Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 136 - Speculation And Warning

Chapter 136: Speculation And Warning

Nirvana’s Blood?

Chen Rui seemed to have heard the term <Nirvana> from Broc, but he was dying back then, so he couldn’t hear clearly.

From Paglio’s expression, the Nirvana’s Blood, which was the blood that Christina used to resurrect him, was definitely not simple.

“Tell me quickly. What is this Nirvana’s Blood?”

“Don’t rush me. You know that my memory isn’t good. Listen to me slowly.” The poison dragon sorted out his thoughts and said, “The Asmodeus Family has three bloodline talents. The first is the <Element Weakening>, which can weaken any magic of the opponent or even completely cancel. The second is <War Puppet>, which uses talents and secret methods to make powerful fighting machines without fatigue or pain. Unless they are completely destroyed or the owner dies, they will continue to fight. It is very difficult to deal with.” Chen Rui had seen Christina using these two kinds of bloodline talents that Paglio. They were indeed quite powerful. Then, he heard the poison dragon continued to talk about the third talent, “<Nirvana>”.

<Nirvana> was the easiest talent to awaken. After awakening, it could make the spirit of the Asmodeus Royal Family become stronger, and their appearance would also become young and beautiful.

This talent didn’t seem to have much practicality, but it actually contained mysterious power. It was said that <Nirvana> could be done up to 5 times. The function of “young and beautiful” was only expressed the first time. With each subsequent <Nirvana>, the strength would increase greatly, but the danger and failure probability accompanied would also increase exponentially. One mistake would kill them without leaving any corpse. Except for the ancestors of Asmodeus, only one Asmodeus Royal Family in history completed five <Nirvana> to become the top powerhouse at that time. He killed ten Demon Overlord consecutively, then disappeared without a trace. There was also a talented Asmodeus Royal Family who had completed <Nirvana> for 4 times. Yet, when attempting the fifth time, he was burned into ashes by the fire of <Nirvana>.

Due to the extremely high danger and the limited potentials and willpower of the ordinary Asmodeus Royal Family, it was basically the limit to complete the first <Nirvana> awakening. Therefore, this type of bloodline talent which was originally known as the strongest had gradually become the weakest, and it was replaced by <War Puppet>.

Chen Rui looked like he had a sudden realization. The devil pomeg should be a special item that can improve the success rate and effect of <Nirvana>. Christina must have reached the critical moment of <Nirvana> awakening. No wonder when Queen Catherine got the news of devil pomeg at Town Leia, she immediately made Christina rush directly from the capital. Now, it seemed that the aura fruit’s effect was better than the devil pomeg but… it seemed to have a special “side effect”.

Actually, Chen Rui didn’t know that it wasn’t that the aura fruits had side effects, but it was devil pomeg that had a special function of suppressing desire. However, whether it was devil pomeg or aura fruit, they were planted in his galaxy garden now.

Chen Rui asked curiously, “What does this have to do with the resurrection using blood?”

“The body of Asmodeus is the black phoenix, which has the mysterious power of rebirthing. However, not every Asmodeus Royal Family has such mysterious power in their blood. They must at least complete the second Nirvana to have the precious Nirvana’s Blood. Nirvana’s Blood is very limited and extremely precious. It has the function of resurrection and regeneration. It can even prolong life. Yet, it can only be obtained willingly by the other party, otherwise, it will be useless even all her blood is taken forcefully.”

After Paglio said that, he smirked, “You must have received Nirvana’s Blood. Now, tell me honestly, did something between you and that noblewoman? Otherwise, she wouldn’t give you such precious blood. I thought that you would bring that Athena to take advantage of the opportunity during your trip this time. I didn’t expect you to get a beauty from the Asmodeus Royal Family additionally.”

Chen Rui blushed. Paglio’s mouth was too toxic. This time, Athena did go to Mountain Xilang together. If it weren’t because he couldn’t be distracted, based on their progress, he might really have “done it”; whereas Christina and he really did “something”, though it was only an accident.

“It seems that I guessed it right. You’re such a despicable and fortunate guy.” Paglio’s smile was even more mocking, “The Asmodeus is called the Lust Royal Family. She’s even a noblewoman who completed the second nirvana. It’s not easy to tame such a beauty… however, there’s a good thing that I’ve never told you. Since you and I share our lives, you also possess a powerful ability of the dragons additionally, which is enough for you to cope with more beautiful women. I believe you have felt it… For you to tame such a beauty, my symbiotic contract has some credits as well.”

Chen Rui finally knew why he could do it multiple times in the tent. He thought it was the welfare as someone that crossover, but he never thought it was because he signed a symbiotic contract with a dragon!

And nirvana blood… Christina actually saved me with such precious Nirvana’s Blood.

Now, her blood is flowing within my body just for the so-called “being even”? Perhaps at that moment, she was also infected with my “stupidity”.

A stupid man and a stupid woman…

“So… what level is that beauty from the Asmodeus Royal Family? To complete the second Nirvana, she should at least be better than your current Higher Demon. Your means are indeed smart.” A boring dragon was chasing after the gossips like the paparazzi from the alternate world.

