Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 129 - : Killing Broc Using another Enemy! Broc’s Black Territory

Chapter 129: Killing Broc Using another Enemy! Broc’s Black Territory

Broc thought, battling in the air was inconvenient. Not to mention his opponent was the Wyvern King and a pack of wyverns. It would take a lot of energy to settle this. From the response of the Eye of Incubus, Christina should be hidden in some corner nearby. They must be waiting for his energy to deplete or for him to show weakness to deliver the fatal blow.

Christina’s powers were not at Demon Emperor level yet. At first, she was not a cause for concern, but now she could use the Asmodeus Royal Family’s artifact, the Dark Shadow Cape. Even though she could only utilise a small part of the artifact’s power, but it did cause him a lot of trouble that time. He had to be careful.

However, from a different point of view, as long as he could eliminate Christina, he could obtain the Dark Shadow Empire’s strongest artifact. Even if he could not use it, it could serve as an important bargaining chip, which was very important for his master plan.

The Wyvern King had extremely fast flying speeds, but it did not fly very far. It was only circling the area. At the moment Broc prepared to use all his power to activate the Eye of Incubus in order to swiftly slaughter the Wyvern King, he suddenly heard the rumbling in the ground approach closer, as if some gargantuan demonic beast was rushing over.

The demonic beast appeared, and even Broc raised his eyebrows. Hydra! And it’s more than one!

The two hydras were seven, eight meters tall with deep green scales covering their bodies. They had white torsos and extremely stocky limbs and tails. What stood out the most were the nine snake-like heads. Each head looked very ferocious.

The larger one with the darker scales was the female while the smaller one was male. The two giant beasts’ energies felt much more powerful than the wyvern King, especially the female nine-headed snake. She was close to the level of a Demon Emperor. Moreover, the demonic beast’s power surpassed a regular demon’s. Even Broc could not take them lightly.

What puzzled Broc was how the hydras that initially seemed to be heading towards the wyvern, suddenly focused on him who was still airborne. Their eyes emitted a murderous intention.

“Meet my strongest partner, the hydra,” said the fake beast tamer imposter.

The truth was that Chen Rui used <Analytical Eye> at the same time, and passed the knowledge of Broc’s “bad deeds” to the hydras.

The nine-headed snake also harboured strong animosity toward the Wyvern King and the bastard on its back, but the biggest “winner” was Broc wearingin silver armor that was covered in some slimy liquid.

Wisdom, civilization and strength, those were the traits the wyvern race prided themselves on. The hydras’s strength were close to the wyvern race, but in terms of wisdom they were far behind the real wyverns. There was one characteristic that was almost on par with the Wyvern King, and that was the ability to hold grudges.

In the eyes of the hydras, the leader of the wyverns, the Wyvern King was undoubtedly the enemy. Their conflict was not a recent matter. However, the one the hydras hated the most was the silver-armored bastard in the air!

Initially, the hydras would not attack at the same time. At least one would stay behind in the nest to take care of their three newly-laid eggs, but now there was no longer a need for that. Because last night, this silver-armored bastard schemed with the Wyvern King to steal the hydra eggs!

Last night, a great battle happened in the hydra’s nest. The Wyvern King initiated an attack on the male hydra. Meanwhile, another pack of wyverns provoked the female hydra many times. The female hydra could not take it anymore and finally launched an attack. As the demonic beast at the top of the Silent Night Wetlands food chain, how could it stand the provocation of these weaker creature?

Then, at the moment the female hydra succeeded in asserting dominance, something terrible happened. That silver-armored bastard suddenly appeared and stole the eggs, then he fled the nest on the back of the Wyvern King.

Even though they killed a number of wyverns, losing the hydra eggs was an unforgivable mistake!

If not for the despicable Wyvern King circling the nest while holding a snake egg, the hydras would have taken revenge on the wyvern lair already. However, they had to save those three precious snake eggs first.

Chen Rui “revealed” to the hydras that not only did Broc steal the snake eggs last night, but he also committed other more awful deeds… When the female hydra finished listening to the words in Chen Rui’s mind, it did not hold back. The hydra head right in the center opened its mouth and spat a green flame straight at the Wyvern King.

Chen Rui already learned of this move when he disguised as Broc to steal the snake eggs last night. The Wyvern King had long prepared for it; it beat its wings and avoided it.

Even though that bastard on the Wyvern King’s back had a very suspicious energy, the culprit behind the stolen hydra eggs was right there in the air. What angered the two hydras further was that the silver-armored man’s body was emitting a terrifying familiar smell!

Hydra eggs!

The hydra eggs that they treasured with their lives, really ended up the way the person on the Wyvern King’s back said! They were destroyed by the silver-armored man!

