Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 133 - The Strongest Battle between Higher Demons

Chapter 133: The Strongest Battle between Higher Demons

Arux’s strength was indeed astonishing. The momentum and force alone were already faintly above Barnacle. Yet, for Chen Rui who had gone through the training at the surfy sea, it wasn’t enough to intimidate him.

At that time, Chen Rui drank True series buffing potions and fought hard only to kill Barnacle eventually with luck. Today, he didn’t consume any buffing potions as he wanted to use his own strength to defeat Arux. The strength that truly belonged to oneself was the most reliable support.

Besides, this battle with Arux was just a beginning. There were still Demon King, Great Demon Overlord and so on. After returning from the Silent Night Wetland, Chen Rui’s heart was more determined.

During the battle with Barnacle, he had found a feeling of reaching the highest level of Mizar state. Subsequently, during the intimacy in the wyvern’s lair, he seemed to obtain an extra power. The strangest thing was Christina’s blood not only saved his life, but also gave him a strong, weird power that he couldn’t describe.

Now, the strength in Chen Rui’s body was unprecedentedly rich. The only thing he lacked was understanding. Thus, he needed to completely grasp the highest level of the Mizar state through actual battle or even catch the opportunity to breakthrough to Alioth.

Arux continuously used his strength, but he still couldn’t move his opponent. The fighting spirit in his eyes became stronger and a long-poled scythe appeared in his hands. This scythe was a little different from the common type used by the demons. Both ends had a long blade and there was a faint purple line on the blade. The scythe had obviously been through countless battles and bathed in his enemies’ blood.

Chen Rui remembered he had seen this type of double-headed scythe somewhere. That’s right. When he first met Arux, the statue that he converted into aura was holding this type of weapon. However, that statue seemed to be a female Great Demon.

Arux leaped and drew a light arc that flew toward Chen Rui. The whistling scythe actually brought a thunderous sound and the speed was faster than expected.

Chen Rui was prepared, so he moved his body slightly and the scythe missed. Merely the air force left a huge crack on the arena’s sturdy stone floor. It looked frightening. Chen Rui had a rather rich battle experience against Great Demon. Knowing that long-poled weapons weren’t effective in close combat, Chen Rui didn’t withdraw. Instead, he went forward and got closer to Arux.

In his expectation, Arux should use teleportation to distant himself to maximize the characteristic of the long weapon. Then, Chen Rui could take advantage of the teleportation’s cooldown to launch a fierce attack.

When Chen Rui approached Arux, he suddenly felt danger and immediately withdrew while two strikes barely missed his chest. It turned out the long-poled scythe in Arux’s hand had turned into 2 short-poled weapons suddenly. Thunderous sound rang and trapped him tightly within.

After the misstep, Chen Rui suddenly lost his rhythm. His feet kept moving backward while they fought. He wanted to get out of this passive situation.

The Great Demons had a weapon mastery talent. This talent was fully manifested in Arux’s hands. The light arcs criss-crossed into a huge net. Regardless of how Chen Rui dodge, he was still trapped within. As Arux passed through, the ground was covered with crisscrossed cracks.

The audiences were mostly Arux’s supporters, so they were cheering loudly. Yet, Arux didn’t let his guard down at all. This enemy seems quite passive, but under such a thunderous fierce attack, he actually isn’t panicking at all. He must be brewing a strong move, like the white light ball last time.

Chen Rui dealt with Arux’s frenetic attack calmly. When he saw an opportunity, he punched toward Arux’s lower ribs to change his passive state. He didn’t expect that Arux wouldn’t dodge. Instead, Arux’s scythe struck toward Chen Rui’s shoulder. It was a tactic where both sides suffer.

Chen Rui’s reaction was extremely fast. With a turn of his body, he reduced the damage of that strike on his shoulder to the lowest and still punched directly on Arux’s lower ribs. Arux felt like he was hit by an endless huge tides where he was punched. He groaned and moved a step backward. A footstep filled with cracks suddenly appeared on the ground that was deliberately reinforced.

Simultaneously, another short scythe swept past Chen Rui’s waist like a venomous snake and blood could be seen as it sliced through.

Chen Rui didn’t expect the second strike. He was also surprised by Arux’s battle reaction. He actually received 2 blows in exchange for 1 punch. Since Chen Rui wasn’t in a passive state anymore, he launched a fierce attack without hesitation. The spirit in Arux’s eyes became stronger. Both his hands seemed to have merged with the weapons into one, creating countless rays in the thunderous sounds that collided with Chen Rui’s surfy strength.

The true fierce battle had begun.

Striking sound, thunderous sound and shouting continuously sounded while ridiculous destruction trace expanded quickly in the arena.

