Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 131 - Nirvana! The Black Phoenix

Chapter 131: Nirvana! The Black Phoenix

If it was just Paglio’s venom sprayed at Broc, maybe it would not even touch him. However, with the power of the thunderball, it was a different matter.

With the effect of the thunderball’s explosion, the venom was the same as a grenade containing a strong corrosion. It penetrated Broc’s surface defenses, seeping straight into his body. Gust after gust of green smoke was released. Even his face and eyes were splattered with it.

Because Chen Rui blew it up while lying on the ground, so it was the lower half of Broc’s body that suffered the greatest damage.

Broc tightly covered the right eye that got splattered with venom and also covered a certain part on the lower half of his body, letting out shrill growls. He never thought that this pathetic ant could inflict such damage on a powerful Demon Emperor. Not just heavy injuries, but he feared that the venom that entered his body due to the explosion was circulating rapidly within his body. Even with his Demon Emperor powers, he could not stop it!

In between cries, Broc stomped on Chen Rui’s chest with his foot. All of a sudden, the bones cracked, penetrating through the chest straight into the soil, then slowly pulling them out. Chen Rui could not feel the pain already. His body was not on par with a Demon Emperor. The thunderball explosion just now was realistically a suicide mission; he was already fatally injured.

No matter how powerful his special characteristics <Damage Absorption> and <Astral Form> were, it was not a resurrection skill. It was the same for healing potions, not to mention he did not even have the strength to bring out the potion.

This time, he really tried until he could not do anything anymore.

Chen Rui’s consciousness suddenly became clearer. He could clearly see the ferocious Broc and the wyverns rushing through the air toward him, except his body felt light as a feather.

Is this the last moment before my death?

The first thing that Chen Rui thought of was Athena. Her warm smile was like sunshine. Unfortunately, he could no longer fulfill a certain promise.

He wanted to save his virginity for her, but unfortunately, it was “robbed” by the woman he did not know the real name of. If only he just did it in the small wooden cottage… He really wanted to tell her how his feelings properly. At the same time, he would be honest about his “affair”, even if he was going to get hit. Except, he did not have the chance anymore.

Christina, he’d call her that for now. By mistake, she became his first woman. That woman was so perfect, she made his heart race. However, her line of thought was a bit too complex; her powers were a bit too strong; her background was a bit too good. Maybe they did not have a future together. That’s right, they really didn’t have a future now… He was willing to bet with that damn Roman that the woman’s first words when she saw his body would definitely be “stupid man”.

Shea, Sister Iceberg, they had a vague friendship. To quote a poisonous dragon, friendship was the beginning of love. He really enjoyed her melting smile, even if it was just a quick glance. Unfortunately, he would not be able to see it again.

As for that loli who forcefully stole his first kiss… he himself did not understand what he felt. Sigh, being a creepy uncle would be looked down upon, except now he could not support her even if he wanted to.

He was still thinking about so many women even at the brink of death. Men were indeed assholes.

Finally, he wanted to give a silent tribute to Paglio whom he signed a mutualistic contract with. This unlucky dragon got dragged down by him. If the netherworld existed in this world and he bumped into this dragon down there, he would definitely get nagged at incessantly…

Enraged Broc cruelly stomped on Chen Rui’s limbs, breaking them. Right before Broc crushed his head with his foot, a strange sound suddenly came from far away.

This sound brought Broc who was in a frenzy state to his senses, and his facial expression changed drastically.

It was the sound of breathing.

Along with each breath, the fallen leaves danced in the air. The soil on the ground, the trees in the forest, and even Broc himself were moving involuntarily. Even the clouds in the sky were expanding and contracting along with each breath.

The sound of breathing could actually influence the sky and the ground.

Broc covered his poisoned right eye, but could not hide the shock on his face.

The sound of breathing grew longer and deeper. The ground began to shake slightly.

Finally, a clear chirp sounded. It sounded like some kind of bird hatching.

This chirp was filled with a strange energy. The cry even made Chen Rui, whose spirit was almost gone, regain some energy.

The powerful Broc was experiencing something else. Within the areas of the chirp contained a mysterious rule. It represented a certain high order power that even a Demon Emperor like him could only stare in wonder and tremble.

Above the chirp, a black flame was burning. In the areas where the chirp could be heard, the power of the flame could be felt.

The color of the black flame was very similar to the Lucifer Royal Family, but it was the complete opposite of that kind of destructive power. This was the flame of life. The plants beneath the flame were radiating revitalization.

The silhouette of a giant bird slowly materialized in the flames. It was completely black and vaguely lined with gold. It had two giant wings and three beautiful wings swung from its tail. “Nirvana… black phoenix,” Broc was almost groaning these words, as if he just saw his greatest fear. His tone was laced with intense fear. He paid no mind to the injuries and venom on his body, using his hands to gesture in the air. A blue light started to glow in the air, but due to the effect of the black flame, that light disappeared in an instant. He couldn’t gather his power at all.

