Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 130 - Guts

Chapter 130: Guts

The wyvern, considered to be the strongest amongst the flying race, did not let Chen Rui fall from the sky. It tried its best to touch the ground with him on its back.

Once they landed, Chen Rui’s feeling felt even more familiar. As he thought, it was gravity that was changing! The gravity inside the black territory was equal to four times the gravity outside. The hydra had giant bodies, so they suffered the most in gravity-heavy areas like this. Their movements became more and more heavy.

The female hydra was the most powerful, its resistance toward this black territory was also the most powerful. It opened its mouth, trying to spat green fire or venom. For some reason, after spitting multiple times, not a single bit of venom or flames were spat.

Broc’s sneer sounded from the black smoke. A big cloud of fog started to spread toward the hydras. The hydras’ attacks only dispersed the black smoke, but in an instant, the smoke would gather again. There was even more and more smoke surrounding the two hydras.

It was as if the black smoke had a life of its own. It densely surrounded the wounds of the hydras, incessantly permeating into it. The weaker male hydra let out a chiling, painful cry, as if its entire body’s flesh was being vacuumed slowly. Its gigantic body gradually shrivelled. Finally, it became an empty leather sack.

Seeing that, the female hydra was both shocked and angered. However, it had to continue using its power to resist the gravity and at the same time dispel the black smoke to protect its life. However, its power was also weakening rapidly. The black smoke around it slowly condensed, gathering faster than it was being dispersed. It was just a matter of time before it followed the footsteps of the male hydra.

Between approaching Demon Emperor level and actually achieving Demon Emperor level, there was indeed an insurmountable moat. Even a demonic beast like the hydra could not defeat Broc in the end.

Nevermind the gravity field, Broc turning into black smoke was indeed terrifying. Not only was he immune to attacks, but he could even engulf flesh like an evil. Chen Rui was secretly shocked. He hurriedly instructed the Wyvern King to escape while he quietly slipped away in a different direction.

Smoke suddenly became denser in front of him. A ball of black fog materialized, blocking Chen Rui’s path. In the strange, intangible fog, he could faintly see a pair of murderous black pupils shining at him.

“Beast tamer, magic circle practitioner, that’s good. Seems like Christina captured an impressive captive! I should remind you that in this Incubus Territory, not only all attacks are ineffective against me, you are also unable to use any special powers or magic weapons!”

Chen Rui never expected that Broc would have an Incubus Territory that could disable powers and magic weapons. No wonder even the hydras were unable to use their unique long-ranged abilities. He secretly tried to cast the remaining thunderball, but as he expected, nothing happened. He could not help but feel shocked.

Actually, Broc’s words were not completely true. As long as one’s power surpassed Broc’s, then his power would not be restricted. He could not be someone from using an artifact like the Dark Shadow Cape. However, the Incubus Territory was indeed very powerful. Regular attacks could not hurt an intangible Broc. This was already one of Broc’s trump cards. He initially wanted to leave it for Christina, but in a moment of anger, it was forced out by this lowlife person.

“I will not make the same mistake again. You do not have to tell me the secret of Christina or the treasure. Before you become a skeleton, I will extract this information from your mind first!”

An intense sense of danger appeared within Chen Rui. Locking into the dark pupils inside the black smoke, he suddenly felt the world spin around him, and he was tightly enveloped inside the fog.

Broc’s Demon Emperor level Eye of Incubus was multiple times stronger than Delia’s. In an instant, it broke Chen Rui’s will, penetrating straight into his heart.

Obtain Christina’s situation and her location! Obtain the secret of the Silent Night Wetlands’ treasure map!

I can even obtain his secret ability to tame demonic beasts! Then I’ll suck out the flesh from this bastard!

If not for these motives, he would have slaughtered this bastard with his secret long range skill when he was still in the sky riding the Wyvern King!

Broc calculated well. However, when he used the Eye of Incubus that he was so proud of to enter Chen Rui’s consciousness, his fate changed significantly.

There was no Christina, no treasure map and no secret ability!

There was only… red! A terrifying fiery heat! The power that could destroy everything!

These were the three feelings Broc retrieved from Chen Rui’s consciousness, and those were the only three things.

