Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 132 - The Beginning of the End! The Anticipated Fight

Chapter 132: The Beginning of the End! The Anticipated Fight

The sky was filled with thick clouds, except purple moonlight peeked through the clouds. To the combative demons of Dark Moon City, tonight was a very important day.

In the arena, a battle was about to begin.

Different from usual, the arena did not arrange any other showings for tonight because those battles would seem insignificant in comparison to this battle.

Even a few days before, this fight was already being hyped up.

The two parties in this battle was the owner of the arena, the Higher Demon, Arux and the head of the Cloak Gang, Aguile.

Arux was the head of the three strongest subordinate under the command of finance officer Joseph Alvin. He was a top-notch Higher Demon. He had been in conflict with the Karon Family one month ago. He battled the strongest top-notch Higher Demon of the Karon Family, Salador, and lost twice with injuries. Half a month later, Arux once again challenged Salador to a fight and defeated him.

After the battle, Salador himself admitted that he was no match for Arux. Arux was already close to breaking past the limits of a Higher Demon. Once the opportunity arises, he could transition into Demon King with the identity of a non-mutated bloodline Great Demon.

Once he transitions into Demon King, even if the changes did not occur to Arux, his future bloodline might change to become a Great Demon of a mutated bloodline. The higher his own powers, the stronger the mutated bloodline powers of his future generations. This was enviable for demons born outside of royal families.

Of course, inner potential was always the greatest bottleneck for demons. It was not that easy to break through the limits. Just see whether Arux could take that small chance and advanced successfully.

As for today, Aguile was also a mysterious powerhouse.

At first, Aguile was simply a small fry who could barely participate in the lower rank of Intermediate Demon battles. After that, he slowly climbed the ranks. Within a short month, he defeated a total of three opponents, who were the early stage Intermediate Demon, “Bloody Hand” Lance, the middle stage Intermediate Demon, “Quick Wolf” Jesse and the strongest Intermediate Demon, “Balrog” Reka. Every battle was at a different level, and he was victorious in every battle. Nevertheless, his current opponent was Arux. There was a huge boundary between an Intermediate Demon and a Higher Demon. The difference in boundary was nothing like the difference in stage within the same level. Even if Aguile had defeated the strongest Intermediate Demon, Reka, it was still the same. It was impossible at all.

Not to mention, only a month had passed since Aguile defeated the “alrog Reka. In other words, when Aguile first started competing, he was one of the weakest among Intermediate Demons. After two short months, he was going to battle the strongest Higher Demon Arux.

Most people did not think that Aguile had a chance of winning. However, the same way Aguile defeated impossible opponents previously, there was a portion of people who thought that Aguile could once again create miracles, especially since this battle was announced by Arux himself.

The strongest in this arena who was also the strongest Higher Demon in the Dark Moon Estate. Arux, who was known for being warlike, personally appointed the opponent. How could he be a weakling? Could it be that after a one month disappearance, Aguile who could only challenge Intermediate Demons was going to advance into Higher Demon? Not to mention he was battling a top Higher Demon Arux?

Together with the interest people had in Aguile, the Cloak Gang that Aguile led would also garner interest. With the title of being the palace’s imperial guards reserve forces, the Cloak Gang already became an upcoming big force in Dark Moon. Of course, the key person was still Aguile. Once Aguile was defeated, the Cloak Gang would dissolve along with it.

No matter what, the audience was filled with anticipation for this match.

A Higher Demon battle had not appeared in the arena for a long time, much less a top-notch Higher Demon participating in one. Today’s battle not only attracted a huge crowd who filled up the arena. Other Higher Demons such as Salador, Royce and Vasasha also came to spectate, even the owner of the Dark Moon estate, Princess Shea also came to watch the battle personally.

Under the watchful eyes of thousands of people, Arux, with his gleaming armor, appeared in the middle of the brightly-lit arena. The Demon Realm prized powers above everything. The audience cheered for the powerhouses of this battle.

There were four extra lichs in the four corners of the arena today. Their purpose was to cast protection spells when necessary to avoid injuring the audience. This was a necessary preparation in a battle between Higher Demons.

Seconds and minutes passed, but Aguile still did not show up. Arux could not help but furrow his eyebrows. Based on his previous battles, Aguile does not seem like the type to have stage fright. Apparently, a few days ago, he even underwent secret training to prepare for this battle, so why hasn’t he appeared? Do I really have to wait until the time is up, and then hunt Aguile down using the as per the War Contract?

The equally impatient audience began to whisper about how Aguile must be afraid of Arux’s reputation, so he cowardly decided to escape in order to save his own life.

