Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 135 - Nirvana’s Blood! Surprised Poison Dragon

Chapter 135: Nirvana’s Blood! Surprised Poison Dragon

When Arux threaten Aguile… to sign the War Contract, he once said that if “Aguile” lost, he’d kill Aguile and everyone in the Cloak Gang. That wasn’t anything like an encouraging joke but an actual decision. Now, the one who lost was Arux, so the result was expected.

“Before I kill you, I want to know if the War Contract has been lifted?” Chen Rui asked with a sneer.

Now, almost everyone had heard. A lot of them stood up in surprise – Arux, the king of Dark Moon’s arena actually lost!

The members of the Cloak Gang still didn’t know that they were one step away from hell. All of them looked excited, especially the old dwarf, Didi. My master is too strong! He actually defeated Arux! My decision to subdue is truly wise! Only the dark elf, Jesse sighed. In the past two months, under instigation of “Aguile”, he had been training hard and reached the strongest level of Intermediate Demon. The next step would be breaking through to Higher Demon. Among those of the same level, he had made an amazing improvement. Yet, as compared with his leader, the gap was getting wider and wider.

The most frightened was Sheriff Alan. Although he lost a lot of money, the money was still a small matter. He had decided not to provoke this scary guy defeated Arux anymore.

Arux slowly opened his hand. Within a blazing fire, a flaming paper roll appeared again in front of Chen Rui. Golden text faintly appearing on it with and both of their signatures. Then, the paper gradually turned into ash and disappeared.

Chen Rui said coldly with a terrifying murderous intention on his body, “Actually, after I kill you, the contract can be automatically canceled as well. However, to be safe, I didn’t take your life just now. Now…”

Arux didn’t evade nor speak, but waited for his death silently.


A voice from the VIP seats sounded just in time. It was Royce.

Royce teleported into the arena and bowed slightly at Chen Rui, “Mr. Aguile, do you remember the scene when we met a month ago?”

“Surely I remember!” Chen Rui secretly praised Royce for appearing in time. He deliberately sounded arrogant, “At that time, my power was still sealed, and I almost died in the hands of a tiny character called Mikas, but you saved me.”

When everyone heard that, they suddenly recalled that a month ago, the two huge forces in the Dark Moon City were fighting aggressively that until now, the relationship between Joseph and Alan hadn’t been repaired. It seemed that it was because of this “nobody.” However, this “nobody” was completely different from before.

Many audiences noticed another thing: It turns out that “Aguile’s” strength has always been sealed by some force. No wonder the speed of his progress is so extraordinary! With his current strength, it’s no exaggeration to call Mikas, an early Higher Demon, a tiny character.

“You’re friends with Arux right? You saved me back then in hope that today’s duel can proceed as planned. Perhaps you wanted to let your friend kill me personally, so it’s definitely not an act of kindness.” Chen Rui snorted coldly, “However, I did owe you one. So, I’ll pay you back today!”

“Thank you very much, sir. Later, I’ll offer you satisfying gifts as compensation.” Royce looked happy, bowed and left along with Arux.

“Wait!” Chen Rui yelled, “I don’t need any gifts. I only want what I deserve! According to my agreement with Arux, if he lost, not only his life, but the arena will be mine. Now, I’ll return his life to you, but this arena…”

Royce’s eyes flashed, and he frowned. “Strictly speaking, this arena belonged to the financial officer, Sir Joseph originally. Now, Sir Joseph isn’t in the Dark Moon City. I need to contact him with a magic communication talisman, and I’ll definitely give you a satisfactory answer.”

Chen Rui heard Royce’s casually revealed the information that Joseph wasn’t in the Dark Moon Estate currently.

“It’s not necessary. The arena is yours. Royce, I’ll explain this to Sir Joseph!” Arux stared at the cloaked man at the opposite and clenched his fists. “As for my life, you can take it at any time!”

Chen Rui smiled coldly, “Okay, that’s what you said. I will give you half a day to prepare for the transfer. Tomorrow morning, I will come personally to take over the arena.”

Arux looked like he wanted to say something but he was pulled out of the arena forcefully by Royce. All the audience admired the strong, so they stood up together and cheered for the new strongest man in the arena.

