Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 128 - A Trap! Dragon Inscriptions

Chapter 128: A Trap! Dragon Inscriptions

The journey was very strange. From time to time, he saw wyverns flying around in the sky. Broc did kill two impudent wyverns at the lakeside; these beings must be here to take revenge. However, he just did not have the time to respond to them right now. Broc emitted Demon Emperor level vibe, and unsurprisingly the wyverns did not dare come close.

The response of the Eye of Incubus was becoming stronger and stronger. Broc involuntarily hastened his steps. Like a puff of smoke in the mist, he quickly made his way forward. As he expected, he found someone in front of a small tree in front of the forest. It was the “male partner” who was by Christina’s side; the pathetic reptile.

Since this person was here, then Christina must be nearby. At this point, Christina must be at her wit’s end. Only this guy seemed to have a tool that could teleport, which was very annoying. He should kill him immediately while he was separated from Christina. With Broc’s current strength, it would naturally be a breeze.

Broc dashed and appeared beside the guy. With a wave of his hand, at the very moment, he initiated the attack, he suddenly felt like something was amiss. As he thought, the guy who was supposed to end up a pile of flesh and blood was fine without a scratch, while the land on the other side became a gust of flying sand because of this attack.

An illusion! An extremely realistic illusion that even managed to trick him!

However, from the response of the Eye of Incubus, the boy must be nearby. At that moment, multiple illusions of the guy appeared around him.

“General Broc thinks so highly of a weakling like me. You actually sneak attack on me.” Voices sounded in unison all around him, as if there were dozens of people speaking at once.

Broc’s sneak attack was a failure. He felt humiliated as his eyes revealed a glimpse of coldness. This god damn nobody actually plays this pathetic trick in front of a beholder of the Eye of Incubus!

Light shone from both Broc’s pupils. A circle of dark blue light expanded around Broc. Everywhere the light passed through, the phantoms disappeared one by one, only leaving behind the shocked guy thirty meters in front of him.

“You are overconfident,” Broc sneered. He frowned all of a sudden. The illusions that should have been eliminated by the Eye of Incubus were back again.

“Illusion magic circle? This trick seems interesting, but it is still useless.” Broc walked ahead slowly. With every step, the land within a ten meter radius started to vibrate and surge strangely. After the illusions disappeared, they did not reappear.

Chen Rui sighed quietly. His powers were too weak to face a powerful Demon Emperor. The Dragon Inscriptions <Mirror Image> and <Echo> that he painstakingly learned were solved just like that.

Chen Rui activated it using a deep understanding of the inscriptions. He could only maintain it for a very short amount of time, and its effectiveness was quite limited. It was considered the weakest Dragon Inscription in the world because these inscriptions were used by the dragon race. Even a newborn young dragon had the powers of a Demon King.

“Sir Broc,” Chen Rui knew that Broc would kill him after eliminating the Mirror Images, so he spoke up first, “I unintentionally involved myself in the battle between you and Christina. I am simply the captive that she captured. Can you spare my life?” “Don’t you have the power of teleportation? Christina is not by your side right now, why don’t you choose to escape alone?” As Broc was speaking, the power beneath his feet never stopped. In a blink of an eye, all of the inscriptions were destroyed, and only Chen Rui was left in front of him.

“Sir, this is the situation.” Broc glanced at Chen Rui with his chilling gaze. The feeling of a venomous snake looking at a frog resurfaced once again. He knew that his opponent would kill him the moment he said something wrong. He bowed slightly, “I was forced to take a mysterious poison pill. I have to take an antidote at specific times to stay alive. If Sir could spare my life, then I will return the favor with a big secret.” Broc’s murderous intent was completely locked on Chen Rui. Even if the opponent used teleportation, he could kill him the moment he tried to use teleportation.

“What secret?” Chen Rui could feel the opponent had locked on him. He took a deep breath, forcing down the fear in his heart and answered, “There is a secret treasure in the Silent Night Wetlands. Apparently there are numerous treasures here, even the lost treasures of the seven great royal families.” Broc was intrigued. He immediately halted the power he initially wanted to release. His eyes were shining. “Do you know where this treasure is?” Athena once mentioned that Delia would come to the Silent Night Wetlands every three years to find her family’s forgotten treasures. It was very likely that Broc who also belonged to the “Envy” Royal Family, knew about this treasure, so this should be enough to temporarily reduce Broc’s intent to murder. In fact, Chen Rui knew more about this treasure than Delia. This was the important accumulation of his lifelong partner.

“I have received a treasure map before. I know the approximate location of the treasure. It is right here in this vast wetlands. However, there are numerous fearful magic circles around the treasures, making it impossible to take it by force. A careless mistake will trigger a special mechanism that will destroy the whole treasure.”

Faint coldness radiated from Broc’s pupils. “Where is the treasure map?” “My apologies, Master, I have already destroyed the treasure map.” Of course Chen Rui would not reveal the capital that was guaranteeing his life. “As the Sir has seen, I am a practitioner of magic circles. I have researched deeply about magic circles, so if Sir could—” “Hmph,” Broc suddenly interrupted Chen Rui. “I don’t care about the treasure. You have one minute to tell me where Christina is. If you dare to hide it, you will immediately be turned into a pile of human flesh.”