In fact, Chen Rui’s consciousness was never focused on defense. Instead, he was completely focused on confirming the transmutation of the Super System. This was the experience that he got from confronting Delia’s Eye of Incubus. Even though he did not know whether it would be effective against the Demon Emperor level Broc, but due to the urgency of his situation, he could only gamble on this.

It seemed like he bet on the right thing.

Before Broc could react, that terrifying power of destruction grew exponentially, and all he could see was a horrifying, fiery red!

Broc only felt the power inside his body flood out like flowing water, as if he were fresh meat being put into a beast’s cage, getting devoured in a frenzy. When he retracted his powers, the frightening power of destruction rebounded back into both his eyes. His two serene, black eyes instantly reflected a fiery red. As he cried painfully, the black smoke once again returned to a tangible, humanoid form.

Broc covered his two eyes in pain. Blood seeped between his fingers. Broc’s powers were far greater than Delia’s, so the rebound he experienced was also far more intense. He was gifted; the Leviathan Royal Family typically could only awaken their right Eye of Incubus, however, both of his eyes were Eye of Incubus. He could cast such a powerful black territory that made him immune to any physical attacks, and he could even swallow mind and body. He could be considered the most powerful owner of a talented eye among the “Envy Royal Family”.

However, today he met an opponent that was like an ant, but he rebounded the most powerful talented eye in the Leviathan Royal Family!

Just what royal family did this ability belong to? Even the Belphegor Royal Family’s “Eye of Evil” which also known as the “Devil’s Left Eye”, did not possess such power!

Chen Rui did not know what happened. His vision suddenly brightened and he returned to the original environment. The dark smoke enveloping his body had disappeared, and he felt the power of the Incubus Territory weakened significantly. He did not dare hang around. He sprang to his feet and dashed away as fast as he could, planning to escape this dangerous Incubus Territory.

“Damn reptile!” Broc angrily shouted, covering his eyes. The entire Incubus Territory exploded intensely. Chen Rui did not expect this sudden change. By chance, he was thrown forward by the force of that explosion. He landed in front of a tall silhouette, and that silhouette did not hesitate to spread its wings to protect him.

When the sounds of explosion stopped, the petrifying Incubus Territory was finally gone. Nevertheless, the surrounding soil appeared to have gone through a thorough turn over. There were signs of astonishing destruction all over.

Despite the strong defenses of the hydra, but because the black smoke eroded a large part of its strength, coupled with the fear from the explosion, the severely injured female hydra wobbled a few steps before finally collapsing onto the ground with whine. However, the worst was not the hydra, but the Wyvern King that protected Chen Rui.

It was simply a coincidence that Chen Rui was thrown to the Wyvern King’s side. Nevertheless, the Wyvern King did not hesitate and immediately protected him. Even though the Wyvern King possessed intelligence that surpassed an average wyvern, a demonic beast’s thinking would always be simpler than a human or a demon. From a certain point of view, “simple” also meant decisive and loyal.

The tough membranes on the Wyvern King’s wings were completely shredded and its body’s scales and skin were littered with cuts. White bone peeked through the mess of flesh. Thankfully, it had the mutated talent <Sturdy>, otherwise it would have died already. However, with this level of injuries, he practically lost all combat ability.

Chen Rui’s injuries were not light either. Even though he only endured one explosion while the following explosions were taken by the Wyvern King, but the explosion of a Demon Emperor’s strengths, even if it was just the aftereffects, was not something that his current state could handle. He felt as if his skeleton, organs and even his soul were torn apart. His Star Power was completely scattered.

One incomplete attack completely broke through his defenses. This was also due to Chen Rui’s special physique, otherwise he would have died. The difference between a Demon Emperor and a Higher Demon was like heaven and earth.

Broc was struggling to open his eyes. The corner of his eyes were shockingly streaked with blood. Even though his vision was still blurry, his injured Eye of Incubus quickly locked on the damn guy. He moved his feet and appeared in front of Chen Rui with one foot stepping on his arm.

Chen Rui only felt a sense of warning. He could not even react in any way, only hearing the sound of bone breaking. It felt as if his entire right arm no longer belonged to him. After a moment of numbness, the excruciating pain hit him.

The most frightening thing was that invisible pressure. He did not have any resistance toward it. Even if the Super System made Chen Rui not fear the war pressure of battling with the members of royal family, but the natural deterring force of the Demon Emperor made it impossible for him to gather what was left of his Star Power.