This battle finally came to an end. The strongest Higher Demon in the Dark Moon City, Arux was defeated unexpectedly by the mysterious Aguile. As Aguile owed Royce a favor, Arux’s life was saved, and the arena’s owner also changed.

All of the cloaked men from the Cloak Gang that led by the old dwarf, Didi looked excited: One of the landmarks of the Dark Moon City, the ancient arena is a property of the Cloak Gang from now on!

On the VIP seats, Shea stood up and glanced calmly at “Aguile”, who stood quietly in the field to receive cheers from the audience. She turned and left. There was a hint of doubt in her eyes: The Cloak Gang is rising very quickly. It is now one of the rather influential forces in the city. Although they are vouched by Chen Rui, and they also have the title as the reserved forces of the palace’s imperial guards. However, I have yet to contact this mysterious leader, Aguile. Should I try him out?

Chen Rui stood in the arena, as if he didn’t hear the deafening cheers around him.The War Contract that bothered him for 2 months was finally settled. Looking back at these 2 months, it was actually more than a year in the training ground. He trained to become stronger days and nights as if it was a dream. Perhaps he should be grateful to Arux. Without this pressure of life and death, there wouldn’t be motivation to become stronger desperately nor the strength he had today.

If it was just the War Contract, Chen Rui could take a break for awhile. However, this time he went to Mountain Xilang, Dark Shadow Empire and Silent Night Wetlands expanded his horizon. He encountered more powerhouses that were Demon King, Great Demon King, Demon Emperor and even those that surpassed Demon Emperor… Compared to these people, his current strength was really insignificant. If he slacked off or be contented with what he had now, he’d never be able to stand aside those true powerhouses, especially that woman. His first woman could kill him obviously, but resurrected him with her blood instead.

Although he didn’t see Christina’s first tear at that time, he still remembered her last words.

“The next time I see you will be your time of death.”

It sounded like a tough sentence, but before that, she gave him her blood and left the red piccolo.

The next time I see you, I’ll let you see how strong my stupidity and weakness has become…

I must break through the Mizar state! I must continue to become stronger as soon as possible!

Chen Rui kept his thoughts, secretly adjusting his remaining Star Power and walking toward the lounge slowly.

In this battle, the strength left by Christina had been fully digested. He had successfully mastered the strength at the peak of Mizar. Unfortunately, he failed to break through to Alioth in one shot. As an opponent, Arux deserved respect for resisting two <Aurora Shot> forcefully. Especially at the final moment of life and death, there were even signs of breaking through the limit. However, demons without mutated bloodline were affected by their innate potential, so it was quite difficult to break through the limit. Perhaps this could be the most critical point to recruit Arux.

The old dwarf, Didi went to the lounge excitedly to congratulate his owner and report his achievements in this month, but found that his owner was missing.

Chen Rui didn’t have the time to stop there. He needed to take care of the wyverns hiding in the suburbs to avoid them being found. These wyvern were all Demon King-level. Although their strength levels were higher than him, they were friendly and obedient along the way. It wasn’t only due to the wyvern king’s order, but also because of their acknowledgment toward Chen Rui.

As there were still many things that he hadn’t settled, he couldn’t leave the Dark Moon City immediately. He must stay for another day. However, these wyvern’s flight capabilities were far better than Kegu and Mengda, so it shouldn’t be a problem to go to Mountain Xilang to meet Athena within the agreed time.

Now, he rode the wyvern to another place.

Before his eyes, it was the blue lake that didn’t visit for a long time.

Considering the time in the training ground, he really hadn’t seen this familiar lake for a long time. Also, the familiar guy, a poison dragon with a “stubborn mouth”.

“Paglio!” Chen Rui yelled from far away.

Paglio, who was hiding in a corner because he noticed someone was coming, suddenly raised his ears and grinned, exposing his white teeth.

The Demon King-level wyverns suddenly showed an uneasy look because they could keenly sense that the man who suddenly appeared in front of him had terrible power. Not only power but also a kind of natural oppression.