Right in the center of the special guest seats, Princess Shea still had an unchanging, cold facial expression on her face. However, her fists were clenched tightly in her sleeves. She was worried about something else. Aguile and Chen Rui had a “symbiotic contract”. If Aguile did not show up, could something have happened at the mine?

Earlier, when Chen Rui was heading to the mine, Shea secretly controlled the imp, Slee, so that Slee would not show up at Dark Moon and allow Joseph to know the truth. Because a master and servant contract existed, if the master died, the servant would also lose their life. Conversely, as long as the imp was alive, then it would mean that Chen Rui was still alive. However, it could only prove that he was alive, not to mention, Slee was not by her side now.

But Shea did not know that in the enemy not too far away, Royce whom she had always thought of as a thorn in her side, also had the same master as the imp.

Two hours passed. Right as the audience were about to leave dejectedly, Arux’s slightly squinted eyes suddenly brightened.

At some point, another silhouette appeared in the area.

A silhouette in a cloak.

The audience roared. Those that were standing immediately sat back down.

The Cloak Gang members, led by the old goblin, Didi and the dark elf, Jess, started to holler loudly. The leader has finally appeared!

Due to the person’s rapid movements, his cloak fell behind his head. His face was covered with a mask that only showed his eyes, so his real identity still could not be seen clearly.

Arux hummed coldly. “You finally came.”

“My apologies,” the man in the mask rearranged his cloak. “I’m rushing here from a distant place, so I am a little late. Thankfully, I am still on time.”

Naturally, the man in the mask was Chen Rui. His battle with Broc used up all his skills, and due to the difference in powers, he nearly died in the end. Right before he died, Christina finally regained her powers and scared Broc off.

Unexpectedly, Christina saved him. When her fresh blood dripped onto his chest, Chen Rui felt a burning sensation like he was on fire. Perhaps it was the special power in her blood, or perhaps it was the emotions hidden in her unwavering calmness.

When he woke up, Christina had already gone. She only left behind one thing, a red piccolo. The piccolo was roughly fifteen centimeters long and very delicate. Chen Rui still remembered the emptiness and loneliness when she performed “Dancing Alone in the Moonlight”. This piccolo must be the musical instrument she used at that time.

Christina’s true powers could even scare off a Demon Emperor powerhouse like Broc. She was very likely to be at the top of Demon Emperor level, or even… And such a strong woman like her became his first woman, and he also became her first man. Now that he thought about it, it suddenly felt like a dream. Chen Rui would not go the the Dark Shadow Empire to look for her. He was going to keep this piccolo deep in his heart until he obtained powers that were equal to hers or powers that could take her away.

Whether she would just be a passerby in his life, or truly keeping her forever, the decision was in his hands.

Chen Rui took a deep breath and recollected his wandering thoughts. He circulated the Star Power in his body once, relieving the exhaustion from the journey. He arrived at Dark Moon from Silent Night Wetlands by passing through Red Spirit Estate. Thankfully, he had a few of the strongest wyverns sent by the Wyvern King to journey day and night. Currently, they were still in hiding somewhere in the city outskirts.

Now, Chen Rui had gotten the acknowledgment of all the wyverns, including the Wyvern King. However, the Wyvern King’s injuries were far too severe. Even if Chen Rui used a great amount of the healing potion from the exchange center, it would still require at least a month to completely recover.

Arux watched the opponent in front of him. He could feel a faint power emanating from him. As expected, he had become a lot stronger compared to one month ago. The intent to fight in the Great Demon’s eyes started to burn brightly. “Good! You did not let me down.” Chen Rui’s gaze swept past Shea, who was in the special guest seats. “Well then, let’s begin. It’s time to end this.”

The two month long War Contract turned him from a beginner Alkaid state Star Collector into the Star Leader that he was today. The enormous pressure served as his driving force at the same time.

“Are you not going to take a rest first? What I need is an opponent in his best state. Today’s battle will be determined by life or death.”

“There is no need for that.” After Chen Rui was resurrected by Christina’s blood, he felt as if his energy and strength had been amplified. Not to mention he had the special characteristic <Astral Form>, so this level of fatigue was not a big deal.

Right now, the power in his body was surging wildly. He needed an outlet, so perhaps he could use this to gain another level of insight.

“Hmph!” Without wasting any time, crimson red demonic fire started to burn on Arux’s body. With him as the core, a surge of powerful energy continuously expanded all around him like a monstrous wave.

The audience was getting affected. Arux cast demonic fire right as the battle began. It seemed like he was prepared to go all out!

A number of audience members also noticed that despite Arux’s imposing vibe, “Aguile” was…

He did not seem to make any movements. The cloak on Aguile’s body flowed slightly, as if he was unaffected by Arux’s vibe.

Just from the invisible battle of vibe, both of them were equally matched!

The audience held their breath, silently waiting for the real battle to begin.

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