Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 134 - The Final Result

Chapter 134: The Final Result

As Aguile finished his words, the two scythes on his hands had combined into one long scythe. Both of his hands waved quickly and the scythe began to rotate at high speed. The audiences felt that their vision was distorted and blurred, as if a weird change happened in the space with Aguile as the center. Merely charging caused the arena’s ground to break as it couldn’t withstand the pressure. Countless broken rocks slowly levitated under the influence of the strength, but they shattered before it raised high.

Chen Rui was the first to feel the terrible pressure from the scythe that was increasingly fast. Knowing that that blow must be earth-shattering, it shouldn’t be taken directly. He gathered strength at his feet and started circling around Arux. However, the pressure was so strong that even moving his feet became extremely difficult.

Arux’s momentum had skyrocketed while the spinning scythe emitted a dazzling flash. It was so fast that his hands almost disappeared. At that moment, Chen Rui moved to his back, preparing to attack to interrupt the charge. Suddenly, Arux’s figure disappeared: Teleportation!

Chen Rui felt a terrible breath coming from behind. He knew that something was bad, so he turned around immediately. Then, he saw Arux’s figure appeared behind him about 7 to 8 meters away with a blazing fire in his hands. A huge, fierce beast covered in fire charged toward him while roaring.

Chen Rui felt a burning force coming toward him. It contained a terrible power of destruction. He instinctively felt that this was not an illusion. Now that he couldn’t avoid it, he shouted and gathered Star Power at both his hands to face the beast.

In the past, it was always Chen Rui firing the <Aurora Shot> for the opponent to resist. Today, he finally encountered an opponent with a long-ranged energy attack. It was his turn to defend it.

At the moment of contact, Chen Rui’s body trembled. He felt that his entire body was distorted by that scary pressure. Even his Star Power was at risk of collapsing. Thus, he must not relax. Once his defense collapsed, the terrifying force would devour him completely.

Chen Rui was being pushed back involuntarily by the force. The ground that the beast passed through was crushed. As the crushing continued, he could only maintain a defensive posture. He felt that his Star Power was wearing out quickly.

“Poom!” His back knocked onto the hard wall, and he couldn’t move backward anymore.

It turned out unknowingly, Chen Rui had been forced by the beast to the side of the field. The walls at the side had reinforced defence so he couldn’t rely on retreating to cancel out the impact. He had to endure the beast’s force forcefully. At that instant, the pressure that he felt increased by a few times.

The fierce beast turned into a fireball and tightly trapped Chen Rui who couldn’t avoid. The audience could only see the huge fireball at the wall wiggling and twisting wildly. Even the walls with magic defense started to crack. Thus, they could imagine how terrifying the skill’s power that “Aguile” had to resist.

Gradually, the wiggling of the flame stopped. It seemed that Aguile was completely devoured by a complete beast. Royce’s expression changed subconsciously. If Chen Rui was dead, then he would certainly be dead too. As soon as he turned his head, he saw Vasasha’s doubtful gaze beside him, so he had to act calm.

The old dwarf, Didi also showed horror. His master, Aguile was the backbone of Cloak Gang. If he died, then Cloak Gang would also fall.

Alan smiled. This damn Aguile’s strength actually increased to such a horrifying level in a short time. Fortunately, Arux is more powerful. Finally, this damn guy is dead. This time, Alan made another huge bet in the arena. Obviously, he bet win on Arux, so he can make a fortune from the winning as well.

Shea’s eyesight was far better than these people. Her iceberg-like expression had no traces of movement, but there was a faint light in her eyes: This Aguile isn’t simple!

At that moment, the flame which was almost still suddenly trembled. The trembling became more and more intense instantly. Then “Boom!”, sparks splattered and the wall with defense magic array was torn apart as the flame collapsed. Then, a figure covered with countless smoke slowly became clear.


He actually parried Arux’s ultimate move!

Chen Rui panted violently. His cloak was already shattered and his Star Power was almost exhausted just now. However, the external force in the body suddenly filled his entire body to resist the beast. Chen Rui came up with a bold idea. Executing the newly acquired insight, he continuously accelerated the digesting and refining of the unknown force from Christina through the powerful attack of the beast. Such gambling way of refining was quite successful. He had completely grasped that brand-new feeling, but he still failed to achieve further breakthrough. The inflated power finally tore the beast’s attack apart.

The stardust in the 3D human body was shining to a limit, and his Experience Value had maxed.

He was one step before breaking through. Unfortunately, he was still one step behind. The slightest difference was a huge as a mile.

Arux was taken aback by his ultimate move being solved, but he reacted very quickly. Arux teleported on top of Chen Rui’s head and the two-headed scythe struck toward his head. Arux had to give him a fatal blow while he was the weakest.

Then, he saw Chen Rui struck backward like lightning with his hand in knife-shaped as if the back of his head had eyes.