The eighteen heads of the two hydras let out heart-wrenching howls in unison. Their voices were full of an indescribable rage. The female hydra had a long-range attack. Three of its heads could spit flames and venom. Instantly, venom and flames were spat in the airborne Broc’s direction. Broc did not have a clue that the tent he destroyed previously contained one of the hydra eggs, and he did not know that the sticky liquid and shrapnel stuck to his body when the thunderball exploded was from the hydra egg. Currently, he cautiously surveyed the situation around him. He kept in mind that Christina could land the biggest blow. The power of the artifact, the Dark Shadow Cape, had powers that should not be belittled.

Broc found it suspicious that the hydras would attack Chen Rui the “beast tamer”. Suddenly, he saw that the hydra was launching insane attacks at him. He immediately focused up.

Because the hydra had long-range attacks, staying in the sky would be meaningless and passive. Broc returned to land once again. The moment he touched the ground, he was dealt with insane attacks from the two hydras.

Actually, the power that Broc was emanating was greater than the hydras. They were afraid of the deterrent power of the Eye of Incubus, but because the hydra egg was destroyed, the grudge they held was too great. Hence, the hydra began to attack in a frenzy without any care.

The hydra’s close combat ability was rather terrifying. Its nine heads were like nine separate venomous enemies. Them attacking at the same time was not as simple as multiplying by nine, especially since the female hydra was close to Demon Emperor level. Even Broc would have a hard time facing this unique attack strategy.

Under the Wyvern King’s orders, the wyverns were already quietly fleeing far away. Chen Rui and the Wyvern King continued to spectate the battle in the air. If he left, Broc might abandon the battle with the hydra and follow the clues to find the wyvern lair where Christina was, then everything would be in vain.

Broc dashed, putting distance between himself and the two hydra. Suddenly, he sensed a danger behind him. He hurriedly moved only to see a ball of venom whiz past him. It even corroded a big hole on his cape. It turned out that Chen Rui instructed the Wyvern King to attack. When it saw Broc approaching them, the Wyvern King rose high into the air again.

Broc was enraged. He could use a fatal, long-ranged skill to kill the Wyvern King and Chen Rui in one move, but he still had some desire for the Silent Night Wetlands treasures. No matter what happened, it was still better to leave him alive to interrogate him. This treasure was of utmost importance to the Leviathan Royal Family. If he could obtain it, then his powers would increase significantly.

The hydra approached him again. Although it did not understand why there was “internal conflict” between the Wyvern King and the silver-armored man, the main culprit behind stealing and destroying the hydraegg must be torn apart from limb to limb.

Broc had an idea. Water droplets from a nearby puddle rose into the air in unison, becoming many tiny, sharp icicles and flying toward the hydras. However, the hydras had very tough skin. The most damage the icicles could do was pierce their scales, but it was unable to break through the skin’s defense.

At the very moment, the hydras halted their movements due to the icicles, Broc’s silhouette suddenly appeared above the male hydra. He slashed his sword and the cry of the hydra could be heard. Three of its heads fell at the same time. A great volume of deep purple liquid leaked out from the wounds. Almost at the same time, a bone-deep wound appeared on the torso of the female hydra, its thick scales and tough skin could not withstand the sharpness of his sword. A gutter over ten meters long appeared in the ground from the force of this slash.

The hydra had a special characteristic such that as long as a head was still alive, it would not truly die. Not to mention, the more injured it was, the scarier its battle prowess was. The injuries did not make the hydra surrender with fear, instead, it triggered their ferocity; their attacks becoming more ruthless.

Broc cut down two more heads from the female hydra. The protective crystal barrier had already become extremely weak due to the continuous venomous attacks from the male hydra. It immediately crumbled when the hydra’s long tail swiped at him. With a flash of Broc’s scarlet sword, the male hydra’s long tail was sliced into two. However, his shoulder armor was damaged by the green fire that the female hydra spat.

The effect of this green fire was not to burn but to permeate through his suit of armor and into his body. His shoulder felt numb and his actions seemed to have slowed down a little. It was obvious that he had been poisoned. In a moment of distraction, the female hydra swept its tail toward his back. He felt like suffocating, and the armor on his back had severely deformed. In a fit of anger, he turned around and slashed a few times. Letting out painful cries, the female hydra only had four heads left.

Broc was a Demon Emperor level powerhouse, but he was being defeated by two demonic beasts that had not even reached Demon Emperor level that a “beast tamer” controlled. He was infuriated. He did not care that Christina could be secretly watching from a corner and let out an angry roar. He no longer held back his power, and his two blue eyes suddenly turned dark.

Chen Rui felt as if the sky in the entire Silent Night Wetlands turned dark. Even his heartbeat was beginning to slow. With Broc at the center, a circle of dark wave rapidly expanded toward the surroundings. The surroundings within a hundred meter radius turned into a black territory which filled with faint smoke. Broc’s body began to change oddly. Finally, he turned into thick, intangible dark smoke!

The movements of the two hydras slowed down abruptly. Even the Wyvern King in the sky could not control its heavy body suddenly. It was trying hard to flap its wings, but it still clumsily fell to the ground.

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Would the hydras and the Wyvern King survive from Broc’s Black Territory?

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