Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 126 - Stupid Man’s Decision

Chapter 126: Stupid Man’s Decision

Chen Rui was silent for a long time, then he said, “Let’s change the condition a bit.”

“Is satisfying you once not enough?” Christina’s contempt was stronger, “Or do you want to get other things?”

“Do you remember your oath? You won’t harm me.” Chen Rui shook his head, “Take the Dark Shadow Cloak away with you. Just fulfill the oath after your strength recovers. As for the interest, I can help you to stall Broc.”

Christina wasn’t touched at all, she sneered instead, “With your intelligence, why did you make such a stupid decision? Not only you overestimated yourself, but you also overestimated me. I have to say that you’re far more stupid than I thought.” Chen Rui wore his clothes slowly. “You can take it as I’m completely conquered by your beauty.”

Christina sneered, “Want to win my heart by being kind? Then you can get more from me and the Dark Shadow Empire? Are you sure that your plan will work?”

“Such a woman with complicated thought. Can’t your brain be simpler?” Chen Rui said loudly, “I do want to win your heart. What can you do about it? You’re myfirst woman, the prettiest woman. If there weren’t so many impossibilities, you’d be a woman that I can truly win over. It’s that simple! Fuck Dark Shadow Empire! Fuck plans!”

Christina’s heart shook slightly. He wanted to find disguise or flaws in his eyes, but she failed eventually.

“With my strength… I can’t promise much and can’t change much. However, one day, I’ll go to the Dark Shadow Empire with the strength great enough to shake the entire Demon Realm. Even if you’re the successor of the empress, and even if you’ve already succeeded the throne, I’ll steal you away!”

Christina looked disbelief. After a long time, she said, “Impossibly stupid.”

“I’m not a wise man from the start. I’m just a man! Your man! Although from the start of this accident, you’ve been the one initiating…” Chen Rui seemed to have relieved some of his psychological burden and smiled, “Don’t underestimate the jealousy and possessiveness of a man. If there’s another man that dares to touch you during this time, I’ll destroy the entire Dark Shadow Empire.”

“Arrogant asshole!” Suddenly, Christina almost couldn’t suppress her anger. Instead, her initial grieve was reduced for no reason.

Chen Rui shrugged his shoulders and lifted the light grey cloak beside Christina with curiosity.

This cloak that was as light as it was nothing was actually one of the 7 legendary artifacts of the royal families, Dark Shadow Cloak, also the treasure of the empire. Its significance was equivalent to the Sword of Fallen Angel for the Fallen Angel Empire.

Catherine the Great of the Dark Shadow Empire was never married; there was no clear successor. Since Christina could use the artifact, together with her royal family’s ring and identity as a noblewoman, Chen Rui could almost confirm that Christina was the successor that Catherine the Great secretly fostered, so she was the future empress of the Dark Shadow Empire. With that being said, it was easy to explain why Broc wanted to kill her.

If that didn’t happen, the first move after Chen Rui got rid of Christina’s control was to quickly escape the dangerous Silent Night Wetland.

However, now, should he kill her while she was weak to avoid revenge? Or should he leave her here to let Broc kill her?

These were all impossible as he wouldn’t leave the first woman in his life alone and escape by himself. He also couldn’t let this beautiful lady whom he couldn’t help falling in love to become ashes.

An accident might be the start of fate. He took it as a hope, even if they were just strangers passing by in the end.

He gently placed the cloak beside Christina’s pillow. Then, he looked at that flawless face with reluctance before he stood up.

“I won’t let you have the chance to murder your future husband, and I will no longer stay in the 3 empires.”

“I’ll train at a further place until I possess the strength to shake the Demon Realm. Before that, I’ll help you to stall Broc. Tell me, how long do you need to recover your strength?”

Christina didn’t answer. Chen Rui shook his head and turned around, “Then, try your best, before I’m killed by him.”

“Youwill never become a true powerhouse with your boring kindness! You’ll only become weaker and weaker!” Christina’s voice sounded from behind.

Chen Rui’s figure paused and turned around, “Perhaps that’s true. Yet, I can become stronger and fearless because of a certain weakness.” Christina’s heart was shaken. It was the first time that she entirely looked into his eyes.

“I can’t move for one day.”

Although her voice was soft, Chen Rui still heard it. He suddenly smiled, “One day shouldn’t be hard. Broc might not be able to find us here. However, to help you recover faster, do we need to… do it once more?”

“Out! Get the fuck out!” Christina shouted while clenching his teeth, but the dead-silence in her eyes had disappeared inexplicably.