There was 1 lich each at the four corners of the arena, controlling the activated defensive magic array to protect the audience. It was a compulsory facility in a Higher Demon battle. The audience almost couldn’t see their moves clearly, yet they could judge the terror of the collision from the impacts that the defensive magic array received. They felt that there were monstrous waves into the thunderous sound. Every place they’ve been, the extra-thickened cement floor was cracked and shattered.

They thought the battle would be a landslide initially, but the intensity of the battle actually went way beyond their expectations!

Shea was the strongest audience at the venue, but she was frowning as she watched! The battle between these two actually has no defense; it’s all offense. They don’t even care about getting injured just like 2 simple-minded bulls fighting desperately. This Aguile, the speed of his strength increasing is indeed shocking, but his tactics and intelligence seems bad. He clearly knows that offense is Arux’s strong suit, but he still chooses to fight directly.

If Chen Rui has such strength, he should be winning by strategy. When she thought of Chen Rui’s name, there was a rare gentleness flashing past Princess Royal’s eyes. Yet, she didn’t know that one of the two “bulls” in the ring was Chen Rui himself.

Shea’s strength was a lot higher than Chen Rui and Arux, so her vision was obviously better. However, it didn’t mean that everyone felt the same. Sarado, who once tied with Arux, he was defeated entirely later, had a completely different opinion.

This strongest Higher Demon of the Karon Family stared at the battling two’s figures closely. His eyes trembled as the defensive magic array slightly shaken. Both of them are crazy! I never thought other than Arux, Aguile is also a madman that doesn’t care about his life! He actually keeps on staying offensive with Arux! If it were me, I would’ve changed my tactic in 5 minutes!

Royce’s heart was also astonished. No one at the venue knew Aguile’s true identity better than him, and he was even clearer with this guy’s strength a month ago. Back then, Chen Rui was chased into a dead end by him until he summon the dragon at the blue lake and subdued him. In just 1 month, this “master’s” strength had already raised to a height that let him look up to!

Others who were also astonished were SheruffAlan who wanted to tear “Aguile” into pieces, the cloak gang’s deputy leader who was determined to challenge the leader, the dark elf, Jesse… and a lot of audiences that weren’t supportive of Aguile. Everyone had a feeling in their heart at the same time: The 2 hours weren’t wasted as this is a rare battle between the strongest Higher Demons!

Under the continuous deafening noises, time had passed and the center of the arena had already been destroyed.

The rhythm of the colliding sounds gradually slowed eventually. The two figures in the fierce battle immediately separated and distant themselves.

Arux’s metal armor was deformed badly. It was covered with dents made by fists. There was blood coming from the side of his mouth, and he kept panting. Yet, the demonic fire on his body burned even brighter and his blood-red eyes emitted an odd brilliance: excitement.

For a hundred years, it was his first time encountering an opponent that gave him so much enjoyment. He actually fought head-on with him until now!

Chen Rui’s eyes were blazing too while he panted. Such a duel consumed a lot of energy. It was a huge challenge for endurance, willpower and physique. His Star Power had lowered a lot and his cloak had long been sliced into pieces. His body was covered with wounds, but there weren’t any heavy injuries. Alkaid’s body refinement made his physique extraordinary. Besides, his battle reflex had also become stronger and stronger under various actual combats. Almost before he realized it, his reflex was able to control the body and react instinctively to minimize the damage.

Surely, he couldn’t do the same when he encountered someone he couldn’t rival, like Broc.

Arux’s strength was indeed higher than Barnacle, but their characteristics were completely different. Barnacle’s strong suit was his defense. Even the enhanced <Aura Shot > couldn’t breakthrough his absolute defense whereas Arux didn’t defend at all as his offense was his best defense. Regardless of his attack desire, power or means, he was the strongest among the opponent of the same level that Chen Rui had met.

In this powerful duel of pure strength, the feeling that he felt during the battle with Barnacle was getting stronger and stronger. It was like the sparks from two clashing blades. As the force increased, the spark blazed stronger until it became a real flame.

At that time, countless stardust in the human body of became extremely fine and shiny. Every single piece was like individuals that went through thousands of refinement, yet they still cooperated seamlessly as a body. During that time, the light that it emitted had filled the entire 3-D body. Not just that, it also faintly had a feeling of breaking out of the body.

Chen Rui had already accumulated considerable realization through the surfy sea and gravity training. Now, he promptly held onto this new feeling clearly. Even the few external forces that he absorbed at the Silent Night Wetland also began to combine, slowly turning into his body’s true strength.

“I can’t believe I’ll encounter such a forthright opponent like you! Although I really enjoy a battle like this, I don’t have much strength remained. Your endurance and physique are clearly stronger than me. If we continue attacking head-on, I’ll be the one losing first.”

Arux said without concealing, and it raised a commotion within the crowds: Arux actually admits that he isn’t as good as Aguile!

“To express my respect, let me use my strongest attacking skill to behead you and put an end to this battle.”

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