“Who are you! You actually dare to trespass my territory. If you want to live…”

Chen Rui was soothing the wyvern and let them wait at the side first. He was shocked when he heard that. He thought that Paglio’s bad memories had forgotten him again. Then, he saw the amusement that couldn’t be hidden in the poison dragon’s eyes. He knew that this boring guy was pranking again. He immediately interrupted Paglio’s threats, “No, I don’t want to live anymore. You don’t have to do anything, I’ll commit suicide.”

“Damn human! After not seeing you for a month, you’re still using the same trick again!” Paglio couldn’t help but scolded while laughing, “The same trick is useless to the dragons! You, however, do you want me to imitate how that little girl call you?”

“If you dare to use that disgusting trick again, I’ll truly suicide!” Chen Rui shuddered. The chills that the word “brother” coming out of the poison dragon’s mouth was stronger than the two moons in the night sky.

Paglio examined for a while and shook his head, “Although knowing that your strength has likely increased to another level, seeing how you look now, I still can’t help but scold. In a month, you raised from early Higher Demon to the peak of Higher Demon! I really do suspect that you’re a love child of the Demon God now…”

“A poison dragon is brave, extraordinary and is 100 times stronger than that greedy human. Why didn’t he get such a lucky blessing?” Chen Rui completed Paglio’s sentence, “My ears are growing calluses from those words! Is jealousy truly a virtue of the dragons?”

Paglio said resentfully, “From your current strength and exhaustion, I guess the War Contract is resolved, right?”

“Yeah, it’s resolved.”

Paglio examined him for a while and then asked, “Did something special happened to you in the past month? Why do I feel like my life span that was consumed by half actually recovered a part of it?”

Chen Rui was taken aback. When I first started the Super System to become a Star Collector, I once absorbed half of the poison dragon’s lifespan. Yet, now he recovered a part of it? Lifespan isn’t like physical strength. If it’s gone, it’s gone. Could it be that it added some again?

The problem was that his current star level couldn’t redeem more things from the exchange center, such as the highest level black potion that might appear in the next star evolution – Longevity Potion.

As for other special things… Chen Rui suddenly thought of one thing, and he couldn’t help but startled: Is it Christina’s blood?

Upon seeing Chen Rui’s expression, Paglio asked, “Recalled something? What is it?”

Chen Rui pondered and told Paglio about him being almost dead from heavy injuries, then he was saved by the blood of a noblewoman from the Dark Shadow Empire.

“Almost dead from heavy injuries?” Paglio shivered and shouted exaggeratingly. “Are your trying to get me killed? Don’t forget that your life is not just yours alone!”

“If I don’t do that, do you think the strength at the peak of Higher Demon came out of thin air? Even with the grand master’s inheritance, I must still work hard.” Chen Rui knew that Paglio would respond like this. “Do you know where I went this time? Silent Night Wetland! It was all for your seal!”

“You went to the Silent Night Wetland?” Paglio’s eyes dilated.

“Yes. The few wyverns just now are mutated special wyvern that I brought from the Silent Night Wetland. They have reached the Demon King level, and they also has the ability to spray venom from a long distance. However, I’m merely exploring this time. After 3 months, I plan to officially go there for treasure hunt. At that time, I’ll first dispel the <Lock of Light and Dark>. Then, we’ll find a way to cancel this symbiotic contract as I really don’t want to pull you down with me.”

Paglio snorted, “Symbiotic contract can’t be canceled now. Actually, which powerhouse didn’t experience countless tests at the brink of life and death before obtaining true strength? Stop thinking about it. If anything actually happens, then it’s just me being unfortunate!”

Although the poison dragon seemed indignant, Chen Rui could still notice this guy’s support for him and his heart was moved, “Paglio…”

“Don’t change the subject!” Paglio interrupted what he was about to say and showed a skeptical look. “You seem to have said just now that a woman of the Asmodeus Royal Family saved you with her blood?”

Chen nodded. Paglio recalled a little and looked shocked, “Are you sure she’s a member of the Asmodeus Royal Family?”

“Yes, I’m sure.”

“Nirvana’s Blood! It must be the Nirvana’s Blood!” The poison dragon’s voice shivered due to excitement. “You truly are a lucky asshole!”

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