“Demon King?” Paglio saw Chen Rui losing in his thought, then his eyes lit up, “Great Demon King?”

Chen Rui sighed and shook his head: It’s useless to think about it so much now. I should increase my strength first. One day, I’ll appear before her righteously.

“It can’t be Demon Emperor!” Paglio saw that Chen Rui was still shaking his head. Then, he raised his pitch and couldn’t help but grab this guy who made the dragon so jealous, “Asshole, don’t tell me this noblewoman is a Demon Overlord-level powerhouse!”

As Chen Rui was distracted, he was woken up by that action, so he blurted out, “How do you know?”

“Could it be that after I slept for 2000 years, the Demon Realm has changed?” Paglio was a little dumbfounded. He involuntarily let go of Chen Rui’s hand and knocked Chen Rui’s head hard, “Are you sure she is a Demon Overlord?”

“With your insignificant strength, even if it was a toyboy, she wouldn’t lay her eyes on you either…”

“Fuck you, you’re the toyboy!” Chen Rui said with annoyance. “I’m not sure if she’s a Demon Overlord. She’s probably a later stage Demon Emperor. I was dying at the time. I think when she just completed another Nirvana, the Demon Emperor who were hunting us was immediately scared away.”

Beauty with unpredictable strength, superb wisdom, Dark Shadow Cape, strange secrets method, could it be… Chen Rui suddenly had a strange association, but he felt that it was too impossible, so he immediately rejected that assumption.

Christina must be a close relative or a personal disciple of that woman.

“If she is truly a Demon Emperor powerhouse, then the Nirvana’s Blood that you obtained might not be of the second Nirvana. Also, the benefits are likely to be far more than those you have now!” Paglio looked like he was pondering, then he pulled him to sit down. “Tell me the incident in detail!”

Chen Rui told Paglio the entire story from the beginning. Surely, omitting the parts that concern personal privacy.

The poison dragon looked like he was pondering and said, “You were indeed in extreme danger this time. Demon Emperor-level powerhouses aren’t something you can rival right now. That Broc is a member of the Leviathan Royal Family and the Leviathan bloodline talents are also three…”

According to Paglio, the Envy Royal Family, Leviathan had three bloodline talents, <Water Mastery>, <Eye of Incubus> and <Soul Shackles>.

<Water Mastery> could directly use water magic. The higher awakening of the bloodline talent, the higher the level of the magic they could cast. Besides, it could even suppress the water forces of ordinary magicians.

<Eyes of Incubus> was also known as the “Devil’s right eye”. It was the strongest illusion and enchantment eye. Its power was mysterious.

<Soul Shackles> was a skill that could enslave others similar to the master-servant contract, but it was much stronger than the master-servsnt contract. Besides, the number wasn’t limited to one and the controller could ignore the restrictions of space to freely punish or kill those being controlled.

“You are now at the peak of Higher Demon. The next step is the Demon King. There’s something that should be made known to you.” The poison dragon looked serious and told him a new concept.

Demon Realm’s strength arranged from high to low were Demon Supremo, Demon Overlord, Demon Emperor, Great Demon King, Demon King, Higher Demon, Intermediate Demon, and Lesser Demon. However, there was another division, that was, the high, middle, and low tiers. Lesser Demon, Intermediate Demon, Higher Demon were the lowest tier; Demon King and Great Demon King belong to the middle tier; Demon Overlord and Demon Emperor belonged to the highest tier. As for Demon Supremo, it was already equivalent to Demigod, so it wasn’t included.

As long as the upper limit of potential was sufficient, it wasn’t too difficult to reach the low-tier through training. For example, Great Demons can generally train up to Higher Demon. However, even the royal family had no upper limit, they might not be able to reach the middle-tier Demon King or Great Demon King through training. To reach the middle-tier, one must realize certain “rules” of strength while Demon Emperor and Demon Overlord required the higher-level of realization.

Not just the Demon Realm but the three tiers of the humans above-ground, namely the “Warrior”, “Master” and “Saint” were also similar. The gap between each tier was greater than the gap within the tier.

Chen Rui listened carefully. Paglio’s introduction was a very valuable reference, but his training wasn’t like the method of human or the Demon Realm. Instead, it was a strange system from another dimension. Obviously, absolute power was the same. It was just the path that was relatively different.

“I don’t know how the grand master’s inheritance advanced, but you should be aware that the Demon King and Great Demon King-level powerhouses of the middle-tier comprehend the rules of power. Therefore, most of them have special energy attack skills. Skills like your <Aurora Shot> shouldn’t be uncommon, so you must be careful. As for the high-tier’s realm… what Broc master was just a pseudo Incubus Territory that combines with his bloodline talent. The true Incubus Territory that a Demon Overlord casts is by no means what you can imagine now. Thus, you must act accordingly in the future as you might not be as lucky every time. There’s nothing wrong wanting to become strong, but only if you survive, you have the possibility to become strong!”

Chen Rui understood Paglio’s true intention, so he nodded.

The conversation between the two continued and a night had passed unknowingly.

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