Decades of fighting experience made Arux instinctively had a sense of crisis. He forcibly withdrew his scythe and parried in time. Due to the distance, the hand knife didn’t actually touch the scythe. Yet, it just slashed through the air, but the scythe actually shook with sparks appearing.

Other than that, Arux felt an invisible, horrifying qi. After clashing with the scythe, the momentum didn’t disappear. It actually penetrated the parry of the scythe and fell onto his chest. The armor on his chest had an additional crack suddenly.

Arux was shocked as he didn’t expect this guy to hide such a terrifying move other than the light ball from the last time. If it wasn’t for his instinctive reaction from his hard work, his body would’ve been cut into two by the invisible qi.

Arux took advantage of the <Aura Blade>’s strength to turn backward and pulled away the distance from Chen Rui. As soon as he landed, a sense of crisis emerged. He saw Chen Rui spread his fingers and aimed at him.

Arux’s pupil contracted abruptly. He had just used <Teleportation>, and couldn’t use it for a while anymore!

Certainly, the white light ball shone as it was shot. Arux clenched his teeth and the long-poled scythe parried as the white light ball came before his eyes instantly.

A month ago, Arux tore the light ball in half with his bare hands. Yet, in just a month, he actually felt that he couldn’t take it even with the enhancement of demonic fire.

Although this light ball was one size smaller, the terrifying power contained in it was a dozen times stronger than a month ago!

Arux roared and flames appeared on the two-headed scythe. His body began to move backward little by little. It was similar to the scene when Chen Rui defended the beast. The speed was slower, but the signs of destruction on the ground were even more ridiculous.

Arux’s hand that was holding the scythe gradually bleed. He felt that the strength of his entire body had dropped sharply; he was almost at his limit.

Ultimately, the part where scythe was struck by <Aura Blade> couldn’t bear such a heavy pressure. “Deng!”, the scythe broke into two. However, Arux was extremely experienced. Taking advantage of the moment of scythe’s breakage that reduced the heavy pressure, he stomped his feet to stop moving backward. Then, his fists that were holding two broken blades suddenly burst into full force and pushed <Aurora Shot> away. The <Aurora Shot> that was pushed away flew until it fell into the wall with defense magic array, leaving a horrifying hole on the wall.

Arux exploded all his strength at that moment, so he felt a sudden collapse of his body and panted heavily. Suddenly, a white light was shining from the opposite. He saw another light ball coming at him!

Second <Aurora Shot>!

Arux’s heart sank suddenly. Aguile was actually able to cast such a terrible attack continuously! Also, teleportation is still cooling down now!!

Since it was inevitable, Arux threw away the two broken blades and the flame that was already fainted on his body was re-ignited. After a violent shout, he extended both of his hands and once again he defended <Aurora Shot> forcefully. He was already exhausted now, so it was more strenuous than before. The metal armor on his body burst apart under heavy pressure. The muscles in his palms, arms, and shoulders started to bleed together while his body was pushed backward faster than the last time.

Based on the current state, if he couldn’t defend that attack, he’d die.

Arux felt that his defense was about to collapse and his demonic fire was about to extinguish. He was desperately persisting with a brave will, but this will was also at the brink of collapsing.

“Weakling, can you kill me?” Joseph’s mocking face seemed to appear in front of him again. “I can let you live and give you chances to challenge me. Before you succeed, you have to be the humblest dog by my side.”

The fighting spirit in Arux’s eyes burned to the extreme. His irises suddenly became purple. At the brink of death, he erupted the strength beyond his limit. The red flame on his body blazed again, and the color was becoming darker. His body that was being pushed gradually stopped and he firmly stood still.

Under the loud cheering of the audience, the light of the second <Aurora Shot> finally disappeared little by little. Arux’s purple flames returned to the original red, and it gradually extinguished. The Great Demon who overdrawn all his strength felt an unprecedented weakness.

At that moment, a sense of crisis suddenly appeared. Before he could gather his remaining strength to teleport, a palm from his back had brushed past his neck silently.

The palm just lightly brushed at Arux’s neck without putting force into it, but the light in Arux’s red pupils suddenly faded.

“I lost.”

Although the volume of that voice wasn’t loud, many demons who had a keen hearing could hear it clearly. For a moment, they thought they misheard.

Although Arux was just a few seconds away from teleporting or he could also continue fighting after teleporting now, he didn’t do so because he was Arux.

If he lost, he lost.

Arux could behead his opponent without hesitation in a duel even if it was someone he admired the most, he wouldn’t hold back. However, he had his own glory and persistence. He would rather die instead of despicably desecrate a true combat.

The only pity was that at the moment of life and death defending against the light ball, the feeling of entirely breaking through the bottleneck was even closer. Unfortunately, he didn’t grasp it. After this, he was afraid that he wouldn’t have the chance to challenge the bottleneck anymore.

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