Chen Rui grinned while lifting the tent to walk out.

“Asshole! Dumbass! Incomprehensible man…” Christina murmured. Doing as her heart’s desires were the best way to let go. Besides, the effects of the aura fruits had been fully absorbed. The 1-day recovery time was 50% more than what she expected, but the end result was far beyond expectation.

Should I trust this man’s “stupidity”?

Her wisdom and experience told Christina that if Broc really found them, based on the difference of their strengths, Chen Rui might not be able to stall for one minute, let alone a day. Yet, an instinct that was beyond logic told her that perhaps this asshole could really do it. It might not be just a day, but more…

Christina suddenly had a weird feeling. It was like she stepped on a sturdy ground within the muddy swamp. It was also like having a tree to lay her back on when she was a little tired, but she couldn’t describe them with words for now.

Perhaps after she recovered her strength, she’d still kill this dumbass without hesitation; perhaps after waking up, this weird feeling would be gone without traces. Even though it might leave faint traces, it would be like many other things that would gradually be replaced by the coldness of the throne. However, at that moment, she felt an unprecedented peace. Her mind got more relaxed, and she no longer needed to endure the strong exhaustion after extreme happiness. Then, she closed her eyes gently.

Chen Rui walked out of the tent and felt like he experienced a beautiful wet dream.

From then on, he was a true man by definition.

Christina was an incomparable beauty. As a normal man, a virgin for two lives after rebirthing, he couldn’t deny that he had an irresistible attraction toward her perfect look and body. Especially that wonderful feeling from the intimacy, he would never forget in his life.

Christina was an extremely fine lady. Both her intelligence and beauty were rare in this word. Besides, she was most likely the next empress of the Dark Shadow Empire.

Chen Rui clearly knew that his current position and strength were too far apart from hers. Even if he truly moved her, he couldn’t truly be with her.

Stronger! I need to be stronger even faster! No matter if this accident is a mistake of passing by or fate. In the future… I need the strength that at least gives Christina a choice. Giving this beauty, who loved music yet she is too busy that she doesn’t even have time to be lonely, an opportunity to truly choose for herself.

Yet, on Athena’s side, it might not be that easy. Although their relationship was still vague, so it didn’t have the so-called cheating nor betrayal. However, Chen Rui still felt very guilty.

After rebirthing into this world, he had been struggling and being busy for his survival. Toward beauties like Shea and Kia, he did have those little thoughts as a normal man, but the one that truly touched him was Athena. Initially, he only wanted to be with this passionate, generous and a little violent girl for the rest of his life. However, life is full of various accidents, just like today.

Actually, polygamy was quite common in the Demon Realm. Even powerful women had several men. As an otaku who loved dreaming, he once thought of crossing-over to the past to have multiple wives and concubines as the ancient emperor. Yet, with Christina… it was truly an accident.

He wasn’t sure if Christina and he would have any result in the future. Yet, no matter what, he’d tell Athena honestly and ask for her forgiveness.

As Christina had entered a certain recovery state, she couldn’t be moved in a day. Thus, he couldn’t directly use the Dark Will to bring here to escape. He had to endure in the wyvern’s lair for a day.

From the teleportation until now, including the intimacy and conversation in the tent, several hours had passed. There were more than 20 hours before dusk. It wasn’t long nor short, but the most fortunate result would be Broc couldn’t find them here on time and Christina completing her recovery.

The area of the Silent Night Wetland was very huge. However, the Dark Will’s teleportation distance was limited. Also, Christina also mentioned that Broc’s Nightmare’s Eye had a special lock-on function. Thus, he couldn’t fully rely on luck. Besides, there were also the scary demonic beasts, the hydra that might invade this place at any time. So, for Christina who couldn’t move, it was also a huge threat.

Now, he had to think of how to ensure 24 hours of safety under every possible dangerous situation. Then, he would quickly run away before Christina recovered her strength and killed him.

Broc was a Demon Overlord powerhouse. If he truly tracked them here, based on their actual strengths, Chen Rui couldn’t stall him even for one minute. Therefore, he had to rely on strategies.

Chen Rui was pondering while he raised his head, then he saw the wyvern king was staring at him from a distance. Although he knew that no one couldn’t see what was happening in the magic tent, he was still a little guilty.

“Chen Rui, you’ve been thinking for a long time before you come out. Did you think of a plan already?”

The wyvern king slowly approached.

Chen Rui had a rare blush on his face. If he were being honest, then what he “thought” in the tent just now was just using his lower body.

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