running this store.

The number of salespeople in the store also increased. As soon as Chen Rui entered the door, he received a warm reception. Some people recognized that this cloaked man was the Cloak Gang leader who defeated Arux in the arena yesterday and cleared a path for him.

Chen Rui went all the way up to the second floor, where he heard Kia’s voice for the first time in a long time, “This is a limited edition magic chess product; there’s also Her Highness the little princess’ signature behind it. Only five sets are left now.

Our boutiques have very strict requirements regarding production and material selection. The next batch will be produced in a month. How many sets do you want?” It was still early; there were not many customers on the second floor. Alice was not here. Maybe she went out.

In front of Kia was a Great Demon, and there was an imp following behind him. Bewitched by Kia’s ecstasy, the two shared looks and said, “Alright! I will buy one set, no! Two sets!”

Kia’s beautiful appearance was as moving as ever. Her white skin, perfect face, especially her sexy red lips; every smile invoked a great temptation. Although she did not use her special charm, the Great Demon already could not control himself. In addition, the little princess Alice was not here, so there were no constraints. When he received the magic chess, the Great Demon wanted to take the opportunity to touch Kia’s hand. Kaguli, who was beside her, was about to stop him when a cold hum suddenly came from behind.

“Go away!” This Great Demon was also Higher Demon. When he heard someone yelling in front of such a beauty, he looked back and saw a guy wearing a cloak and a mask appearing behind him. Based on his energy, he also seemed to be on a Higher Demon level, but he was stronger than him.

The Great Demon boasted that his own background, and the man in cloak did not seem to be a member of those big families, so he steeled his nerves and asked proudly, “Who are you to behave so familiar around me, Charles Mellon?”

“Mellon Family?” Chen Rui’s tone was still quite unfriendly. “I will not repeat what I said just now. If you don’t want to die, you will disappear from my sight within a minute.”

The Mellon Family and the Saiful Family were the two largest families in Dark Moon. They controlled a considerable part of the businesses in Dark Moon. Unlike the Saiful Family that was loyal to Princess Shea, the fickle Mellon Family had long defected to Red Spirit Estate. The Mellon Family’s mechanic master, Carl Mellon was currently serving the Red Spirit Lord, Josh Alvin.

The Mellon Family’s true affiliation should be Joseph’s father instead of Joseph himself, and “Aguile” was now equivalent to Joseph’s subordinate, so an “internal fight” like this was something he was glad to see.

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