Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 127 - Secret Martial! Devil Realm Version of “I’m the Mightest in the World!”

Chapter 127: Secret Martial! Devil Realm Version of “I’m the Mightest in the World!”

“Uh…” Inspiration struck Chen Rui when he saw the anticipation in the Wyvern King’s eyes. “Why don’t you consider this. Didn’t the hydra just lay eggs? We can try to steal the hydra’s eggs and use them to threaten them to give up on attacking the wyvern lair and even leave the Silent Night Wetlands?”

The Wyvern King pondered the possibility of this plan for awhile, then rejected it. There were two hydra, wyverns were no match for them. It was impossible to steal the snake eggs, not to mention that the hydra held grudges. Even if they succeeded in stealing the snake eggs and forcing them to back off temporarily, they would take harsher revenge in the future.

Chen Rui’s plan was impromptu. If he really helped the Wyvern King, it would only be treatment and not a cure. It could ensure Christina’s safety for now, but once Christina regained her powers, trying to kill him would become her first priority. She definitely would not help the wyvern to face the hydra; she might even annihilate the wyvern race. More importantly, without the help of the Wyvern King, there was no way he could steal the hydra’s eggs alone.

At that very moment, a wyvern dove down from the sky, hissing lowly at the Wyvern King.

Chen Rui’s <Analytical Eyes> were activated. He was taken aback by what the hissing meant.

The wyvern said that a silver-armored man killed two wyverns at the Moon Lake!

Broc arrived at this area so quickly!

“Chen Rui! Is the silver-armored man your partner? He killed two wyverns, including a young beast!” Rage seeped through the Wyvern King’s voice.

“He’s not my partner but my nemesis,” Chen Rui said as he shook his head. “Where is the Moon Lake?”

According to the Wyvern King, the Moon Lake was quite a distance from here. The terrain of the path there was very complex; it would even take half a day for a wyvern to fly there through the air. However, prey was aplenty at Moon Lake. It was a very ideal location for hunting. It was possible that the young beast was accidentally slaughtered by Broc, and the two adult wyverns tried to take revenge, but ended up dying together.

According to the timeline, it must have been a little while after Chen Rui’s and Christina’s telepotation. There was a possibility that Broc was taking out his anger. Anyhow, he could not rely on luck anymore. A great danger was slowly approaching. Unless he abandoned Christina and fled, it was very likely that he would have to face that terrifying nemesis alone.

The sky was becoming dark soon. Broc was using his Eye of Incubus to find his way forward, so it would take him approximately up till the next morning or noon to arrive.

“Respected Wyvern King, I urgently need to learn more about the wyvern lair and hydra. Please tell me in detail.” The Wyvern King was the strongest mutated wyvern. His powers were far greater than those mutated, Demon King level wyverns. According to information from <Analytical Eye>, he was probably on the level of the Great Demon King. A typical adult wyvern would be on the level of a Higher Demon. The chances of mutating to Demon King level was extremely small. A Great Demon King like the Wyvern King was the peak a wyvern can reach. He was considered an extremely rare “genius” even among the entire wyvern race.

However, the two hydras were even stronger. A male hydra’s power was one level above the Wyvern King’s. The female hydra was much scarier than the male, except its body became very weak after laying eggs. It was staying behind in its nest to take care of its eggs, so only the male hydra was invading the wyvern lair.

With the help of its people, the Wyvern King managed to fend off the male hydra, but the wyverns also paid a hefty price for it. Currently, the male hydra’s injuries must have healed already. What was more horrifying was that the female hydra’s body was also almost completely recovered, there were probably not many days left until the next attack.

If the two hydras attacked at the same time, the wyverns would have no choice but to flee. It was far too difficult to find a habitat like the Silent Night Wetlands; they might even face survival problems.

This was why the Wyvern King previously said not to let Chen Rui bring Mengda and Kegu back.

Two hydras had Great Demon King powers at the very least. The female hydra might have even reached the level of Demon Emperor; another strong enemy that was impossible to defeat.

Chen Rui gave it a long thought. The best way to avoid getting attacked on both ends was to have the two enemies take care of each other, then the wyverns could come up with a plan to reap the benefits. However, Broc was very wise. It would be hard to entrap him. Additionally, it was impossible to determine when the hydras would attack. He could not just foolishly attack a powerful, Demon Emperor level enemy. It seemed like he had to consider every detail carefully.

“Respected Wyvern King, I have an idea. If it succeeds, it can eliminate the hydras and even fend off the silver-armored man,” Chen Rui said after thinking deeply, “but I need your complete trust and aid.”

The Wyvern King looked at Chen Rui and stood up. “I, Galen the Wyvern King, swear on my teeth and claws to give my complete trust to Chen Rui. As long as Chen Rui can help eradicate our enemy the hydras, Galen and all the wyverns of the wyvern lair will see Chen Rui as a lifelong partner we will never desert him.”