Broc’s body began to tremble involuntarily. He bit through the skin of his middle finger, then his blue eyes turned completely black. He finally activated his secret ability by using his fresh blood to draw a blue and red gate. Broc basically stumbled into the door, and immediately after, both the door and Broc disappeared without a trace. After the pure black phoenix’s silhouette was complete, the flame slowly retracted into its body. Without any discernible movement, its silhouette appeared above Chen Rui in a blink of an eye. Its body emitted an invisible pressure, causing the wyverns that were flying over to help to fall to the ground one by one. They were so pressured that they could not move.

The black phoenix disappeared instantaneously. A girl’s silhouette appeared on the ground. She clad in a classic, long dress, wearing a light grey cape. Except, there was no veil covering her face.

This girl’s dark hair, dark eyes and incredible beauty could make the two moons in the sky pale in comparison.

In her beautiful, starry eyes, there was a faint glow that resembled the profoundness and calm of a lake. The effect of the “Jiu Tian Xuan aura fruit” was indeed far better than the devil pomeg. Besides the minimal side effect of being unable to hold back one’s desires, its supplementary ability to <Nirvana> exceeded my expectations.

Even if she had to face the strongest opponent in the Demon Realm, she was feeling completely confident.

Nevertheless, there was another man she had to face first. A gravely injured man on the verge of losing his life.

The woman just stood there, silently watching Chen Rui.

While she was deep in sleep, she made up her mind that the first thing she did after waking up wasn’t to kill Broc, but to kill this man who obtained her body. Even though it was an accident, and strictly speaking it was not this man’s fault, but her identity, strength, dignity could not allow this man to continue living.

However, when she saw the state of her murder target, Christina suddenly fell silent. Her murderous intent disappeared without her knowing.

Even though the speed of his spirit weakening weakened slightly because of that phoenix chirp, but it was still unable to stop Chen Rui’s life dying. His vision began to blur, but from the silhouette of her face, this woman must be Christina. As he thought, she had already recovered. Broc who escaped hurriedly did not have a single shred of courage to face her.

Based on his original plan, now was the time to activate teleportation to flee. Unfortunately, “Dark Will” could no longer be used, and escaping would be meaningless because he was about to die.

“Why did you teleport together with Broc?” She was supposed to say the previously prepared death declaration, but when she spoke it, only one sentence came out.

Christina’s <Nirvana> was a special state of deep sleep. During the state, she was too weak to use any powers, but she could feel everything that happened within a ten kilometer radius in her dreams.

Everything he did, she knew.

Chen Rui could hear a bit of what she was saying, but he was already unable to speak. Sigh, I luckily didn’t bet with that asshole. Her first sentence is actually not “stupid man”?

“Stupid man!”

So it is her second sentence.

Chen Rui used all his strength to move the corners of his mouth, trying to force a smile.

My soul is going to disappear.

How regretful. There are still so many things left undone.

Impulse is really devil. Am I going to behave rashly next time?

Probably… not.

Well, I am just a stupid man.

That forced smile on his bloody face looked a bit ferocious, but Christina’s beautiful eyes were calm like water. Only one crystalline tear quietly rolled down her pale face.

Even Christina herself was a bit surprised. She did not remember how long it had been since the last time she cried. From the time she took care of her rebellious relatives herself, tears and bonds left her side, only leaving behind ruthless calm and loneliness. Leaning on that ice cold throne, she calmly faced all sorts of cruelties, dangers, deceit, greed, desires… This stupid man is so strong that he even affects me right before he dies… damn it!

However… but… I should just follow my heart this one time. This… is not for him, but for my rare capricious this time. Just take it as a release from my long-term depression.

Anyhow, she would return to that throne very soon. She was still the cold, haughty ruler.

Christina extended her hand and pulled up her sleeve. Fresh blood suddenly flowed from her porcelain white hand. The blood dripped onto the scary wound on Chen Rui’s chest, and the wound began to heal at a speed that the human eye could detect. Not only the wound, but even Chen Rui’s disappearing spirit was recondensing under the strange energy.

“We don’t owe each other anymore after this…” Chen Rui could not see it himself, but a faint phoenix mark vaguely appeared in the blood that Christina dripped, burying into his healed chest.

Under the effect of this amazing power, his gravely injured chest and limbs began to recover slowly. Even though his internal injuries were still severe, but he was already rejuvenating, becoming a completely different person from the person who was on the verge of dying just now. Chen Rui’s eyelids felt especially heavy. He could only vaguely hear one line uttered into his ear, “The next we meet will be your death sentence…”

He struggled to open his eyes to look at Christina, but in the end, he was unable to fight the fatigue and finally succumbed to sleep.

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