Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 125 - Unexpected Loss of Virginity

Chapter 125: Unexpected Loss of Virginity

The two fell onto the blanket at the same time, and their clothes were reducing quickly.

Regardless of how stupid Chen Rui was, he knew what was going to happen. Yet, such sudden compulsive behavior was really beyond expectations.

What made him speechless was that he as a man became passive, and he actually couldn’t resist.

At that moment, Christina finally removed her veil.

The first feeling was the galaxy-like black eyes, then her extremely delicate facial features became clearer gradually. She looked about 17 or 18 years old, but the temperament from her eyes seemed to have a unique maturity. It was just that in this pair of eyes that were usually deep and wise was shining in lustful light.

Perfect. Chen Rui couldn’t find a better adjective to describe her incomparable beauty. His heartbeat accelerated involuntarily.

Even the first beauty of the Dark Moon, Princess Shea was slightly inferior in front of her.

The perfection was not only on her face but her jade-white like body. Every part of her was like the masterpiece of the god.

Breathtaking beauty.

Before Chen Rui almost fainted, two warm, red lips touched his mouth. A strange feeling ran through his entire body. Both of them shuddered at the same time. Christina’s moves were a little awkward at first, but she slowly got used to it after.

Chen Rui’s first kiss was being stolen by Alice after being knocked “unconscious”. This one now was a true kiss by definition. Especially his chest was pressured by two round objects. That feeling of having a beautiful woman in his arms was really indescribable.

Christina’s breathing seemed to have a weird effect of arousing one’s desire. This effect became especially strong when they kissed. Chen Rui’s eyes started to change and his male’s part became unprecedentedly hard. The primitive desire that he had been suppressing from the beginning of rebirth finally erupted like explosives being ignited. His movement became more active.

Soon, her rushing breath started to had a mix of painful, faint moans. Gradually, the moans added a seemingly joyful tone. Gradually, it became the main melody of this tiny world.

The magic tent didn’t have much defensive ability. However, under the order of the wyvern king, the wyverns didn’t dare to get close to the tent. In the wyvern king’s eyes, Chen Rui indeed could be trusted as after knowing about the nine-headed snakes, he didn’t escape with his partner immediately. Instead, he stayed to think of a strategy.

Chen Rui didn’t know that the wyvern king’s acceptance of him had unexpectedly raised to a considerable height. Currently, a hint of consciousness still remained in his brain; he knew what he was doing. Yet, his body was moving fiercely in instinct.

Another who felt the same was Christina, who laid under his body. Her fair skin was pinky due to the constant “excitement”, and her skin was excreting tiny sweat drops.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion but in certain excitement, Christina’s lips would become black. Her back would also faintly reveal a translucent black wing that faintly glowed in golden light. It gave a strong contrast with her jade-white body which gave him a unique attraction.

Regardless of which form, their movements were the same, which was a curving body welcoming the fierce and strong impact of a man.

The irresistible, alluring moans became louder and louder. Under the hot breath, both of them uncontrollably lost in the most instinctive intimacy.

Not knowing how long had passed.

The passion in the tent finally cooled down.

After cooling down, a long silence followed.

Obviously, it was Christina’s first time. However, her desires were unexpectedly strong. It was like decades of suppressed desires exploded at once. It was also the first time for Chen Rui who was still a virgin for two lives. Yet, he was actually able to deal with Christina’s almost-scary needs; he even almost extinguished her ignited desires.

Chen Rui didn’t have the strong exhaustion like the usual men. Instead, he felt energetic. Even the strength in his “body” seemed to undergo a special change. He was surprised by that.

However, it was clearly not the time to think about that.

Even though there were still a lot of traces of indulgence left on the ground; even though her skin was still red after the strong impact, Christina had recovered from the madness. The wings on her back disappeared and her black lips returned to red.

Her galaxy-like eyes contained anger, sadness, and various other complication emotions. They combined into a weird silence that was completely different from the usual silence of calmness.

It was just like he didn’t expect his first kiss to be taken by Alice, Chen Rui also never expected the one who ended his life as a virgin actually wasn’t Athena. Instead, it was this conflicting Dark Shadow noblewoman, Christina whom he just met not long ago.

What’s more, Christina wasn’t even her real name.

Strictly speaking, Chen Rui was the “victim”. However, he was still guilty as in this matter. For this matter, the one who suffered was always women. Besides, there must be something strange about Christina’s situation. It was entirely an accident.

No matter what, the accident had happened.

Chen Rui took out a thin blanket from the storage and covered on the perfect body gently.