The Wyvern King’s oath took Chen Rui by surprise. He initially seemed to be wary of him, but all of a sudden he became so much friendlier. Could it be that after spending time with a beautiful lady, his luck was changing? If this plan succeeded, not only will it save Christina from danger, but the Dark Moon Dragonknight Army that Shea always desired might come to fruition.

Of course, he had to succeed first.

“Thank you for your trust, Wyvern King Galen. I humbly request that you immediately send a few wyverns to Moon Lake to conduct aerial surveillance, but do not initiate an attack on the silver-armored man at any cost. Just bring back information about his movements and whereabouts. Besides, please gather the elite wyverns. We will probably launch an attack at midnight.”

The Wyvern King did not hesitate, immediately ordering the wyverns to take action. Chen Rui thought for a while, and he unknowingly walked to the outside of the magic tent. He hesitated for a long time, but in the end, he could not help but walk inside.

In the tent, Christina’s eyes were closed in silence. She lay on the thin carpet, breathing regularly. She was obviously in deep sleep.

Faint, black gas surrounded Christina’s body. It was obvious that she was in a state of recovery, and she should not be disturbed.

When he thought about the shockingly perfect female body lying on the carpet, the inexperienced Chen Rui could not help but feel hot. Just now he did do it multiple times in one night, but for some reason, even after satiating Christina’s high libido due to the aura fruit, he still was still somewhat high and hard. The desire from the last time was not completely released.

Could it be that after being reborn, he became some sort of superhero? Was this the “perk” of being a dimension traveler?

He was the one who lay out the blanket, and it held a special meaning. Even if she was not in a state of recovery, he could not forcefully open the blanket because of his selfish needs. Otherwise, everything he did previously would be meaningless.

Chen Rui sat down next to her softly, serenely watching her beautiful face. Suddenly, he was taken by surprise.

Those familiar, perfect facial features were still there, but… under the light of the magic lamp, it seemed like her appearance had changed somehow!

If she looked like an eighteen years old flower girl before, then now she was a thirteen or fourteen years old teen.

Is she aging in reverse?

Not only her appearance and age, but her overall powers changed from F grade to “unable to determine”!

This “unable to determine” was probably because the number was too low that it was ignored.

Chen Rui remembered that previously when she was consuming the aura fruit regularly, certain changes also occurred. It seemed like she shrunk a little in height. At first he thought it was an illusion, but now, he knew that it was real!

What do these changes mean?

Chen Rui suddenly remembered that in the action movie “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils” that he had read. There was a internal martial art called “I’m the mightiest in the world”!

It was a superior internal martial art that was very formidable. The representative character was Tianshan Tonglao of the Lingjiu Palace. Every thirty years, Tianshan Tonglao would rejuvenate. After rejuvenating, her power would return to its original state. If she wanted to regain her powers, she had to practice it every day, and every day represented a year.

Christina must be practicing something similar to the secret art “I’m the mightiest in the world!” The aura fruit must be some kind of catalyst that had the ability to hasten the spiritual process and increase its effectiveness. No wonder her power decreased with every aura fruit she ate.

Christina was a noble lady of the Dark Shadow Empire Royal Family, and she was very likely to be the next Dark Shadow Empress. Even the current Dark Shadow Empress Lady Catherine was the first beauty in the Demon Realm. She had countless fans. Christina’s appearance or age should not become a huge issue; there should be no apprehension like the “Tianshan Tonglao”.

Then the level of her initial strength… the gap between him and her seemed to be widening.

However, there was no use thinking about this now. He should be thinking about how to face Broc instead. Chen Rui held back the urge to touch her dark hair and got up to leave.

Christina did not realize a thing; she was sleeping peacefully like a baby.

Afterward, he did not go into the tent to see Christina again, nor did he enter the training field; he had been busy.

In the deep night, a vast, dark shadow swept past the wyvern lair. In a moment, it was as if the purple moonlight turned dark.

The whole night, the demonic beasts nearby were so startled by the horrifying sounds of howling, shaking and combat that they could not rest peacefully. The terrifying power of high level demonic beasts caused many relatively weaker demonic beasts escaped in the night.

The next morning, silver boots stepped on the loose wetland. On his handsome face, a pair of blue eyes emitted a faint glow.

The Eye of Incubus was not omnipotent. Even though he used a special power to target lock Christina and that man during the battle, but the Silent Night Wetlands was far too wide. He was considered lucky on his wild, not tiresome journey here. Following a vague feeling, he could approximate the general direction.

Not to mention, the feeling was getting closer.

Now that Christina had the Dark Shadow Cape in her hands, there was no doubt about the identity of the next empress. Now was the prime time to eliminate her! By eliminating the successor to the Dark Shadow Empire, Broc would be one step closer to achieving his ambitious plan and rebuilding the Leviathan Royal Family would no longer be a pipe dream.

The truth was, the appearance of the Dark Shadow Cape made Broc speculate something that was seemingly impossible. However, this speculation was far too unimaginable, and it was inconsistent with many areas of Christina’s current state, so he denied the speculation.

No matter what he speculated, assassinating Christina was imperative.

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