Broc was wise and decisive. Of course the treasure was important, but as of now, assassinating Christina was the priority!

He could keep this nobody alive for now. Once he got Christina, he could interrogate him about the secrets of this treasure. With the Eye of Incubus, he was not worried about getting lied to.

“She is severely injured and ordered me to… Sir, please wait a moment…” Broc’s threat spooked Chen Rui. His speech was incoherent, and he involuntarily glanced at the forest behind him. He clumsily tried to cast the inscription, seemingly removing some sort of illusionary magic circle. As expected, an inconspicuous tent slowly came into sight in the forest.

The moment the tent appeared, Broc was already in front of the tent as quick as lightning. He threw out punch that he charged for a long time. This tent was definitely not an illusion; he could faintly feel Christina’s presence inside. Maybe the nobody said the truth, she was severely injured and she could not react.

No matter what she was scheming, absolute power determines everything. Broc’s one punch would completely destroy Christina’s defense, and the time to kill her would be completely in his control. In an instant, Broc’s gut felt amiss. The life inside the tent did not seem to be target locked by the Eye of Incubus. Is this not Christina? The thought just only crossed his mind, and in the moment he retracted his powers, a loud boom sounded. The tent suddenly exploded, the whole forest was shaking. Numerous trees nearby were destroyed. This thunderball was definitely not caused by Broc’s punch but something else!

The magic weapon that Christina left behind that time!

At first, the initial illusion was meant to just confuse Broc. That tent was not an illusion, it was real. Chen Rui removed only the <Disguise> inscription from the outside of the tent. The real trap was the <Trigger> inscription outside the tent. This <Trigger> caused the thunderball to explode the moment Broc threw a punch. Even if Broc did not attack the tent, as long as he stepped on the surrounding soil, the same thing would happen. Those aside, there were two key inscription <Magnify> and <Imitate> inside the tent to magnify a life source to imitate Christina.

This was the inscription that Chen Rui spent the most energy on. It seemed both true and false, it even worked on Broc.

Nevertheless, the power of the thunderball did not cause grievous injury to a Demon Emperor level Broc. It only left him dusty and further damaged his silver armor. Furthermore, soil, shrapnel and other dense, unknown substances stuck to his body.

He fell for it! The rage in Broc’s heart could not be multiplied further: I actually got fooled by a lowly, nobody reptile!

He turned around quickly, but a wyvern already plucked up Chen Rui and rose into the sky. The howling of a demonic beast could be faintly heard from far away. It was approaching rapidly.

Getting picked up by this ferocious demonic beast into the air did not make Chen Rui panic at all. “Actually, I’m not just a magic circle practitioner but also a beast tamer. General Broc, it is not difficult if you want to know Christina’s whereabouts. Firstly, defeat my allies.” As soon as he finished speaking, a wyvern dove toward Broc. Even though these two wyvern were equal to a high-level Higher Demon and a venomous demonic beast was harder to deal with than a typical Higher Demon demonic beast, but to Broc, it was still not enough. In an instant, another scarlet long sword appeared in his hand.

The wyvern dove past, its giant body suddenly split into two. Cyan liquid sprayed everywhere. Right after, two more appeared, but they were all slaughtered by Broc.

Broc looked at Chen Rui in the sky and hummed coldly. Red light emitting from his body started to float toward Chen Rui. Chen Rui was shocked; he did not expect Broc to have the ability to fly. The wyvern that grabbed Chen Rui suddenly roared. It opened its mouth and spat a mouthful of cyan venom at Broc. Broc’s movements were not as agile in the sky compared to land, but his speed was relatively fast. He dodged it, then three wyverns flew toward Broc immediately.

Even though Broc was relatively less agile, but the power of the scarlet long sword in his hand was terrifying. He sliced through the air, and the three wyverns cried out and fell one after another, but Chen Rui already managed to put a distance between them.

Broc’s Eye of Incubus turned dark. He let out a loud yell, then Chen Rui felt a strong wave of dizziness. Thankfully, he already escaped from the golden crystal shackles, and he could smoothly utilize his Star Power to defend. It was not like that time in the forest where he would have been killed with one sound, but blood still trickled out of his facial organs.

It was just a shout, and at such a wide distance, it could achieve such power. The powerful Demon Emperor was far too horrifying. The wyvern grabbing Chen Rui was a mutated Demon King level. It had the long-ranged ability to spit venom, but mental strength was the weakness of wyverns. Due to the effect of the Eye of Incubus, its wings’ movement lost its regularity. As if it was drunk, it was groggy in the sky.

The claws of the wyvern relaxed and Chen Rui fell from high in the sky. At the height he was falling, grievous injury was hard to avoid. In that crucial moment, a strong gust of wind blew, and his body landed on the back of a demonic beast. The demonic beast trembled slightly, but it was fine. It could still fly steadily. This was a black-green wyvern; it was bigger than a regular wyvern. Behind it was a large pack of wyverns, hundreds of them following closely behind.

Broc hung a net on that black-green wyvern’s claws. Inside the net was an oval object. The bastard on the wyvern’s back stretched his hand out and the net disappeared once again.

Broc could tell that that was probably the king of the wyverns, and it also attained the level of a Great Demon King!

That nobody is really a beast tamer, he can even tame a Wyvern King with Great Demon King level!

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