“Christina, I’m sorry. It was an accident. I know you really want to kill me right now. However, your strength is completely gone. Is it because of consuming the 3 aura fruits at the same time?”

In <Analytical Eyes>, her strength was shown as F, a Lesser Demon from “Unable to Judge”. From “Unable to Judge” to F was an impossible drop. There must be some problems.

Christina didn’t say anything. This man had guessed it right, the problem was indeed from the 3 “Jiu Tian Xuan aura fruits”.

The aura fruit was stronger than devil pomeg. Originally, it was a good thing for Christina who was training for her secret technique, but there was still a difference between aura fruit and devil pomeg. In the devil pomeg, it had a unique awakening effect that could suppress and break down the strong desire produced from the secret technique. This function was not available in aura fruits.

When Christina ate the first aura fruit, she had already noticed the problem. However, she suppressed the desire with her strong will and strength. Therefore, the time taken to digest the aura fruits lengthen from the initial prediction of 1 hour to a maximum of 2 hours.

If it proceeds successfully according to this, perhaps it wouldn’t have too much of a problem.

However, the changes were unexpected. Broc actually tracked to the Silent Night Wetland by himself when her strength was lowered to the point where she couldn’t rival.

Broc was a descendent of the Leviathan Royal Family. He wasn’t simple. He was strong and ambitious. He was definitely not someone that would serve under others. However, his surface act was on point as he married the only remaining daughter of Dark Shadow Empire’s emperor. His connections were also huge, and he was very prestigious within the armies. So, he couldn’t be easily eliminated, and Christina was very clear about that.

The training of her secret technique was started half a year ago in secret. It had a considerable danger. However, as the situation of the 3 empires were slowly getting out of control. In order to face the possible worst condition or even the strongest opponent in the Demon Realm, she finally decided to proceed despite the risk after considerations.

Right at that time, she received information about Devil Pomeg from Town Leia. Town Leia was the best supportive material in her training, but because it was too rare. Now that her training of secret technique reached a critical stage, the appearance of devil pomeg was like a godsent. Thus, she decided to go in person.

This identity as Christina was a “clone” that she used to come to Town Leia. She even took Broc’s sister, Delia along as a cover. However, Broc didn’t remove all his suspicion and sent someone to follow them all the way. His objective should be eliminating this powerful yet mysterious noblewoman, Christina.

On her way to Town Leia, she met this man who wore the Dark Will and seemed to be part of the Lucifer Royal Family. Subsequently, this man gave her more and bigger surprises.

As Broc chased personally, the situation was urgent. Therefore, she had to make the spontaneous decision of consuming 3 aura fruits at the same time. However, the power of 3 aura fruits, especially the strong desire that elicited was beyond her imagination. Eventually, the biggest accident happened unavoidably.

“Can you tell me your real name?”

“What instrument were you playing just now?”

That man’s persistent voice sounded again. He had already asked a lot of boring questions. His objective was just to get more information before killing her.

Both of them were smart and knew that this accidental relationship wouldn’t result in boring feelings but hatred. If he didn’t know her strength, perhaps this man would have the intention of “subduing” her as a slave to satisfy his desires. However, he knew her strength clearly, and he knew that she definitely wouldn’t be controlled by him. Thus, he needed to kill her before she recovered her strength to revenge.

If she were him, that was the only choice too. Death was unavoidable.

When Chen Rui was helpless, he heard Christina finally said, “I overestimated myself once again. I should’ve pretended to be subdued by you and please you with the cheapest way to see if I can survive. Then, I’ll tear you into pieces when my strength recovers. However, suddenly, I find myself not being able to do that. At this moment, I’m just a weak woman.”

Chen Rui was speechless and sighed, “Why do you think I’ll definitely kill you?”

“Don’t insult your intelligence and don’t waste your energy as you can’t get any information from me.” Christina’s eyes looked faintly disdainful, “My body…”

“… is quite tasty, isn’t it? As that was the first time, so there are still many sexual techniques of the royal family that I didn’t use. Before I die, I can let go of everything and satisfy you completely. I’ll let you have a taste of the Asmodeus’s “Lust”, the actual taste of the royal family with one condition.”

“What condition?”

“Return the Dark Shadow Cloak to the royal family. This artifact is useless for anyone other than the Asmodeus Royal Family. Surely, you can request more from the royal family.”

When she was talking about using her body and life to trade, Christina seemed extraordinarily calm like a lifeless lake; she was calm like deathly still.

Chen Rui shuddered inexplicably as he seemed to see the last life-burning flame in the dungeon again.

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