The severely injured Wyvern King saw Chen Rui being hurt and struggled to attack Broc. Broc stretched out his hand, and the body of the Wyvern King a few meters away was flung away. It fell heavily onto the ground and it was unable to rise again.

At that moment, a roar sounded in the air. A few shots of venom was aimed at Broc. Dozens of giant silhouettes appeared in the sky. They turned out to be wyverns who rushed to the rescue when they saw the Wyvern King and Chen Rui in danger.

Broc did not use Incubus Territory again because he expended too much of Eye of Incubus’ power due to the rebound and explosion just now. However, his own Demon Emperor power was still very strong. The scarlet sword in his hand was very sharp. He slaughtered multiple wyverns that came forward to save Chen Rui. In the battle like this, “quality” could not be made up for with “quantity”.

Even though they knew that they were no match for Broc, the wyverns still did not hesitate to rush toward the enemy. One after another, the casulties were huge.

“Reptile, I want to personally see all your demonic beasts die!”

The most innocent one was actually still the female hydra. It was treated as Chen Rui’s most “important” demonic beast. It dragged itself over to give Broc two bouts of green fire, but got its ninth head chopped off unwillingly.

Chen Rui felt his surroundings become silent. He could only hear the sound of his own breathing. In his line of sight, he could see the gravely injured Wyvern King still struggling to come over to help, and one wyvern after another kept throwing themselves at Broc with no concern for life or death. One after another fell to the ground. His breathing became labored. He felt blood rush toward his head. He gnashed his teeth.

“Are you watching? Reptile! This is what you get for offending me! This will also be Christina’s fate!” Broc’s enraged voice resounded in Chen Rui’s mind. The ground was covered in wyvern carcasses, limbs and blood.

If this continued, all the wyverns of the wyvern lair would die and Broc would find Christina very quickly. Right now, Christina had no strength to fight back.

Chen Rui got an idea. “Dark Will” appeared on the finger of his uninjured hand, and the teleportation began.

Before teleporting, Chen Rui did something that he never expected he would do.

Broc felt pressure on his right leg. The bastard who shook off the war pressure was hugging it tightly. He roared angrily, “Reptile your ass! Idiot!”

Right after, Broc felt his entire body twist strangely. He knew something was wrong. It turned out that Chen Rui already activated the only teleportation in “Dark Will”, and he was trying to take Broc away with him.

Away from the wyverns; away from that tent.

“So stupid…” a certain voice rang in his ears.

Chen Rui laughed suddenly: Such a rare opportunity. I actually didn’t run away. I’m really dumb as fuck. Impulse is devil..

Being rash did not equate to having guts, but having guts could not distinguish itself from rashness. If that did not exist, then a man did not deserve to be called a man. Even if he was stupid or naive, a hot-blooded man was a man.

If he thought it was the right thing to do, he would do it without any regrets. That was who he was. No matter how strong he got, he would still always be like this.

When the moral baseline in his heart was once again broken, when his feelings started to slowly become numb and unkind, when his guts completely buried rationality, that was a darker, colder world which was more horrifying than the Demon Realm.

Under the watch of the wyverns, Chen Rui and Broc’s silhouettes started to blur. The space twisted strangely and they disappeared.

The wyverns were simple in thought, but they understood that that fearsome enemy was taken away by the spell casted by the man. The Wyvern King let out a moan, and afterward, more moans followed.

However, after a moment, insane laughter suddenly sounded in the air.

“Haha! A reptile is still a reptile! Turns out you are simply using a magic weapon.” The one speaking was Broc. “You thought you could transmit a member of the Leviathan Royal Family who possesses the Eye of Incubus? You must be at a loss right now!”

Chen Rui’s heart already calmed down thoroughly. He never expected that the Eye of Incubus could disturb the teleportation of the “Dark Will”. This self-sacrificing teleportation, only teleported a distance of a few hundred meters!

The Wyvern King howled, and the remaining wyverns began to beat their wings and fly toward the source of the sound.

“Reptile! I’m going to…”

Suddenly, that frenzied voice suddenly stopped, and it turned into an earth-shattering cry of pain. It was not Chen Rui, but Broc!

Because Chen Rui blew something up. A thunderball.

An original thunderball could not harm the Demon Emperor level Broc, but this last thunderball was blown up together with a bottle. A bottle that contained a light green liquid.

Paglio’s venom!

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